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/tech/ ~ real hacking
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mothercoders, where is the hax here. what shit are you coding in C, perl, whatever that's cool/clever/wtf

I'm thinking after this hex editor (hell, before it's done, the original author sucked at coding sometimes so there's loads to rewrite/implement) I'll get on a quick set of utils to map a given bitwise operation to a pair of files. But that's boring so wtf are you guys up to?


I've been looking into/interested in making some kind of automatic image organizer/program organizer/file and video organizer for my /b/ folder but am at an impass as for how the program will identify and sort materials.


i'm writing a realmode/protected mode hybrid operating system in x86 assembly.


where's the real hacking in all this ? Go write exploits NAO !!



hacking is just clever programming noob. exploits and shit like that is cracking