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/b/ ~ Hello /b/ how do you eat out a girl? I'm guar...
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Hello /b/ how do you eat out a girl? I'm guaranteed a bj if I eat this chick out but I've never even fingered a girl before so I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing.

Pic related I guess


Imagine you are a girl.

What would you like.

Wasn't that easy?

Seriously it's that simple.

Don't lick her pee hole (rarely do guys like the INSIDE of their urethra played with.)

Careful with her clit (go slow, work up to it, respond to how she feels)

That's about it.

>> File 1364945726181.jpg

>> File 1364945907285.jpg

You're welcome.


hey wemen have 4 types of orgasms - clitorial, vaginal, G spot and anal. To do 3 of them You need at least 5 sm long penis or 2 inches in you countings. The srongest ones are g-spot and anal in my exp at least. The one u might loose is vaginal, but it is kind of overall experience for them 3 out of four is just a great fuck enough for them as you might never find while jerking off youself. So calm down and do what mother nature told you to do. And don't ruch! Devour every second of the process and after it she will say the you are the best mothefucking fuckesr there is in her knowledge.
capcha - they softtyea