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/tech/ ~ I'm looking for information, documentation or...
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I'm looking for information, documentation or an explanation as to why this is needs to be.'

It doesnt seem necessary, from what little i know about it - but i also know very little. any information is welcome.



Oh no! The tech illiterates who didn't like 8 and 10 will be left behind!


Microsoft doesn't want a repeat of Windows XP. Even though they tried to force users to get DX10 with Vista, it still didn't work well enough. DX10 wasn't compelling enough to get people to switch. However, DX12 has a lot more to bring to the table.

Forcing users into Windows 10 means more sales. They will also probably switch to a subscription based service, i.e. you pay a monthly fee to use your Windows, and when you stop paying, you stop using Windows.

Microsoft is going to be squeezed by Mantle and GLNext. So it still might fail. To be honest, GLNext and Mantle do the same things DX12 does but it's a bit more open. There's nothing stopping Mantle or GLNext from showing up in other OSes, like Linux. But you'll never ever seen DX12 properly supported in anything outside of whatever version of Windows MS wants to sell.

If you're looking for purely technically reasons, I think you're going to be disappointed. People did get DX10 working in XP afterall.

Microsoft will try and coerce people into W10 for DX12. I think though that if they start losing to Mantle and GLNext, they might bring it to Windows 7 or 8.


This is a joke, right?

>> File 1424692319569.png


Vidya games will be sticking with dx11 for a while. Hopefully I kill myself before then.