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/b/ ~ oh my god what happened to this place while I was ...
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oh my god what happened to this place while I was gone?


Been trying to figure that out for a couple months now.
Looks like it was bought out by Mountfile.


Mod here, the mountfile guy is not a mod, he is a pretty active poster, what issues do you have with him?


Since you post as "anon" and took it personally, I think it's likely you are not a mod but you use mountfile. I'll answer your post though.

1. I didn't say there was only one mf poster
2. I did not say the mf poster was a mod, funny you should bring that up.
3. I did not say I have issues with any Poster.

The only thing my unhappy face suggests, is that there is a ton of mf here, like you just stated, and that I think they suck.
Both are correct. At speeds as low as 1/5th of dialup, dl's can take over 24 hours and large files usually break at least once.
You basically have to get premium to dl even if only for a month.
But I suppose it's better than the virus-laden filehosts like Uploaded.
I'll use none of them, mf included.

I answered a poster ( a little facetiously ) that asked the same thing I've been wondering myself, with what I think is part of the answer.
This is /b/, IIRC I am allowed my opinion here.
Quite honestly, there is no way to answer the OP's Q? other than with one's own opinion.

btw, #2 reason I don't think you're a mod, is that I have been one myself, and you would or should be well aware that any mod could post through a proxy and neither the owner or another mod would be able to tell who it was.

And again, I did not infer a mod/mountfile connection.
YOU did that.


I said he wasn't a mod because that's what people usually complain about, all filehost are allowed as long as free users can download from it