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/tech/ ~ WMP54G ver. 4.1 for Windows 7 pl0x?
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Alright, I traded my shitty Dell Latitude D600 for a Compaq Presario SR1403WM and a custom built computer. The custom built was a piece of shit, so I harvested the HDD and power supply, and moved the Compaq into the custom computer's case.

It came with Windows XP Home, but I felt like trying out 7. I get Windows 7 installed, but all the drivers are saying some shit about me not meeting minimal requirements. Didn't really care, and went to install my wireless card (Linksys WMP54G Wireless G, Ver. 4.1) driver. Idc as long as I can get this thing online.

Is there any way I can get my wireless card to work?
Halp! :<


Try going through device manager and installing a generic ooking wifi card driver.

Most likely the manufacturer didn't make a windows 7 or vista driver to force you to buy an unnecessary "upgrade".


Nvm, I was able to get it to work. I lurked google until I found a forum thread saying that the Vista driver worked on windows 7. Didn't know how to install it though, so I played around with the device manager until I figured it out. Thanks for the help :3