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/v/ ~ Another Majoras Mask 3D thread: Why can't I s...
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File 1424569774507.png

Another Majoras Mask 3D thread: Why can't I steal the gorons hotel room edition.

Any changes that irritate you? Any changes you're glad they made? The Bomber notebook is kinda weird now.


You can steal his room you just have to talk to the slut as a goron in the afternoon on the first day


I assumed this, I liked seeing the argument as a deku. The first time I did it I felt bad for leaving the goron out in the rain.

It's a ridiculous change.


Anju is not a slut. Quite the opposite, she'll wait for Kafei till the end of the fucking world, you destroy Majora, they marry, and every time they have sex they're think of you.

>> File 1424570270298.jpg

Anyone else almost cried when this happened?


I really like Anjus moan when she's talking to the postman.

It's the moan of a sexually repressed pure waifu.


>Any changes that irritate you?
Time passes quicker.
Resetting time doesn't save the game.
Fishing passes as rewards.

Any changes you're glad they made?
Song of double time.
You can equip different arrow types to different buttons.
Lulu's perfectly shaped ass.



Yep, changing it only work as a Goron makes no sense. People book rooms with just a name, not a fucking photograph.


Yes. Based Koizumi.

>> File 1424572326615.png

You are now realizing that Pamela is what would have happened if mario was born female


Not there, but I teared up when the Gorman Troupe Leader said to take refuge at his brothers' ranch.

>"My brothers...my brothers are good people."
>On the third day, no one was at their ranch.

On a side note, is anyone having trouble with the fishing hole? I know the official guide says to use the goron ground pound to see the catfish's shadow, but I've had no chime, no shadow, no splash, and no unique fish in the pond. Also, for the piraricu and chapu chapu, do they appear as you reel in a fish, or can you look through the pool for them beforehand? Some sources say Chapu Chapu is only available on the final day...is that true? Goddamn fishing games... v _v


Bad/irritating changes:
>bank is in a different spot now for no reason
>swimming sucks balls
>time moves faster. reverse song of time also moves faster.
>Invisible Guard is somewhere else for some reason
>can't get room key as regular Link
>every single thing in the fucking game gets added to your notebook
>items/masks in your inventory don't have a designated spot anymore.
>angry moon
>bomb mask doesn't blink/fill up with smoke or make high-pitched noise when exploded
>notebook doesn't give you schedules when you meet a person
>you're given the song of soaring in a different place for some reason
>going into a flower no longer refills magic

Good changes:
>more save points (this is a handheld game after all, and needing to randomly stop playing is more likely to happen)
>song of double time
>can reassign item to a button that has a mask you're wearing
>odolwa fight is more fun (the very first time I played the game, I just beat him with no strategy by attacking him head-on, and I thought he was boring)
>new ocarina/instrument icons


Getting the room key isn't even really that important other than the 100 rupees. If you have bombs then you can get 300 rupees easy before the end of the 3rd day in clock town alone anyway though.


Yeah, but I need the extra 100 so I can a) buy the All-Night mask without dipping into the bank account and b) get the 5000 faster. At least, I think I remember the heart piece being at 5000.


The bank being right next to the owl is hardly an irritating change. Quite the opposite.

>> File 1424573586449s.jpg

I just got a "game over" in a gold skultula house. Game overs now just send you back to the beginning of the dungeon, no title screen.


the fastest way to grind is by using the zora boomerang game. you literally don't have to move from one spot. go there as soon as you get the giant's mask, and you'll get 5000 in five trips max.


And eavesdropping on Anju and her mom.


I can never remember to do that.

>> File 1424573773013.jpg

They fixed most of the problems I had with the original. They should have made playing the elegy of emptiness faster, though. That shit is annoying to play over and over.

The Bombers telling you what to do for sidequests is a bit much, too. The notebook hints should have been added from the gossip stones instead of from the bombers.