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/v/ ~ >Brawl was announced 2.5-3 years before being ...
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>Brawl was announced 2.5-3 years before being released
>Smash 4 (3ds version) was announced 15 months before being released.
>Smash 5 announced ~8 months before being released or less.

Even if you think this is a new game instead of a port, do you really want the next Smash to be rushed shit just to steal the sails from the Xbox One Xs and the PS4 Pros?

Or they'll pull a Splatoon 2 and call it a sequel when in reality it's practically an expansion pack. Is this really what you want?

>> File 1521542559937s.jpg

Shut up dumb rosterfag.
You will take the brand new game and like it, you piece of shit. Sm4shtards are the new meleefags.


Can someone explain to me why there's so much talk about this? Because I have literally never met anyone who has even mentioned Smash let alone played it even once.


> I have literally never met anyone
Of course you didn't