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/di/ ~ Up until recently I was convinced that homosexuali...
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Up until recently I was convinced that homosexuality is something in your genes that you can't change, but porn has really fucked with my sexuality and now I'm not so sure that theory is universal. As a kid I went to an all boys school and I had a crush on one guy there and one guy in secondary school (high school for you Americans) I never pursued either of those because I was too busy falling for girls and listening to rock music which I still do. Now, I watch a shitload of porn. At least once a day since I was 12 and I'm 22 now . Started watching trap porn like last year along with straight stuff just whenever the notion came (yeah). Trap porn is starting to take over (thanks a bunch Bailey Jay). I never convinced myself that she was born that way I knew i was looking at what is technically gay sex. I mean I fucking look at their dicks and get turned on when they eat their own jam. What sexuality even am I? I must sound like one of those 'ambisexual' SJW retards or maybe OP is well within the depths of the closet.


Does it matter? Really? I mean do you need a label or could you just enjoy what you enjoy, get your kicks watching whatever and date who you want to date?

>> File 1419961811128.jpg

OP, if you had a crush on guys in school, then it sounds like you are bisexual. That's not a big deal, I think half the people on chan are gay or bisexual. Maybe more. Notice that /cuteboys/, a board for gays/bisexuals, gets many times the traffic of /trap/, which is generally an interest for straight guys.

If you liked only passable traps like Bailey Jay and regular women, then I would consider you straight. That is where I am.

FTR, gay guys almost never like traps. Some of them are into FtM transsexuals like Buck Angel. (look it up, too gross to post)

Strangely, a lot of bi guys don't like traps. They want their women to be exactly like women with pussies, and their men to look like exactly men. It gives you an idea of how complex human sexuality is.

Like >>802 I don't care too much about labels. I know if I were to publicly get involved with a trap, then a lot of old friends would think I was gay or closet bi or something. Who really gives a fuck, though? My sex life will be better than theirs. :-)

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There is no such thing as gay. There is only love.

Here is some love for you.

>> File 1419989912512.jpg

Like others have said, you might be bi-, but that has more to do with your crush on boyhood friends than it does on your love of Bailey Jay.

I would ask, when you're at the store or work, do you get crushes on men you see? If so, you're probably bi-. If not, then you're straight with a trap fetish.

Honestly, I love traps and fap to them just as much, if not more than women. But I still consider myself straight.

I don't like men in my trap porn. I don't like men in my straight porn. Mainly I like the fantasy of a cock on a cute girl. I fantasize a lot about getting sucked off by traps, and sucking them off. And rubbing cocks with a trap. But I'd never want to do this with a man.

But in the end, it doesn't really matter. Fap to what you like. If you want a relationship with a man, go for it (provided he's interested and you're not being creepy, natch). But if you only want a relationship with a woman, that's awesome too. It's your life. Don't worry too much about labels.


>I still consider myself straight
>wants to suck dick and rub his dick on another dick

>> File 1420206711479-0.jpg

I know it makes no sense, but it does to me.

But the attached photos. Obviously the Katy Perry image is fake, and rumor is the other one is faked as well. A man in that kind of photo would do nothing for me, but a cute girl drives me nuts. It's all about fantasy anyway.


Sexologist here


Watch this guy, he'll explain quite a bit.

So Let me put the basics of nature/nurture down for you, you biology probably has some sort of slider for potential deviancy, there is no gay gene but there probably are a series of genes that will allow for variation from the heteronormality I'd bet most of these genes are likely risk taking, indulgence and novelty seeking traits built into human neurology that are likely genetic.

The nurture is partially how you were raised by parents family church school and society but mostly based on your earliest experiences with sexuality.

Good examples of nurture have historically been chicken and egg but we have seen since the internet age that it's more about neural development about previous experiences. It's weird to equate the two but the reason that annoying catchy song get's stuck in your head and you learn to like it or can't help but replay it and the reason that kid that got ass fucked by a priest is gay now are the same principal of neurology, experience plus time breeds fondness in other words previous exposure makes the establishment of future neural pathing easier.

This is why kids who get molested go on to either molest other kids through their lives or have a sexual attraction to the people who are similar in appearance and personality to their abuser.

What the video talks about is mostly novelty drive inherent to the human condition expressed through porn addiction but also the triggering factor for male sexuality includes the penis because guys often have a Pavlovian response to their own erections they sympathize with another male's erection or in OPs case a traps erection but because of the female aesthetics he can mark the typical forms of female arousal too.

Essentially passing traps create a hyper-sexual response because they project male internalized sexuality and externalized desires for female sexuality.

I could continue at length by explaining my sexual encounters but I think I've made myself pretty clear.

Another emerging reason that needs research for male romantic interest in traps and shemale porn is the male mindset, taboo is an obvious factor in arousal, although often over stated but the fact that chicks with dicks were conditioned as male through their formative years lends to the belief that they have "reasonable male psychology" as opposed to the presumed irrationality of female psychology, essentially the mind of the trans girl is less alien and therefore less intimidating but another factor of brokenness and passivity is attractive to men and women today in the west are seen as too aggressive and over compensatingly masculine by many young men. It's almost paradoxical but the psychology of trans girls is less imposing to the men who fantasize about them, especially romantically, because it's a more feminine, less alien form of "female" psychology.


Wow a sexologist on chan, no way!! but after reading the rest I guess it must be true.

As for the vid, I saw that before but I question the validity of their study slightly. I agree with everything they say except for the prevalence. I think liking traps is common but not as universal as they put it, and I think the data set they got must have been skewed - I mean where else would one get shemale porn besides the internet. Not a lot of traps to date irl (not that a lot of the guys would anyway), few would rent a porno like that and expose themselves to gay bashing (especially when most men who like traps are "straight"). Really the anonymity of the internet allows people to indulge themselves in it, just like child pornography.

Quick caveat: all this is just my unexpert opinion btw

Question: Is it really possible to be born gay? I am thinking maybe, but I am sure the majority of people are getting their gayness from real life experiences.

I entirely agree with your point about men liking traps because they can relate. But I also want to point out that men are much more easy to know when you pleased them ie Gigantic boner and cream fountain = dead giveaway (I think this is what you were going to talk at length about). This I feel makes them more attractive to men because they aren't going to be laying there silently judging you while you are fucking them. It's a big relief. Plus you know the traps love the D, unlike girls who you never can quite tell because they will sit there and play games with you. Also you can be more open with them cause I mean hey, they got a big fat secret hiding in their pants you know :)

Also traps play video games for real and not that fake video game playing that girls do.

Oh, yea and boobies omfg. boobies are way better to look at than vaginas. And another opinion of mine here is that most men who say "damn I love a big ass" aren't really that into it, I think it is just a big circle jerk to get around pointing out those 2 big things that are practically saying "DTF RIGHT HERE" as to avoid offending any women in a social environment. basically self censoring. Also related is that someone once told me that men like boobies because they resemble asses, I however think it is the other way around, men like asses because they resemble boobies. Seriously ask yourself this "Why the fuck would mother nature spend all that time and energy to make 2 gigantic fun sacs when little ones can milk just as well?".


Oh and another thing, I think there may be a current rise in shemale porn due largely in part to the sexodus of men leaving women, because they don't want to be sexually manipulated anymore.

After reading my earlier post there are some undertones of this going on.


There was a thread on this last month, and I think that might be a huge part of it. Let's face it, 99% of modern women are trash and not worth the struggle. Traps seem to be rectify this situation somewhat.

I know it's something Bailey Jay mentioned early on in her podcast. How women will manipulate you, cheat on you, break your heart and steal half your shit (if you're stupid enough to get married). I'm sure there are transwomen who will do the same thing, but somehow I doubt it's as prevalent.

>> File 1420310836369.jpg

Amazing kickass post, and I hope you start posting here regularly. The board is a little slow still, but we get some exceptional threads on different subjects.

The next anon brought up the topic I most wanted to add myself.

>I entirely agree with your point about men liking traps because they can relate. But I also want to point out that men are much more easy to know when you pleased them ie Gigantic boner and cream fountain = dead giveaway (I think this is what you were going to talk at length about). This I feel makes them more attractive to men because they aren't going to be laying there silently judging you while you are fucking them. It's a big relief.

This so much!

Let's put aside feminism/gynocentrism and the ways in which women manipulate men's kindness, and focus on that directly. Men genuinely want to please women. I don't mean this in a beta way of handing her a credit card or being a valet or taking her shit, but knowing that she is genuinely happy. Men care far more about this than women seem to care about the reverse.

If you go back to movies like "When Harry Met Sally" honestly, a great movie and Meg Ryan's fake orgasm, it brings up the whole topic of women lying about being fulfilled, which is yet another layer of their many games. The last time I went down on a woman, I was going at it for a while and had her making all kinds of satisfied noises, and when I asked her if she orgasmed, she said no. She wasn't obnoxious about it, but still, part of me was thinking, "fuck this," because it sounded like she had. Granted, I was at the end of my rope with regular women by this point anyway.

With a trap, 98% of the mystery is gone. If I'm in an LTR with a trap that I'm in love with, and we have long sex sessions of me fucking and sucking her every night or two, and I'm swallowing her load every single time while her body is shuddering, I know that I have a very satisfied girl, and that's how I want her. It's not a fucking game of us getting into a big fight someday and her telling me that she hadn't had an orgasm with me in 4 months.


The gay gene thing is an oversimplified lie and it is disrespectful to the entire field of neurology.

There is likely some gene that has a link to a an atypical pathology for sexuality but it is not a guarantee of that sexuality nor would it be the only cause of atypical sexual pathology.

Sexual I dentity is typicall developed durring childhood and those experiences retrace pleasure pathways over and over and from sexual Identity which can be over written.

You could turn a 100% gay man into a bisexual with a favoring for women with the right conditioning, put him in a trance state hook him up to a sex machine show footage of female masturbation with no phalic objects involved un less he's a bottome then you might need to give him an anal stimulant and let him watch lesbian strap on porn, you keep the man in a continual state of pleasure and play the sounds of female sexual satisfaction in the background all day so his brain continually develops these pathways and so on then you give him a week of no stimulation but no access to anything pornographic, his mind will be stuck on women especially if you played the same scenes over and over, he'll be masturbating to his imaginations of those women and that coaxing is the final step you have to put the pathway in then lead him to want to follow it, so maybe before each session you would have him grab a cold glass of water and drink and in his no stimulus week grabbing that would kick off the pathway's activation and he would probably trace it on his own and end up masturbating to his imagination of women, you then ask questions about his fantasy and you use that to line into the next section of "training" it sounds very fucked up but this is all proven neuroscience; ethically it's fucked a bit but if those gay fixing centers wanted to this would definitely do it for them but they use lust avoidance not supplementation and it always fails because it tries to get the to deny a vital part of their neurology while the above method sort of makes them forget the other road is still there.

This works better on someone who is still developing so if you did this to a 40 year old man it would be less successful than if you did it to a 16 year old boy; I should mention actual sex with a woman should probably be a part of the program and in the stimuli neutral week the neutral location the patient is held should only have movies for children, anime centered around girls and magazines that only depict women fully clothed, the trick is to get the man to be aroused by a woman not by the idea of sex with a woman to do that you need to tie a non sexualized woman to a sexualized woman as a trigger for activating the sexual pathways.

This isn't the only way to condition sexuality but it would be the most surefire, I also appreciate that it's some mad scientist shit.

the easy way to create new neural pathways is to let someone develop those pathways on their own,a great example is myself I discovered sexuality when My twin cousins both girls tried experimenting on me as a toddler, this gave me foreknowledge of blowjobs and their pleasure, I used this foreknowledge and ended up initiating 8 other kids many of whom were male and I developed an oral fixation an attraction to children and I like soft Cock quite a bit but I'm not attracted to any other male attributes not even little boys, for me the act was self servicing and all I was focused on was the dick in my mouth.

This developed I was a guy that was hyper sexualized, had the features he like predetermined by his cousins, likes dick and petite wome,n to little girls and so traps get in because the meet all my requirements it's also interesting that this hyper sexualization triggered blindly led me to experiment with dogs and cats, although those experiments failed I have a mild intrigue into Zoophillia and because of anthropomorphized characters triggering my early activated sexual pathways I developed a tolerance and appreciation for furry.

I'm a monster of sexuality I get that but my point is that it's very fluid and yet if unimpeded it will activate naturally and result in the hetero normative 99-100% of the time. the reason I see this is although I am this monster of orientation and I don't personally hold resentment about any of this I intend to marry a woman the only hiccup there is she looks underage and just like my cousins but still she's legal and it counts.

I may have glossed over it but porn influences sexuality through inherent subversion because of the internal desire for novelty.

At least I'm not into scat.


Interesting thesis. I don't know how effective it would be, but I see the thought process behind it.

However, there is really no value to heterosexual couplings in today's world other than that of having children which is very important, I'm not making light of that It is easier for a man to be gay or at least bisexual in our society than it is to be straight.



Is she for real. so cute i would suck her.