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File 1_01.jpg

Hi, I am starting a comic with TK17. It is only in Spanish because I use many expressions of Spain. I do not speak much English, sorry.
If you want to translate some English-speaking and post it, it is free to do.
It's my first comic and the design is not very good, but if like someone, I'll be happy.

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Una duda para los hispanohablantes.
Hay algún sito de straight shota en español donde pueda colgar el comic?
Esto está muy muerto para este idioma

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Hola amigo,prueba en Reydelcomix o en (Saludos)

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EP1 21pag .pdf 8,7MB MEGA


EP2 33pag .pdf 11,7MB MEGA


EP3 93pag .pdf 35,9MB MEGA


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all links dead ! reup please

reup por favor !!

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File 754937.jpg

Does somebody have this one?

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Don't try this, just leads to an endless cycle of ads and fake download links.

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if you can be patient you can download all. be patient and try again and will show it the true page of the download

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This is fake. It's just a scam.

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I managed to get it for free, finally. Sharing the love:

Find the Perverted Mommy thread on shotachan dot net. The mediafire links worked fine for me and you can download all three back to back. NEXT you need to download a program like file joiner to combine all three parts into a usable winrar. The password is also in the thread. there is no audio, but it is for real.

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Man, thank you so much for your effort.

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File 0027.png

Well, since its has been quiet for a while im just gonna leave this here. Hope you enjoy it.

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I demand more!!

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File The Klub 17-0006.png

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File 0015.png

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File 0022.png

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File The Sins - Tutor.jpg

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Hey Spoov! Long time lurker here; and I don't wish to detract from any of your recent projects, but having read the origin story of your Lara Croft comic in it's entirety does make me wonder; will we be seeing any more of the story? 
The pool scene, Charlie spying, the drive home or handjob in the bedroom scene? Perhaps even one of the later (probably non-cano) gym blowjob scenes? 
A continuation of the story at all, would be most welcome.

I really think you could do the story justice, especially with your skills in rendering have dramatically increased as of late... 
Would love to hear your thoughts on this... Thank you for all you've done! =)

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Marvelous Spoov. Can't wait for more additions.
Oh.....the anticipation

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Where to Find spoov comics?

>> No. 4853 Quote report

Any news Spoov? Looking forward to new pics!

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File 008-e.jpg

A mix of 3d works boy various artists

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File db840201b4ce6e964616db6489e4eeb4e60a14c9-tile.jpg

Anything for my boy.

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File a79fe48038e022dca89f7c824b67cab7432cf040.jpg

Good times

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File Mom takes contol.jpg

When you're just tired of cleaning up after the boy

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File safesexwithmom.jpg

A belly-full of juice.

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File Milftoon_Friends_with_Benefits_06.jpg

Anyone has something about fucking a friend's mom?
I can't seem to find much anywhere... hope you could help me out!

>> No. 4593 Quote report

I know this title, I am just looking for something similar, all I can find is mom-son incest.

>> No. 4598 Quote report

The artist that wrote that comic (Glassfish) has a bunch of non-incest SS stuff. Most of his stuff is on exhentai. I'm pretty sure Our Sons Our Lovers by Fenrir was also about friend's moms (treated as sort of a swinging thing). 

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maybe this should help

>> No. 4601 Quote report

>> No. 4934 Quote report

Please someone adds moree

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File hj_2.gif

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Did you change your avatar? I can't seem to find you ;-;

>> No. 4856 Quote report

Yes but the eyes are the same. ;)

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 Look man, if you want feedback for your poses just upload them here or tell us your username instead of sending people on wild goose chases.

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File 1.png

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File 2.png

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File police-and-children fuck ass.jpg

police woman letting the junior boy fuck her ass in public.[quote][spoiler]

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File 136699041078.jpg

Anyone have names of some SS movies / Series?

Maybe even a place to download or stream them?

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File 136699060848.jpg

>> No. 1780 Quote report
File 136699107580.jpg

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File 136699120131.jpg

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File sample-76ea9a474f4406f7467fdbb00b71c094.jpg

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Where can I find more of the OP, please and thank you in advance...

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File SaHa_Let_Us_Take_Photos_of_Your_Dick_05.jpg

I had this comic years ago, translated to English, that was about three shotas on a school break trying to earn money by becoming photo models. Of course they end up being lewd models to this woman, and one gets a stiffy on set. Another one gives him a BJ, but in the end they accidentally break some equipment of the photographer so they have to model even more. I for the life of me can't find it anymore anywhere. Would anyone have it?

Bonus round: Any other CFNM (Clothed Female, Nude Male) Shota douijins. They are rather rare.

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File 01.jpg

alright..I don't know how to dump the whole pics in an organized I'll just be dropping them..

been fooling around on TK17 ..

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The link is dead, could you please upload a new one Please! Thanx

>> No. 4625 Quote report

also, try / upload to here

>> No. 4626 Quote report

Giant/Mini Mod here too

>> No. 4628 Quote report

Broken / Dead

>> No. 4676 Quote report

Where do I have to put the room files???

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File 925a9430-s.jpg

looks nice sshota toon, any info?

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