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/a/ ~ Remember when Vegeta blasted himself and Dende eve...
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Remember when Vegeta blasted himself and Dende eventually healed him to take advantage of that whole 'saiyans get stronger after being wounded' thing, once he had access to senzu beans, why didn't he just blast himself over and over? He'd have been number one in no time.


Because Frieza saga was supposed to be the end. That's too obvious to do, so Akira just pretended Vegeta never realized it.


I thought they only got stronger from near-death. Senzu beans dont heal real shit like that nigga, need an asexual green nigga with bug wires stickin out of his fivehead to bring a nigga back from death


I remember when krillin blasted vegeta. I agree that he could have just been blasted repeatedly and healed over and over again to gain unlimited power. 

The best part is when goku is taken to the healing chamber and krillin says whoa mondo cool and vegeta thinks "that's right boys, mondo cool, but get a good look at it now because once I'm through with freiza there will be no need to resuscitate any of you three"


Only works on a small scale level.

He got a small powerboost.

Compared to Goku, who trainned with his life with higher gravity, almost dying is less of a workout.

Senzu beans take an insane amount of time to grow.


Just like Marvel vs Capcom. X-factor is strongest when near-death.


Because it's difficult to grow so many magic beans.