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/di/ ~ Etymology of Traps
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File 1423550451085.png

To me 'trap' means passable transsexual, as in the phrase "IT'S A TRAP!" shouted by friends of someone who is seduced by one of these vixens.

Why then does /b/ and others consider cuteboys only to be traps. Passable transsexual does not even have it's own category in their minds. It is either trap (cuteboy) or full blown shemale/tranny.

Their autism level must be off the charts to not see what I consider to be quite obvious wordplay.


I always just considered it a general term for a dude that can pass for a woman, whether they be transsexual or transvestite.


I think cute passable crossdressers are traps, MtF are trans if they still have their dick, transwomen if they've fully transitioned. If you can't pass at all, you're not a trap, you're a crossdresser.


A trap means a combination of 3 things.

1. Passable
2. Attractive
3. Has a cock

It can be crossdresser, it can be femboy, it can be transgender. There can be hormones and fake tits. Or not.

All that matters is that it fulfills those 3 criteria. Post-ops aren't traps. Even passable but ugly doesn't cut it it can't be a "trap" then

IRL, traps who don't do hormones are damn rare, but they can fool you in photos.


God damn it.
What the FUCK.

This picture reeks of social justice warriorism with their fake YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL bullshit.

GOD DAMN IT, /trap/.

Though she ain't a trap.


But isn't she? I'd fuck a passable red headed cutie trap and I'd tell her she's beautiful too. Even if she wasn't super sexy, telling a transgender girl that she's beautiful is the easiest way to make her beg for you. That sort of cheap verbal validation is worth loads.

I'm a trap, so I know.


The problem with saying things you don't mean is that you'll stop being able to tell the difference, leaving you open to opportunistic infections.


I bet you're super beautiful, anon.

Is it working?


ACTUALLY... the image is from the webcomic Questionable Content. (QuestionableContent.net). The redhead (Claire) was revealed to be a pre-op transsexual a while back.