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/a/ ~ >Liking shit tsundere master race >Not w...
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File 1424135922810.jpg

>Liking shit tsundere master race
>Not worshipping energetic, cheerfull and cute genki girls

Explain yourself

>> File 1424136305242.gif

I like the way you think anon.

>> File 1424137060048.jpg

I don't like when they are broken.

>> File 1424137698903.jpg

Your absolutely right Anon. When a genki girl becomes sad or negative, it completely takes the charm out of their Charechter. But pink haired chick was fake genki anyway.


Because genki girls are normally really annoying rather than endearing.

>> File 1424138624273.png

What about Torako?
I think she was a broken genki girl. That episode when she cry, I got trolled.

>> File 1424139052260.jpg

Don't know, haven't watched hayako yet. But I mean when a genki girl has a serious personnel problem that takes the charm away from her Charechter. Situations when yelliw gets taken away from Neptune is a good example of what is acceptable because neptunes sadness came from her love of missing another person.

>> File 1424139152424.jpg

>Positivity is annoying

What hallow life do you live Anon

>> File 1424139397563.jpg

What about girls who are both?


This is a lie. Stop lying.

>> File 1424139932097.jpg

One where I spend my days on an anonymous image board on the internet and pretend to be a little girl just like you


Love you too

>> File 1424142421709.jpg


I don't know what you're talking about.

>> File 1424155690350-0.jpg



I like genki but Taiga annoyed me. Because irrelevant any part with her was a boring comedys cene.


>Because irrelevant any part with her was a boring comedys cene.

English please.

>> File 1424199111749.jpg

I used to like Genkis but then I read HoshiMemo.

>> File 1424203929022-0.jpg

I-is she genki?


Looks like one apparently.

>> File 1424292546315.png

my waifu is a genki girl


But shouldn't you still be banned?
But isn't she a robot slave and already belongs to some other asshole who probably abuses her in a myriad of ways?


yeah i know and i even managed a backstory on the two of us getting together. It has me rescuing her from being abandoned by her former owner after him getting fed up with her, as he seemed not to like her too much throughout the series.

Furthermore, that blonde-haired fucker didn't want to pay the pick-up fee since all robots have to be picked up by their manufacturers at the end of their service life, so he opted for wiping out all her data and abandoning her in a dump.

After stumbling upon her, i take pity on her and decide to take her home, i help her back to health and we eventually fall in love.

You may say that i shouldn't make up stories to find ways around the original plot but i like it this way and i bet all of you give all your waifus some kind of background.


>Positivity = acting like you're on crack

I like a character with a positive outlook, but I don't need the annoying bullshit that usually comes with genki girls.

>> File 1424299055835.jpg

>Not liking yandere


>liking the worst dere

>> File 1424307272178.jpg

Kafuka was annoying. She was so goddamn positive.

>I will change your bullshit for another bullshit but in a positive way
All the time, not even funny.


Fuck that, why would I want a yandere when I can get a genki girl with a positive outlook on life and not being that overprotective.


A Genki girl would know she and you would be together forever. A yanshit would expect you to be a traitorous piece of trash and would lose her mind with worry. Yanderes are the worst type of girl because they have no self-esteem. Fuck yandere.


She made me laugh. Every positive thing she said was so unbelievably fucked up.


Exactly. Worst dere.

Of course she can say messed up things. She was too optimistic even for death