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Traps & Transgender
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File 1359728168567.jpg

Transgirl here I was wondering how many of you /b/ros would seriously date a Tgirl (trap) rather than just casually have sex
>or not at all.

just depressed and lonely recently and feel like nobody could ever love me and I feel like people only want to have sex with me as a fetish or would be ashamed to be with me or have their friends know I am Trans.

>pic not me
>inb4 dur hur thats not you.

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Hey, I think the most applicable term for myself would be omnisexual/pansexual, the former being my favorite term, the latter being synonymous and more widely used. That said, I would be far from averse to dating a transgirl. I suppose I am mostly attractted to the andro vs feminine and/or masculine traits; physical characteristics aside, seriously dating is something that would depend more upon peraonality and how we got along emotionally. I don't do one-night-stands, I'm a romantic. I thnk based upon this fact it is likely I am incapable of "just fucking" without developing an emotional connection haha. I am a kinky guy with many fetishes. Gender identity is not among them. ;)


Hey, Sorry to hear you feel down. The road you are walking is not going to always be an easy one but I think you realise that. For my part, being bisexual with a strong bias toward femish looking guys, I would certainly date a Trap or trans, providing we really get on together and find each other attractive physically. In other words I see it as no real difference to any other relationship. You are you and I dont really see any need for me to be ashamed by my choice of partner; if we are "right" for each other then whether or not family or friends approve is frankly; secondary. Provided your personality matches your appearance i.e. feminine then all is cool and yes; I would consider them a potential life partner too. The sexual aspect is simply put; a bonus in that I would be fortunate to have someone that has the looks I enjoy most with the body type I find most arousing; but the real win is having someone to love and be loved by. I really hope you find peace in your self and someone who loves you as we all need to be loved. XX


a cute Transgirl like yourself. I think would be an absolute doll to date. Share a good meal, some good food, stay up all night talking about what makes you feel good and having no shame in admitting that a tgirl is beautiful. In fact more often than not I've personally found them to be quite snuggly.


Dating a person that is trans is never an issue. Honestly, I would be more concerned if we get along. So keep your chin up. Life sometimes can be difficult and seem like it is all sucky. But the best feeling is when you reach the other side.

>> File 23432143214325.jpg

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File 1413620494018.jpg

Straight from the chan /d/ archive.

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im surprised this is a thing









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File 1416852993713.jpg

Hey /trap/,

I just started self medding with a half dose of 100 mg spiro 2mg estradiol both orally. I've been taking them once per day. Now I've heard that it's a good idea to take them split up into halves every 12 hours. However, how much does it really matter? I'm thinking about ramping things up to 200/4 soon and it might be more convenient if I could just take them after waking up. Anyone know? Thanks.

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Thanks for the advice. I wasn't planning to go above 200 mg of spiro. But do you take it once per day or divide up into two halves?


please dont compare information found in the internet to years of studies made in a unniversity.


i take all my pills in one go
the same hour, every day.

i donbt know if spliting them will make any difference


Hey sorry, I'm a med student and couldn't let this pass up.

Don't ever split meds. Why? Because it doesn't work. Why? Because the active ingredient (the thing that actually makes a medication work) IS NOT homogeneously spread across the whole volume of the pill or tablet. So you risk having ONE HALF have the ENTIRE DOSE and the other one being pure useless sugar.

Like, almost the entire volume of the tablet is made of an inert bulking agent such as starch or a polisugar, and the active ingredient is here and there in randomly distributed clumps. So splitting meds is a fantastic way to have no idea how much you've actually taken (anywhere from 0 to 100% of the dosage).

Plus, most tablets are covered in coatings that have a specific goal in mind (choosing where the tablet is going to break up and get absorbed, and at which speed). And this is really fucking important for it to work properly. A med that is supposed to pass the stomach by unstached and only be absorbed in the small intestines might actually be destroyed by the stomach acids and have no effect, or have its effect changed (for worse). So if you break it up, you destroy the effect of that coating because now it has an exposed part.

Is there a way to split a med properly then? Yes. By dissolution. But you need proper equipment (at the very least, a precisely graduated beaker). So how is it done?

First you do some quick calculation. Say your tablet has 1g of the active ingredient, and you wanna take 500mg, so half of that. Now you pick a volume of water that will make your life easier, something rounded up like 100ml. Pour the 100ml VERY FUCKING PRECISELY, AND I MEAN IT, not a single ml more or less, toss in the tablet and stir and poke it until it's dissolved completely (preferably with a lab glass rod, because it's inert, but so long as you don't use something dumb like a wooden utensil (heyyy bacteria and fungi that might degrade the med) you should be fine. Nurses use stainless steel all the time, though they in theory aren't supposed to.

Now you've got 100ml of homogeneously distributed active ingredient. Why? Because water works in magical ways like that. Drink up 50ml, toss the rest, voilĂ , 500mg taken precisely.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.


Also, these people are right. Please don't self-med if you can avoid it in any way.

You have no idea what a hellish nightmare pharmacology is and how much time (3 4-hour classes a week for ONE AND A HALF FUCKING YEARS) we spend being taught it just to scratch the surface of understanding how this bullshit actually works. And that is guided by people with tall piles of degrees and post-doctorates who are active, respected researchers in their fields

Add to that the necessary understanding of endocrinology when dealing with hormones (protip, though there may be a "normal average" used as a reference value, if you dose the hormones and blood levels of relevant things of 1000 people, you'll get 1000 different results back.), you begin to understand that such a treatment must be tailored to your specific biochemistry. It's really no joke. There's a reason med school takes so fucking long, there's way too much you need to know to just be able to handle the basics properly.

Anyway, be safe, and if you can find a way to do this accompanied by a doctor, by all means, it's worth it. It's your body, your health and your life on the line. Gotta live long and healthy to enjoy that nice sexy bod you're gonna get, right?

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File 00az.jpg

That sexy femboi

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File 1411622935541.gif

So, to get right to the point; Is it possible to train your prostate into becoming an actual g-spot? Essentially make it more sensitive? If so, how?

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I've had dry orgasms from dildos alone. It feels good but not as good as jerking off while riding a dildo.

But the best orgasm I've ever had have come from being fucked by a real cock. I've had several orgasms, happens almost every time now, from being fucked without even touching myself. It's better than any orgasm I've ever had from jerking off or even fucking a woman.


I always try to take out whatever is in my butt before orgasm, seems if something is up against my prostate my orgasm is lesser. But yeah, getting fucked by a guy, if I am on top and can get the angle right, I can cum hands free every time.


Also, get a suction cup dildo, put it on a floor, and do what this chick is doing in the gif, and you will have what I call dry orgasms, every time it goes in its like a 50% orgasm feeling when the dildo hits my prostate. Can do this for hours if you have the stamina. Just remember lube and relax your butthole


Short answer, yes, damn straight.

Given your prostate is healthy, a proper massage will indeed give orgasmic feeling, both constant and climactic separately.

Important to note that it's not the same as ejaculatory orgasms.
It's more of a rush of electric pleasure than an actual release.

In fact, I wouldn't really ever use the word release for prostate stimulation's orgasmic feeling whatsoever.
Satisfying as HELL, yes. And it does release a ton of pre-cum.
But it does not actually feel like a release of anything, in contrast to the burden of phallic/ejaculatory stimulation.


I've found aneros types work well for me. But you have to have proper control over your sphincter and know how to move it right.
Kegels help a ton.
When I don't feel like manual control, my Nexus Revo Stealth works wonderfully. Since its rotating motion can be run without vibration.

Dildos can be exciting, sure. But proper shape, angle, and control are important too.

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File 1411660747581.jpg

Shit, does anyone here know FrankWolf? (He anheroed awhile ago) I just found a fap video of him. Not sure if this is old news or not, but I've never seen it mentioned.


Pic related is FrankWolf, pretty famous picture

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Hang in there sweet anon, don't you think you can still do it? I feel really similar to you. Why not try it as soon as you can?


He didn't kill himself. He faked it because online death threats I saw facebook pic had him say I'm still alive somewhere.


No… It's definitely too late with just hormones. I have the body of a man with the exception of my nipples and my feminine lips and eyes. If I was still growing, maybe, but I'm not growing anymore.


i don't think it's hero anymore if they're that cute

. omg i wish i was that cute :( somebody clone me this body and give me a brain transplant.


Says he was called Francis Lapointe and died at the age of 20.

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File 1412316882982.gif

Post your IDs and shit. I'm quite pretty myself, ya know~!


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>> File 1412688926048.jpg

Norwegian trap here looking for someone to play Path of exile or tribes ascend with.


if the link is magically broken then just add me on Skype or something.


>pic is me 2-3 months ago


Oh my god you're beautiful.

I'm not on steam, but damn I wish I was now.


Very cute, added you on Steam =) I play TERA, will be trying out Path of Exile, perhaps later today.


I can't find words to tell you how hot you are right now.


not a trap? so? would love to meet som young cute ones.!

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File 1423550451085.png

To me 'trap' means passable transsexual, as in the phrase "IT'S A TRAP!" shouted by friends of someone who is seduced by one of these vixens.

Why then does /b/ and others consider cuteboys only to be traps. Passable transsexual does not even have it's own category in their minds. It is either trap (cuteboy) or full blown shemale/tranny.

Their autism level must be off the charts to not see what I consider to be quite obvious wordplay.

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God damn it.
What the FUCK.

This picture reeks of social justice warriorism with their fake YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL bullshit.

GOD DAMN IT, /trap/.

Though she ain't a trap.


But isn't she? I'd fuck a passable red headed cutie trap and I'd tell her she's beautiful too. Even if she wasn't super sexy, telling a transgender girl that she's beautiful is the easiest way to make her beg for you. That sort of cheap verbal validation is worth loads.

I'm a trap, so I know.


The problem with saying things you don't mean is that you'll stop being able to tell the difference, leaving you open to opportunistic infections.


I bet you're super beautiful, anon.

Is it working?


ACTUALLY... the image is from the webcomic Questionable Content. (QuestionableContent.net). The redhead (Claire) was revealed to be a pre-op transsexual a while back.

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File 1419946344883.png

Up until recently I was convinced that homosexuality is something in your genes that you can't change, but porn has really fucked with my sexuality and now I'm not so sure that theory is universal. As a kid I went to an all boys school and I had a crush on one guy there and one guy in secondary school (high school for you Americans) I never pursued either of those because I was too busy falling for girls and listening to rock music which I still do. Now, I watch a shitload of porn. At least once a day since I was 12 and I'm 22 now . Started watching trap porn like last year along with straight stuff just whenever the notion came (yeah). Trap porn is starting to take over (thanks a bunch Bailey Jay). I never convinced myself that she was born that way I knew i was looking at what is technically gay sex. I mean I fucking look at their dicks and get turned on when they eat their own jam. What sexuality even am I? I must sound like one of those 'ambisexual' SJW retards or maybe OP is well within the depths of the closet.

9 posts and 4 images omitted. Click on [Reply] or [Expand] to see it.

There was a thread on this last month, and I think that might be a huge part of it. Let's face it, 99% of modern women are trash and not worth the struggle. Traps seem to be rectify this situation somewhat.

I know it's something Bailey Jay mentioned early on in her podcast. How women will manipulate you, cheat on you, break your heart and steal half your shit (if you're stupid enough to get married). I'm sure there are transwomen who will do the same thing, but somehow I doubt it's as prevalent.

>> File 1420310836369.jpg

Amazing kickass post, and I hope you start posting here regularly. The board is a little slow still, but we get some exceptional threads on different subjects.

The next anon brought up the topic I most wanted to add myself.

>I entirely agree with your point about men liking traps because they can relate. But I also want to point out that men are much more easy to know when you pleased them ie Gigantic boner and cream fountain = dead giveaway (I think this is what you were going to talk at length about). This I feel makes them more attractive to men because they aren't going to be laying there silently judging you while you are fucking them. It's a big relief.

This so much!

Let's put aside feminism/gynocentrism and the ways in which women manipulate men's kindness, and focus on that directly. Men genuinely want to please women. I don't mean this in a beta way of handing her a credit card or being a valet or taking her shit, but knowing that she is genuinely happy. Men care far more about this than women seem to care about the reverse.

If you go back to movies like "When Harry Met Sally" honestly, a great movie and Meg Ryan's fake orgasm, it brings up the whole topic of women lying about being fulfilled, which is yet another layer of their many games. The last time I went down on a woman, I was going at it for a while and had her making all kinds of satisfied noises, and when I asked her if she orgasmed, she said no. She wasn't obnoxious about it, but still, part of me was thinking, "fuck this," because it sounded like she had. Granted, I was at the end of my rope with regular women by this point anyway.

With a trap, 98% of the mystery is gone. If I'm in an LTR with a trap that I'm in love with, and we have long sex sessions of me fucking and sucking her every night or two, and I'm swallowing her load every single time while her body is shuddering, I know that I have a very satisfied girl, and that's how I want her. It's not a fucking game of us getting into a big fight someday and her telling me that she hadn't had an orgasm with me in 4 months.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.


The gay gene thing is an oversimplified lie and it is disrespectful to the entire field of neurology.

There is likely some gene that has a link to a an atypical pathology for sexuality but it is not a guarantee of that sexuality nor would it be the only cause of atypical sexual pathology.

Sexual I dentity is typicall developed durring childhood and those experiences retrace pleasure pathways over and over and from sexual Identity which can be over written.

You could turn a 100% gay man into a bisexual with a favoring for women with the right conditioning, put him in a trance state hook him up to a sex machine show footage of female masturbation with no phalic objects involved un less he's a bottome then you might need to give him an anal stimulant and let him watch lesbian strap on porn, you keep the man in a continual state of pleasure and play the sounds of female sexual satisfaction in the background all day so his brain continually develops these pathways and so on then you give him a week of no stimulation but no access to anything pornographic, his mind will be stuck on women especially if you played the same scenes over and over, he'll be masturbating to his imaginations of those women and that coaxing is the final step you have to put the pathway in then lead him to want to follow it, so maybe before each session you would have him grab a cold glass of water and drink and in his no stimulus week grabbing that would kick off the pathway's activation and he would probably trace it on his own and end up masturbating to his imagination of women, you then ask questions about his fantasy and you use that to line into the next section of "training" it sounds very fucked up but this is all proven neuroscience; ethically it's fucked a bit but if those gay fixing centers wanted to this would definitely do it for them but they use lust avoidance not supplementation and it always fails because it tries to get the to deny a vital part of their neurology while the above method sort of makes them forget the other road is still there.

This works better on someone who is still developing so if you did this to a 40 year old man it would be less successful than if you did it to a 16 year old boy; I should mention actual sex with a woman should probably be a part of the program and in the stimuli neutral week the neutral location the patient is held should only have movies for children, anime centered around girls and magazines that only depict women fully clothed, the trick is to get the man to be aroused by a woman not by the idea of sex with a woman to do that you need to tie a non sexualized woman to a sexualized woman as a trigger for activating the sexual pathways.

This isn't the only way to condition sexuality but it would be the most surefire, I also appreciate that it's some mad scientist shit.

the easy way to create new neural pathw
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.


Interesting thesis. I don't know how effective it would be, but I see the thought process behind it.

However, there is really no value to heterosexual couplings in today's world other than that of having children which is very important, I'm not making light of that It is easier for a man to be gay or at least bisexual in our society than it is to be straight.



Is she for real. so cute i would suck her.

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File 1415381761521.jpg

Hey /trap/

If I stop taking hrt for a while will I be able to impregnate someone again? I'm just wondering about the future.

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No, you become sterile after about a month i belive if you are using T blockers aswell. if you are only using estrogen then i dunno.


Hmm… so even if you stopped for like a year, it woudn't come back?

>> File 1415468224891.jpg

My understanding is no, it's gone for good.

I have heard longer time periods, like 6 months to a year, but there are probably cases where it was gone for good after a month. If you think that you want your own biological children, then you can look into having your sperm frozen. Last I checked, it was like $700 for the first year and half that for every subsequent year. It's not that expensive, but traps are generally not loaded with cash either.


Yeahhh I don't know if I can comfortably afford that… I wonder how long until they can make sperm/eggs out of normal cells?


>you will never lose your virginity to a qtpitrap and get her pregnatn

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File 1414368217259.jpg

so, imagine your are on a date whit a trap, where would you take her and what would you like to do during the date? and finally how would you end the date?

impress me anons

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Motorcycle ride on a pretty day up a nice twisty mountain road. Very slow and pleasant pace so as not to be scary and so the scenery can be enjoyed. Picnic in a park at the top, and perhaps a walk if there is a nice trail.


probably go see a movie during the day, go to dinner in the late afternoon/evening, then go offroading and find some place to park teh truck and end it by getting busy


I stumble in too a pool of autism and we play video games and cuddle. Or go too the museum of flight. No one hates the museum of flight.


>tfw I live in WA and have been there a thousand times

Small world


lets go together anon~

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File 1412028922549.jpg

Any traps here? Would you ever let your boypussy get ravaged by an anon's dick?

2 posts omitted. Click on [Reply] or [Expand] to see it.

As long as they're clean then why not. Just need to make myself look passable first.

>> File 1412135733409.jpg

>tfw no anon around the neighborhood.


look i don't have that kind of time you want your prostate pulverized or not?


>tfw no cute trap anywhere near


To be honest, I have an inescapable rape fetish.

I'd like to know who's doing it, but if I have to give consent, it's just boring. And no one wants to play that kind of dangerous game.

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File 1411148808475.png

Let's talk about being a trap! Whether you crossdress for fun or want to live as a girl full-time, bring any questions here. Clothes, makeup, voice, hormones, boys, girls, any topic of interest to trappy people is welcome.

33 posts and 5 images omitted. Click on [Reply] or [Expand] to see it.

No HRT yet! This month if all goes well though! I took two of those per day, 1000mg of flaxseed oil and 700mg of saw palmetto. That was at like ~3 months on those.


wow amazing results!


Thanks! I was expecting zilch from this stuff as it gets a lot of flak and whatnot for not working, surprised me a lot when i started to get sore for sure! Surprised me once again when they started to leak haha

>> File 1417505617352.jpg

>tfw on hrt for like 5 years and never leaking once


I dunno why I am! Maybe it's bad an I'm actually dying. Either way I'm stopping them as of yesterday as I have a physical for HRT coming up on Thursday!

No. 959 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File 1421816394619.png

I really wanna trap it up, but I'm not exactly in the best shape. I'm 19, 6ft tall, and weigh about 200lb. Pic related, does this work?

>> File 1421820310675.jpg

This only works if you're already in decent shape and/or are slim. All it does it soften your features and get you a slightly more feminine physique of what you already have. You shouldn't expect much, if any, weight loss if you follow it.

>> File 1421842989902.png

That particular infographic is not the best.

Try this one instead.

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File 1422431296478.jpg

Let's have a hormone discussion thread.

Do you use hormones?
What's your regimen?
Doctor or DIY?

'mones. Yea or nay?

3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click on [Reply] or [Expand] to see it.

>Do you use hormones?


>What's your regimen?
.5 mL Estradiol Valerate every 14 days.
100mg Spironolactone 1/day
5mg Medroxyprogesterone 1/day

>Doctor or DIY?

I've been on them since January 1st so not much. Breast buds are in, thinking or rather thoughts are different. Like my mind tends to race more often about many different things at once.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.


MtF, 10 months on hormones

2 x 100mg Spironolacton
4 hubs Estradiol gel (== 3mg Estradiol)
1 Estrifam Estradiol tablet (== 2mg Estadiol)
(sometimes) Progesterone Gel

Started DIY (with doctor supervision at least) now getting it on prescription for 7 months. Paid for by public healthcar, yay.

Results? My face has feminized quite a lot, I have (unfortunately still very small) breasts, my hips got wider and my waist got smaller. I believe that I have both gotten a little shorter (by 1 to 2 cm). My feet seem to have shrinked (smaller show size now).

And then there is the psychological side. Hormones have changed a lot regarding how I feel, think, what I like. I was always emotional (and ok with that) but my emotions got even stronger and I can now switch from laughing to crying in seconds (like many girls can). Also my sexual orientation changed from being attracted (only) to girls to being attracted mainly to guys (but this has somewhat started before I took the hormones).


>2mg oestradiol and 100mg spiro orally
How long did you stay on this dose? I've been doing that dose for 2 months self med. How did it work out for you?



As for results, well my breasts have been growing a bit, my face seems more round/light/feminine, my muscles have decreased a bit. My waist seems to have contracted a bit. Hard to say about my butt. I haven't had many emotional increases, but I do feel more relaxed and non-emotional in general, but it may be due to other coincident factors in my life.


Sorry for triple post, just to clarify both of these are me.

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File 1419386584199.png

Goddamnit, /trap/

I was just blown off by a trap via facebook. All I want is to fuck a trap at least once, but I have no idea how to find one. This cunt was my last hope. Is it even possible to find traps irl?

anyways, cheer me up, give me pointers on how to find and hook up with a trap, or laugh at my misery.

15 posts and 1 image omitted. Click on [Reply] or [Expand] to see it.

Not a trap but someone who wants a downlow situation where we meet traps at trap bars in SFV. Basically I need a wingman.


traps want to be treated like girls
don't hit on them; seduce or romance




OP. i hope you don't mind me asking for help in your thread but i'd rather not make a new one when 'm having almost the same issue.

>browse /r9k/
>make a post in a thread stating how it's not gay if your the top only gay if your the one getting fucked
>sissy replies back to me
>i mention of tying her up and general debauchery
>after most post back and forth we exchange emails
>she wants to be submissive to me
>i'm totally okay with that
>turns out we're both completely new to this
>that's even better for me since i don't have to live up to some past expectations
>her replies start getting spotty
>last reply by her was 4 days ago
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.


sounds like she got cold feet. it's tough meeting strangers man! You could be a murderer!

sorry ur so heart broken. Fap to some cam girls or something :|

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File 1421092431803.jpg

I've been wanting to become a trap for half a year, and even attempted it, but stopped. I'm planning on starting again, but I need to ask some questions to you cutie experts here.

What would be the most effective and safe way to become a trap? Are there any health risks I should worry about? Is it more effective the younger I am?
And a really important question…. will it also affect my penis?

Thank you.

3 posts omitted. Click on [Reply] or [Expand] to see it.

Post a pic. Hair isn't a huge problem as it can be removed.


So question.

Is bicycling a good choice for cardio to get trap aesthetics? Like does it strengthen the right muscles?


hair is less the problem than nutrition, I'm getting a belly and cant find the time to trim my body down, my thighs rub together as well and again my jaw line, Im currently not posting for fear of people I know seeing me, I'm not even sure if this is a serious thing or just a passing whimsy


Calories in < Calories out

Once you get used to to the decreased calories, it's not that bad. You just have to maintain it.

HRT also changes where fat is stored, so belly fat won't be too big of an issue (unless you become a fatty).

Also, good luck figuring this stuff out; I went through a fun, several-month-long depressive episode before I figured out who I was!


can you get a good set of tits on nothing but hormones or are implants needed?

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File 1420157120276.gif

ITT: Would you traps kindly tell us what you desire from your lover

16 posts and 2 images omitted. Click on [Reply] or [Expand] to see it.

>But what about your bf's body?

Not overly picky about this. Not massively overweight but he doesn't have to be super-muscular or anything. But that just might be because of my own physiology. I'm 5'4 and 135lbs. So it doesn't take much to be able to toss me around :P


Ah, i asked cause i'm getting in shape (dropped 25lbs_ so far and one of my ideas of celebrating hitting my goal weight is finding a qt trap/femboi and having some fun.


I have one now too, damnit. Not because i want what yoy described, but because i am what you described.


>caring what they want

You pin them down and fuck them unconscious. Then you let them come to, only to start choking them as you cum inside.


Someone who is submissive, sensual and hot. 8^) Someone who enjoys being dominated but not so much in a painful way, more in a rough and loving way.


See, this reads like something I would think up as the dom. My ex used to dress like a catholic schoolgirl for me and it was somewhat close to this story.

IE pinning some sub's arms behind their head while I fuck them, or aggressively plowing a cutie's face, yes, but I'm not so into the pain stuff.

Also I guess it'd be good to find someone who is into dirty talk because I tend to do that naturally.

No. 842 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File 1423907727748.jpg

okay soooooo
imma just cum cleen and say dat i luve tarps so much. im kinda girly to, but i woodnt say dat im really tarp material

i dont id as female, but i do id as sumthin kinda between them

hrt is basicaly out b/c i no wanna lose penis usage, but wood ffs and folowing my trap assthetic guidlines be enuf to make me a tarp?


That "trap aesthetics" guide won't really help that much, except for the stuff on puereria(?) mirifica an like saw palmetto which may or may not work for you

Hrt won't make you "lose penis usage" as long as you keep "using" it.

Also, you type in a really obnoxious manner that is difficult to read and very rage-inducing.


Someone asked before about HRT in Asia. That would be a good thing to get more info on, as Asian traps in the sex industry do not seem to lose anything, including in terms of ball size. I heard that they are constantly cycling on and off, but that was just something I read on a forum.


Ive actually had some success with the trap aesthetic guideline, the newer one at least. Lost a bunch of weight using it and my ass feels larger as well.

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File 1421642226993.jpg

Hi, im 25 years, maybe my history is some cliché let me tell you some.

Since my childhood i always felt some effeminate, but never gave it importance, i remember started seeing xxx videos (only straight) like at my 11 years, one day suddently i imagined me as the girl in the video and i liked it, but also i liked to imagine me as the boy… some monts later i remember seeing a friend(he was froma another city) and i felt strange, i felt like a girl at his side, also remembered all these xxx videos i saw before and started fantasizing having sex with him but me being a girl, i wanted so hard to be with him but i was so shy to tell him…

I was 12 when decided to tell him next time i saw him (like 1 year later) so in that time i began to practice making a girly voice, i wished so hard my breasts grew a little so i could look more feminine for him, also i had a lot of porn videos to show him how i wanted to be with him but sadly i never saw him again u_u

I continued fantasizing but my fantasies started being more than only sex, one of my most recurrent fantasy was dressing me with feminine clothes, use make up, so i could look like a girl, have a date, going out and people see a normal straight couple and no one know i was a boy, and finally after the date, having sex…

I never knew about transsexualism until my 19 years, i see some videos of traps but i thought they were hermaphrodites so i couldn't have a feminine body because i wasn't … one day some guy in internet show me some pics of transsexuals and told me if i liked it, i said yes, and he told me i could become one and told me all about transgender and hormones, etc.. at first i was shocked, but at the same time i liked it, i felt so identified with that (having a feminine body, and girl sexual role)

Since that i started to see mostly transsexual porn (before i liked to see straight but it was more like i wanted) and rarely see "normal" porn (like 95% of times i see transsexual porn)… at first i thought it was only a fetish so in some months it would be gone or less but it wasn't

Researching in internet i read that this could be a fetish if after i fap all these desires disappeared, but in my case these didn't disappeared at all, even there are days i wish i was a girl without having sexual desires, some days is see girls and feel envy for their bodies.

Some years have passed but i still confused, what should i do?
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>>is it true that with hormones you start feeling attraction to boys?
>That was my impression, but I don't know if it's directly the hormones or part of a much greater process of feeling like a woman.

Well it happened for me and it started before I took hormones (but not much before). About 12 months ago I thought that I'm only into girls. About 10 months ago I saw one "emo" guy at a train station and the thought "hu, he looks sweet" followed by "wait a moment, what did you just think?". About a month or two later I was able to suck my first dick by chance and I really liked it, but still found most guys totally unattractive and unappealing. A couple more months later I got my first boyfriend, some guy from another image board. When he fucked me for the first time I had an epiphany: I just knew that this is what I was always longing for. Still I found not that many males attractive. Lately I find myself to be attracted to males more and more and find may more attractive by now. Currently I have a crush on a nice guy but unfortunately while we already did fuck a few months go he is currently very insecure and it is unclear if anything develops from it. Oh and while this all happened I slowly lost my interest in girls. I still like female bodies and touching them but real sexual attraction I now feel to guys. Just thinking about my crush gives me feels inside me :)

>> File 1422064235532.jpg

+10 story! I would love to hear others from other traps.

To contrast with my own situation, I'm a straight guy who switched his focus from regular women to traps about 2 years ago. I wondered at the time if I would eventually become attracted to guys, since I like girls with cocks. It never happened. The most I can say is that I am a little more open minded to things that would have turned me off back then, like traps who were completely flat chested. Honestly, the difference has been slight. Men simply don't do anything for me, even though I know life would be easier if I were into guys than being into traps/girls.

I think both of our stories would echo among the people here. Going MtF means a high likelihood of switching from girls to guys, and liking traps means a low likelihood of switching anything. You still like girls with cocks


I'm bumping my favorite threads to make sure they're not wiped off the board while the forum is being slid.


>is it true that with hormones you start feeling attraction to boys?

I've always been bisexual so I can't tell you. I will say being on HRT has made men far more responsive for whatever reason.



This is kind of how it worked for me too, only in my case the catalyst wasn't just simply switching to different kinds of porn. I was completely, 100% straight (or at least so I thought) until the tranny at my school asked me out. I decided to give it a try and we eventually got into a long-term relationship, during which time we frequently jacked each other off and I occasionally even sucked her dick. I never took it in the ass (nor did I have any desire to) but sucking lady dick was kind of nice. I eventually broke things off because she turned out to be a crazy manipulative bitch, but my newfound attraction for traps remained.

I have no attraction to the male figure, and I would never suck a dude's dick (cuz traps have lmaofemininedicks) but I guess you could say having a trap ask me out did change my sexuality somewhat.

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