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/b/ ~ You receive $50,000 tomorrow. You have to spend it...
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You receive $50,000 tomorrow. You have to spend it. What do you buy?


$42,000 on student loan debt
$8,000 in bank

$42,000 on student loan debt
$8,000 on a sturdy rope to hang myself with


Why bother paying the loan if you're going to kill yourself?

Buy $50,000 worth of drugs, hookers etc and party til you inevitably die of some kind of overdose or by choking on vomit and/or the dick of a tranny hooker you accidentally hired not realizing they were a tranny being so fucked up on drugs.


plane ticket prostitutes of my choice
>why pay for sex beta?
>love cheating and buying women hahahah
>fuck bitches!


>not buying a ps4


Buy a nissan GTR R35


Government student loans are a little better about canceling when you die, but privately held student loans? Not so much. They'd find some family member to stick the debt upon. Everybody likes to claim "oh why do I care when I'll be dead anyway" until they actually think about their legacy becoming some obscure niece resenting having to pay for the student loans of some asshole uncle who choked to death on drugs and tranny dick.

$50,000 is a good down payment on, well, probably not your dream home, but a respectable enough rental property right between the suburbs and farm country. You could charge a rent for your entire house that's comparable with an apartment in the nearest city and still make back your initial investment quickly.