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/v/ ~ Why the fuck aren't we asking devs to port mo...
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File 1424309570049.jpg

Why the fuck aren't we asking devs to port more Japanese games for PC?

Why don't we make a fucking petition for Persona 5, Atelier, etc among other titles?

Or are you just lazy pieces of shit who don't want to make any effort then complain why there aren't more Jap games on Steam? At least try to share the already made petitions.


>Only 14k

C'mon, we can do better idiots. Japs are finally starting to port games to PC, why can't we just go and give the final push?

Fucking pussies, I bet you don't even have a waifu AND a husbando at the same time.


>purse owner 5
i'm going to take a wild guess and say sony has some sort of exclusivity contract for 2 years or so


I was nicely surprised by Neptunia on PC, and I want EDF 2025, Senran Kagura, D4, some titles like that

But I can give less of a fuck about things like Persona, and SMT is fine on consoles, and Atelier doesnt interest me




Why the fuck would they need an exclusivity contract?


pc beggar race

>> File 1424310493365.jpg


but seriously, i would like to see more of those games as well, but i don't think they care about those petitions, what is important is the sales of these games and i guess the success of recent releases is what can make an impact on this.


And people say that the third exodus isn't real.


because japanese games not made by westaboos suck shit


>feeding goonsquad


They arent just goons, but people wanting to ruse as well.

People just gotta ignore. Or click the minus sign to ignore the post.


Fuck you, buddy, I've been here for months.

Not sure which "exodus", but it definitely wan't the third.


Bai? Is that you?

But yes, we should definitely initiate a petition + social media campaign to help get these games on PC.

As the spergfag from the other thread, I feel like petitioning Sega and Atlus (both) for Persona 4 Golden and Catherine would be the most prudent course of action, maybe P4 Arena as well given Blazblue on Steam. P4G would fit the current trend of Vita games getting Steamports, and Catherine already had a PC port being planned (incl assets) and runs on Gamebryo.

Atelier would probably be most successful if we made a meme-y campaign called "Atelier Gaben" or something like that. Has to hook into both the moefags and the steamfags, and photoshops involving Gaben being inserted into Atelier seems like the most efficient way to go about it.





I feel like this could be made into a proper SJW campaign, petitioning for equal racial representation among games. Enough of the patriarchal western game publishers, bring the more matriarchal and loving East Asian publishers to market.


nigga when we first moved, we were heavily anti-weeb anyone who moved around the 9/20 of 2014 could attest to that


petitions work with most of Japanese developers, they normally have no fucking clue of what westerns want, they don't read gaming sites and most of them can barely speak/read English, so anything showing them that people are interested counts, however that do not apply to big companies(SE, CAPCOM AND sorta of KONAMI) as they have their own english marketing team( these guys deserve your hate, fucking dishonest pricks) and to them only sales count.

>> File 1424313730545.jpg

>thinking that based weeb developers give a shit about hairy barbarian opinions


>begging western companies and not the parent companies



The success of Neptunia is encouragement enough for japanese devs to start porting more games to PC.


Someone I know from a certain other forum, guess it's not you after all?


All three of those are already on Steam, with every major release this gen being assured a PC port.

Atlus now falls under Sega, which loves PC and has listened to petitions before.

Koei Tecmo twitter account has displayed signs of being based before.

>> File 1424314712518.gif

>mfw hairy barbarian
>i wish japan had won WW2


They only need to commission a single port.

After that, it'll sell and future games will be guaranteed no matter what.


I er I mean someone already made a petition for persona 5.

if anyone wants to sign it, that'd be grand.