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Site Discussion
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File logo1.png

iChan.org logos, new thread~ all approved logos will be displayed in the site :D make as many as you like

Here are a few requirements, the logos must be 276x110, png32, and sfw ("edgy" okay).

>> File logo2.png

>> File logo3.png

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File sad_frog.jpg

Was there some bug in the system or what happen? I couldn't enter the site yesterday it showed me a message that proxys are banned, but I wasn't using a proxy, seems that it clear it self up, I was just wondering.


yeah, there was a problem with the anti proxy system, everything should be working now.

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File tbf_logo.png

where did the tbf video post go??

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File logo.png

I have developed a new chan engine a while ago and I would like to ask if you have any interest in using it for

your chan.

It offers features such as:
File deduplication
Multi-lingual support
User owned boards
Json api
Modular front-end
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.


pretty interesting, does this have a post screening addon yet?

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File ok.jpg

"Sorry, that filetype is not allowed on this board."

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free users must be able to download files, and it mustn't be blocked in the US


unban sh4r3-0nl1n3(dot)b1z also



I have understood that f1l3j0k3r(dot)n3t only block Debrid IPs no entire US IPs


some way to search in this web?

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File da65ec93-a8e3-4ce5-9969-f6d44af6bf48_l.jpg


I'm wondering what happened to my thread:


It was material never posted here before and quite popular based on the hundreds of downloads. So can someone please explain to me what happened to it?



might have broken the rules, no linkbucks, adfly etc are allowed.

>> File 432d9281-e310-44d9-849e-f5174d72bfd5_o.jpg

I don't use any of those things. Never had, never will.

I've had multiple giant threads on this chan for many years now, so I'm confident I didn't break any rules. Some of you might recall my "Love Nansy, Too" thread. Nansy was the girl from LF and TF.

And the file host I was using is fairly decent for free users. I get about 500kb/s ass a free user. It's not zippy but it's a hell of a lot better than most of the other hosts people use here.


there was a website rollback 2 days ago, we had to load a backup which was 3 days old at the time,

if your thread was recent it was most likely lost.

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File Crow_Indian_Chief.jpg

Do not upload content from the following websites. Uploading it will get you banned.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.


It is a shame.Gone to hell in a hand basket over the last several years.


Yeah! You know, we should all demand a refund.

Oh, wait.


this is due to copyright DMCA claims, I will move this thread to site discussion http://ichan.org/sug/


I was offline for about 2 weeks because my computer crashed and I lost all my favorites links. Now I can't find the various models pages (for example Candy Doll , Newstar , Vlad ... etc.) how can I find them ? have they been deleted in the meanwhile ?

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File when things look bad.jpg

LinkBucks appears to be down. No links working.

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No error code page does not load properly, someone else has commented here http://ichan.org/s/res/318188.html#352582


are none of the links loading for you? what about trying with a different browser?
antivirus could be blocking linkbucks if the ad has malware.


I'ii go and try a few things, and report back later. Thanks.


I did a disc clean-up with Norton, it worked. I'm thinking dodgy scripts and cookies perhaps. Whatever, thank you for your suggestions, much appreciated.

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File ce26a31953b4c35369b41bb3e5a13.jpg

Looking for Brandy Harrington porn.


this isnt the request board, try here http://ichan.org/r/

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File middle_finger_wall_decal_single.jpg

I was shutting off my adblock when i came here so i could support your site.  however when i just clicked a link your adthrough service just gave me a scam popup that yelled at me about a fake virus.  im sure you guys have seen the one im talking about where you have to ctrl-alt-delete and shut your browser of that way to shut it up.  because you have decided to use an adthrough that uses such direpputable means i will no longer be even coming here.


this does happen sometimes,
we have no control over it, our ad service should do a better job screening this kind of ads, we will report this to our ad company,
feel free to use adblock to block this kind of ads.

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File complaint box.jpg

Mod, I have a complaint

I'm always the first to post the sets of famegirls here http://ichan.org/s/res/255521.html

but for some reason yesterday were deleted about 120 posts of famegirls and the last ones (E306 to E309) was change one characters per link

appreciate you to tell me what was the reason


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Mod, I have another complaint

I have two months of not posting here http://ichan.org/s/res/255521.html and today I do two post who was deleted with another few previous post, which is the reason? and why not it deleted the spamm of Keka_Umans(>>346580)

I hope you can help me, thanks


I can not find my thread http://ichan.org/s/res/252647.html it was deleted.



bumping multiple threads at once is not allowed, please limit your number of threads.

multiple misc content threads aren't allowed.



The rules are only made for me? I've never seen you delete threads of others like torguy or uploadedguy that have 100+ threads.

I only post new content and never create fake comments to bump my threads like the others guys, so it seems unfair.

No. 782 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File iChan_ImageBoard_-_2015-06-07_21_30_58.png

this started happening about a week ago. when i initially try and log on, the enter18/exit logo comes up. when i click on the enter tab, it should fade away, allowing me access to the index page. but what now happens is that after clicking on the enter tab, it starts to fade and then comes back, blocking the index page. only by rapidly clicking on the enter tab repeatedly and then quickly clicking on one of the index pages can i finally get it to recede and allow me access to the index page.
anyone else having this problem?


thanks for letting us know, I'll work on it.

No. 780 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File image.jpg


When I go with my iPad browser safari on ichan and select a board e.g. /sug/ i get to a porn scram adware site... On Mercury when I use user agent Chrome is ok or I disnable JavaScript..

Can you please check you side? Maybe someone but adware in your board



this is probably the ads or mobil ads, going to look into it.

No. 777 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File m105_s071_18_123_13lo.jpg

Since like a week or so, for some images I no longer get the big version when I click on it.

Example would be http://ichan.org/image.php?path=s/src/143110478247.jpg it just shows as broken or as an imageshack link without any image. Am I the only one?
Btw another problem I have - I cannot press enter to get a new line in this message box (using firefox) - so sorry for this unformatted post -.-


Well seems like new line works, it just does not show up in this input box.

Oh well.


yeah we are aware of the new line bug on firefox, we will fix it soon.

As for the image link, make sure you are visiting from the domain ichan.org, try clearing your cookies and cache too.

No. 738 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File unknown.jpg

How do I stop the zillion tabs that open when I click on things?


we will look into it, thank you for letting us know.


we've fixed this, it shouldn't happen anymore.

No. 695 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File wtf.jpg

Webcam board - http://ichan.org/cam/res/63007.html#i63007


Not only does he post files that are older than the Internet and posted hundreds of times previously, not only does he post off topic self-shot amateur files, but his sole reason for posting is SPAM - linking to his own shithole of a blog.

He posts files of VERY LITTLE value, with next to nothing in them - just ANYTHING to call a 'file'. He also posts 'files' which consist of a HTML link to the said shithole of a site.

"Visit my blog!!" You must be fucking joking, you imbecile.

SITE, TAKE ACTION AGAINST HIM. Nobody needs his filth, we visit for FILES, NOT SPAM.


I'll look into it, thank you for letting us know.


this is a common problem, not just at /cam
Lots of people use ichan just to advertise their shitty blogs by putting half ton of txt files inside every archive. This thing should be prohibited, like it's prohibited in every adult board


Got to agree with you, it's a very big problem on many sites. I can only presume they are short of Mods because all boards have the same rule about spam, but it appears to be enforced hardly anywhere. Every day must be the spammer's lucky day when they can post with impunity on a daily basis like they do.

Not sure about other boards on this site but I do know that the webcam board is very badly hit with all sorts of crap in the archives people post. Let's hope admin have a purge.

No. 746 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File question_.jpg

All of oboom links were reported yesterday, is allowed to use http://www.d-I_pr0t3ct.c0m to preserve them?



this http://ichan.org/s/res/299415.html and few more

but all the oboom links were reported not only mine


link protectors won't help as long as there are services like http://linkdecrypter.com/ where all of the links can be decrypted in 1 second. Also people was using link protectors in order to hide premium only links, so forget about that.


its not get reported

oboom is a project belong to uploaded
and he does not want his links in chan sites
so forget about use him here


Why .c0/ is in the blacklink list?

No. 765 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File tumblr_n32ajjbvSs1qh66wqo1_1280.jpg


>> File 07457341276750618319.jpg

No. 710 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File fucking ridiculous.jpg

Come on, this is fucking ridiculous. Do you want people to post or not?


In fact, you can stuff your fucking ridiculous captchas up your asses. I'm off to post elsewhere, I'm not being the silly cunt for you any longer.


keep refreshing till you find something you can type, we can't control recaptcha, using proxies when posting will make it more difficult.


log into your gmail account and the capchas suddenly become easier


I keep getting redirected when i tap an image using my phone its really iritating

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File Can&Boris 217.jpg

Incest board ? Why dont you guys have one?

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>> File 4dd.jpg

I like incest.Here is a nudest father & daughter.Can't prove it but i think he is tapping her.I know i would!

>> File 0009088791.jpg

Another dad & daughter. Use your imagination!

>> File 0c807ba6fd86c39d03009f451bc670_500.jpg

Took this pic of my girls.


Wife & daughter.Both get me hard!

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