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/v/ ~ So, what do ya'll think? http://youtu.be/...
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So, what do ya'll think?



I hope they release this in non-stream quality.

Otherwise it looked good. Combat seems somewhat deep with weapons having multiple abilities each, swapping from 12 different types of weapons on the fly, and the auto combo customization you can do. Not sure what Phantom Blades do yet, it just looked like he attacked much faster.

You have to find PBs on the map so atleast there is some side content besides the normal missions in the demo. Then after you finish the main mission you have optional content, and after you kill the behemoth you get something "special".


At least post a video that hasn't gone through 10 bitrate compressors.

15:00 for a short summary video, only notable thing is the "parkour", and telling you what button does what.

24:30 for an hour of gameplay.

>>I hope they release this in non-stream quality.

check this link


It's looking good, but the person playingn is fucking terible.


It looks alright but it IS still a demo build, so the final game will hopefully be better. Make an account and comment here like asking them to remove the goddamned hitstop from every single attack if you want to ask a question for the next ATR.


Its not like they are playing to show them doing well. They are explaining mechanics as the ygo. Which is why for like 5 minutes straight he just dodges and auto-dodges.


I don't mind the hit stagger as much as that ugly ass red indicator at the top. Just remove that shit entirely.

Also I like that there is a battle theme for day/night but holy shit there seems to be no ambient/field music.


They said that there would be weapon switching with the dpad right? Is it still in? In the latest footage left and right switches between special attacks so I'm thinking maybe not.

I did see a 3 hit combo with one weapon being repeated 3 times in quick succession on one enemy, while the set auto weapon switch combo at the time involved multiple weapons.



Walkthrough translation

When Noct changes speed, his party members will too, naturally. It's all in the animation.
A red gauge appears when enemies are close. Encounter gauge. Then battle starts and it disappears (There's also an audio cue that kicks in when the gauge appears).
Lock-on is in of course. There's also an auto lock. When the red encounter gauge fills, battle starts. You can run before it does.
The current monster won't attack on its own. If you attack it though, it'll become hostile.
Triangle button is assigned to abilities, but it uses MP. Abilities tied to weapons.
Defending uses MP, abilities use mp, so keeping track of your mp use is extremely important in XV.
When the blue particles appear and you dodge, that means you're using up MP. MP can completely vanish if you're stuck in a sticky situation.
His two party members just helped each other while they were trying to move Noctis into a specific position. Killing this monster gets you Meat for cooking at camp.
Even within the same monster species, they come in different physical sizes, and even sometimes have different move sets.


Sometimes the enemy flashes. When it flashes, the following attack is gonna be real fucking strong. It's also a chance to counter.
After parrying, partner attacks can kick in automatically.
As your party grows closer, new partner moves are unlocked while they talk at camp etc.
They basically found a super strong version of the monsters they were just fighting. The queen. HP/MP recover automatically, but it's slow.
Apparently you can't dodge this enemies attacks, so he's gonna put everything into power/damage dealing.
You can change weapons mid-battle by jumping right into the menu. For example you want a different skill, so you swap out.
Behemoth Smoke Eye is one of the big bosses in the demo. Finding hints of where he went, and looking for him. AKA: big foot steps.
You can set your destination marker , making it easier to navigate there.
The blue shiny things on the environment are items you can pick up, some of which can be traded for cash. Though he's a prince.
The goal of the demo is to get enough money to get their car back. They gotta fix the car.
Beating Smoke Eye gets you a fair chunk of cash cause he's kind of a badass. They won't show any more of the main quest line.
Your party members will point stuff out, say they wanna go places etc. They serve to point out that optional stuff organically.
Night time! It's super fucking dangerous. Goblins! They're typically only in dark areas/dungeons, but they come out at night.
Night time enemies have a lot of status inducing attacks.
When your HP hits zero, you don't immediately die. You go into a certain status, and when that finishes, you die for reals.
The longer they spend fighting, the more chances there are that other enemies will join, like the current squad of soldiers.
For the record, these soldiers are actually machines, so they have really inhuman movement and some weird attacks.


>you just stand there while your AI controlled party members do everything for you

Jesus Christ it's FFXIII all over again.