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File 1424619161349.png

>Total control of your privacy
>Abosolute convenient

You have 5 seconds to explain why you're not using ixquick as your main search engine.

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Funnily enough, after installing Seamonkey recently I just removed google from my list of search providers. I went to the list of new ones and added DDG and decided to add ixquick too and set that as the default.

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who's even heard of it

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That would be because I use Searx as my main search engine.

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File 73650111.jpg

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File DSCN0065.jpg

I always thought my PC´s died due to disk drive crash. Bullshit! Recently aquired adaptor plugs with USB for disk drive. 2x 150 GB 2011. Also older drives still work!
Recovered saved files & partial deleted files with "Recuva". It´s usually video, power or mainboard that cause a crash.
3 new (updated PC´s) since 2011.

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File DSCN0067.jpg


Also for older diskdrives...

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File DSCN0068.jpg

Now I have 3 additional drives for saving after checking, cleaning etc... another 300 GB+

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Thanks for the info. I have a few dead pcs from years ago, too. What kind of power source did you plug into it?

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File DSCN0062.jpg

Actually quite helpless reg. PC´s...
What is possible for previous games etc. in WIN07,08,09
to work for Win10???
All I get is ie. "No App". Besides buying 2nd PC (WIN07 etc.) for games only, what joice is there?
Looking forward to reasonable reply for beginners.

Tks in advance -

I´m lost

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some windows 10 apps are only for windows 10

>> No. 1065 Quote report


Same problem... googled ie. games for win 10 (or similar) & got a list of compatible games. All of which I did not have!

My PC crashed, so had to change, otherwise would have waited a while.
Some forums regd. BIOS change or something , but that was too high for me as well...
My brother has Laptop Win10 & PC Win7 - lucky bastard!!!

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File 1424995287151.jpg

ITT: We post software that Linux will never ever have.

> Logic Pro or Cubase

Linux is only good for ricing and playing with the terminal, only kids and unemployed babymen that live with their parents would use a system that doesn´t have professional tools for REAL work.

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God I hate electronic music so much. Not in an edgy trying to be unique way, I used to like it and want to like it but I just can't, too many fucking noises hurt my ears.

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> OSX and Windows is future


>> No. 827 Quote report

well, linux is also for every single web server and web serviceout there, serving this website, your email, and al the internet. So yeah, some people will need to use linux on theier pcs to manage those

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File PFcOGod.jpg

Is there a good app to browse ichan on Android, my Google-fu isn't strong enough to find anything.

Pic unrelated.

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File 1424876645757.jpg

Post setups including custom ROMS and GApp alternatives, as well as share any useful apps/scripts.
I'll start with mine

Phone: AT&T ZTE 998
ROM: cyanogen mod rooted
App Store:F-Droid
Keyboard: AnySoftKeyboard
File Manager: Default Cyanogen Music Player: Apollo
YouTube alternate: YouTube Downloader by xda_dentex

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File 1424939676119.png

Phone: first the holy HD2 then the Nexus 5
ROM: cyanogen mod 11 rooted
App Store: Play
Keyboard: touchpal
File Manager: ES
Music Player: Apollo (sucks)
YouTube: stock

>> No. 816 Quote report

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S III LTE I9305 (dat 2gb of RAM)

ROM: latest nightly of Carbon rom 4.4.4, seems like development is dead, still works like a charm

App Store: Google play, F-droid, Blackmart (inb4 botnet, privacy guard is enabled and certain permissions are blocked with XPrivacy)

Launcher: Nova Prime

Keyboard: Stock AOSP

File Manager: Root Explorer + ZArchiver Pro

Player: AIMP for music, mxplayer for videos + custom codecs

YouTube alternate: Viral Popup, PVSTAR+ PRO
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

>> No. 817 Quote report

>Browser: Naked Browser pro - excellent dark night browser mode for amoled screens, Firefox for remaining issues regarding downloading certain files.

Do you get a "download unsuccessful" notification? If you do, uncheck System downloader in NB settings.

>> No. 818 Quote report

No, usually it downloads files. Except sometimes it gives a wrong file or something. Example; .srt files from addic7ed. It downloads a file with srt extension but inside it's some HTML get gibberish. I think it's a fault within the system downloader. Firefox uses it's own downloader and protocols.

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File 1424456929976.jpg

I'm looking for information, documentation or an explanation as to why this is needs to be.''

It doesnt seem necessary, from what little i know about it - but i also know very little. any information is welcome.


>> No. 804 Quote report

Oh no! The tech illiterates who didn't like 8 and 10 will be left behind!

>> No. 805 Quote report

Microsoft doesn't want a repeat of Windows XP. Even though they tried to force users to get DX10 with Vista, it still didn't work well enough. DX10 wasn't compelling enough to get people to switch. However, DX12 has a lot more to bring to the table.

Forcing users into Windows 10 means more sales. They will also probably switch to a subscription based service, i.e. you pay a monthly fee to use your Windows, and when you stop paying, you stop using Windows.

Microsoft is going to be squeezed by Mantle and GLNext. So it still might fail. To be honest, GLNext and Mantle do the same things DX12 does but it's a bit more open. There's nothing stopping Mantle or GLNext from showing up in other OSes, like Linux. But you'll never ever seen DX12 properly supported in anything outside of whatever version of Windows MS wants to sell.

If you're looking for purely technically reasons, I think you're going to be disappointed. People did get DX10 working in XP afterall.

Microsoft will try and coerce people into W10 for DX12. I think though that if they start losing to Mantle and GLNext, they might bring it to Windows 7 or 8.

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This is a joke, right?

>> No. 807 Quote report
File 1424692319569.png


Vidya games will be sticking with dx11 for a while. Hopefully I kill myself before then.

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File tor_sticker.png

having problems with TOR, every time i try and type in a web adress in the adress bar it will only let me type in one letter before it freezes up and wont let me type in any more letters, therfor not allowing me to proceed past the home page. any help would be appreciated .

>> No. 738 Quote report

Using the new no other option browser bundle it doesn't download anything that's big always gets cut off

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Please list PC stats and OS.

>> No. 771 Quote report

vnnnzxb xdgh ztm  xxxxddddddf z

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File 1341659640685.jpg

favourite linux distrib?

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>> No. 751 Quote report

Android :)

>> No. 755 Quote report


Have you not moved on to Kali? I like Kali for the tools but Xbuntu is fun for setting up servers/honeypots.

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File photo.jpg

Macpup, boots off your RAM so it's REALLY fast!

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File 1239390_615217055184909_1585912086_n.jpg

Show me

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File 1240610_611992928840655_1200551454_n.jpg

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File 8ca5c35d_IMG_3976.jpg

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File GeralNoite_zpsc4a440f7.jpg

please contribute

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