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File logo1.png logos, new thread~ all approved logos will be displayed in the site :D make as many as you like

Here are a few requirements, the logos must be 276x110, png32, and sfw ("edgy" okay).

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File logo3.png

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File torfile_org.png is down. Domain expired. Almost all links on boards are dead. How to download now?

>> No. 810 Quote report

torfile will be back soon

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File sad_frog.jpg

Was there some bug in the system or what happen? I couldn't enter the site yesterday it showed me a message that proxys are banned, but I wasn't using a proxy, seems that it clear it self up, I was just wondering.

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yeah, there was a problem with the anti proxy system, everything should be working now.

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File tbf_logo.png

where did the tbf video post go??

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File logo.png

I have developed a new chan engine a while ago and I would like to ask if you have any interest in using it for

your chan.

It offers features such as:
File deduplication
Multi-lingual support
User owned boards
Json api
Modular front-end
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pretty interesting, does this have a post screening addon yet?

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File ok.jpg

"Sorry, that filetype is not allowed on this board."

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free users must be able to download files, and it mustn't be blocked in the US

>> No. 1098 Quote report

unban sh4r3-0nl1n3(dot)b1z also

>> No. 1099 Quote report


I have understood that f1l3j0k3r(dot)n3t only block Debrid IPs no entire US IPs

>> No. 1105 Quote report

some way to search in this web?

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File da65ec93-a8e3-4ce5-9969-f6d44af6bf48_l.jpg


I'm wondering what happened to my thread:

It was material never posted here before and quite popular based on the hundreds of downloads. So can someone please explain to me what happened to it?


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might have broken the rules, no linkbucks, adfly etc are allowed.

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File 432d9281-e310-44d9-849e-f5174d72bfd5_o.jpg

I don't use any of those things. Never had, never will.

I've had multiple giant threads on this chan for many years now, so I'm confident I didn't break any rules. Some of you might recall my "Love Nansy, Too" thread. Nansy was the girl from LF and TF.

And the file host I was using is fairly decent for free users. I get about 500kb/s ass a free user. It's not zippy but it's a hell of a lot better than most of the other hosts people use here.

>> No. 829 Quote report

there was a website rollback 2 days ago, we had to load a backup which was 3 days old at the time,

if your thread was recent it was most likely lost.

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File Mountfile.png

Anyone know how to get in touch with Mountfile? They don'r reply to mail or support ticker.

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I don't think it hurts to ask though, since it seems to be a populare choice on ichan :)

>> No. 819 Quote report

what issue do you have?

>> No. 821 Quote report

Forgot/recovering password..

>> No. 822 Quote report

Laugh. Mountfile = scam.

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File Crow_Indian_Chief.jpg

Do not upload content from the following websites. Uploading it will get you banned.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

>> No. 774 Quote report

It is a shame.Gone to hell in a hand basket over the last several years.

>> No. 775 Quote report

Yeah! You know, we should all demand a refund.

Oh, wait.

>> No. 776 Quote report

this is due to copyright DMCA claims, I will move this thread to site discussion

>> No. 802 Quote report

I was offline for about 2 weeks because my computer crashed and I lost all my favorites links. Now I can't find the various models pages (for example Candy Doll , Newstar , Vlad ... etc.) how can I find them ? have they been deleted in the meanwhile ?

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File when things look bad.jpg

LinkBucks appears to be down. No links working.

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>> No. 796 Quote report

No error code page does not load properly, someone else has commented here

>> No. 797 Quote report

are none of the links loading for you? what about trying with a different browser?
antivirus could be blocking linkbucks if the ad has malware.

>> No. 799 Quote report

I'ii go and try a few things, and report back later. Thanks.

>> No. 800 Quote report

I did a disc clean-up with Norton, it worked. I'm thinking dodgy scripts and cookies perhaps. Whatever, thank you for your suggestions, much appreciated.

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File ce26a31953b4c35369b41bb3e5a13.jpg

Looking for Brandy Harrington porn.

>> No. 798 Quote report

this isnt the request board, try here

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