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/sug/ ~ Mod, I have a complaint I'm always the fir...
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File complaint box.jpg

Mod, I have a complaint

I'm always the first to post the sets of famegirls here http://ichan.org/s/res/255521.html

but for some reason yesterday were deleted about 120 posts of famegirls and the last ones (E306 to E309) was change one characters per link

appreciate you to tell me what was the reason



a mod deleted them, he said the posts were reups of the mountfile guy


that's not true I always post first

a few moments ago I posted the set 047 of katie


and that does not explain why characters change


mods can also edit posts, not sure if your posts were edited or not


the mod who deleted your posts is no longer a mod sorry about the deleted posts





why do I alway get that error in "request"?

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 22464 bytes) in /home/ichan/public_html/inc/func/posts.php on line 82


Mod, I have another complaint

I have two months of not posting here http://ichan.org/s/res/255521.html and today I do two post who was deleted with another few previous post, which is the reason? and why not it deleted the spamm of Keka_Umans(>>346580)

I hope you can help me, thanks


I can not find my thread http://ichan.org/s/res/252647.html it was deleted.



bumping multiple threads at once is not allowed, please limit your number of threads.

multiple misc content threads aren't allowed.



The rules are only made for me? I've never seen you delete threads of others like torguy or uploadedguy that have 100+ threads.

I only post new content and never create fake comments to bump my threads like the others guys, so it seems unfair.