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/b/ ~ About to do acid for the first time 1 tab. They to...
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About to do acid for the first time 1 tab. They told me to do half of one because it's really strong but idgaf.

Any tips? Also, what the hell do I do with this little tab? Swallow it? Let it dissolve in my mouth?


look at videos on youtube of spiders eating things


You'll be fine man. With LSD, just keep it on/under your tongue for 5 minutes then swallow it, it's only with the NBOMe family you have to keep it in your mouth for like 30 minutes.
Just look at awesome pictures of nature, and remember that you are on a chemical, nothing bad will happen to you and you will probably experience some weird physical effects, these are all part of the experience. Enjoy yourself and write down/draw as much as you want to help you remember the trip


im tripping on 25i right now, 2000ug.

more accurately, im coming down off it. took it around 10 hours ago. its not acid but its very likely what you're getting (cuz real acid's very rare and people use nbome as a replacement all the fucking time).