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/di/ ~ so, imagine your are on a date whit a trap, where ...
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so, imagine your are on a date whit a trap, where would you take her and what would you like to do during the date? and finally how would you end the date?

impress me anons


Strange question to ask imo.
Not sure how different it'd be than any other date. Although, I personally never "went out" for a date, so I may not have much experience to speak from. (Only had one gf and that was long distance)

Ideally though, I'd be trapping at that point as well, so I'm not sure how different a trap/trap relationship makes things.
But for my personal dream date, I've always wanted to go on a date at a skating rink.
Holding close, nice and peaceful. Bundled up against the cold, so not that much attention.
Take me to a skating rink, and my body is yours :3

>> File 1414413535519.gif

Why would they be any different from a normal date?
Even when i take my trap GF out its not any different besides from when we get home and we need to choose who's gonna fuck who.


I'm pretty sure that's not what op meant


Motorcycle ride on a pretty day up a nice twisty mountain road. Very slow and pleasant pace so as not to be scary and so the scenery can be enjoyed. Picnic in a park at the top, and perhaps a walk if there is a nice trail.


probably go see a movie during the day, go to dinner in the late afternoon/evening, then go offroading and find some place to park teh truck and end it by getting busy


I stumble in too a pool of autism and we play video games and cuddle. Or go too the museum of flight. No one hates the museum of flight.


>tfw I live in WA and have been there a thousand times

Small world


lets go together anon~