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Traps & Transgender
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File 1421642226993.jpg

Hi, im 25 years, maybe my history is some cliché let me tell you some.

Since my childhood i always felt some effeminate, but never gave it importance, i remember started seeing xxx videos (only straight) like at my 11 years, one day suddently i imagined me as the girl in the video and i liked it, but also i liked to imagine me as the boy… some monts later i remember seeing a friend(he was froma another city) and i felt strange, i felt like a girl at his side, also remembered all these xxx videos i saw before and started fantasizing having sex with him but me being a girl, i wanted so hard to be with him but i was so shy to tell him…

I was 12 when decided to tell him next time i saw him (like 1 year later) so in that time i began to practice making a girly voice, i wished so hard my breasts grew a little so i could look more feminine for him, also i had a lot of porn videos to show him how i wanted to be with him but sadly i never saw him again u_u

I continued fantasizing but my fantasies started being more than only sex, one of my most recurrent fantasy was dressing me with feminine clothes, use make up, so i could look like a girl, have a date, going out and people see a normal straight couple and no one know i was a boy, and finally after the date, having sex…

I never knew about transsexualism until my 19 years, i see some videos of traps but i thought they were hermaphrodites so i couldn't have a feminine body because i wasn't … one day some guy in internet show me some pics of transsexuals and told me if i liked it, i said yes, and he told me i could become one and told me all about transgender and hormones, etc.. at first i was shocked, but at the same time i liked it, i felt so identified with that (having a feminine body, and girl sexual role)

Since that i started to see mostly transsexual porn (before i liked to see straight but it was more like i wanted) and rarely see "normal" porn (like 95% of times i see transsexual porn)… at first i thought it was only a fetish so in some months it would be gone or less but it wasn't

Researching in internet i read that this could be a fetish if after i fap all these desires disappeared, but in my case these didn't disappeared at all, even there are days i wish i was a girl without having sexual desires, some days is see girls and feel envy for their bodies.

Some years have passed but i still confused, what should i do?
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>>is it true that with hormones you start feeling attraction to boys?
>That was my impression, but I don't know if it's directly the hormones or part of a much greater process of feeling like a woman.

Well it happened for me and it started before I took hormones (but not much before). About 12 months ago I thought that I'm only into girls. About 10 months ago I saw one "emo" guy at a train station and the thought "hu, he looks sweet" followed by "wait a moment, what did you just think?". About a month or two later I was able to suck my first dick by chance and I really liked it, but still found most guys totally unattractive and unappealing. A couple more months later I got my first boyfriend, some guy from another image board. When he fucked me for the first time I had an epiphany: I just knew that this is what I was always longing for. Still I found not that many males attractive. Lately I find myself to be attracted to males more and more and find may more attractive by now. Currently I have a crush on a nice guy but unfortunately while we already did fuck a few months go he is currently very insecure and it is unclear if anything develops from it. Oh and while this all happened I slowly lost my interest in girls. I still like female bodies and touching them but real sexual attraction I now feel to guys. Just thinking about my crush gives me feels inside me :)

>> File 1422064235532.jpg

+10 story! I would love to hear others from other traps.

To contrast with my own situation, I'm a straight guy who switched his focus from regular women to traps about 2 years ago. I wondered at the time if I would eventually become attracted to guys, since I like girls with cocks. It never happened. The most I can say is that I am a little more open minded to things that would have turned me off back then, like traps who were completely flat chested. Honestly, the difference has been slight. Men simply don't do anything for me, even though I know life would be easier if I were into guys than being into traps/girls.

I think both of our stories would echo among the people here. Going MtF means a high likelihood of switching from girls to guys, and liking traps means a low likelihood of switching anything. You still like girls with cocks


I'm bumping my favorite threads to make sure they're not wiped off the board while the forum is being slid.


>is it true that with hormones you start feeling attraction to boys?

I've always been bisexual so I can't tell you. I will say being on HRT has made men far more responsive for whatever reason.



This is kind of how it worked for me too, only in my case the catalyst wasn't just simply switching to different kinds of porn. I was completely, 100% straight (or at least so I thought) until the tranny at my school asked me out. I decided to give it a try and we eventually got into a long-term relationship, during which time we frequently jacked each other off and I occasionally even sucked her dick. I never took it in the ass (nor did I have any desire to) but sucking lady dick was kind of nice. I eventually broke things off because she turned out to be a crazy manipulative bitch, but my newfound attraction for traps remained.

I have no attraction to the male figure, and I would never suck a dude's dick (cuz traps have lmaofemininedicks) but I guess you could say having a trap ask me out did change my sexuality somewhat.

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File 1365681711971.jpg

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Soo lately, but I want post too

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File 1364939370038.jpg

After seeing a few people being quite annoyed with so little post-op mtf's telling about their surgery and the results, and others confirming their likings of me telling a little something about it.
I decided, heck, why not.

First of, I guess a general introduction would be useful.
I'm 24 years old.
I was born biologically male.
Nowadays I struggle with society's view of genders, but also enjoy bending genders.
I mostly identify as genderambiguous towards the world, but deep down I feel that I am female.
There is a male side to me that pops in or blends with my female side from time to time. This is nice, but also very confusing.

I'm Dutch.
I like video games (skyrim, fallout 3, wipeout racing game series, okami, zelda, R-type) and board/table-top games (Eclipse, Pathfinder, Core Worlds, Agricola, Dominion)
I love longboarding when the weather is good and the asphalt smooth.
Drawing, fashion, music, dancing, tai chi, xing yi, art/museums and shopping are other things I like spending my past time on.

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My main questions are:

Who did your surgery?
How was the recovery?
Did you have any complications?
How is sex/masturbation now compared to before?
Does it seem to look like other vaginas (if you've seen other vaginas in person)


Not the OP, but I had surgery about.. 10 months ago? It's an uncomfortable topic because we all know how brutal and "honest"/biased and cruel the chans can be, SRS is one of those things you get and then you're stuck with it and it's pretty important that you figure out how to be happy and confident with that part of your body afterwards.

Even if you think the results are pretty good and passable, putting photos on a chan where people can literally spend hours (if they want) starting at it and forming an opinion about your results based on knowing your medical history, is a pretty big gamble. It might seem like we have nothing to lose, but honestly if I put pics of my vag up here and copped a bunch of shit I'd probably end up really self conscious about it. Maybe once I fuck like 5 or 6 straight guys and get rave reviews I'll be secure enough to withstand chan hate, but until then, naw dude.

For reference, I've been passing consistently IRL for like 3 years. I'm "100% flawless" according to some (young, trans) people. I post pics here? I get like, a 6 or 7 out of 10 at best. I don't really care because my real life experience teaches me that I look fine, but I haven't had that same level of feedback on my pussy yet and it's possible that I never will - a lot more people will see and react to my face and body than to my genitals, you know? So basically like, until I slut it up a bunch to offset the inevitable criticism of the chans, I'mma stick to textual stuff.


OP, you should post your picture here or in the passing thread.

i know people LOVE running their mouths, normally when they actually know nothing about what they are talking about. i give people very honest but also very good constructive reviews so if you ever WANT a rating from people here (you said you posted your pic before, right? why not do it again when you know you'll actually get an actual review?) you should post it. or hell, just put it up and let me see it. im actually kind of bored too and i love doing reviews and i promise i won't talk out of my ass. im also stealth offline and passing so you can trust me when i say i won't get all 'jealous tranny' on you which i've seen some people accuse others of.

anyways this is an excellent thread so don't feel bad for posting it. if there was more threads like this /di/ would kick some more ass :O


Q: Who did your surgery?
That's actually a bit of a weird story.
I thought I was going to have surgery by a team lead by drs. M.E. Buncamper.
But it turned out I was specifically operated by a woman who's name I forgot... great >_<

I found this out on the day I was taken into the hospital to prepare for the SRS... kinda weird and messy, I know.
At the time I didn't care much though, I was actually quite pleased with having a female surgeon.

I had corrective surgery about a year and 4 or 5 months later.

Q: How was the recovery?
It sucked, but with most pains (that aren't traumatizing or mental), they fade.

Hospital: 5 - 7 Days:
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>> File 1365024479936.jpg

Q: How is sex/masturbation now compared to before?
Hard question.
Masturbation rocks! Dry humping your lover whilst wearing pants and orgasming also rocks!
What makes this question so hard then you might wonder?

Compared to how I've experienced masturbation before, the now situation is kind of really great.
But the way I used to experience masturbation with a penis before, was, in hindsight, heavily influenced by the sexualisation of and feeling ashamed over: being a girl with a penis.
I definitely wasn't happy with my penis a lot of the time.

But I'm simply not sure if all that unhappy came from genderdysphoria.
A part of the discomfort and shame is caused by the insecurity I built up after countless of people, online and real-life.
That either stereotyped me into Shemale SexSlutism or YOU'RE A MAN IN DISGUISE!

Even after surgery I still get the YOU'RE A MAN IN DISGUISE from a few people whenever I tell about my past.
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