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/v/ ~ Anyone know any good games for this? ...
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File 3DS.png

Anyone know any good games for this?


>good games

lol mario?


>ocarina of time
>mario kart 7
>that super mario 3ds game

Thats all I know.


Look for first party games, enjoy 3DS. Look for third party games, enjoy paperweight.


> Monster Hunter 3
> Luigi's Mansion 2
> Fire Emblem Awakening
> Zelda OOT
> Kid Icarus Uprising

I hate mario but I love my 3DS


3d mario is pretty sweet


Zelda OoT is good
super Mario 3D world was FUN!
I'm just waiting for the new Super Smash Brothers (can't believe they put it on the 3DS, so fucking happy they did that) and the new Pokemon games.
Nintendo systems have a weird thing with releasing a system and giving it a handful of titles that don't seem interesting then BAM! they come out with better (rehashed, but who cares) games later after system releases. kind of like an investment almost for fun