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Straight Shotacon
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File 1.jpg

Hello boys, I love the straight shota and this is a personal work of mi personal pic with 3D anime SS.. Tell me if you like

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>> File 2452 - Dash_Parr Helen_Parr Pandoras_Box The_Incre.jpg

inspired by pandoras box


Guys, I am around, but this is not me. To cut a long story short I have a hard drive failure and lost a lot of assets for Daz3D. Not sure if I can re-establish the collection I had but its always at the back of my mind. Sorry to disappoint any of you but who knows... its like an annoying itch that won't go away. Never know what happens in the future. or now - Childsplay out. Take care all.


Oh that is some shockingly bad news Childsplay, so sad for your hard drive failure and losing everything! Anyway at shotachan your old thread is still there with every work you posted. Hope you can sort out everything and return back in the foreseeable future! Best wishes to you!


I love all your messages... I'll post more of my pics Real 3D SS

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File 008-e.jpg

A mix of 3d works boy various artists

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>> File comicsfromhell_org_026.jpg

>> File 60518135_p3_master1200.jpg

>> File Cathy and Her son - Morning Wood (11).jpg

>> File My favority teacher.jpg

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File Milf woman boy(clis-animation).jpg

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>> File Katara-handjob(clis-animation).gif


Clis do you got anything new?


thank you clis! you are amazing!
i would love to see a bigtits mom and two small sons!
animated if possible (maybe armpit hair licki!)


>> File black lagoon balalaika129(clis-animation).jpg


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File Abigail Biography_sample.png

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

My nickname is ESX-VINYL. I would like here to create a thread in which I will publish high-quality renderings. Only female-boys. 

Creating renders is a long process but the satisfaction is incredible. So the final render is published render. My view of women? Big tits, beautiful sexy body and of course awesome assss. Now I'm writing a short biography of Abigail (sexy redhead mature woman). Sample image in left.

My English is bad, so if you have any ideas, please write. I will choose the best biography and it will be placed in the picture with her.

If you have ideas for renders, please write.

Best regards!

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Please, could you tell me what hentai that picture is?


Please, could you make other pics where a poor youngster (slim, 15 years old and 1.60 mt tall) makes her assjob or ass sucking job?
Thanks in advance!!


Hi ESX!!
Abigail is stunning,
I'd like to contact you on Patreon, I've checked the link that you've put but the option to send you message is not available.
Do you have a blog or other way to find and contact you?

>> File visiting_grandma_after_church.jpg


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File 5569c01716216.jpg

Looking for a SS, story is a boy shows up at a housewives doorstep and tells her he is the son of the of the person that the wifes husband is interviewing with that day and essentially cons her into sex I saw it a long time ago but havent been able to find it again


Its called Nettori Netorare. Its my favorite. Anyone have any more like it? Small kid cons/forces a wife/mom into fucking until she chooses it over her real life? I love that shit.


Its called Nettori Netorare. Its my favorite. Anyone have any more like it? Small kid cons/forces a wife/mom into fucking until she chooses it over her real life? I love that shit.

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File 138513694058.jpg


Does anyone have this game? or atleast a CG of it with the text?

Or is there any known way of buying this if you are in the US :(?

Also more shota raping older female would be nice >:)

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>> File 138691932263.jpg

>> File 138691932328.jpg

>> File 138691932333.jpg

>> File IMG_2078.jpg

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File hj_2.gif

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 Look man, if you want feedback for your poses just upload them here or tell us your username instead of sending people on wild goose chases.

>> File 1.png

>> File 2.png


is the person who made these awesome gifs still making new content? Anyone know where I can follow this guy? Great stuff!

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File The Sins - Tutor.jpg

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Where to Find spoov comics?


Any news Spoov? Looking forward to new pics!



>> File lady vs shota 12.jpg

son mom

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File HomelessKidsSuckingAdultWomanVagina.jpg

Apologize for my ENG.

A classy beautiful woman age 33 who works as a creative is being sucked and smelled her cunt from the ass by a little stranger, which is just a dirty homeless kid age 9-10 in small alley somewhere in downtown. This boy was hiding around to find some classy woman that pass alone, he liked this adult a lot as he dream to molest or fuck an adult woman for a long time. Most of all, he need to sniff cunt from the ass of an adult woman. he just came to stand face to face with the woman and showed his penis, which was hardly erecting and pointing to her face, then he admired to her that she has very nice body and her ass is ready for him, he asked woman to let him smell her cunt from the ass, which he can masturbate in the same time. This woman found this kid was very horny. Anyway she was happy to do this thing with the kid as she thought her body would be useful to release his horny very well.

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I like your stories, are there any more art wherein white women are being mated and gangraped by african children?


What the hell "cunt" cunt" cunt" really dude?





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File 8.gif

Clis-animation i think...

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File black lagoon balalaika(clis-animation).jpg


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