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File 1383540484647.png

Why be atheist when you can be agnostic?

>> File 1383540802125.png

Because at least Atheists have the balls to admit that they believe God doesn't exist. And to an extent, they're right. But that's because Ceiling Cat does.


You can be both.

Gnostic = knowing
Agnostic = Not knowing
Theist = believe in god(s)
Atheist = don't believe in god.

I consider myself an agnostic theist, I believe a god exists, but I'm not about to make some bold claim, like I know one way or the other.

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File 1359873325552.png

oh my god what happened to this place while I was gone?


Been trying to figure that out for a couple months now.
Looks like it was bought out by Mountfile.


Mod here, the mountfile guy is not a mod, he is a pretty active poster, what issues do you have with him?


Since you post as "anon" and took it personally, I think it's likely you are not a mod but you use mountfile. I'll answer your post though.

1. I didn't say there was only one mf poster
2. I did not say the mf poster was a mod, funny you should bring that up.
3. I did not say I have issues with any Poster.

The only thing my unhappy face suggests, is that there is a ton of mf here, like you just stated, and that I think they suck.
Both are correct. At speeds as low as 1/5th of dialup, dl's can take over 24 hours and large files usually break at least once.
You basically have to get premium to dl even if only for a month.
But I suppose it's better than the virus-laden filehosts like Uploaded.
I'll use none of them, mf included.

I answered a poster ( a little facetiously ) that asked the same thing I've been wondering myself, with what I think is part of the answer.
This is /b/, IIRC I am allowed my opinion here.
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I said he wasn't a mod because that's what people usually complain about, all filehost are allowed as long as free users can download from it

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File 1382936448257.jpg

Scientists keep proving that we are incredibly incredibly small. We are tiny, in fact. Like, miniscule. Like, practically non-existent. The universe is at least 156 billion light-years wide. And we're like these tiny little specks on this tiny little world in this tiny little solar system in this tiny little galaxy. Do you realize that it would take more than a million earths to fill the sun? And the sun is tiny too!

But what about how big we are? There are like millions of little microbes living in us. We're like a universe in and of ourselves. And don't even get me started on atoms and quarks and the string theory and all that business. Do you realize how incredibly HUGE we are? It's insane. A million earths in the sun -- that ain't nothing. It takes a number that doesn't even have a word for it. According to this random website, there are 7x10^27 atoms in our body. That's 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, just to give you an idea of our enormity.


Deep/intelligent thinker thread. Retards will not be tolerated.


While I understand that, I don't really think what you have posted is deep.

Does it annoy anyone else that every time you look up into the night sky, and see the hundreds and hundreds of stars idly shimmering, sitting high above in the sky, that each one is possibly another solar system filled with gargantuan vast playgrounds, new sights, discoveries and experiments, and yet you have to face the depressing fact that you will never. ever. ever. get to experience any of it. Here we are trapped on this tiny rock. I'm bored of pallet town and want to leave, and I have even asked my rivals sister for a map and a fuck yet.


I remember when i was way out there floating around in my subconsciousness on some good psychedelic mushrooms, i was thinking about the universe, i compared it to a line, and the creation of the universe is just a bump on that line, a small anomaly that happened for one reason or another, and we in turn are a byproduct of that event, a billion small things that came together in a certain sequence that forms the present, and one day we will die, our own bump in the line ending just like the universe one day will, i know this makes no sense but on mushrooms it did, i dont even understand what i wrote now lol

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File 1382935931979.jpg

Hey /b/, I've recently started watching anime. I've already finished Steins Gate, Sword Art Online, Cowboy Bebop, Naruto, and Fullmetal Alchemist. What else should I watch?
Pic unrelated


>not having watched full metal panic yet
how much of a faggot are you

>> File 1382937470195.jpg

Yondemasuyo Azazel-San: detective summons demons to solve cases

Bokusatsu Tenchi Dokuro-Chan: an angel is sent to save a guy from another angel who was sent to kill him because in the future he discovers an immortality serum that prevents women from ageing beyond 11, resulting in a planet full of pedos.

Elfen Lied: Telekinetic cat girls tear people limb from limb. more brutal decapitations than most video games.

Wakfu: human-dragon symbiotes arrive on a peaceful world and proceed to inadvertently fuck shit up. note: this one is french.

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File 1382932373910.jpg

ITT: how much of a foul bachelor are you?
Relationship status:
Time you went to bed:
Time you woke up:
Last time you cleaned your sheets:
Last time you showered:
Last time you brushed your teeth:
Last time you flossed:
Last thing you ate:
Last time you had sex:


Relationship status: single
Time you went to bed: 3am
Time you woke up: 9:30am
Last time you cleaned your sheets: 2 weeks
Last time you showered: this morning
Last time you brushed your teeth: yesterday
Last time you flossed: months
Last thing you ate: Big Mac and fries
Last time you had sex: last Thursday


>showered this morning 
>brushed about an hour ago
>never floss keep that shit away from me
>ate as if today was one meal
>haven't sexed in over a year

I'm so depressed.

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File 1365662652225.png

what fictional world would you live in, /b/?


Pokemon !


My girlfriend always says pokemon and I just don't understand this shit. She says riding an Arcanine would be the shit. I say that, although it would be cool at first, it would get really fucking boring after awhile, doing nothing but cockfighting for badges and money.

>> File 1365664735179.jpg

some anime world where i have a fucking harem.
im swedish, i look kinda good and i can play the guitar, i will fuck the whole of tokyo in 2 days and then continue on my fuckathon by fucking the rest of japan and then the world.

or maybe this
>pic related


Half-life two. Man.. Would be fucking awesome.

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File 1365054806323.jpg

good evening /b/
Its time for
Ask a Psychopath Anything!!

a few answers to common questions before we start

No i have not killed anyone

Yes I have been diagnosed by a professional

Yes i am attention whoring, the narcissist in me loves it

Ask away


if you were diagnosed by a professional, you would know that there is no such thing as a "psychopath"


If you are clinically diagnosed, you would avoid jailtime by claiming mental disease or defect, OP. Just kill someone already.


Can you give me a brief explanation of what it means to be a clinical psychopath, and if you're of a particular tendency? Just for some context for the thread.


just because some shrinks dont think there are psychopaths doesn't mean there are some that do
also ASPD

while i have no qualms about killing someone, noones given me a good enough reason to kill them
i think people are more useful alive then dead

theres alot of disagreement about this
some dont think psychopathy is real others do, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychopathy outlines it best i suppose
but i am a narcissist most i think

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File 1364975931733.jpg

List the craziest/weirdest things you've done while masturbating.


>be an hour ago
>got a vibrator about the size of my thumb
>stole from chicks house
>think it would be a good ide to turn on and shove in ass
>ok shower time
>turn it on and starts shoving in 
>felt good at first 
>and then its gone
>instantly forgot i had to take a shit about an hour before the shower
>at this point i feel nothing from the toy but still hear it
>its inside of me and i can't take it out
>start to push like if i was taking massive shit
>doesnt come out
>force it harder
>bad boy comes out but covered in shit 
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.


I remember how much I loved giving myself enemas
I do have a horror story though
>be me in third year of high school
>time for enema
>gather ingredients
>get amazing idea
>go online, look up new recipe
>hydrogen peroxide enema
>makes it feel bubbly apparently
>mix together batch
>shoot up ass with enema bag
>let it sit for 20 minutes
>push out in shower
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File 1364940804442.jpg

anyone that a tattoo is an idiot.
as people get older and their skin begins to wrinkle, stretch and fold....

Ideally, when a teenager considers having a tattoo, I recommend that they first visit the cheaper parts of town and look closely at the 50 year-olds and see how 'great' they look on these folk.

But, to be fair, a tattoo has its uses: it makes classification easy.

It also is amusing to think of all those hundreds of million having a tattoo to exhibit their individualism - just like every other fashion victim.

YOU are Vain, shortsighted, feckless, emotionally underdeveloped, gullible, chavish, lacking in vision, low tier conformist and very cheap

you mad? now dont thank me all at once for showing you the error of your ways.I forgive you.

>> File 1364941233110.jpg

i cant hear you over the most beautiful girl i have ever seen

>> File 1364941819612.jpg

>the sum of my thoughts on this
>itt beta fags


> i cant hear you over

Yeah, it is pretty hard to hear over her loud calls for attention.

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File 1364945624226.jpg

Hello /b/ how do you eat out a girl? I'm guaranteed a bj if I eat this chick out but I've never even fingered a girl before so I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing.

Pic related I guess


Imagine you are a girl.

What would you like.

Wasn't that easy?

Seriously it's that simple.

Don't lick her pee hole (rarely do guys like the INSIDE of their urethra played with.)

Careful with her clit (go slow, work up to it, respond to how she feels)

That's about it.

>> File 1364945726181.jpg

>> File 1364945907285.jpg

You're welcome.


hey wemen have 4 types of orgasms - clitorial, vaginal, G spot and anal. To do 3 of them You need at least 5 sm long penis or 2 inches in you countings. The srongest ones are g-spot and anal in my exp at least. The one u might loose is vaginal, but it is kind of overall experience for them 3 out of four is just a great fuck enough for them as you might never find while jerking off youself. So calm down and do what mother nature told you to do. And don't ruch! Devour every second of the process and after it she will say the you are the best mothefucking fuckesr there is in her knowledge.
capcha - they softtyea

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