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/b/ ~ >older sister called me >"anon, my ...
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File 1384988771857.png

>older sister called me
>"anon, my computer is broken. Come over to fix it..."
>went over the next day (today)
>she's still at work
>got my own key to her apartment
>found a buttload of useless shareware, freeware and searchbars
>get rid of them, deleted system32...you know, the usual
>computer fixed - sis still not home
>"let's see what the browser history has to say"
>chin hitting the ground, breaking the floor in that process
>found a tons of wincest porn!
>hentai, video, stories...you name it!
>every bit I found was exclusively brother-sister wincest!
>came buckets
>went home
>made a new thread on vchin/random/

what nao?


dude, just because she watches incest "fake" porn and reads incest hentai doesnt mean shit. i do too, but have absolutely no interest in incest with my family what so ever. its just a fetish.


When she ask how it went tell her next time she should clean the browser history.

Then see how she reacts.


This. I look up cuckold porn but I sure as fuck won't let my gf fuck anyone else.

I also look up bro/sis wincest but I don't even have a sister.

That being said, get drunk with her and when she's drunk enough to talk but not so drunk that she can say she forgot what happened later, bring it up.


Obviously she wants the D. Get drunk and fuck!


There is a series of important questions you need to ask yourself, OP:

Is it worth it?

Should you work it?

Could you put your thing down, flip it and reverse it?


Will get drunk with her next time...

I have a lot of wincest porn, too and I would take a shoot.

I think I could work it!

But admitting that I was spying on her?

>> File 1384990755247.jpg

of course anyone with a hot sister wants to fuck her. just most people dont admit it to themselves

i have a whole pic/vid folder of chicks who look like my sister and fap to it vigorously