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/a/ ~ Can anything stop this absolute madwoman of a subm...
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File 1491174329266.jpg

Can anything stop this absolute madwoman of a submissive?

>> File 1491174653530.jpg

>hey, diana
>have you seen akko anywhere?
>what was that about my uniform?
>it's bursting at the seams?
>I've made a potion that's been making me gain weight~
>I want to be nothing more then a fat blob by the end of the week
>I think I've already gotten pudgier then jasminka
>I can feel my belly jiggle as I walk
>it feels so sensitive and soft
>I hope somebody else notices and starts to feel up my new curves
>shaking my stomach and grabbing my fat hips
>god, I can feel my moisture try and run down between my thick thighs
>soon my stomach isn't even going to fit under my shirt anymore
>my deep, exposed navel is going to be an advertisement to the whole school that I'm a pig, a glutton, and a fuck slut
>maybe my classmates will start forcefeeding me
>I can already see them trying me to a chair and shoving all kinds of things down my throat
>And when they run out of food they start bringing out sawdust and rubber and paperclips
>but I eat it all anyway like the obese whore I am
>you can see how big my ass is getting, right diana?
>go ahead, slap it
>see how it ripples?
>it's like I'm made of jello
>I'm turning into a tub of lard, and it feels so good


You already have jasminka, stop this and go away.




I love it