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/b/ ~ How's your life /b/ros? >18 >Nev...
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How's your life /b/ros?

>Never had a job
>Have my GED
>Just got my license 6 months ago
>Come from low income family
>No college whatsoever
>No jobs calling me back
>No skills or trades at all
>Never owned a car
>Still live with parents

>inb4 I'm a brain surgeon making 6 figures at the age of 21 and fuck bitches everyday while drinking golden tequila


>Graduated high school two years ago
>Haven't done shit since
>Joining Air Force
>Leave for basic in March
>Going for college reasons and to move out
>I still have no idea what I want to study in college
>Could care less about happiness, just as long as I can make enough money to support my self and my family in a middle class home/neighborhood
>Parents are getting a divorce
>Never happy, never sad
>Emotions are just kind of blank
>Hoping I can be happy once I am moved out


>virgin (doesn't bother me, but really seems to get most people)
>college, AA, 1 foreign language class away from BA

>have "attempted" this class multiple times. Hate the arbitrary requirement so much I can never bring myself to complete it.

>Good IT certifications. Turns out I hate sitting behind a desk.

>Co-owned a business. Good ideas, but husband-and-wife co-owners kept out-voting me. Sold shares, business went bankrupt.

>Pizza driver. Hate it.
>About a month away from pilot's license.

>Don't want to work - even flight loses its appeal when I have to do it to live. No way out of it I guess.


>No job now
>high school dep
>Have car, no license
>No gf or bf
>No college whatsoever
>No jobs calling me back
>YouTube partnership that pays less than needed
>Still live with parents
>Just got off bail


>60, not particularly wealthy, smart, or attractive
>First marriage 10 yrs, (in the 80s) current one 14 yrs, Brasileira
>Lived in 5 countries, 12 places in this one
>Don't sweat the sex/relationship stuff, or beat yourself up over it, you only control half of the game. Most of it is luck.
>Make yourself happy, only you can do it.
>Don't be an asshole, and things will be fine
>Occam's razor is very useful.

>> File 20190330_130353.jpg

48,. No job. Fucking around spending my savings. In Asia. Alone.