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/b/ ~ Scientists keep proving that we are incredibly inc...
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Scientists keep proving that we are incredibly incredibly small. We are tiny, in fact. Like, miniscule. Like, practically non-existent. The universe is at least 156 billion light-years wide. And we're like these tiny little specks on this tiny little world in this tiny little solar system in this tiny little galaxy. Do you realize that it would take more than a million earths to fill the sun? And the sun is tiny too!

But what about how big we are? There are like millions of little microbes living in us. We're like a universe in and of ourselves. And don't even get me started on atoms and quarks and the string theory and all that business. Do you realize how incredibly HUGE we are? It's insane. A million earths in the sun -- that ain't nothing. It takes a number that doesn't even have a word for it. According to this random website, there are 7x10^27 atoms in our body. That's 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, just to give you an idea of our enormity.


Deep/intelligent thinker thread. Retards will not be tolerated.


While I understand that, I don't really think what you have posted is deep.

Does it annoy anyone else that every time you look up into the night sky, and see the hundreds and hundreds of stars idly shimmering, sitting high above in the sky, that each one is possibly another solar system filled with gargantuan vast playgrounds, new sights, discoveries and experiments, and yet you have to face the depressing fact that you will never. ever. ever. get to experience any of it. Here we are trapped on this tiny rock. I'm bored of pallet town and want to leave, and I have even asked my rivals sister for a map and a fuck yet.


I remember when i was way out there floating around in my subconsciousness on some good psychedelic mushrooms, i was thinking about the universe, i compared it to a line, and the creation of the universe is just a bump on that line, a small anomaly that happened for one reason or another, and we in turn are a byproduct of that event, a billion small things that came together in a certain sequence that forms the present, and one day we will die, our own bump in the line ending just like the universe one day will, i know this makes no sense but on mushrooms it did, i dont even understand what i wrote now lol