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/di/ ~ Goddamnit, /trap/ I was just blown off by a tra...
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Goddamnit, /trap/

I was just blown off by a trap via facebook. All I want is to fuck a trap at least once, but I have no idea how to find one. This cunt was my last hope. Is it even possible to find traps irl?

anyways, cheer me up, give me pointers on how to find and hook up with a trap, or laugh at my misery.


information that may be relevant to finding traps: I live in a major german city


Gay bars and craigslist.



Are you a creeper?
Are you a chaser?

If you answered yes to any of these questions piss off.

Do you live in Colorado?
Are you over the age of 25?
Do you have job?
Are you able to care for yourself?
Are you okay with being publicly known to dating a transwoman?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, let's talk.


If you are willing to actually date a trap and are secure about that idea, it should be easy. However I'm assuming you're like me in that you simply fetishize the idea. Which is okay as long as you don't lead anyone on.

I've had sex with two traps. First one was Craigslist. I was drunk and lonely so I went on /cas/ and kept on refreshing t4m and quickly shot e-mails to ones that seemed interesting with a shot of my body and a quick description. A few replies always come my way but this one in particular seemed the less insane/drug-fueled/etc and seemed straight forward with what she wanted.

Came over, had some drinks and watched some stuff. I was nervous but she started cuddling me and carressing my chest so I made my move and I came like 5 times, twice fucking and three times with head. Exhausting night.

Be wary of terms "gentleman" or "roses." I also stay away from ads that straight up put a phone number (wither directly or, in most cases, in some indirect weird way ie: one hey hun im 6 rosa […]). If you're like me, you don't want to pay for sex (if you do, what the hell are you doing here? Get some escort, your favorite trap pornstar is probably nearby).

I also recommend using Google's reverse image search for the ads as sometimes they just use a pic they found on the net. Lots of people get scammed on Craigslist so be careful. I made sure I only brought my keys, ID and rubbers. Not even my phone, in case its a mugging.

I also live in a heavily populated area of California so maybe its harder where you live.

Second time was with someone who does porn and is friends with an ex girlfriend. Hit her up, hung out, did tons of coke. Went back to my place and things got hot. Unfortunately because of the coke I could not cum though I did stay hard. She would hit me up afterwards which made me feel bad because I basically got it out of my system.

People will say gay bars but lolno, traps are girls. Most want straight men. They're going to go to regular bars mostly. Best bet really is Craigslist or seeing if you know anybody who knows a trap. Otherwise, its chance.


>This cunt was my last hope.
I'd blow you off too.


OP here

I actually used to live in Colorado. Beautiful FoCo.

yes to the rest, except age, I'm 23.

I would definitely consider a relationship, if they were relationship material.

Also, I'm german, and Craigslist is a lot less popular here than across the pond. We have the equivalent meinestadt.de, but their "hook-up" section is pretty much normalfags only.

believe me, she IS a cunt. Rich parents, she's never had to work for anything in her life, and she's a ferocious SJW (which is perfectly fine to an extent, but you've seriously never heard such uneducated, nonsensical ramblings of directionless hate) I've never liked her, I just thought I'd try my luck out of horniness, and the knowledge that she's into one night stands.

She was also the only trap I know personally.


Dating trans girl for 4 years. Its amazing shes beautiful and down to fuck 24/7 like if i get hard i just wake her up fucking her. Sorry you blew it op seems like just just wanted to fuck her and leave her.



This joke never gets old.


Not op, not chaser,but curious: where in co are you?

719 , cosprings here

Long story short: want to transition, scared to, would love mentor and companionship.


Any traps in SoCal want to hook up? Been wanting to suck off a trap for a long time but can't find anyone that's interested.


trap irl and I need a nice guy meh :,<


Which area of Germany roughly?


I'm in Colorado Springs also. I live near north Nevada ave.


Lol, never thought I'd meet someone in the springs on /trap/

I live near palmer park and union.

>> File 1421989922064.jpg

>Lol, never thought I'd meet someone in the springs on /trap/

You can thank #GamerGate.

Got a twitter?


Not a trap but someone who wants a downlow situation where we meet traps at trap bars in SFV. Basically I need a wingman.


traps want to be treated like girls
don't hit on them; seduce or romance




OP. i hope you don't mind me asking for help in your thread but i'd rather not make a new one when 'm having almost the same issue.

>browse /r9k/
>make a post in a thread stating how it's not gay if your the top only gay if your the one getting fucked
>sissy replies back to me
>i mention of tying her up and general debauchery
>after most post back and forth we exchange emails
>she wants to be submissive to me
>i'm totally okay with that
>turns out we're both completely new to this
>that's even better for me since i don't have to live up to some past expectations
>her replies start getting spotty
>last reply by her was 4 days ago

I don't know what's going on anymore. we seemed to be on the same page of what we wanted from the first emails we sent each other and fast forward to today i'm out in the cold. I sent another email where i'll admit i spilled some spaghetti but fuck i'd just like some 'closure' so i'm not checking my phone for new emails. We had a distance between us cause she's in Montana and i'm in Los Angeles but depending on how everything played out i was gonna get a room for us to meet-up in Las Vegas. fuck. i'm just looking for another perspective on all this cause it has me all messed up.


sounds like she got cold feet. it's tough meeting strangers man! You could be a murderer!

sorry ur so heart broken. Fap to some cam girls or something :|