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/v/ ~ Scared you when you when you were younger and stil...
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File 1424233477258-0.png

Scared you when you when you were younger and still might unnerve you somewhat today that are not horror titles/obvious jump scare moments.

These two levels from goldeneye made me want to turn the console off when I was a kid and the last time I played statue park a few months ago I felt really uncomfortable.


All of my friends who played Goldeneye when we were kids grew up to be gay

Enjoy being a faggot, OP


I remember being unnerved by statue park too. I don't really remember "surface" though.


Surface was all about getting hit by snipers you couldn't see.


surface was a dark-ish snow level, where the enemies were wearing snow camo

the music was also that perfect kinda eerie tone

>> File 1424243443861.jpg

Noclipping around outside a level, losing your sense of scale, the music's quiet, you're approaching a large piece of distant scenery, it's getting bigger and bigger, you don't know when you're going to reach it

>> File 1424243661211.jpg

Imminent Redeads and wallmasters from Zelda OoT.

Seriously Nintendo as if the shadow temple wasn't enough

I grew up to love the shadow temple though

>> File 1424243741738.jpg

The redeads in OoT and Wind Waker always scared the piss out of me. The fact that their animations make it seem like they're raping you makes them all the more disturbing. Especially so with the OoT's moaning and WW's overall design.
I much prefer Twilight Princess and beyond's versions since they just whack with a big-ass sword instead of indulging in reverse necrophilia.

>> File 1424243777010-0.jpg


>> File 1424243777010-1.jpg



I played Halo 1 and got to the part where Master Chief gets the video of the marines dying to the flood. I started shitting bricks as I watched the cutscene then when the flood started pouring out from everywhere I didn't pick up the campaign for another year.

Also whenever I played Oblivion I couldn't bring myself to go into dungeons when it was nighttime IRL.

>> File 1424244062696.jpg

The beating hearts in Vexx were pretty unnerving. I dont know why it freaked me out so much.

>> File 1424244120128.jpg

I remember renting Pitfall 3D when I was younger.

There was a section where you jumped on moving platforms that were actually cages, which would end up going into an incinerator. There were even screams when the cages went in.


I just have to say, some of you fuckers are OBSESSED with N64 shit that unnerved as a kid. Yes, Clanker is spooky, redeads are spooky, the giant eel is also spooky- how much ground can we cover beyond agreeing that those things are spooky?


I remember something in the South Park game on the N64. I must've been really young, and for whatever reason when one of the stupid grey aliens jumped out at me I absolutely freaked the fuck out.

Dunno why, it wasn't even spooky in hindsight, but at the time it bothered me so much I refused to play the game.


Until the healing begins for our trauma.


N64 was the most popular console in the generation that debuted 3D graphics, meaning that there was a lot of spoopy stuff going on.

Not to mention it was the console we all grew up with.

>> File 1424244766820.png

Bongo-bongo. Floating hands beating on fleshy drums with this weird eye thing at the bottom of the shadow temple… horrible.

And then there are the big octos from Wind Waker. I have no fucking idea why I was scared of those, I was too old for it even at the time. Still. Those things kept me up at night.

>> File 1424246369350-0.jpg

When I was a kid any levels in early 3D games that contained bodies of water that were too large freaked me completely the fuck out. ESPECIALLY in Super Mario 64, where you had these weird pools of water at the edges of levels with no wall, and you could see through the water into the infinite abyss outside the level and it was like an infinite void of never ending water. I could not fucking deal at all. If I fell in the water I just NOPE'd the fuck right out of the level. I made my friend play all the water levels for me. It certainly didn't help when all the water levels in those games contained shit like THIS. Jesus fuck.

To this day I am still slightly uneasy when replaying SM64 and I see those weird infinite-looking water pools.


My friend had to beat the bottom of the well for me.

Redeads are bad enough, but doing it as young link? Those shits are 10x worse because you are so small. And that boss is out of a fucking nightmare.


It's crazy to see the leap in graphics when these are side to side. Extra time and Rare's stubbornness for milking everything they could really shows.


>Game with fairly realistic graphics
>Zoom in on a town in the skybox
>They're all just little cubes with low-res windows on them
Creeps me out way more than it should

>> File 1424286716899.gif

This is the foundation of my worst nightmares. One I remember pretty clearly was I was playing a zombie game, sort of like Left 4 dead or whatever, I closed a door behind me in a house. They all piled up on it, banging and playing their scripted sequence.

Then, I found a side entrance, and I was going to side-sneak steath past them. Except, I fucked up. I knew I fucked up. Yet they didn't notice, so I got closer to them except they were stuck in the sequence. I couldn't get their attention anymore. Then I realized that parts of buildings weren't being rendered.

I realized I was alone, in what amounts to a small skybox or cutscene setpiece, just, this void stuck with these things.

Fuckin', gave me the hibbly jibblys, Anon. I woke up real fast after that realization.



>Eternal darkness
>Secretly playing (grandma's sleeping)
>Alone in the dark
>Creepy section
>TV Volume slider and game sound starts clicking down
>Remote is across the room behind me
>Shut down everything
>Walk 365 degrees away
>Can't sleep
>Thinking if someone was in the room with me
>Conclude it must have just been an effect from the game
>…right guys?
>Play a few more times for a bit
>Too on edge tho, unnerved
>Never finish the game


why do people think clanker is spooky? he's a silly shark submarine

>> File 1424303087844-0.png

Wallmasters scared the shit out of me when I was a kid. First time I played Legend of Zelda I didn't know that breathing sound was the boss, and thought it was the hands coming out of the wall. They still freak me out a bit.


Eternal Darkness was GOAT when it came to 4th wall breaking scares.

I mean P.T. was kinda scary and unsettling but I wish more games took advantage of their console and did 4th wall breaking scare stuff again.

>> File 1424317910163.jpg

Silent Hill 1

Those monsters.

When you enter the school you see some little ghosts that are afraid of you, they even try to run away and just fall on the ground.

I thought these monsters were the rotting bodies of dead children possessed by demons.

The ghosts were a representation of their last moments of life.

>silent hill 3,
that fucking red thing that chases you in the haunted house

>parasite eve 1
the endboss becomes invincible and chases you, if it even touches you, you die and have to battle him again


not vidya but this is the kind of spooky shit kids have to put up with these days


was looking after my niece recently and she was watching these and ran into my room screaming and crying about the face coming to get her


>playing Taz 2
>at the beach thing with ice boomerangs
>gotta get to the submarine
>fucking sharks in the way
>get to sub
>gotta kill sharks in sub
>fuck this shit.jpg
I have always had an unrational fear of the open ocean