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/di/ ~ Let's have a hormone discussion thread. La...
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Let's have a hormone discussion thread.

Do you use hormones?
What's your regimen?
Doctor or DIY?

'mones. Yea or nay?

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Shit yeah, hormones are pretty cool.

.25mL injected in the butt once a week, 200mg spironolactone daily orally, 1mg finasteride orally to keep shitty hairline from getting shittier (shit genes, I'm 20 for fuck's sake).

Doctor (Hooray informed consent :D, walked out with a prescription my first appointment.)

3 months in, sort of tits now? Starting to get something now. I think I'm starting to get some hip changes now, my gait has felt a little different lately. Body hair has lightened up mostly (not vellus yet) and acne on my face has almost entirely cleared up except for the odd pimple every now and then. Starting to see my hairline unfuck itself a little bit. Basically just seeing a lot of things "starting", which seems to be normal at around this point.



Meant to throw an "estradiol valerate" after that, oops.


Was DIY for 3 years, started on 2mg oestradiol and 100mg spiro orally, eventually 8mg estro and 200 spiro orally. Now I get a 50mg implant every 2 months and 200 spiro orally since I've gone legit (took about a year between first doc consult and getting the script/implant). They said I'd done a good job though, pretty much spot on, legit is cheaper though so no need to continue importing from vanuatu. I've got B cups, fat redistributed to my ass, softer face (and skin in general), loads less hair everywhere but my head. Can still get hard and leak precum like a champ but no actual ejaculate when I orgasm :(. Also my cock shrank from 6.5 to just under 5 inches (which I actually like).


>Do you use hormones?


>What's your regimen?
.5 mL Estradiol Valerate every 14 days.
100mg Spironolactone 1/day
5mg Medroxyprogesterone 1/day

>Doctor or DIY?

I've been on them since January 1st so not much. Breast buds are in, thinking or rather thoughts are different. Like my mind tends to race more often about many different things at once.

Things feel different, like when I touch them.

Testicles are about 1/4 to 1/2 original size.

Erections are near impossible to get and never last for more than a minute or so/some shrinkage.

Sex drive almost non-existent.


MtF, 10 months on hormones

2 x 100mg Spironolacton
4 hubs Estradiol gel (== 3mg Estradiol)
1 Estrifam Estradiol tablet (== 2mg Estadiol)
(sometimes) Progesterone Gel

Started DIY (with doctor supervision at least) now getting it on prescription for 7 months. Paid for by public healthcar, yay.

Results? My face has feminized quite a lot, I have (unfortunately still very small) breasts, my hips got wider and my waist got smaller. I believe that I have both gotten a little shorter (by 1 to 2 cm). My feet seem to have shrinked (smaller show size now).

And then there is the psychological side. Hormones have changed a lot regarding how I feel, think, what I like. I was always emotional (and ok with that) but my emotions got even stronger and I can now switch from laughing to crying in seconds (like many girls can). Also my sexual orientation changed from being attracted (only) to girls to being attracted mainly to guys (but this has somewhat started before I took the hormones).


>2mg oestradiol and 100mg spiro orally
How long did you stay on this dose? I've been doing that dose for 2 months self med. How did it work out for you?



As for results, well my breasts have been growing a bit, my face seems more round/light/feminine, my muscles have decreased a bit. My waist seems to have contracted a bit. Hard to say about my butt. I haven't had many emotional increases, but I do feel more relaxed and non-emotional in general, but it may be due to other coincident factors in my life.


Sorry for triple post, just to clarify both of these are me.