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No. 710 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File fucking ridiculous.jpg

Come on, this is fucking ridiculous. Do you want people to post or not?


In fact, you can stuff your fucking ridiculous captchas up your asses. I'm off to post elsewhere, I'm not being the silly cunt for you any longer.


keep refreshing till you find something you can type, we can't control recaptcha, using proxies when posting will make it more difficult.


log into your gmail account and the capchas suddenly become easier


I keep getting redirected when i tap an image using my phone its really iritating

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File Can&Boris 217.jpg

Incest board ? Why dont you guys have one?

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You lie!

>> File 4dd.jpg

I like incest.Here is a nudest father & daughter.Can't prove it but i think he is tapping her.I know i would!

>> File 0009088791.jpg

Another dad & daughter. Use your imagination!

>> File 0c807ba6fd86c39d03009f451bc670_500.jpg

Took this pic of my girls.


Wife & daughter.Both get me hard!

No. 724 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File Question Mark.jpg

Look here: http://ichan.org/cam/res/65389.html#i66113


at the top of the webcam board it states that spam isn't to be posted. Yet you deleted my post on this board together with a post of an example on the webcam board when I previously brought to your attention that the rule was being broken. I've no doubt you'll most likely delete this one too. Why? What's the pointg of having rules if you don't enforce them? Why do you allow shithead posters to fill their archives with shit - shit that they impose on anyone who downloads any of their files.

It's time you took some action against the dictators who post spam and made the webcam board decent again. Please, take more care of site.

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File 111.jpg

ichan admin plz back the old small catalog to view all threads this new one the thumbs is too big
the old is more small and more easy to track the threads

No. 691 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File goofy.jpg

Hi, asking because this happened on /b/-

Please inform is this the same on every board, and is it permanent?
I have already seen my post on /r/ take several hours to appear, and that makes posting a series on say, /s/ a colossal waste of time.
I have heard a rumor pertaining to why this is happening, but I won't post it unless asked by a Mod with a Mod-Name that guarantee's I won't be banned for it.
As things sit, I see myself coming here to leech, and not much else. Waiting 4-5 hours for my post to show up is ridiculous.

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File T2-500x500.png

why ichan admin not remove turbo bit from the banned list ?
he back now allowing USA visitors to access to the site there become no limit for any country

No. 563 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File 82397106.jpg

Idea time: Display the twice the current amount of threads per page, and reduce the pages by half, because let's face it most people only check the page 0, and some check page 1 and 2, and about no one checks the rest of the pages, and yeah just like 4chan did, and if you still lurk 4chan you will know that it was a really great idea, or at least make it happen for /s/.


yeah that's a good idea, might do it on the next batch of updates to the site.


This is my first visit to ichan and I reckon this thread is as good as any to point out some of the first things I've noticed upon visiting here:

1) Lots of boards to suit my tastes - this chan could be promising.

2) All posts require prior moderator approval? - It's lame - is it really necessary?

3) Half the images say "file removed" in the /tech/ board - when I wanted to look at some nice hardware... Why is this? And can it be addressed?

4) Clicking on stuff takes a little time to load and it bugs me; although less than the first point does, because it disrupts the flow less. But the speed is not intolerable.

5) I find the linkbucks implementation surprisingly tolerable in the way you've got it set up at the moment. The only kind of thread where I reckon it'd bug me, is a "post some music" thread. Perhaps consider disabling it for ordinary youtube links? Also personally, I wouldn't mind if captcha were implemented across all boards, however controversial that may be.

6) Also when I clicked on the advice board to see what that was like it didn't load anything.

All in all not that bad. You've done a pretty good job, gentlemen. Just a little less moderator approval and a little more speed, please?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 683 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File gingersnap.jpg

Would it not be a good idea since it is rule-related, to put at least a link if not the info itself of banned file hosts on the actual rules page?
I read the rules, if I didn't already know there were banned hosts I would not have even looked for it.
Found it on /s/ but seems to me it should be on the rules page.
No sense banning someone for reading the rules and not seeing them all because they're someplace else, right?
Just my 2 cents, thanks.


yes we will have something in the next update, for now refer to the do not post list for banned hosts http://ichan.org/dnp

No. 676 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File cb2208a989.jpg

Seeking a little information here:

Why is the hide thread option just sending us to the top of the page in /s on the eternal ghost bump threads?

>> File Untitled1.jpg

works fine for me


works for me too


bobobob316, thanks. they started working again after I posted this.

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File zoe kimball 2.jpg

What are your favorite chans?



No. 665 Quote report expand quickreply quickreply

File Screenshot_2013-03-31-13-56-30.png

Hum this site is crap now that u cant view larger images of the previews not sure of the change but it sucks

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just wait for the picture to load, it sometimes only shows the small thumb before loading it

>> File Screenshot_2013-04-04-18-48-33.png

This is all i get now even after waiting for ten minutes befor i used to get pic fast im on high speed internet on my tablet in desktop mode.. 


does this happen with every pic? I'll test it using my tablet.


Yes im useing an xoom 3 weeks ago i didnt have a problem but do now


Hum same problem here any fix yet?

No. 586 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File wtf.jpg

WTF is this shit?

How is that even a good thing for ichan?


what's this? pop ups? I'll look into it


go over on /con/ and click, youl get a popup then a few seconds later you get about 50 "new tabs" i complained about it weeks ago, but i didnt think to post a screen shot.

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File 000011_AS20060805_0606.jpg

Mod please tell why MasterShoot thread with links on luckyshare was deleted???

For sure it was not due to DMCA because nijazov thread on mountfile is still up. As far as i know mirrors are allowed & welcome on this board, should i just add luckyshare links to his thread?

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>>617 I repeat for the 100th time that I don't use other hosts and I don't repost your stuff. It's very easy to see which ones are my posts because I use my name for my posts. Also I don't use links redirectors because they are prohibited


if u upload stuff that have copyright owner
then safelinking will help u and make ur links
safe from search engines or at least make it live longer
+ don't make ur files names or threads be obvious
about what contains i do that and my links safe at least
until now

but it will not make ur links safe from trolls and assholes or if u upload illegal things
uploaded have strong system for this matter


Mod why my NS Alexandra thread just been deleted?



Mod here, Just deleted a couple of threads with underage girls,


Ok, so why this threads are still up?


models in all this threads are much younger than NewStar Alexandra

No. 591 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File 43899[1].jpg

is there an english section for doujin or a label saying what language the text is if not there should be or at least marked with a tag

No. 555 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File malware-google.jpg

I 've got a malicious page (as mentionned by google) from one of your sponsors. Please choose them more carefully ...


whats worse is getting 10+ tabs spawn just because you click on the dang page. i can deal with one or two popups, but 10+ freaking tabs with ONE click? are you kidding me? and no, as far as im aware its not something you can just block because some pages depend on "onclick" events working... but wtf ichan? come on, tab bombing is a bit over kill.

No. 565 Quote report Locked expand quickreply quickreply

File poison_troll_kill.png

Mod please ban niyazov also known as elassad & delete all mountfile.net posts, he is the one that reports all the links on this board, in order to remove links from other filehosts so only the mountfile links would be the links that work on this board to make users by premium accounts. Here is the proof:


next day after his post all the alternative links been deleted, but all the moutfile links still work. What a coincidence!!!
If it was a proper DMCA from the FetiStyle webmaster than all the links on this board would be deleted. And this shit happens with all the links that are posted with same or simular content that niyazov is posting or wants to post! So only his links would be the ones that work on this board!
Please ban him & remove his posts!!!

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>> File alexey.jpg


bobobob316 ## Mod ##
Please explain why the uploded thread with aftervlad sets & videos was deleted but the mountfile not? Uploaded thread was much more user friendly all sets been posted separately or breaked by 100mb parts. So how this happened that mountfile thread stays & uploaded is gone? And why the PR models thread is gon?


huge multiparts aren't allowed, only for videos and the limit is 3 parts, also don't post underage


most of mountfile links are huge ~900mb so why this posts are not deleted? If aftervlad sets are underaged, why only uploaded links been deleted but mountfile thread is still there?


i cant explain why because i do not know why nor do i care. i posted all of the information i had on the subject in my previous post. things get reported. things go down. things get deleted. re-up them or move on. welcome to a chan. i have no time for blaming random people and creating bizarre conspiracy theories about files.

No. 556 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File drama_free_zone.jpg

Can an admin please instruct the mods to cut all the childish bickering and verbal diarrhea thats infecting the Sexy Women board?
I used to enjoy browsing the content there and now it's ruined by some muppet called Mopar, constantly whining about some little troll that reports his content.
Nobody gives a shit about your little drama's!!! We just want to see pics of sexy women!!


You guessed wrong. I've never even clicked on his content because I get it all elsewhere. 
I pop in here from time to time just to make sure there is nothing I've missed and felt compelled to point out that the Sexy women forum is becoming very annoying these days, because of this childish drama. 


looks like he's gone now :)

No. 417 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File 000 Say No To Social Retards.png

Do we really need subpar-chan #1349 that gets 1-5 posts every other day?

4chons > you; enjoy your Chan Nationalist elitism and unwarranted self-importance from being a hurrdurr imma rebel non-conformist conforming to anti-conformity south park goth gooo homosexuality!


I am not entirely certain if your posts are intended as ironic, or that you each are truly and fully as incompetent as your English writing skills suggest.


And nonsensical gibberish


Here in America, we call that poetry!


"starving hysterical naked... dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn... angelheaded hipsters." nah man, it's like, poetry? (question mark added for reading tone, duders).
Posts on *chans have never been over saturated irony, at all~ the tilde is used to informally represent sarcasting in Japanese textin', daugs.
Those sometimes you learn a useful tidbit.

No. 542 Quote report quickreply quickreply

Many of the thumbnails have disappeared for me and the pictures they link to give you error 404.

What's going on?


Pics are gone due to a glitch, our backup isn't recent enough to restore most of the new posts, looks like we will have to forget about old posts and start posting new content, sorry for the trouble.

the good news is that the website should be a lot faster now


A lot of threads are dead weight now and should just be deleted.


And again previews got lost????
Guys thats not good this way...


...this time the fetish & bdsm section

No. 462 Quote report expand quickreply quickreply

Extabit is on the no-host list.

For freeloaders, it has a lot of advantages.

Download 3 files at once, no free dl size restriction 1GB+, the links don't expire after getting through the 30s countdown and easy-to-read capcha so lots of them can be lined up to launch immediately, and there are no other delays besides the 30s (although you have to stay on that window to keep the countdown going.)

Every now and then some joker makes a file "premium-only". I ignore them. You can kill them.

To dl 3 files as a free user, get one from each server, guest1, guest2 and guest5. (Servers are assigned randomly when the link is created. If that server has a file going, click the llnk, go back from "limit IP" and get a new link.) Guest2 is a bit easier to get, so I put big files on 1 and 5 and dl little stuff one after another from 2.

Speed is 40-70kBs on each file. Not many servers give free users faster - and not 3 at once totaling 150.

If you have some major issue with extabit, I understand. I just wanted to bring this information to your attention.

2 posts omitted. Click on [Reply] or [Expand] to see it.

Never mind. All of extabit's files are now offline. Expect everyone to cash out in the coming days.

Maybe not Turbobit. It's in Russia.





>> File bump-sign.png

bump for allowing extabit (just as i mentioned in mail)
CP spammers stopped using it, because their accounts are probably banned prety fast, and now newly created accounts do not have affilate program


So tell me which filehosts have cancel premium function / link / button?
I personally have not seen it anywhere.
You can cancel your subscribtion at your paypal account.
So pls stop talking bullshit when you do not have enough knowledge about this topic :)
Every recurring subscription (which need credit card) can be cancelled at paypal account. I do not know how wmz etc works but probably similar to paypal.

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