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Straight Shotacon
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File 139224890099.jpg

Post all filesharing links in here.
Any posts in languages that are not English or Japanese will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned.

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>> File oz3.jpg

Oozora Kaiko - Haha ni Koishite ~Wakare no Mae ni~
Oozora Kaiko - Papa ni wa Naisho no Boshi no Fureai
Oozora Kaiko - Private Satsuei - Boshi Soukan Aiyoku Hakusho



>> File _1.jpg

[Neginegio] Chaotic Nakatani-ke


>> File 0612_287.jpg

Okashimo (Benzou) - MamaShota!


>> File 01.jpg

Inariya (Inari) - Kyoudai ni Okeru Seikoushou no Kiroku


>> File p01.jpg

Gensou Pheles - Dekiai Mama to Musuko no Love Love Seikyouiku
Granada Sky (Mogiki Hayami) - Takara Sanchi no Kyodai [Eng]
Surumenium - Kanojo no Mama to Sex Training


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File 001 - A Little Practice.jpg

Takes a little while but I think I've got it to a point that I'm satisfied.  Will make more when RL allows me time :)

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>> File image.jpg

Who wants more

>> File image.jpg

Teacher catches the janitor during lunch break



Holy shit this is hot. Love the rendering. Any more?


could we have two little stiff willies pulsing and creaming her mouth at the same time?

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File 1_01.jpg

Hi, I am starting a comic with TK17. It is only in Spanish because I use many expressions of Spain. I do not speak much English, sorry.
If you want to translate some English-speaking and post it, it is free to do.
It's my first comic and the design is not very good, but if like someone, I'll be happy.

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EP1 21pag .pdf 8,7MB MEGA


EP2 33pag .pdf 11,7MB MEGA


EP3 93pag .pdf 35,9MB MEGA



all links dead ! reup please

reup por favor !!




all links are dead again

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File 008-e.jpg

A mix of 3d works boy various artists

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>> File Cathy and Her son - Morning Wood (11).jpg

>> File My favority teacher.jpg

>> File Mylilsuperhero.jpg

>> File White stuff.jpg

Don't grow up too fast young man. Savor it.

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File Mom Son Shotacon 3D Incest (3).png

more straight shota , pedomom


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>> File 1e4_1129201971424.jpg

>> File 3b5b0d69a6d4010e64c782c0804b651575105c26.jpg





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File 0001 - Jessica.jpg

Looking forward to sharing my work again with you wonderful people. Stay well. See you all soon.

Introducing Jessica. A new beginning.

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Folks... it seems like I am cursed. I have just had my external HDD which I spent some time collecting assets has started to fail with read errors. In the middle of busy work at the moment but will have to try to recover and/or replace hardware again. Won't keep you too long I promise. I will be back soon. -- Childsplay


Some really sad news, hope you can recover it! All the best and waiting for you!




I want mom-son more wedding and pregnant, please

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File Shote1fin.jpg

Hi all(I have to say angliski is not my native language, translates the program).
I always wanted to make a game in this genre. Learned to paint, though the experience I have in only three years,
but I'm working on it.
Ombili and I have huge plans, I will use the game universes.
For example, "Xcom","the walking dead","fallout" and other.
I posted it all here to hear your opinion and advice, I will be glad to read

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File SaHa_Let_Us_Take_Photos_of_Your_Dick_05.jpg

I had this comic years ago, translated to English, that was about three shotas on a school break trying to earn money by becoming photo models. Of course they end up being lewd models to this woman, and one gets a stiffy on set. Another one gives him a BJ, but in the end they accidentally break some equipment of the photographer so they have to model even more. I for the life of me can't find it anymore anywhere. Would anyone have it?

Bonus round: Any other CFNM (Clothed Female, Nude Male) Shota douijins. They are rather rare.





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File 136699041078.jpg

Anyone have names of some SS movies / Series?

Maybe even a place to download or stream them?

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>> File 136699120131.jpg

>> File sample-76ea9a474f4406f7467fdbb00b71c094.jpg


Where can I find more of the OP, please and thank you in advance...



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File IMG_1316.jpg

More of my semi-real work SS



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File vieja y niño.jpg

my original render in dazstudio

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File 3bna.jpg

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File vieja y niño 07.jpg

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File 22.jpg

so, any other stories where little boys are raped by a group of mothers (preferably with strapons or futanari?)

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File 1.jpg

Hello boys, I love the straight shota and this is a personal work of mi personal pic with 3D anime SS.. Tell me if you like

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>> File 2452 - Dash_Parr Helen_Parr Pandoras_Box The_Incre.jpg

inspired by pandoras box


Guys, I am around, but this is not me. To cut a long story short I have a hard drive failure and lost a lot of assets for Daz3D. Not sure if I can re-establish the collection I had but its always at the back of my mind. Sorry to disappoint any of you but who knows... its like an annoying itch that won't go away. Never know what happens in the future. or now - Childsplay out. Take care all.


Oh that is some shockingly bad news Childsplay, so sad for your hard drive failure and losing everything! Anyway at shotachan your old thread is still there with every work you posted. Hope you can sort out everything and return back in the foreseeable future! Best wishes to you!


I love all your messages... I'll post more of my pics Real 3D SS

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File Milf woman boy(clis-animation).jpg

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>> File Katara-handjob(clis-animation).gif


Clis do you got anything new?


thank you clis! you are amazing!
i would love to see a bigtits mom and two small sons!
animated if possible (maybe armpit hair licki!)


>> File black lagoon balalaika129(clis-animation).jpg


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File Abigail Biography_sample.png

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

My nickname is ESX-VINYL. I would like here to create a thread in which I will publish high-quality renderings. Only female-boys. 

Creating renders is a long process but the satisfaction is incredible. So the final render is published render. My view of women? Big tits, beautiful sexy body and of course awesome assss. Now I'm writing a short biography of Abigail (sexy redhead mature woman). Sample image in left.

My English is bad, so if you have any ideas, please write. I will choose the best biography and it will be placed in the picture with her.

If you have ideas for renders, please write.

Best regards!

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Please, could you tell me what hentai that picture is?


Please, could you make other pics where a poor youngster (slim, 15 years old and 1.60 mt tall) makes her assjob or ass sucking job?
Thanks in advance!!


Hi ESX!!
Abigail is stunning,
I'd like to contact you on Patreon, I've checked the link that you've put but the option to send you message is not available.
Do you have a blog or other way to find and contact you?

>> File visiting_grandma_after_church.jpg


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File 5569c01716216.jpg

Looking for a SS, story is a boy shows up at a housewives doorstep and tells her he is the son of the of the person that the wifes husband is interviewing with that day and essentially cons her into sex I saw it a long time ago but havent been able to find it again


Its called Nettori Netorare. Its my favorite. Anyone have any more like it? Small kid cons/forces a wife/mom into fucking until she chooses it over her real life? I love that shit.


Its called Nettori Netorare. Its my favorite. Anyone have any more like it? Small kid cons/forces a wife/mom into fucking until she chooses it over her real life? I love that shit.

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File 138513694058.jpg


Does anyone have this game? or atleast a CG of it with the text?

Or is there any known way of buying this if you are in the US :(?

Also more shota raping older female would be nice >:)

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>> File 138691932263.jpg

>> File 138691932328.jpg

>> File 138691932333.jpg

>> File IMG_2078.jpg

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File hj_2.gif

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 Look man, if you want feedback for your poses just upload them here or tell us your username instead of sending people on wild goose chases.

>> File 1.png

>> File 2.png


is the person who made these awesome gifs still making new content? Anyone know where I can follow this guy? Great stuff!

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