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/tech/ ~ Actually quite helpless reg. PC´s... What is pos...
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File DSCN0062.jpg

Actually quite helpless reg. PC´s...
What is possible for previous games etc. in WIN07,08,09
to work for Win10???
All I get is ie. "No App". Besides buying 2nd PC (WIN07 etc.) for games only, what joice is there?
Looking forward to reasonable reply for beginners.

Tks in advance -

I´m lost


some windows 10 apps are only for windows 10



Same problem... googled ie. games for win 10 (or similar) & got a list of compatible games. All of which I did not have!

My PC crashed, so had to change, otherwise would have waited a while.
Some forums regd. BIOS change or something , but that was too high for me as well...
My brother has Laptop Win10 & PC Win7 - lucky bastard!!!