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/di/ ~ Self Med Question
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Hey /trap/,

I just started self medding with a half dose of 100 mg spiro 2mg estradiol both orally. I've been taking them once per day. Now I've heard that it's a good idea to take them split up into halves every 12 hours. However, how much does it really matter? I'm thinking about ramping things up to 200/4 soon and it might be more convenient if I could just take them after waking up. Anyone know? Thanks.

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please dont self medicate, is possible in your country to get medicated by a professional?? please, dont understimate this drugs, they are extremelly powerful, you should be in periodic supervision on your Hormone level from a endocrygnologist.

none can tell you how much storgen or spironolactone you should take other than a trained professional who takes a LOT of factors in consideration ( FSH, LH, STRADIOL, TESTOSTERONE, PROLACTINE, LIPIDS, WEIGHT) and more, this information no one can tell you.

my advise is that if its possible in your country to get a doctor, please do it.


Thanks for the advice but I'm probably not going to heed it for now. I don't want to wait for a doctor and whatever. Maybe some time I will check with one though, but really I don't even know how to "talk to a doctor". How are you supposed to just "talk to a doctor"? I don't know the procedure for doing so and I don't care to wait until I know before starting HRT. I'd just like an answer.


Stupid question but where do you get spiro/estradiol? Just off some shady site?



I've been self medding for two years.



Not OP, but where would one get hormones?
>inb4 they dangerous
I know what I am doing
>Biology Degree


or inhousepharmacy

So, anybody know about this?

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they are dangerous, and all the scientist in the world will agree with me

and your biology deegree is meaningless! you can have a stronomy degree but that does not allow you to build a rocket and visit the moon.

all of you that are willing to put your life on risk becuase its "embarrasing" to go to the doctor, are complete idiots, i can uderstand self meddin, in countries where it would be impossible otherwise, but if its only that you are embarrased, then you dont deserve to be a woman, sorry, but you need to be ready to get embarrased when you go out and people will laugh at you and you will feel even worse things than just embarrasment.



You have no idea how fucking tempting it is for some people. In my area there's a one year and up waiting line to talk with either of the 2 doctors. It's beyond bullshit.

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i dont have idea?? i had to wait for 3 years!! becuase that how much it took me to get a job to pay my HRT, as a man with long hair its almost impossible to get a job here, to the point that i considered prostitution.

Like i said, my advise is that if in your country you can get HRT, do it! but if getting HRT in your country is impossible, then i will support you on self medication.

if in your country is takes 1+ year to talk to a doctor, then is up to you, start with a doctor or not, but the least you can do, is at least start with a little dose, and then start for real, with doctor supervision. all i can do it tell you whats morally correct, and give you the best advise possible, is up to you. its like giving sex ED instead of sexual abtinence only wich is a wrong advice.


I think you're assuming too much by saying the reason is fear of embarrassment. OP here, my reason isn't embarrassment, I just don't feel like paying for or know how to set up the process of doing it. I think you shouldn't be so quick to criticize all other ways of getting HRT than the way you personally did. You waited 3 years, some people don't want to. Seems like the loudest critics of self med are those who never did it themselves.

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you can or not wait, whats im telling you its a established scientific fact.

"Seems like the loudest critics of self med are those who never did it themselves"

of course!, but what is the reason we dont do it? becuase its dangerous… its like saying that the loudest critics of driving drunk are those who never drive drunk, but we know that its dangerous, and we have our basis in all the people that die every year becuase of it, so you dont need to do something in order to know the risks.

it reminds me of people that will inject themselfs with olive oil in the butt to make it bigger, and many of them die!

so you dont want to pay for your safe HRT? i guess its not a priority for you? but its enough priority to risk killing your self? i dont get it.

> money < life

and you dont know how to set up the process? well i guess you are just lazy.



You're too scared I think. The risk of killing oneself is pretty low. Of course if self med was like 50% death rate, I would think twice. But a lot of people seem to self med just fine so I don't think it's as big of an issue as you're making it out to be.


i have done my part, warning you.



Self med doesn't mean just take whatever hormones without looking into it. It means doing research, looking at information like what you posted, asking questions etc


And actually that's why I made this thread, to see if anyone had any info. Doctors learn their information from researching and and studying it themselves, it doesn't just come to them from divine inspiration. So we can do something similar to the doctors by researching, and then self med.


i can recommend you to take no more than 200 mg of spironolactone, take 100, and take blood exam to know your testosterone levels, they need to be 0.1-1 pg/ml so almost 0, and if with 100 you dont get that, go up to 200, but i will recommend to not going more than 200 mg per day.

my dosage is
>every day
200 mg of spironolactone

1 mg of stradiol (brand progynova)


5 mg of medroxyprogesterone

>every 45 days
5 mg of stradiol intravenous injection (brand mesigyna)



Thanks for the advice. I wasn't planning to go above 200 mg of spiro. But do you take it once per day or divide up into two halves?


please dont compare information found in the internet to years of studies made in a unniversity.


i take all my pills in one go
the same hour, every day.

i donbt know if spliting them will make any difference


Hey sorry, I'm a med student and couldn't let this pass up.

Don't ever split meds. Why? Because it doesn't work. Why? Because the active ingredient (the thing that actually makes a medication work) IS NOT homogeneously spread across the whole volume of the pill or tablet. So you risk having ONE HALF have the ENTIRE DOSE and the other one being pure useless sugar.

Like, almost the entire volume of the tablet is made of an inert bulking agent such as starch or a polisugar, and the active ingredient is here and there in randomly distributed clumps. So splitting meds is a fantastic way to have no idea how much you've actually taken (anywhere from 0 to 100% of the dosage).

Plus, most tablets are covered in coatings that have a specific goal in mind (choosing where the tablet is going to break up and get absorbed, and at which speed). And this is really fucking important for it to work properly. A med that is supposed to pass the stomach by unstached and only be absorbed in the small intestines might actually be destroyed by the stomach acids and have no effect, or have its effect changed (for worse). So if you break it up, you destroy the effect of that coating because now it has an exposed part.

Is there a way to split a med properly then? Yes. By dissolution. But you need proper equipment (at the very least, a precisely graduated beaker). So how is it done?

First you do some quick calculation. Say your tablet has 1g of the active ingredient, and you wanna take 500mg, so half of that. Now you pick a volume of water that will make your life easier, something rounded up like 100ml. Pour the 100ml VERY FUCKING PRECISELY, AND I MEAN IT, not a single ml more or less, toss in the tablet and stir and poke it until it's dissolved completely (preferably with a lab glass rod, because it's inert, but so long as you don't use something dumb like a wooden utensil (heyyy bacteria and fungi that might degrade the med) you should be fine. Nurses use stainless steel all the time, though they in theory aren't supposed to.

Now you've got 100ml of homogeneously distributed active ingredient. Why? Because water works in magical ways like that. Drink up 50ml, toss the rest, voilà, 500mg taken precisely.

You might ask yourself, why toss the rest? That's because you've essentially "partially digested" the med with that water, so now it's prone to being degraded by bacteria and fungi naturally present in the air every fucking where. How fast does that happen? Well, we're taught that if you're not gonna use the remainder in less than half an hour, don't even bother. Since most dosage intakes happen in much larger intervals, this only makes sense if you're giving two people the same med at the same time. Otherwise, for your safety, toss it.

That's why this method only works for reducing the dosage of a med when you don't have its lower-dosage version handily available (very common in hospital life), but not for splitting it and saving the remainder for later.

Anyway, be safe. Seen lots of people fuck themselves up by overdosing or failing to keep their blood % level of the active ingredient in the so called therapeutical level (the % where it actually has the desired effect) because of med splitting. So please don't do it.


Also, these people are right. Please don't self-med if you can avoid it in any way.

You have no idea what a hellish nightmare pharmacology is and how much time (3 4-hour classes a week for ONE AND A HALF FUCKING YEARS) we spend being taught it just to scratch the surface of understanding how this bullshit actually works. And that is guided by people with tall piles of degrees and post-doctorates who are active, respected researchers in their fields

Add to that the necessary understanding of endocrinology when dealing with hormones (protip, though there may be a "normal average" used as a reference value, if you dose the hormones and blood levels of relevant things of 1000 people, you'll get 1000 different results back.), you begin to understand that such a treatment must be tailored to your specific biochemistry. It's really no joke. There's a reason med school takes so fucking long, there's way too much you need to know to just be able to handle the basics properly.

Anyway, be safe, and if you can find a way to do this accompanied by a doctor, by all means, it's worth it. It's your body, your health and your life on the line. Gotta live long and healthy to enjoy that nice sexy bod you're gonna get, right?