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/di/ ~ Becoming a trap
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I've been wanting to become a trap for half a year, and even attempted it, but stopped. I'm planning on starting again, but I need to ask some questions to you cutie experts here.

What would be the most effective and safe way to become a trap? Are there any health risks I should worry about? Is it more effective the younger I am?
And a really important question…. will it also affect my penis?

Thank you.


I'm flirting with the interest in becoming a sexy shemale, but..I'm tall, hairy, have a square face and am nearly 25, is it too late for me?


Sounds like a bad idea all around.


thanks for the honesty, I'll have to wait for advanced gene therapy to come into being one day and make me a futa or something


Post a pic. Hair isn't a huge problem as it can be removed.


So question.

Is bicycling a good choice for cardio to get trap aesthetics? Like does it strengthen the right muscles?


hair is less the problem than nutrition, I'm getting a belly and cant find the time to trim my body down, my thighs rub together as well and again my jaw line, Im currently not posting for fear of people I know seeing me, I'm not even sure if this is a serious thing or just a passing whimsy


Calories in < Calories out

Once you get used to to the decreased calories, it's not that bad. You just have to maintain it.

HRT also changes where fat is stored, so belly fat won't be too big of an issue (unless you become a fatty).

Also, good luck figuring this stuff out; I went through a fun, several-month-long depressive episode before I figured out who I was!


can you get a good set of tits on nothing but hormones or are implants needed?