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How's your life /b/ros?

>Never had a job
>Have my GED
>Just got my license 6 months ago
>Come from low income family
>No college whatsoever
>No jobs calling me back
>No skills or trades at all
>Never owned a car
>Still live with parents

>inb4 I'm a brain surgeon making 6 figures at the age of 21 and fuck bitches everyday while drinking golden tequila

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Ok,serious question, how can I make around 150k ? better if fast.. legal or of course illegal ways,what illegal way would be safest/best ?

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hello there
I'm the penguin of doom

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Socks and ass .. found this one on a subcirclejerk and wish to start a thread on feet/socks/ass combination

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You receive $50,000 tomorrow. You have to spend it. What do you buy?

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in august, i had an abortion and ever since, i've not been able to enjoy sex or masturbation. i get sore too quickly, to the point of tearing up and nearly crying. thus, i've not had an orgasm for over eight months, and it's becoming extremely frustrating.
so what the fuck do i do, /b/?

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Hey /b/. Trap here just wanna ask for some cosplay suggestions since the night shift is slow.
>105 lbs
Preferably anything with tights.
Not doing pics of myself at work

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What would happen if a sun made of ice would collide with the normal sun, which is made of lava? Both suns are same size, and the sun made of ice is at -1000 Celsius, and the normal sun is at +1000 Celsius.

Would their temperatures cancel each other and leave only empty space, or would they leave a zero degree sun?

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Name a better death metal album

>protip: you can't

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Great to god tier animes. I need another one to watch.

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ITT: Unpopular options.

Ex: I think anime is shitty.

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Daily reminder that traps are not women

>Traps are not women.

>Traps will never be women.

>"Gender identity is a socially constructed concept" is itself, a socially constructed concept, your argument is invalid.

>If you like traps you're either gay, or bi, not straight.

>You're a retarded faggot if you think otherwise

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ITT: tell your gay experiences in greentext will be posting slime until thread kicks off

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ITT: things you never learned how to do and are embarrassed about
>never learned to tell time on an analog clock

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Not seen one in a while so stuff thread here, share your beloved items rare or mundane!

>Pic related.

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So, /b/. What do you think about aliens? I don't mean Ricardo from Puerto Rico. I mean extraterrestrials. Answer me this:

>Do you think they exist?
>Do you think they have visited Earth?
>Do you believe the videos you see on YouTube?
>Does NASA or the Government know something we don't?
>Do you think everyone who thinks the Government is hiding shit from us is a tin-foil hat wearer?
>Why do you think they do or do not exist?

Any more information/links to shit are of course welcome. And please, if you post something that's crazy proof or something else, please use a Proxy or twelve. If the thread 404's, there is something that was posted whether it was information or a video, some shit is getting real.

I advise you to take screenshots of this thread, if things become heated or increasingly "interesting".

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So, /b/, I need a new anime to watch.

I've just finished watching Guilty Crown, and that shit is seriously underrated. I'm surprised it's more more popular. I'm a newcomer to anime, and I really hate most of the anime community, so I'm asking you guys for decent suggestions.

I've seen Code Geass (best piece of media I've ever seen), Elfen Lied, Monster and Death Note.

>tl;dr what's a good anime?

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>older sister called me
>"anon, my computer is broken. Come over to fix it..."
>went over the next day (today)
>she's still at work
>got my own key to her apartment
>found a buttload of useless shareware, freeware and searchbars
>get rid of them, deleted system32...you know, the usual
>computer fixed - sis still not home
>"let's see what the browser history has to say"
>chin hitting the ground, breaking the floor in that process
>found a tons of wincest porn!
>hentai, video, stories...you name it!
>every bit I found was exclusively brother-sister wincest!
>came buckets
>went home
>made a new thread on vchin/random/

what nao?

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>ask for advice/help
>share stories
>answer questions

No judgement, we are in this thread to enlighten.

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About to do acid for the first time 1 tab. They told me to do half of one because it's really strong but idgaf.

Any tips? Also, what the hell do I do with this little tab? Swallow it? Let it dissolve in my mouth?

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tl;dr: baw thread

Yesterday I had the worst first date experience with the girl of my dreams.
>Lunch at her place
>She lives with her milf-ish divorced mother and younger sister
>Mother and sister really liked me
>Everyone laughing their hearts out at my stories during lunch
>Mother and sister leave us
>Me and the girl go back to her room and cuddle while watching old anime and youtube crap
>She seems to be enjoying my company
>Time flies by
>Already dark outside
>I have to leave because I have work to finish
>When separating she hugs me so tight I can feel her heartbeat.
>While on the train going home I think how well it went
>Got home hour and a half later
>Message her like every other night before to talk
>She tells me she has a headache
>"After you left I got drunk and worked out til I can't walk anymore"
>"I hope you get better soon..."
>"tbh idgaf"
>Hasn't responded since

I feel like I ballsed something up big time, but I don't know what.
I'm feeling so bad right now. Can we have a baw thread ?

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OKC and POF stories and tips

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Why be atheist when you can be agnostic?

R: 4
oh my god what happened to this place while I was gone?

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