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/ss/ ~ Gay childhood sex stories thread? (male on male-- ...
No. 6117 Quote report

File 1366217225100.jpg

Gay childhood sex stories thread? (male on male-- femanons gtfo)

I'll start with one of my experiences that I posted in the last thread.

>be 15
>be closeted
>also closeted friend is staying over
>I have foot fetish
>he knows it
>he takes off socks
>keeps putting his feet near/on me while we play vidya
>get massive boner, easily visible through my shorts
>he points it out
>"Go jerk off or something, Anon, you perv" he says
>"Why don't you do it?"
>grab his legs
>position his feet at my crotch
>he gives me a footjob while I play Grand Theft Auto 3
>tfw he eventually let me fuck him in the ass a month or so later
>tfw we continued this for the rest of high school


I was 14 or 15 years old. Always wondered wat it would be like to suck a guy. Eventually decided to go on a gay dating site to meet some guys. Only older men contacted me, so I had to pick one of those.

After a week of chatting, we arranged a meeting. He picked me up in his car and we drove to a place where not many people come.
There he gives me head, but I was too nervous and I couldn't get him up. After that he wanted me to suck his cock. I went down on him and he came after a minute or so.
When that was done, he drove me back to the meeting place, gave me 50 bucks and I never talked to him again.


I'm so jealous Q_Q
> Cousin staying over
> 3 years older than me
> I'm young... say 11-13? [I forget]
> I ask about masturbation he offers to show me
> a few very weird hours later;
> he says he only used his finger and i never touched penis
> Lel jokes on him-i didn't.


omfg I don't even know where the fuck to begin...
Why do people like you find the whole Boston Maraton Bombing something to joke about? You think because you get to sit in your warm homes on a computer that you can just joke about horrible event like this? What the actual fuck is wrong with you? This issue is very serious, yet crazy assfucks like you are throwing shit jokes about it. Sick fuck, doing this shit does fucking nothing. So you want to come on an imageboard to be an asshole about situations like this? Let me tell you, you are fucking weak. You would never be useful to the world with such behavior you present. Honestly why do people like you even exist? I bet you don't even know about half of what people have gone through from then till now. You are such a disgusting bully. Isn't it bad enough that people go through hardships of their loved ones? Seriously what do you really find funny about it? Stupid fucker I'm so angry right now that I wish I can fucking punch my computer screen so that my fist can get a good hit on that asshole face of yours. Sick fuck. Seriously, just fucking grow up and actually act properly about the bombings. Stupid fuck, keep eating those cheetoes that you stain on your shirts every day.

I'd go on about how fucked up you are, but I'll restrain myself right now.

Just hope one day that you will never have a hard life even nearly as the many who have ever since the Boston bombings.

>> File 1366218909389.jpg

I guess I might as well post another story then.

>another night
>same friend staying over
>playing vidya again
>we're on my bed, he's laying flat on his stomach, while I'm sitting next to him
>give him the controller
>put my hands on his ass while he plays
>he doesn't react / pretends not to care
>I pull down his shorts
>squeeze/spread/play with his ass for about an hour while he plays vidya
>ask if I can fuck him
>he says no
>ask if I can cum on him
>"Sure faggot"
>cum all over his ass
>go back to squeezing
>cum on him again
>rinse, repeat

The next weekend, he let me start fingering him. He was slow to warm up to it, but eventually he let me fuck him. He wasn't a fan of it the first couple times, but then I guess he caught anal fever, because that was literally all he wanted to do after that point.

>> File 1366219533065.gif

Also bumping for this of course, someone post some so I can live vicariously through you haha.


First one goes back

>be around 12
>Playing playstation with 2 year older friend
>he suddenly turns off the game and puts on a porn dvd
>amazed and confused - never really seen porn before
>he starts rubbing himself
>Pulls me into his parrents betroom, with out giving me a saying
>bends me over the bed and pull down my pants
>starts rubbing his dick between my asscheeks
>tries to push into my ass, too dry and I resist
>keep rubbing till he comes over my ass
>doesn't let me dry it off, pulls my pants back on.
>he does this to me repeatedly for a few months

>> File 1366219491998.gif

Sure why not..
>Be 12-13
>at friends house hanging out
>he was 3 years older than me
>he gets a stack of playboys and hustlers from his dad's stash
>we lay on his bed looking at them
> he asks if i ever jack off
>i say yeah who doesn't
>we pull down our pants and stroke ourselves
> many minutes pass then he gets lotion from the bathroom
>he puts some on his dick then on mine
> we lay there jacking off, then he tells me i'm doing it wrong
> I swear he grabs my dick

>> File 1366219596575.jpg

Next part of (>>375)

>a couple weeks later
>he tells me he was finally ready for me to fuck him
>he says he "cleaned" himself well
>I didn't know what that meant at the time, but after more experience with anal, I'm glad he knew how to prepare himself for it
>he makes me turn off all the lights, because he's embarrassed
>I agree
>my bed is too squishy to manage any stable positions, so we get on the floor
>he puts one of my pillows undernearth him, then props his ass up for me
>I pull down his shorts
>spit on his asshole for lube, finger him until he's ready
>penetrate him slowly
>he stays quiet
>saliva keeps drying up, and it's frustrating as fuck
>get fed up with lack of lube
>rub my dick between his ass cheeks until I cum

We actually bought some silicon-based lube next time, and that made things a hell of a lot easier.


>Be 15
>Be at home, reading Naruto's manga
>Be with Friend, he's 14, almost hitting 15
>I start doing jokes on Naruto, such as 'he's so cute, hihi' faking laugh and femenine voice
>He says 'Uh, you like him, don't you' and caresses me tenderly
>Dunno what's going on, nothing planned, never had a thing to guys
>Starts nodding looking right at him
>He continues for some seconds, saying I'm cute and I look like a girl
>He stops, and continues to read.
>I take the manga that I was reading and before coming back to my lecture, I pretend I'm unconfortable, so I sit next to him
>While the minutes passes I pretend to read while just thinking about him and what he has in his pants
>Suddenly he puts the manga on the floor
>'What's wrong?' I ask
> He look at me and kisses me, his lips on mine
>I open mouth and we play with our tongues.



alright, i'll share mine.

>be 18, male, bisexual

fuck it, i'm a newfag that can't write in green text. sorry.

so my crush (also a close friend of mine) tells me that he's home alone and wants me to come over before we meet up with the gang. i've been wanting to suck him off for ages but he refuses.

anyway, i get there, after like, 10 minutes, we joke around, and i ask him if he'd like a blowjob. he said, well not from you anon, you're ugly as fuck. i grab his head and kiss him on the neck, like fucking passionate like. he let out a sigh, and i asked him if i would blow him.

i sat on the couch, him on top of me, he was grinding on my dick and i was caressing his body as i took off his shirt. i moved down to his pants and he already had an erection. i grab his dick, and it's all i fantasized about; white, 6 inches, firm, warm, just begging to be sucked.

i put him on the couch, and kneeled at his feet, head at his dick. he closes his eyes as i suck him off. good god, i'm calling him again so i can suck him off again.

anyway, he gets comfortable, starts throatfucking me. i let him do that. after 5 minutes, he says hes gonna cum, i keep on sucking and jerking him off until i feel his balls shaking. he shoots load after warm load of cum down y throat. i look up at him, and he kisses me.

then we have a bong hit and go meet up with the gang.

good god, i'm jerking off to that memory.

and i've talked to him, gonna suck him off tomorrow.

>> File 1366219673603.jpg

>Be me at 15
>Always call neighborgh when I'm alone at home
>Watch porn
>I say "look my boner dude, I'm hard as fuck"
>"Yeah me too anon"
>"I'm gonna fap"
>"I'll help you, if you help me"
>Start mutual fap as always
>Go to my bedroom
>Get naked
>Only rubbing my dick against his ass
>He gets on me
>Puts saliva in my dick and his ass
>"I wanna try something new I saw, anon" he says
>Slowly starts sitting in my dick
>Feel like nothing I've felt before
>Start fucking and moaning like fucking animals
>Came buckets at the same time as him
>Hear someone just came home
>Put clothes as quick as lightning
>Turn on TV
>Dad comes into my room
>We're like nothing happened, just watching TV
>When neighbor leaves he says: "When you wanna do it, just call me"
>Keep fucking like this for 3 or 4 years later, in my home and some other places too
>Best fuck buddy I've ever had
>mfw he's straight right now


>tfw this never happened to you


Shame I dont know you, Id have my cock on standby for a sneaky bj. lol.

As for a story from me, havnt had one yet. I want to but cant seem to meet anyone. =(


a few years ago a told one of my friends that i was bisexual so a few weeks after that my friend got a condom and he butt fucked my and we did it again a week after boy scout camp and he didn't use a condom he used his spit ( i don't like giving oral). 

>> File fdj.jpg

me and my friend Tony started screwing each other around 10 or 11 always at his house. We'd do it on his bed or on the pile of dirty clothes in his basement (guess the smell was a big turn on) he had a nice thick head on his cock which drove me nuts. By 12yo I was prostituting myself on paper routes to men Tony was doing, one year I made like a grand extra I hid from my mom.

>> File whiteboard2.png

>be me
>4th grade
>so about 9-10
>friend of mine( a year younger than me ) says he has to go to thebathroom
>i go with him
>he pisses
>after hes done i blow him he blows me
>do this every recess untill I move( so for about 3-4 months)
I think because this was my first sexual expirence that it just kinda stuck with me, I like young boys and have a piss fetish…
Here is some OC shota


I used to think I was a horrible boy-slut when I was 12 but after reading some of the stories on this board I realise my past was kinda mild in comparison (that's if it's all true at least anyway).

When I was about 8, there was a male friend I really iked. Our other female friend was away for a week in the hospital. During lunch break I casually suggested watching each other pee at the school toilets. He agreed, I always thought he was kinda gay, and we get in a cubicle together. We start laughing and sword fighting dicks, eventually leading to rubbing up against each other. We decide to go outside and do it out in the open at the far end of the school yard because we think it'd be more fun. We get caught by older kids who see us trying anal, which was really just us sliding our dicks into each others butt checks. We get teased and there's such a bad stigma around being gay at that age that I never really talked to my friend again out of fear of being labelled gay.

About 4 years latter when I was just starting High School I had a bit of a self discovery that I was gay. I walked home from school some days and past a public park with a public toilet block. I went in there to masturbate reading all the gay graffiti on the cubicle walls and imagining all the gay stuff that happened there. Then one time I was feeling really daring and left a question on the wall. Next to the "for a good time come here at 5:30" message I wrote "Can they be 13?". It was obvious my message was a dumb kid's handwriting. I came back there the next few days and saw a whole heap of responses, some saying "the younger the better" another saying "fuck off with that pedo shit" but a whole heap just said simply things like YES!! and Fuck Yes!!

I decided to go for it and wait around till 5:30 one afternoon. I hovered around the toilets, walking in and out the front door. I noticed someone had parked on the street facing the toilets, a bearded 40yo looking guy. I went back to the cubicle and closed the door. My heart was racing and I had a raging boy-boner. The guy walks in, doesn't go for a piss but instead starts slowly pacing about, I wonder if he was feeling nervous too.

Eventually, after what feels like ages but was probably only 5 minutes, He's stopped outside my door and I finally hear him speak. "Hey kid," he says "You the kid who left the message on the wall bout being 13?". I quietly say yes. He asks if he can come in and again I quietly say yes. He walks in and locks the door. He asks me If I really am 13 and I tell him not yet I'm actually 12. He tells me how naughty that is and pulls down his pants revealing his cock. He's fully erect but he's not massive, maybe 6-7 inches. I'm just staring at it not knowing what to do when he starts stroking it and asks me if I've ever masturbated with anyone before. I tell him a few times with friends but I think he saw through my lie. He tells me to lift up my school shirt and pull down my pants. I do as he says, showing him my little erect boy-cock. He immediately starts fondling me with both hands, rubbing me all over and telling me how sexy I am. He then kneels down and starts sucking me off. It felt good but there was no climax from me, I could only dry orgasm at that age and I was super nervous so nothing came out.

Eventually he stops and stands up, asking me if I'd ever traded blowjobs before. I tell him yes (again don't know why I lied) so he asks if I want to get started on him. I sit down on the toilet with his cock right in my face. He tells me to lick it which I do. He then grabs my head and starts forcing half his cock in and out of my mouth, hitting the back of my throat and making me almost gag. He slows down and makes it just the head telling me to keep moving my tongue around while he kept jerking it. He cums in my mouth very quickly after that. I spit it out immediately, being the first time I ever tasted cum it tasted too weird. He tells me how great that was and how good I was at. He gave me his number and said if I ever wanted to do it again send him a text.

I did it a few more time with this guy and once or twice with a couple others. I never even knew the names of the guys I did it with. I stopped when I was about 15. I still kinda like the idea of being young again and fucked by older guys, probably why I'm into shota; nostalgic wish-fulfillment of going further like what you see in these drawings since I never did anything beyond blowjobs at that age.


When I was younger (13 or 14), me and my best friend had just went trick or treating. When we got home we were playing some video games and he was lying on the bed. I sat on his lap (which when we were by ourselves wasn't weird ) not realizing it gave a little bounce and when I landed I felt his boner poke through my shorts. We had one of those awkward "do you wanna" talks and after some beating around the topic he dropped subtle hints that he wanted me to touch his dick. after being sure I unzipped his pants and started jerking him off. his face was red and he closed his eyes so I smiled and started giving him a blowjob, and at first he was shy about it, but after a while he stared getting into it pushing my head down trying to choke me with his dick. he lasted quite a while (i remember my bouth starting to feel a little sore) before he came in my mouth. then he gave me an awkward thank you and we went back to playing video games. I gave him head a few more times, but he only tried to fuck me once but failed. Ah good times.

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