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/ss/ ~ Hello boys, I love the straight shota and this is ...
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File 1.jpg

Hello boys, I love the straight shota and this is a personal work of mi personal pic with 3D anime SS.. Tell me if you like


childplay! i'm glad your back, ofcourse we want o see more of you! and im loving that armpit licking scene , i hope u add more!


Hope you are here to stay. Welcome back, been busy?


Oh Childsplay welcome back! Missed you so much! Looking forward to your new works, this edit looks already amazing!

>> File caught_mom_relaxing.jpg

new artist here.

>> File 2452 - Dash_Parr Helen_Parr Pandoras_Box The_Incre.jpg

inspired by pandoras box


Guys, I am around, but this is not me. To cut a long story short I have a hard drive failure and lost a lot of assets for Daz3D. Not sure if I can re-establish the collection I had but its always at the back of my mind. Sorry to disappoint any of you but who knows... its like an annoying itch that won't go away. Never know what happens in the future. or now - Childsplay out. Take care all.


Oh that is some shockingly bad news Childsplay, so sad for your hard drive failure and losing everything! Anyway at shotachan your old thread is still there with every work you posted. Hope you can sort out everything and return back in the foreseeable future! Best wishes to you!


I love all your messages... I'll post more of my pics Real 3D SS


Hello ! I think it's great work and I hope you'll make a story.
I would also like to know if you have a site ... .. Thank you for sharing.