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/b/ ~ tl;dr: baw thread Yesterday I had the worst fir...
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tl;dr: baw thread

Yesterday I had the worst first date experience with the girl of my dreams.
>Lunch at her place
>She lives with her milf-ish divorced mother and younger sister
>Mother and sister really liked me
>Everyone laughing their hearts out at my stories during lunch
>Mother and sister leave us
>Me and the girl go back to her room and cuddle while watching old anime and youtube crap
>She seems to be enjoying my company
>Time flies by
>Already dark outside
>I have to leave because I have work to finish
>When separating she hugs me so tight I can feel her heartbeat.
>While on the train going home I think how well it went
>Got home hour and a half later
>Message her like every other night before to talk
>She tells me she has a headache
>"After you left I got drunk and worked out til I can't walk anymore"
>"I hope you get better soon..."
>"tbh idgaf"
>Hasn't responded since

I feel like I ballsed something up big time, but I don't know what.
I'm feeling so bad right now. Can we have a baw thread ?

>> File 1383551190673.jpg

Crying Tomoko makes me sad in my feels place...


You sure it was her on skype?

>> File 1383551486364.jpg

I'm pretty sure it was her. Both her mother and sister have their own laptops and I don't think they would do anything like this. And it felt like her style of writing.

We were very close trough skype. Talking everyday about everything from morning to dusk. It was so nice while it lasted.


Wait till tomorrow before messaging her. She is just drunk as fuck and feeling miserable, nothing you can do.