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/ss/ ~ Shota Story's!
No. 6353 Quote report

File 132775003692.jpg

Tell me all your true shota momments everyobdy!


When I was about 13, me and more 4 friends had to do a school work in my house.
We were in the living room, where there was a big couch and the computer.
I was doing some research with one of them while the other 3 were doing everything but the work.

As a pre-teen, the hormones were exploding and one of them had (in fact, still have) the habit of putting down his pants everywhere (most of the time, just to show off to other boys).The point is that it wasn‘t a dick (in fact, it isn‘t) a dick to be proud of : is wasn’t so big e is was VERY thin.One of the 3 boys was his friend and had already seen his cock but the order boy no and he shouted something like "Oh, it’s very thin !" as suprised.

I pretended that I didn’t hear that but some comotion started I turned back and saw something : the one with thin cock grabbled and holded the one who said that while the other one showed a larger cock and started slapping at his face.There were some crying and the one with big cock said "Yo, say hello to Jack (his cock)" asthe crying one, without any other way, said hello, as his cock touched his lips.

At that time, I did not like that - even thought it had its sexiness, it was forced sex on a preteen by preteens - when entered on rage mode.I rushed toward the 3 but the 2 semi nakes doged but I didn‘t mind : I was angry with the one who let then slapped their cocks at his face.I give him a one-two punch and, furious, said "Be a man, stand against the others".For the other, just shouted for then dress up before I cut their cocks off - i was really pissed off.

This episode, for some reason, haunts me even today : I don’t know if I like (sometimes, I wanted to have a cock in the face, sometimes I wanted to slap my cock on the other 2) or hate (I feel too bad for that kid, even thought he did not see so traumatized - after that, they went trade cards from the world cup sticker album).


When I was 14, I was rather well-developed. I guess I just hit puberty early, and compared to the guys I saw in the shower after gymnastics, I was hung as fuck.

Anyway, there's this 13 year old kid at the after-school club I go to. We were never really good friends, but we could definately hang from time to time. He's been trying to get some sexual tension going between us (I guess because HEY HORMONES), and one day it just happens. We're told to leave, as everybody but us is going out to swim; As we get down to the front door, just as I'm about to open it and get out, he grabs me and pulls me down into the basement.

He takes off his pants, revealing a nice pair of pink Hello Kitty panties defining his great ass. He then says what can be translated to "fuck my ass or I'll beat the crap out of you". I'm fucking chocked, and he hits me on the side of the head, then he pulls down my pants, revealing a cock standing rock hard. He slaps me this time, right on the chin.

Now, I know I have no choice. He can definately beat me up. So, I do the only rational thing; I pull his panties down (I assumed he got them from his 1 year younger sister) and I plunge straight into his ass and begin fucking it as hard as I can. He's tight as they come, but after half a minute, it's apparently too painful... Sooo we decide he can just suck my cock instead, which he does gracefully. I don't really remember much more.

>> File 132797505350.jpg

A couple of weeks of experimenting pass by. It's a friday after school, and his parents/sister are going to be gone until saturday afternoon. We crash his home, and the minute we go through the door we practically rip of our clothes and start rubbing our cocks together, violently kissing.

Now, his sister wasn't the most slim girl ever, and we weren't the most boyish boys, but had rather feminine looks. As he's slightly pegging my asshole, we decide that it's dress-up time.

I remember grabbing a pair of blue panties with Daisy Duck and a ribbon on front, before putting on some flowery dress (pic related, except blue and Daisy Duck). He grabs a pair of purple Snoopy panties, slim fit jeans and a pink top.

After fooling around for a bit, touching each others bodies and me licking his ass for a long time, he decides to do something groundbreaking:
We're going to call on two of our friends, one 16 years old, one 12 years old and tell them to come over for some fun with the girls.
He says it's going to be fun, but I have my doubts.

Five minutes later, 16 year old dude shows up. I'm on all fours, bending over, my dress pulled up so high you can see my pantsied ass (friend did this). He starts groping me through the panties, pushing them into my bumhole. After a couple of minutes, he starts pushing against my hole with his erect penis, through the Daisy Ducks. Then the 12year-old show up.


The summer i was sixteen, my mother and stepdad decided to take a vacation and thus left the country. I was put in the care of my stepdad's brother during their absence. My stepdad's brother has four kids. The oldest of the four was 12 at the time. Lets call him Rob, to protect his identity.
Rob was in the sixth grade. He was about a head shorter than me, tan,with curly hair and a cleffed chin. He was slender, but not entirely la king of meat, and had a peculiar way of walking that told you straight away he was a leader.
One day during my stay with at his home, Rob and i were left alone in the house while his parents were out shopping for groceries with the rest of the kids. Since i had not had any time to myself since my arrival at the house, i decided to take the opportunity to masturbate.
I was staying in Rob's room, and he was busy in the living room playing videogames, so i locked the door and turned his computer on. I quickly round some porn on the web and began to fap.
Now, I'm the type of guy who needs to be entirely naked in order to get off so i slipped out of my clothes and threw them on the bed before starting back towards the desktop.
As i made my way to the seat i caught a glimpse of my naked body in a full lenght mirror Rob had hung on his closet's door. I had never seen myself entirely naked until that moment and what i saw intrigued me. My chest had started to take on more masculine proportions. I had abs, small bricks faintly visible in the light of mid-day peeking through the drawn white shades covering the windows. I turned to look at my ass, and was instantly reminded of a ripe peach, juicy,plump,and smooth under sun's rays.
I decided to pull the desk chair up to the mirror and forgot about the porn entirely. I sat down on the leather chair, and savored the temporary relief from the summer heat as the. Tool leather made contact with my ass cheeks. I looked at my already throbbing member in the mirrror. I flound my new eagle of view quite amusing and made it Bob up and down before I began to stoke it.
As I moved my hand ever faster, i scooted towards the edge of the chair and lifted my legs (positioning my feet on either side of the mirror) so as to get a view of my butthole. I then proceeded to lick my finger before rubbing some of my precum on it and plunging it into myself. My breathing grew heavy as neared climax, and right before I came, the door flung open behind. Standing there, with a credit card in one hand and the doorknob in the other, was Rob looking right at my naked reflection the mirror.


Ok...sorry i took long, I got busy.lol

I held my breath, cock still in hand, and met Rob's eyes in the mirror. He looked surprised at first but slipped into a look of aloofness.
"I though you were being a bit too quiet." He chuckled, stepping into the room and closing the door behind him. I slowly slid my feet off the wall onto the floor and turned toward him, covering my genitals. I ry to think of something to say as i watched him sit on his bed, facing me, but my mind was blank in shock...
"I do that too." He said, pointing at my hands cupped over my groin. He turned to the computer, for he realized it was on. I looked snapped my head astound to look. I had left a gay porn site up on the monitor. I turned back to Rob, waiting for his reaction. He grinned.
" So you ARE gay! Haha! I dad was right!"
" w-what?" I suffered, reaching for my boxers. Rob trapped them under his foot.
" Dad had told me he thought you were gay. Apperantly he's right. Right?"
I sighed." Yes Rob, I'm gay. Now can I please have my boxers?"
" Have you actually ever had sex with a guy?" He pushed, foot still firmly holding down my undergarments.
"Rob, come on dude, I don't wanna hurt you!"
"Just tell me. I really wanna know."
I blushed. And turned away from his gaze, too embarrassed to meet his young eyes. "Yeah, I've done it with a dude. NOW can I have it?"
" Have you ever gotten your dick sucked?"
"Have you?"
"Yes I have! NOW GIVE EM!"
He snatched my boxers off from beneath his foot and threw them behind him. "Have your ever suck on a dick?" He said, suddenly rubbing his crotch. My jaw dropped and my heart rate did just the opposite. I suddenly knew where this was all going. I felt my cock twitch beneath my shielding hands.
" I ....I...." i couldn't get it out...he stood and approached me, reaching for my hands, he peeled them away to reveal my thriving cock. The look in his eyes was priceless, like a a hungry hobo at an all you can eat buffet.
" Its so big!" He said as i clapped my hands over my crotch again.
" Rob what the fuck is your problem?!" I tried to pretend i was mad at him, but secretly I longed for his touch.
"It doesn't look like mine though." He stated, reaching for his pants zipper. Be fore I could say anything his pants were down to his ankles and he paraded his penis in front of my face. It was actually rather long for a twelve year old ( about 4 inches) and it cubed upward and back to touch his belly. It was also uncircumcised. That's what Rob meant with "different" , my dick is cut.
"Is that small for my age?" He asked flinging it back and forth right in front of me.
I gulped, unable to say anything. Unable to think. Unable to stop staring at the beautiful curved cock before me.
Finally i found the words: " thaw a good size for a boy your age...." i ralized i was shivering as i said this...yet it was probably 80° in the room.
"Really?" Rob said as he started to pull his foreskin back and forth over his head." I was worried tva it W's too little, but thanks....so you say you've sucked a dick before right?"
I nodded, stroking on my own dick . "Yeah...I have"
"Well," he said as he got closer and positioned hike penis just inches from my face. "Would you suck on mine?"
My heart sunk and i could feel my dick go rock hard. All i could manage to say was " If you want me too"...
As soon as the words were out of my mouth, he thrust his hips forward and his dick rubbed up against my face, poking me in the eye in the process. I bobbed my head around, till i got it in my mouth.
The whole thing fit inside withvlots of space to spare. I used this to my advantage and swirled my toungue furiously around his cock. He whimpered and shuddered as I worked his little prick. I grabbed a hold of his as with my left hand. It was round ad plump, covered in peachfuzz as were his balls.
I used my right hand to stroke myself.. he moaned louder and louder with each whip of my toungue. I suddenly couldn't take it anymore and I came, spilling almost all of my cream down his left calve and foot.
He looked down apparently to see where ten sudden warmth on his leg had comes from.
" That white stuff... I do that too! Does that mean its normal?!"
I giggled. "Yeah, every guy does it. "
" It feels awesome when it comes out! Could you make it happen to me?"
"Sure" I said, lifting him and laying him on the bed." Just close your eyesvand relax."

I gtg to bed guys, work tomorrow. But I'll be back to finish it before the end of the week! ;)


God, you better finish this fucking thing or I swear I'll hunt you the fuck down and hang you. Are you cute or feminine in any way, or handsome?

Or are you just plain fucking ugly? The curiosity is too much for me.


OK – first I'd like to say that these stories are true and I'm posting them here because I love reading about other peoples real experiences and comparing them to mine. I think it's easy to tell which stories are true and I for one find it much more sexy/interesting when I know it's really happened. I've decided to go into as much detail as I can remember (some things are pretty vivid) – if anyone particularly likes a part of my past then I can embelish (Although I might have to have make stuff up in order to fill the gaps in my memory).

I would go into an in-depth conversation about the morality of all this but i don't think the rights and wrongs will ever be decided upon. As with big issues like drugs, people that feel strongly enough to voice their opinion seem to have a huge bias to their arguments (either for or against) so im opting not to pick sides and let history take its course.

I will say my opinion though – I think that in any circumstances if you force anyone to do anything against their will it is wrong. If you harm anyone emotionally or physically it is wrong and I would never do either of these things intentionally. I may have been naive when I was young but I knew what I was doing and I definately knew what I wanted and would have stopped if I wanted to.

I personally wouldn't have felt victimised or abused if i'd initiated relations with someone much older than me at the time. If the opportunity had arisen, I would probably have taken it. It didn't but that's ok 'cause I kinda had plenty of action from boys close to my age.

Anyway, enough discussion – I'll start with my earliest encounters and go from there. I've decided to devote at least one story to each person so expect at least several installments.

It all started when I was about 10-11. There was a kid in my class who I'd known all through school. Let's call him Sam. we didn't get on particually well but his parents were rich and he had a sega megadrive so I was happy when he invited me round. We were watching newsround (a kids' news programme) on this massive flat screen TV in his massive living room.

At this age I'd started getting hard-ons and i'd never been particularly bashful (I remember running through my sisters bedroom when she had her freinds round totally naked with my little dick hard as wood for a dare – they weren't amused) anyway, Sam and I had been joking about how the presenter was hot and without realising I'd gotten hard.

I ran up to the tv, pulled down my pants and started rubbing it against the presenters face which was just a bit bigger than life-size thanks to the huge TV. Sam thought this was hilarious so I carried on for a little while before going back to the sofa. He became quite thoughtful and quiet, staring at my small but veiny dick as I slouched next to him. He asked me how it got hard and I said I didnt know. Then, without a word, Sam got naked. I stared at him in silence because his dick was also hard. Somehow this was different, it wasnt just mucking around - we were curious about each other.

His was different from mine; Neither of us had been circumsised but his was smoother looking and although mine poked straight out when I was stood up, Sams' pressed up against his belly. Even at that age, I was facinated and all I could think about was touching it and feeling that smooth skin.

I settled for looking as we played about with our dicks in front of each other. He started to reach over to touch mine and my heart started beating faster. I could see my dick throbbing in time, the foreskin peeled back only slightly revealing the very tip of the head. That was when his mum called for him to eat, making us both jump. Guiltily we threw our clothes on and as I wasn't actually staying for tea, I had to leave.

As you can imagine, it wasn't long before I was invited round again.


Carrying on from the last one (names have been changed)

The next visit to Sams' was quite an experience for my 11 year-old self. I got to his house and we went straight to his bedroom where his sega was. We played sonic for a bit, sat next to each other on the floor in front of the TV. After playing for a while, Sam turned to me and said "Do you want to play sex?" I nodded and said "yeah, ok" He got up and closed the door saying "we're going to need some privacy" – He had a little brother who was a right little nuiscance.

We got onto his top-bunk bed and stripped off, lying next to each other under the covers. At first, we held each other close, both of us trying to imagine what was expected of us, Sam definately knew more than me though, and got on top of me, lying flat against my body. I hugged him as he moved up and down on me, then we took it in turns going on top. Both of us had slim, athletic builds so neither of us crushed each other.

It felt great, I could feel his hard but smooth dick against my body and occasionally our dicks would touch, giving me a little jolt of excitement. I honestly can't remember who suggested it but next thing i can remember i was running my nose gently down his stomach and before i knew it my face was inches from his dick. I could smell it – a soapy, clean smell with a hint of something else. I held it and it smelled so nice and felt so smooth that i put it in my mouth – we were young and it fitted easily. I played with his smooth balls while i moved his dick around in my mouth with my tounge. I didnt know what i was doing but it felt amazing. My other hand was stroking his smooth flat stomach as i did this, and his breathing got heavy and i felt his chest moving more and more. After a while, I came up for air saying – "it got pretty hot down there"

He grinned and brushed his hand down my body and closed it over my dick, "I can feel it pulsing!" he said. He proceeded to stroke and fondle my dick and balls before the inevitable happened - his bloody brother came bursting into the room, spoiling everything. Sam yelled "get out!" and then, to my horror "Mum, Jed won't leave us alone!" This was just way too embarrasing for me and as soon as Jed had left the room I got my clothes back on and left.

Now that we had gotten that far, we were hooked. Even during class we would sit next to each other, pretending to work while we fondled each other under the table (thankfully no separate desks where I come from) Almost every day we would 'Play Sex' at his house, we tried kissing but we were both crap, and it was gross when we hit each others' teeth so we didnt do that often. I was quite happy to suck on him and for us to rub against each other. One day though, when i suggested that we played sex he got really angry and shouted "No!" and that was the end of it all with him.

Next time I'll go into another chapter of my pre-teen sex life – hope you enjoyed this bit.


Petiwrit.org should help :3


I am soooo horny right now >.<


I didnt have to wait long after 'Sam' before my next...educational... encounter. My parents had some old freinds and i'd known them and their kids my entire life. Mike (name changed) was around 2 years older than me and his sister was 4 months younger than me. I'd played 'Doctor' with his sister when i was very young but only once.

Mike and i got on like brothers, always in fits of laughter or running around outside. When i was about 12 i was round his house and we started talking about sex – specifically what an orgasm was like. It turned out that neither of us knew – but we wanted to find out.

All an online encyclopedia could tell us was that you start getting them at puberty and that they feel really good. We'd both had sex-ed so we knew about masturbation and how to get an orgasm.

Now i'll admit that Mike took the lead entirely on this one, being older and more assertive. He suggested that we look at porn on his dad's computer, we did some searches but the saftey was on and we got told off by his strict step-dad a couple of days later. I'd seen porn by this point anyway, my cousin who was around 6 years older than me had shown me loads one night when i was staying over (nothing happened but looking back i think he might have been trying to seduce me – your thoughts?). Mike wasn't put off though and being the trouble makers that we were we decided to search his step-dad's room when he was out at work and found the jackpot – half a dozen penthouse magazines.

We took one to Mikes room and sat on the edge of his bed, the mag between us. The porn was great and i remember looking at the extacy on the guys' faces, i was totally jealous. Mike said that we should try masturbating to get an orgasm. We were so horny at that point that we didn't care that we could see each other, so we just sat there, rubbing ourselves, our eyes never leaving the page. Well, we tried for a while and it felt good, but no orgasm.

We both kept trying on our own for a while after that and every time we were alone together we'd sneak into his step-dads' room for a magazine and wank next to each other over the toilet. Because we were like brothers i didnt really think to look over at him much, just the odd glance to check him out. He was bigger than me, being older, and wider too, flattish and not a perfect cylinder like mine, he wasn't circumsised. He had massive balls though and a few pubes, which i didnt have at that point, just above the base of his dick.

Maybe a month later, I was round his house and as soon as we were alone he excitedly announced that he'd had an orgasm and that it was the best thing he'd ever felt. I was jealous but curious and definately not expecting what he said next.

"I want to give you one"

I think i just stared at him, mouth open. He took my hand and led me to his bed, we stripped off and got in. He told me to just lie there as he got on top of me in a 69 position. Then he told me to suck him while he sucked me. I was really excited and really turned on – no-one had ever blown me before and i really wanted to know what it was like. His dick was big, nearly full-grown and really hard. I took it and now that i knew what to do (having actually seen porn by this point) I started giving him a blowjob.

He moaned and said "oh my god that feels amazing" He looked at me between his legs and was grinning widely. I was really enjoying myself; his cock was beautiful in my mouth; really thick, hard and hot. My tounge explored the head and shaft but i couldnt take it all in at once.

I got a huge jolt of excitement when he first touched me, he took the base of my dick and licked up from there, enclosing his mouth slowly over the tip and sliding down till i was completely in his mouth. It was warm, wet and so pleasurable that i let out a long, low "mmmmm" - I practically purred, this made him gasp and i felt something warm and salty hit the back of my throat and spill out of the sides of my mouth, i spat it out and i remember thinking that it had the consistency of egg yolk but the colour of mother-of-pearl.

He worked on me for a few minutes, I was lost in pleasure – this was so much better than anything i'd tried on my own. I felt a strange feeling, like a sneeze, building in me - making my toes curl on their own and waves of it seemed to convulse my body. I got a bit freaked out to tell the truth and just at the climax of this feeling i got up and rushed to the bathroom, saying i had to come. I hadn't actually shot but at this point i didnt care much. As i calmed down I realised that i'd had an orgasm, but i wasn't prepared for the intensity of it. It would have felt even better if it wasnt so overwhelming.

Mike had pretty much planned this from the beginning i think, but that wasn't the end of his plans by far.


For the love of all that is good MOAR, I WANT ALL YOUR SHOTA STORIES!


Carrying on with my life story...

'Mike' had been going through some family issues at this time (I was 12 he was 14, nearly 15) His mum and step dad weren't getting on at all and his mum was going through some really bad shit.

To cut a long story short - my parents, being old freinds of Mikes', decided to take Mike and his sister in, they would be living with us. Now although all of this was pretty hard for everyone I couldn't help but feel happy that I would be sharing my room with my new sex friend!

At first we were still adjusting to the change, so we didn't do much, but every now and then i would wake up and find him under the covers with me, normally with his hand in my pyjamas but sometimes he was just asleep, cuddling me.

I realised pretty soon that he was a bit of a night predator, and loved doing what he wanted to my sleeping body. It was lucky for me that I found that awesomely sexy and would pretend to be asleep while he snuck his hand under my covers, his hand trembling with anticipation as he carefully pulled down my pyjama pants and played with my dick and balls before sucking on me so softly it felt like silk.

His heavy breathing while he did this was a massive turn-on for me and after a while I'd always get over excited and "wake up", grab his throbbing cock and shove it into my mouth, sucking on it hungrily till he came to reward him. I still hadn't actually come yet, so i loved to see him ejaculate to satisfy my curiosity about semen. I liked the taste and sometimes i'd swallow it all.

It wasnt long before Mikes' influence made me try out 'waking him up' and, as he snored LOUDLY, i always knew when to act. It was an incredible rush to sneak into his private area and investigate and play without him reacting (apart from getting rock hard). I'd always end up sucking him off, which always woke him up and he'd come really quickly after that, making really sexy half-alseep 'mmm' noises. I'd be so turned on i'd swallow everything he had, while at the same time he'd be pulling me on top of him for my turn.

The First time I remember actually coming, Mike and I had decided to lie on the floor with our dicks pressed against each others'. Mike was wanking us both at the same time and the combination of his rhythm and the heat and smoothness of his cock against mine gave me my biggest orgasm yet. He laughed with surprise when my jerking cock spurted a clear, sticky liquid all over his hand and both of our dicks. I just lay there, totally spazzed out - mouth open, eyes unfocused – i dont think i was even aware of anything but his tight, yet gentle grip and the wetness of our cocks. It would be a while till I could do this to myself, but after that Mike could always get me to come.

This went on for months. I don't think many nights went by that we didn't please each other, either when we were both awake or taking turns waking each other up. The best was still to come though.


Carrying on with my memories...

Good old 'Mike' – after a few months of sharing a room we'd become pretty experienced, even experimenting with role playing. Looking back it was strange that we weren't affectionate towards each other, even when alone. We never kissed even once. We obviously got really intimate and found each others' pleasure sexy but prehaps because we had to hide any trace of what we were doing we never let it blossom into anything more.

Then again, we might have just been using each other – we were, after all, two horny boys with nobody else to get this kind of action from. I suppose it was just natural for two best freinds to satisfy each other.

Thoughts like that certainly didn't enter my head at the time and even though i enjoyed Mikes' attention i never looked too deeply into it. So i wasn't too surprised when he suggested that we try something new. He had that grin i'd come to know and love plastered all over his face and he started telling me about how he'd been experimenting with his ass.

He said he'd gotten a couple of fingers up there and that it felt pretty good, and that he wanted me to try fucking him. At the time, i thought it was a bit gross but i was also keen to try it. We were in our room and, like normal, we waited till everyone else was alseep before we got started.

As normal, Mike initiated. I would lie on the bed while he stripped me. By this point my dick would be ready to go, and would bounce up and hit my stomach, wobbling like a diving board when he pulled down my pyjamas. He'd be on all fours straddling me and would play with me, sucking my dick and running his hand down my body. My hand would be running up his leg, and going inside his boxers, to play with his stiff cock and huge balls. This time was different though. He took his boxers off and lowered himself onto my excited prick. I guess i was a bit too young for this to work properly though, and after some failed attempts he told me to take him from behind.

I'll never forget how tight and warm his ass was. It felt better than his mouth, but different. I was in charge of my pleasure now and i wasn't used to it. My pace sped up as i got more into it, only to have a wave of pleasure force me to slow down because of it's intensity. While i was concentrating on this, he reached behind him and took my hand, guiding it down to his thick cock. I gave him long, slow strokes while gripping him tightly, bucking into him with my hips.

We began breathing heavily and moaning as he pushed his ass into my hips which deepened my thrusts. When he did this he took all of me into him so that i felt his ass gripping my whole dick tightly. I guess I wasn't that considerate cause I didnt even let him know I was coming, I just kind of whimpered. He didnt seem to care when I did shoot; pushing as far into him as I could go I came and came. Feeling his tight asshole gripping me during this was the best feeling yet and, still thrusting, I flopped onto his back, literally drooling in extacy. My hand just squeezed his cock while he moved his hips into me then forwards to please himself, he came in several big spurts all over my bedsheets. We lay in that position for a while, panting and covered in sweat. All he said was "that was the best yet" before getting back into his bed and leaving me with the mess! He had just let me come into his ass so I didn't mind too much...

So Mike really had shown me a good time. As i got a bit older my dick got quite a lot bigger and stronger and we were able to fuck in several different positions. By this point i was around 13/14 and he was about 16. My favourite was with him on top while i sucked him off so he came in my face or mouth while i pumped up into him. We would suck each other off in a 69 to get us both started though. It all changed when he had to move away, but lucky me – I'd find someone else in less than a year! (and that means more stories for you readers!) I will only write one more story about Mike but as im doing this chronologically you'll have to wait. I do remember other specific times with him though and i will do requests if you want to hear about some of the more memorable times that i've skipped - like when we went camping or when we had a sleepover with some other friends.


im pretty sure we want them all.



I'm sure you do, lol. I'll write about my next friend cause for now though i did so much with him - we were both so horny! Im sure you wont all be dissapointed. Its kinda cool that people get off to my past - it makes me feel really lucky! Since you're so interested why don't you share? got any true stories for me?


Lol im 16, i doubt i'd get this lucky


I think the only thing I can remember is that when i was younger around 10-11 i had some friends who we sucked each other off and it felt really good,we did it for a while taking turns putting each others small penises in each others mouths, I didnt like doing it but i enjoyed getting sucked off so i did it back. It only lasted for a few days but it was worth it.

And i have fapped to every story you have posted so far, you had the childhood i only dreamed of :P


Thanks for Populating this thread with some of the sexiest storys ever seen on vchan!

I think ill be moving into this site for good!

Look for me under the name RideItHigh.

Thanks again for all the storys guys!


Sorry for double post there :S im a n00b here.


Sorry it's been so long since my last post - here's a section to make up for it...

After 'Mike' moved away, things got a bit miserable for me. He'd moved pretty far away and we could only see each other maybe once or twice a year. Although i wasn't heartbroken i was a bit miserable. At this time in my life, things were actually pretty hard anyway and i was trying to be accepted by my peers, i have no idea why because they would often attack me out of boredom and resentment (i was one of those annoying know it alls that did actually know it all).

Anyway i should mention my friend 'Dan' (name changed as normal) He was short for his age with mousey features and short black hair. Like me he was athletic and we played alot of sports together with the rest of the class every lunchtime. He'd stuck up for me on more than one occasion, fighting my battles that i considered myself to be above. (In other words, I'd be standing there getting punched or whatever without retaliating and he'd charge in with his psyco fists of fury and save me). He did have a real temper on him and the others were a little scared of him.

I started going drinking with a bunch of people from my yeargroup on friday nights, wandering the streets with cider and whatever else people would buy for us. I guess i was pretty young to be doing stuff like that but at 14 I didnt have the wisdom then to chose my friends carefully. Dan was part of this crowd too and one particular night we'd all drunk all of our ciders and were all getting cold and bored and starting to go home. I remember that Dan had been pretty pissed off about something. When i asked him if he was ok, he told me that Sam – (yes the 'Sam' from the 1st story) had stitched him up, and had dissapeared off when he was meant to be going back to Dan's that night. He looked at me for a little while with a thoughtful expression before saying "why don't you come back to mine instead?"

I'd been to Dan's house before but never stayed over so I said "i don't see why not". So we meandered drunkenly back to his which was about a 20 minute walk. When we finally got to his we were freezing, tired and still a bit fuzzy from the drink. Dan suggested that we watch TV so we sat on the sofa together drinking hot tea. We watched south park for a bit before Dan flicked the TV to the porn channel, which, despite it only being adverts for pay-per-view, got me pretty horny. Then we heard movement upstairs and panicked about getting caught so we quickly turned off the TV and headed up to bed. We were still grinning and laughing about the porn but trying to be quiet which has always cracked me up.

Dan had a bunk bed but for some reason i was on the floor and he chose to sleep on the bottom bunk near me. We were still giggling but i was starting to drift into sleep. Dan started asking some pretty strange questions, things like "who out of our class wouldn't you blow?" and 'cause i was drunk i answered honestly and instead of saying something like "no-one, gross!" I started joking about not wanting to blow the kids I found annoying. Well, Dan wasn't on that list and his strategic questions took a more direct route "would you care who gave you a blowjob?" was one I remember him asking, I think I answered something like "it's all good".

Now during Dans' 'question time' I'd been thinking about the porn and playing with myself under the covers. I'd gotten pretty hard, my heart was hammering in my throat and my mouth was dry. What Dan said next made my heart go so fast It nearly gave me a heart attack.
"I'd give you a blowjob"
I was shocked – even though the questions had been strange I hadn't been expecting this, I was silent for a bit, my heart pounding in my ears, before I answered in a husky voice "Go on then"

Dan just leaned over, whipped the covers aside and pulled my boxers away from my ready and willing cock. His hands were slightly cold when he gripped the base gently with his thumb and forefinger, brushing against my thin and wispy pubes. I gasped softly when his mouth closed over my cock, he'd taken half of it in one go and began sliding gently up and down my throbbing shaft. His hands explored my body, sensuously running over my chest and down to squeeze my butt. The only downside was that he had braces! If felt kind of wierd but not unpleasant and he was surprisingly aware of them and gentle, his lips made up for it when he started kissing my tip.

I was on the verge of coming so i moved him away, back onto his bed. I was already at the perfect hight to suck him back and i was eager to see his cock. My questing hand went to his boxers and found his long, thin dick. My fingertips brushed a small but thick area of pubes just above the base as i imitated him by closing my hand slowly but firmly around him. I could feel his pulse going quickly as his dick throbbed in my hand. I moved closer to his dick and found it was circumsised with the tip already beading with come. As started to suck him he grabbed my head – a new one for me – and when his slender fingers ran through my hair, it felt exquisite. I looked up at him as he leaned back in bliss and mmm'ed deeply watching with glee as his eyes widened in pleasure. He started to buck into my mouth and grip my head harder and i knew he was about to come but he didn't. He let go of my head and pushed me away. Confused i sat there on the floor, staring at him. I must have looked hurt because he said "it's ok" He leaned back showing his nice little 6 pack –" its just that I want you to fuck me up the ass". This really turned me on and when I stood up and he quickly moved his mouth over my dick, wettening it before i knelt down, took his legs to reveal his pink, hairless hole and began to push inside him.

I was pretty big at this point and he had to stop me a few times as i slowly slid into him. His tight ass was gripping a bit more of me each time and it felt amazing when i eventually got all the way in, pushing against him so his balls rubbed against my stomach. I held one of his legs up and let my free hand caress his body and dick. As I thrust into him faster his breathing got heavy and i was moaning quietly. Suddenly he whispered "shit" and came, squirting a surprising amount of spunk over both of us. He pushed me off him once more and starting sucking me again until, quivering and grabbing his head, i came in his mouth.

There was an awkward few minutes while we cleaned ourselves up, my head was still buzzing from the excitement but at the same time It was still so unexpected that it felt like a dream. Before we went to sleep we asked me "How are you going to act tomorrow?" I just replied "like nothing happened" He seemed relieved that i wasn't going to shout it from the rooftops and we fell asleep in a warm after-sex glow.

He made it sound like he didnt want this to happen again but it turned out that nothing was further from the truth... More to come...


I have a number of brief experiences, but since I'm on a mobile device, there's a text limit. :( So these stories will be fragmented in parts, sorry! :p ALL are 100% true; I hope you enjoy them!

-My first experence was at the age of 10 (gr5). I was lonely and my only friend was a slightly chubby kid with glasses. He was super nerdy and we played so many games together, he asked me "Would you like to come sleepover after Halloween?"
"Y-yeah, that'd be great!", I quickly replied.
"Okay, I'll call you toni-


He walked off and my heart was softly thumping, 'why am I so embarrassed?', I thought. 'I know I'm totally a homo, but it's not like he is... no one is.'

I went home, shut my door, and wanked to the thought of his soft lips, his naked thighs, his hard prick. I imagined I sucked his dick, 'Oh! Ughh, Ty-ler!!' I imagined him grabing my head, squirming with pleasure, and cumming hard in my mouth.

After dinner, I sat and watched cartoons. "Tyler, it's Kyle!", my mom called.


I bolted to the kitchen where the phone was. "Hi Kyle!", I shouted sweetly. "Hey. So can you come Saturday?"
I rounded on my mom; "Can I sleepover for the weekend?", I pleaded. "If you finnish cleaning the kitchen, yes.", she stated.
"YES! I can go!"
"Awesome, see you tommorow!", said Kyle.
Yeah, see ya! Bye!"

That night, I was to excited to sleep. I started daydreaming about him, my dearest companion... Kissing, cuddling, laying ontop of eachother with hands entwined. Feeling his heart pulse against me.


I slept deeply.

In the morning after I finnished breakfast and my shower, I was ready in seconds. We arrived around 10 am. I
rang the bell, then heard legs quickly working their way to the door. "Hi Tyler, come in.", said Kyle
He waked away to the kitchen, playfully slapping his arms on his legs, raising his voice. "There's lots of food if you're hungry.", he called.
"No thanks", I called back.
He ran up to me. "Wanna play some video games?"
"Sure", I replied. We played video games, Yugioh, and watched-


TV until dinner time. We had mac 'n cheese. "Hey Tyler, let's go watch a movie.", said Kyle.
"Take these down with you, sweeties!"; Kyles mom gave us two huge bowls of halloween candy. We stayed up untill 12:00 pm! After, we went to his room; he shut the door. My heart was pounding like crazy just being in his room. I slipped out to my underwear, he did the same. I couldn't stop staring at him, with a blushing hot face.
"Hey, Tyler", I looked as he layed on his pillow, thrusting his hips vigorously.


He didn't seem one bit serious, albeit my heart beating faster than a hummingbirds wings, my dick streching my underwear.
"Ohh yeah! Hahaha!", he laughed, humping his pillow. I was soooo freaking nervous.
"Kyle", I said. "C-can i Pl-please, uhh-h..." I was sooo scared, I could hardly breath.
"You want to try?", he said. I grabbed my pillow, "No-", he tossed it aside. "I want you to do it to me."
"Re-eal-ly?", I stammered.
"Yep." He pulled my shaky arm, positioning my hips against his. I pushed and-


against his hard dick. I moaned... 'This feels so good!'
I slid up and down, feeling the friction and heat through our underwear. It lasted 3 times longer than wanking, and felt ten times better. Near our climax, he flipped me over and slid twice as hard and fast, making not only loud whimpers and cries, but also the sliding, humping sound of our underwear.
Our bodies were dripping sweat, beet red in the cheeks.
"C-can I touch it?", I studdered.
"Yeahh.", he breathed.

He climbed of me and slid-


slid his underwear off, revealing a juicy, hard little hairless dick. Mine was long and thin, but his... it made me almost faint. It was curved hard to his stomach, red and bouncing with each pulse. Instinctively, I squeezed my fingers around it, lustfully sraring at his hot sweaty face. His thin black hair was wet to his forehead, his deep blue eyes barely open, his nintendo glasses sliding down, his red cheeks, and his deep panting. I enjoyed it so much, I wkshed it would never end.

As I started stoking


it top to bottom, he reached for mine with difficulty. I layed next to him on the left, (ghan god he was a lefty!) and started jerking hard and fast, him doing the same. I felt so amazing! Better than anything I'd felt. He then grabbed my wrist to stop the movement, maybe knowing I was really close.
"Can I give you a BJ?"
"Huh? What's that?", I asked.
"Bowjob.", he answered. I stared at him like he was speaing a different language. "Sigh... I'll show you."
I got scarred. "No, wait!"


"It won't hurt, stupid.", he groaned. My breath hitched; I felt his hot, wet lips press against my tip. He slid my penis into his hot, wet mouth; I felt all the warm fluids of his mouth cover my throbbing, hardening dick. He bobed his head up and down, making my head drift off to another world.
"Uugh! Mmhhm, tha-a-t feels s-sooo g-good-d!"
His hot lips and tongue slid up and down, feeling sooo great. The tingling sensation was so blissfull, as it was soon followed by a hard pressure building up inside my


"I-I... I'm go-going to, ahh! O-ohh-ughhh!" He
his head, redder and sweatier than ever. "You're gonna cum?"
My shrill moans became heavy, and my dick was ont the verger of exploding.
'It's never lasted more than five minutes...', I thought
"Ahhugh!!", I cried, my penis twitched, and then pulsed hard.
"D-did anything come out?", I asked shyly, panting like I ran a ten kilometer marathon.
He shook his head; I sighed. I've never felt that much pressure before, I thought it would...


I was really nervous then. "I-I don't know how, can I just jerk you off instead?"
"No, suck it bitch.", said Kyle.
I couldn't believe he said that... I chuckled and, even though I was scarred and didn't want to stick it in my mouth, tried sucking the tip... licking around the base up. His breathing deepened. 'It doesn't taste bad!', I thought to myself. '...I like it.'
With more confidence, I began taking more in; went up, and did it again. On the next one, I slowly slid it all in, then I choked.


"Cough, cough, cough!", I turned red with embarrassment.
"It's okay, it takes practise.", said Kyle.
"Just try to use less teeth and don't rush into it."
I felt like asking him where he learned it, but my shyness got the better of me.
I took his big (at least at the time) penis and started sucking it some more. After a few minutes, I went faster and got way better. My hot, wet mouth slid up and down his shaft; down to ghe base, even.
"Mmhhhhh! Mmmhhhhh!" Hes deep moans became higher and louder, the


most beautiful sound in the world. I nervously places my hand on his chest, sliding it around to mascurade the fact I wanted to feel his pounding heart. There it was... the most beautiful feeling in the world. He almost screamed, as the ten year old boy bucked his hips in my mouth, giving me the most beautiful taste in the world. I layed beside him, placing my hand around him. I saw his deep blue eyes, dialated. He was the most beautiful sight in the world. I felt my desire overcome my fear and cowardice;


"C-can I kiss you?", I asked; he looked away.
"Okay, only once.", he said thickly.
My heart danced, I pressed my lips against his, and we kissed a second time. This time, he sucjed and kissed my top lip, putting me in a frenzy of bliss. We kept our sex-life secret; even my secret love for him. He was straight with no friends, I was gay with no friends. He moved away next year, which made grade 6 very difficult.
I was always such a loner... even in middle school and high school, I needed-


counciling because I'd cut my wrists, feeling hopeless. Now that I'm fully matured though and not so moody, I really have a better understanding of love. It's something you never take for granted. It's something you need courage, pride, and persistance to have. I living with my parents (I'm 20 now), and I'm fighting to be free from their grip, allowing me nights at my only friend's house, Katie. (She's a les)

...I really miss school.


So, what do you think?^^


I came with the force of 1000 suns.


Awesooome! xD I'll post my next story probably tommorow night. It will be about my closest sexual affair; my adoptive brother, who also is named Mike.x3
And for first names, I don't bother using aliases since the population is, what, 3.5 billion? And Canada has a smaller population with LOTS and LOTS of land.


cant wait. ;)


Seems no one else wants to share so...

When I was twelve, I lived on an Army base on the East Coast. Friends came and went constantly, but it seemed we were staying put. My Dad was close to retirement anyway.
Made friends with a new kid, I'll call him Paul. He had TONS of porno mags from overseas that he had stolen from his Dad. We made a fort in the woods and went there every afternoon to look at the naked women and, yes little girls. One afternoon, I noticed his boner. I had one too. We were both rubbing them through our jeans. I don't know what made me do it, but I asked him to show his to me, it looked bigger than mine. He blushed, but went ahead and pulled down his pants. It was glorious. Thicker than mine and longer. I couldn't take my eyes off it. Leaning closer, I inspected it up and down. He asked what I was doing and I said I didn't know. "Can I touch it?" came out of my mouth. He turned beet red, but said Okay. I ran my fingers along it's length and rubbed the head between my fingers. He trembled a little. My gut felt queasy, but I didn't want to stop. Wrapping my hand around it, I started stroking it, like I did my own at night. He gasped, but didn't make me stop. Remembering a picture from one of the magazines, I leaned even closer. His eyes went wide. Shaking with adrenaline and a strange desire, I put my mouth on it and kissed the head. Paul moaned and trembled harder. Opening my mouth, I looked up at him and watched his face as I licked the head. He stared with wide eyes. Finally, I did what I saw the woman in the mag do and closed my mouth around it. I knew nothing about how to suck it, but I knew it felt both odd and wonderful at the same time. When I licked on the head and sucked a little, he moaned again and started moving his hips, pumping instinctively in and out of my mouth. I let him do so, still licking and sucking on it. We did it for what felt like hours, but was probably only a few minutes. "Oh, shit," he said. He tried to pull away but I had ahold of his butt cheek and wouldn't let go. He said Stop, but I was too far gone, I held tight and sucked harder. I had already had my first orgasm and knew what was about to happen. With another moan and an "Oh" he burst, flooding my mouth with his premature cum. Once he had finished, I swallowed it and wiped my mouth.
He pulled his pants back up and hastily stashed the magazines. We didn't go back to the fort for a couple days and didn't talk about what had happened until the following Saturday, when I told him I liked it, did he want to do it again?
He was timid about it but said, "Yeah."
That became a VERY memorable spring, and the summer got even better.
More if anyone wants.


more please


Been busy, sorry.

So, Paul and I began visiting our fort more often. He became bolder, asking me almost daily if I wanted to suck him again. After a while, he knew he didn't have to ask, and we did away with the foreplay of the porno mags. When a girl began flirting with him, Paul started drawing away from the games, so I made the bold decision to invite another classmate to the fort. At first, Paul was against the idea, but I convinced him that Alan (let's call him) wouldn't say anything about it either. The first time, Alan just watched, amazed that I was not only willing, but enjoyed it. On his second visit, he agreed to let me suck him, too. He was, at least, willing to return the favor and I got my first blowjob. Paul started saying it was bad and that he liked girls (which Alan and I did, too). It was Alan's brilliant idea to steal a wig from his mother and we could take turns pretending to be a girl for the others. By the end of that spring, as the school year was coming to a close, we were visiting the fort two or three times a week. Though Alan was perfectly willing to don the wig and be the girl for a while, I was the one that usually got to receive that attention. I don't remember which of them came up with the idea, but we wound up inviting another new kid, I'll call him Ricky. Ricky not only had better porno mags (the Swedish kind), but he had an older brother and their parents were gone just ALL the time. Ricky was the one that became my best summer friend.
He was also the first one to suggest we try butt sex. The fort was largely, though not entirely abandoned in favor of Ricky's bedroom. After one afternoon session, where I was (of course) playing the girl for the three of them, Ricky produced a small tube of something he called "lube", He had swiped it from his parents bedroom stash and told us what it was for. Paul was timid, Alan was scared, Ricky was insistent, I was horny as all get out. The very idea intrigued me. I had never thought of that being possible.
I remember I was trembling like a newborn deer, up on all fours with that blonde wig on my head and my ass in the air. Ricky squeezed out some of the slippery solution and stuck his fingers up my rectum. At first it hurt, but soon I loosened up and realized that it felt good. There on the floor in his bedroom, Ricky got in behind me and took my anal cherry. God, it was heavenly. He started slowly, increasing in tempo and force until he had my face buried in a pillow and was grunting with the ferocity of his thrusts. When he came, he actually growled in my ear.
Both of us breathing heavily, he moved away and started cleaning his little pecker off. I was staring hungrily at the other two. Alan was ready, and I was not about to tell him not to, but it was Paul's thickness that made my stomach twitch and my hands tremble. I watched Paul get hard and stay that way while Alan took his turn. He didn't last as long as Ricky. As soon as he finished, I turned my ass to Paul and found myself whimpering with anticipation. "Come on," I wound up telling him. He hesitated, but eventually he mounted me. He took his time (thankfully) stroking long and slow. Ricky cleaned himself off good and knelt in front of me. So, there I was with Paul's dick pumping my butt (with ever-increasing eagerness) and Ricky's in my mouth. That was the closest I had felt to being in heaven. Paul exploded when he came, Ricky not lasting long after that, but having less to deliver that time.
Saturday nights became far more interesting, though Paul stopped coming after a week or two. He would still come by the fort once in a while for a quick blowjob, but he never fucked me again (much to my disappointment).
Alan was grounded for two weeks during that summer, so Ricky and I started spending more and more time together. I even started spending the night at his house on weekends.
That was when the REAL fun (for me) began. His older brother caught me one night and told me he knew what was going on.
Oh, yes. The real fun began...

More to come.

>> File 003.png

Cont. >>4940

So, my spring had become more interesting. Paul stopped coming around, making friends with some boys from the other end of the base.
Alan didn't come over as much as he used to, but when he did, we had fun. He almost never wanted to "be the girl" anymore, which was fine
by me. I was really starting to enjoy it. As the end of the school year came closer, he stopped coming entirely. It was just Ricky and me.
We didn't bother using the wig anymore, either. The only thing I couldn't get him to do was kiss me. I don't know why I wanted him to so
much, but I did. Sometimes when he was sleeping, I'd sneak a kiss, but I was always afraid to wake him up. It was enough that I got to
play with his dick. (This was the late 1970's, by the way, so some of this might seem dated)
When school let out for the summer, I started going over to his house even more. His parents still went out almost every weekend, leaving us
alone to play. One particular weekend, they went on a "getaway" to the beach, leaving Ricky's older brother Sean in charge. He was almost fifteen,
and was one of the "cool kids" in the neighborhood. Ricky and I had our fun while he was watching TV (being as quiet as we could), then Ricky took
a shower and went to sleep. I took a shower of my own and was on my way back to his bedroom when Sean called me into the living room.
"What were you two dong in there?" he asked me. I didn't know what to say, so I just said, "Playing." He grinned and told me he had peeked
in on us. "You like doing that with him?" I shrugged. The way he was looking at me made me feel good. "Yeah," I told him. "I like it."
He grinned again and switched off the lamp. We were sitting in the dark living room, with only the TV for light. I started trembling, getting that
queasy thing in my gut again. The only thing I could think was, Is this gonna happen? Is he gonna let me play with him? Is this gonna happen?
"Wanna play with mine?" he asked. Almost breathlessly, I answered, "Yeah."
He looked down the hall once and pulled off both his gym shorts and briefs at the same time. All I had on under the towel was my own underwear.
I sat and gazed at his dick for a minute. To me, it was huge. It had hair around the base and was already growing stiff. I pulled the towel off
and crawled closer, staring at it. When I got close, I looked up at him. He smiled and said, "Go ahead. It's okay." With a trembling hand, I
reached out and touched it, rubbing it up and down. Taking it in my hand, I started stroking it, which produced a moan from him. It grew even
bigger and harder. I realized that my mouth was watering. I didn't give him any warning, I just leaned down and put the head in my mouth and
started licking and sucking, stroking with my hand. I could only get about half of it in without my gag reflex kicking in, so I used my hand as
a stop point. He leaned back and moaned again, which made me start sucking harder. I licked the head, stroked its length, sucked the dribble
of pre-cum up, and kept going. He started stroking my back and moving his hips in rhythm. Either I was really doing well, or he was really
turned on by it because it was only a minute or so before I felt his hand grip my side, his body tense up, and my mouth was filled with stream
after stream of thick, salty cum. There was so much I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to swallow it all, but I managed. When I lifted my
mouth away and slurped the last bit from my lips, he whispered, "Shit, man." I swallowed what was left in my mouth, savoring the flavor for a
second and went back down on it. He kept rubbing my back and was breathing heavy. After a while, he patted me on the butt and asked, "You done?"
I sat up, wiped the spit from my mouth and said, "Are we?" His hand rubbed lower, stopping at the waistband of my briefs. He looked at me with
what I now know was lust. "You wanna do more?" he asked. I answered with an enthusiastic nod. I was still stroking his hard pecker.
Looking over his shoulder again, he checked the hall then told me, "Okay."
To be continued...


Cont. >>4940 pt 2

"Let me go get something," I told him, hopping to my feet and running to Ricky's room. When I came back with the nearly empty tube of slick lube,
his eyes went wide. "Damn, kid," he said. I went back to work on his hard-on, not wanting it to go away. Sean wasted no time, his hand sneaking
beneath the waistband of my drawers and fondling my butt cheeks. My own moans must have got him going, because he got harder in my mouth.
I reached back and pulled off my underwear. We had to separate for us to both get our drawers clear of our ankles. My eyes never left his hard
dick and as soon as he was done, I started sucking it again, him still standing up and me sitting on the sofa. He stopped me long enough to move
to the floor, where he laid down and let me have my fun. I heard the tube opened and soon felt his slicked-up fingers probing my butthole.
One finger. Two fingers. Three fingers. I was moaning and pushing back against his hand. My head was ringing. The thought kept repeating,
This is gonna happen. This is gonna happen. Finally, I could take no more. I sat up and took the tube from him and started greasing up his rock-hard
dick. I must have surprised him with my wanton lust, because when I dropped the lube and turned my ass to him, he whispered, "God-damn, kid."
He got up on his knees and positioned himself behind me. "This is gonna hurt," he told me quietly. "It's okay," I answered.
He was right. It hurt. I had never had anything that thick up my ass before. He was able to get the head and a few inches inside before he struck
the first bend in my colon. It hurt too bad to keep going in that position, so I made him get on his back. I had seen that in one of the porno
mags and it seemed like a good idea. Let gravity help. He laid back, I straddled him, started it in, then dropped my weight.
Holy shit, did it hurt. But there it was. He was balls-deep up my ass. Deeper than anything ever before and making me feel so full and hot.
Once I was used to it, I started moving up and down. Sean grabbed my hips and smiled up at me as I rode his cock. "Damn," he whispered again.
I rode him until my knees and legs started getting sore.
He eased out and rolled me over onto my back, lifting my legs up over my head. He got the brilliant idea to prop my ass up with one of the sofa
cushions, covering it with the towel I had used. The cool sensation on my back was as refreshing as the feeling in my colon. He leaned down,
looking me in the eye and smiling, and plunged almost mercilessly back in. I groaned loud. It felt incredible. His dick filled me like nothing
I had ever felt before. He was still smiling at me when he started pumping his hips. I was breathing hard, biting my lip, moaning with each thrust.
He fucked me for what seemd like forever. I had lost all concept of time, the feeling taking me to heights of frenzy I had never experienced with
Ricky or Alan or even Paul. Sean leaned forward onto his elbows, his face only inches from mine and his quickening breath right in my face. I
locked my arms around his neck, clinging to him while he fucked my tiny asshole harder and harder. His quickening breath told me he was close.
Then he did something I was not expecting. He kissed me. Deep and with passion. I kissed back, accepting his tongue in my mouth while his dick
probed my ass over and over, harder and harder, even seeming to push deeper. He groaned and his entire body tensed up. Kissing me harder, he
exploded into my ass. I could feel the warm moisture as his cum filled me up. I clung to his neck, kissing him back and relishing in the feeling.
It felt so incredibly good that I came, too, blowing my load onto my belly as he emptied into my innards. When we were both done, we just lay there.
We stayed like that for a while, his cock getting softer in my ass, but he kept kissing me like a lover.
Finally, he lifted up and looked down at me. "God-damn, kid," he whispered. "That was awesome." I nodded and reached up for another kiss. He
looked up and checked that the house around us was still quiet. It was. He grinned down at me and told me, in no uncertain terms, "You're gonna
be spending the night a lot more this summer." I smiled up at him and answered, "I hope so."
I did spend the night a lot that summer. Both he and Ricky had their way with me (never at the same time, though). I even took to sleeping in
Sean's bed once in a while. I liked that because he had no problem with kissing me. He would also spoon and cuddle me after he fucked me.
The summer turned into the best one of my life when he asked me if I minded him bringing a friend of his over one night. "Sure," I told him.
With a devilish grin, he asked me, "Have you ever heard of a gang-bang?"
To be continued...


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Sorry to leave y'all hanging, but...

>> File Party 1.jpg

>>4942 cont. (Man this place takes forever to post)

June became July. Ricky started growing distant. Oh, he'd let me suck him off and he'd still fuck me, but when we were done, he'd just sit with his
headphones on, listening to music. I convinced him to try it once with me on my back, but when I tried to kiss him, he pushed me away and got up. He
said it was getting "too gay".
Sean became my partner, telling his little brother that he'd beat him up if he made me stop coming over. We'd toss a ball around until his parents
left, then Ricky would go into his room and I'd go into Sean's. He had stolen another tube of lube from his parents when we needed one, telling
me that they'd never notice. (I later discovered that they were swingers, so there was always some around)
It was the weekend after July Fourth when he asked if I would mind him bringing friends over. He asked if I'd ever heard of a gang-bang and had to
explain the idea to me. My heart started beating like a drum. The idea of several older boys taking turns made me giddy. "Who are you bringing?" I
asked. He gave me one of his grins and said, "A couple buddies. They're cool, don't worry." I didn't. I trusted him completely.
We made plans for the "party" to take place that Saturday night. Because of a visit from my Aunt Jenny, I could only spend the night once that week.
But, she would be gone by Saturday so there was no problem. I never learned where his folks were going, and I didn't care. They would be gone all
night. Ricky wanted nothing to do with the party. He let me suck him off, then told me it was the last time. He wouldn't stop me from coming over,
but he was "done with me". It hurt my feelings, but Sean told me not to worry about it. I had him.
Just before sundown, his friends came over. There were four of them. Ricky went to his room and we didn't see him again all night. Sean introduced
me as his "Little Buddy", which made me blush and warmed me up inside. I knew two of the four. "Tony" had been chasing after my older sister, but
getting nowhere. "Adam" was Tony's best friend. They were rarely seen apart. The others I recognized, but had never met. They were introduced as "Jimmy"
and "Smokey". I knew that of the five, three had girlfriends, so our party would remain clandestine. Sean had already proven himself trustworthy.
Someone turned the stereo on. Everybody got a glass of Coke, then sat around the living room. They were all talking to me, asking  me about myself.
Did I like girls? (Hell, yes, but boys were easier to get) Did I have a girlfriend? (No, but I was after one girl in my class) Did I really like
what I was doing, or was it just to make friends? (I HAD friends. I did it because I really liked it) I was the center of attention. They were all
looking at me with hunger in their eyes. GAWD, it felt good. I was getting anxious. I had been sitting next to Sean on the sofa. After giving him a
glance, I stood up in the middle of the room and peeled my shirt off. Smokey smiled and said, "Here we go."
I stripped down to my underwear, barely feeling self-conscious at all. I was too excited. Standing there, nearly naked, I looked at the five older
boys and asked, "Well? Ain't any of you gonna get naked, too?" With wide eyes, they put down their drinks and began peeling off their clothes.
They stopped at their drawers, too, sitting back down when they were finished. I smiled what I thought was a seductive smile and went over to Sean,
kneeling in front of him. He made me pull his briefs down, lifting his butt for me to get them off, then sat back and let me go to work. "Shit,"
Jimmy said. "You weren't kidding, man." He got up and took his underwear off, sitting down beside Sean and stroking himself hard. I watched him a while
and looked up at Sean. "Go ahead, man," he told me. Shifting myself in front of Jimmy, I gazed at his dick. It was not that much different from Sean's
but it was not Sean's. I took it in hand first, but didn't wait long. When the others realized that I really WAS going to be the center of their party,
they went ahead and took off their drawers, too. Sean leaned over and pulled mine down, revealing my smooth, peach-fuzzed ass to them all.
I went crazy with the sensation. My heart pounded, my breath came in hitches. One by one, I sucked them all off. Jimmy filled my mouth first, then
Sean. Adam barely lasted two minutes. Tony took the longest and came the hardest. His feet actually came off the ground as he shot my mouth full of
that thick, salty nectar. Smokey had the biggest dick. It was both longer than Sean's and thicker. I wondered if get enough in my mouth to really
suck him, but I did. When he gave me his wad, I couldn't get all of it down. Some of it ran down my chin.I wiped it off with a finger and ate
it anyway. While I was working the last few drops out of Smokey's dick, I heard Sean pop the lid of the tube of lube. Instantly, my ass started

>> File Party 2.jpg

>>4942 cont.

Looking back now, I can't believe what a little boyslut I was, but at the time I didn't care one bit. I was lubed up and felt Sean ease up behind me.
Laying my head in Smokey's lap, I started getting fucked. Positions were switched. We moved all around the room. From the easy chair to the sofa to
the floor to the coffee table and back to the sofa. One after another, they stuck their peckers up my ass and gave me their best. They were nice
enough to clean themselves off before putting their cocks in my face, but I'm not sure I would have given a shit. The best moment came when I lay on the coffee table, my legs being held back, spread wide apart by two of my teenage friends, not with violent force, but to allow easier access to my butt,
Smokey's big dick buried in my ass, Tony's in one hand, Jimmy's in the other, and Sean's in my mouth. They came within instants of each other. My
butt was filled again. My mouth was filled again. My chest and face were painted with young, virile cum. I shivered and blew my own load. "There
you go," Adam said before taking Smokey's place and plunging inside me.
They took turns on me for several hours. Their loads of cum became smaller, but they were tireless. At last, I lay on my back, my butt propped up, and 
took them one after another, getting to watch their faces as they fucked me, their chests and abdomens tighten as they loved me. All of them
kissed me while they drilled my asshole. I was in heaven. Who cared what people might think? Right then and there, I was surrounded by the "cool
kids". I was being hugged and kissed and fucked and touched. I was their "Little Buddy" and I loved it.
It was well after midnight when they finally finshed. My ass was on fire, but I didn't care at all. We cleaned up and they started getting dressed.
Each of them gave me a long, deep kiss as they headed for the door. Smokey even picked me up and gave my ass a squeeze while he kissed me goodbye.
When they had gone, Sean and I hopped in the shower together (which naturally led to another blowjob for him), then climbed into his bed. He let me
snuggle up to him, curled up against his chest with his arm around me. "Did you have fun?" he asked. I looked at him smiling. "Yeah. That was cool."
He hugged me tight, gave me another long kiss, and said, "That's my Little Buddy."
It was soon after that my parents told me that we would be moving off base before the end of August. My summer was going to come to an end sooner than expected, but I wasn't done with my adventures entirely.
There were more to come.
To be continued...

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