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/di/ ~ FFS?
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okay soooooo
imma just cum cleen and say dat i luve tarps so much. im kinda girly to, but i woodnt say dat im really tarp material

i dont id as female, but i do id as sumthin kinda between them

hrt is basicaly out b/c i no wanna lose penis usage, but wood ffs and folowing my trap assthetic guidlines be enuf to make me a tarp?


That "trap aesthetics" guide won't really help that much, except for the stuff on puereria(?) mirifica an like saw palmetto which may or may not work for you

Hrt won't make you "lose penis usage" as long as you keep "using" it.

Also, you type in a really obnoxious manner that is difficult to read and very rage-inducing.


Someone asked before about HRT in Asia. That would be a good thing to get more info on, as Asian traps in the sex industry do not seem to lose anything, including in terms of ball size. I heard that they are constantly cycling on and off, but that was just something I read on a forum.


Ive actually had some success with the trap aesthetic guideline, the newer one at least. Lost a bunch of weight using it and my ass feels larger as well.