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/s/ ~ Hi to all Cindy & Jenny fans, follow this link...
No. 406403 Quote report

File P8014371.jpg

Hi to all Cindy & Jenny fans, follow this link to
the best Cindy & Jenny thread on the Net bar none,

The latest request is for Sweet Cindy 16 sets,
+ CD's 7,8 & 9, so let's start the ball rolling.

Here is 1 of the SC 16 sets from a fantastic fan, JennyPic Guy.
He has been sharing some brilliant Gems from his collection & i
hope to catch up with him again soon, rapper,SCFan

Cindy set 001.rar

Please feel free to share any or all for our Cindy & Jenny fans


Thanks a lot for starting this thread!!! I┬┤m really excited to see some or maybe all sets from SC16.


Ehhhhx-cellent, my minion! More Cindy 16! MORE! You know, for all those mortals out there without ready access to our wealth of all things Cindy.

>> File P8034601.jpg

Next SC 16 set from JennyPic Guy, there could be more to this set,
feel free to add fills if you have them.

Cindy set 004.rar


Post all the sweet 16 sets and the ones when she was doing the candids back in 2002-2004.


Tks, more... much more

>> File P7273843.jpg

Hi Cindy & Jenny fans, i have found 10 more SC 16 sets but alas, if you have been following
the old thread you will have seen these but i will post for all our new fans, rapper, SCFan,

Sommers Day.rar


That┬┤s exciting, 10 sets! Can┬┤t wait to see them. Thank you so much, rapper, SCFan.


Hi all Cindy & Jenny fans, i am trying to build up this thread,
& it would help if fans posted screen caps of their collections
to compare & find new Gems.
So our Quest is, show all our fans what you have to share.

Here is another SC 16 set to enjoy if it's new to you,

A day with Cindy.rar


Most ehhhhx-cellent post! Even I lacked for most of these in my infernal files. Well done!

>> File P7273982.jpg

Hi Andy, a Big thumbs up for your re up of early Cindy, i am hoping that
we can build this thread up to even greater heights than the old thread.
I really liked the way you put your Sweet Cindy collection together with
all of the best of's & unedited pics combined.
If you have time & would like to share them again, it would be a great start
to this new Cindy thread, or anything you might like to share, thanks, rapper

Here is another SC 16 set for any new fans,

Army look.rar

>> File P9195775.jpg

MortaIs, I seek the completion of the Kiss Me set. Here is what I have: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8379cuqsxjhe8z2/AAD4f883hjaozO8W5J_GpbAja?dl=0


Theres always a lot of stuff in the background of the pics - books, postcards, paper sheets, bills - wonder if anyone tried to clear her true identity with that information.

>> File P5013328 from set 60.jpg

Hi Andy, a massive thumb's up for adding your Sweet Cindy collection to our thread.
You have given all of our Cindy & Jenny fans a perfect start to their collecting, i have
an update for your set 63 with more unedited pics & higher res for you to enjoy, i hope
you like them, + i slip for set 60 also.
Were we able to complete your ModelFeverGirls collection? if not, just let me know of
any sets you need or anything else you might need, thanks, rapper.

SC 063.rar

Here is another SC 16 set to enjoy


JennyPic Guy, if you are out there, i would really like to make contact again.

To all Cindy & Jenny fans, feel free to jump in & share your collections or add
these Gems to your's, rapper


I hope, we put the focus back on the missing Sweet Cindy 16 sets.

>> File P9195772.jpg

Hi Lu, here is a more complete set for you to enjoy,
also 2 Vids to go with it, if you don't have them, rapper.

Kiss me set.rar

Kiss me 1 Vid .rar

Kiss me 2 Vid.rar

l will continue with the SC 16 sets, but they are just but a small
part of Everything Cindy & Jenny to enjoy, rapper


Most ehhhhhx-cellent!



No-no... that's the lastest sets from MC.

>> File P6042172.jpg

Next set of SC 16,rapper,

Cindy 16.rar


Thank you, rapper, excellent work.

>> File P6172639.jpg

Such a quick reply & thank you deserves a treat,
i will call this double up Saturday, rapper.

Cindy in the Corner.rar

Alas there are only 4 to go after this treat.

>> File P8074673.jpg

3 more to go,rapper

Cindy Mix.rar



somebody needs to bad this idiot. ruining this thread.

>> File P6122318.jpg

Hi Cindy & Jenny fans, if you are all devoted fans like i am,
nothing will stray us from our goal to share & receive as
much of Cindy & Jenny that we can muster, rapper

Here is set 10 of 12 that i have,

Going for a walk with the Cat.rar


Very much in agreement. One of those sad idiots who think it is cool to ruin things for others. Must be 6 years old.


Just hit te triangle after Quote and file he complaint. When enough people do this the moderator will delete and ban this punk.


Can┬┤t wait to see set 11 + 12

>> File P7053375.jpg

Hi, i was starting to wonder if my Cindy posts had been crowded out by all that flesh
& they had been missed.
Here is set 11 for all Cindy fans, with one more to go.

I am now going to ask all of our Cindy & Jenny fans to do some Home Work for me,
this is the kind of Home Work i would have loved to do when i was younger.

There are possibly more than the 12 sets i have found & it would be great if you all
could search thru all of your folders to see if there are any more pics or sets with
the www.Sweet Cindy 16. com logo, if you find any pics, i will see if we have the sets
that match & if you find any sets or part sets, that will be massive.
Your Odds & Sods folders might turn up some Gems, so imagine Cindy & Jenny as
your teachers & go for top marks, rapper


>> File CDs115b_003.jpg

Hello, I am an another Cindy fan and I would like to trade some stuff of her or other girls like her.
I love Jenny too. so if you want to trade more photos of amateur girls contact me at
CindyFan (at) protonmail (dot) com


sounds legit


Post the earliest custom photos she done from 2003 please.

>> File P4201362.jpg

Does anybody have Cindy in Pink 1 & 2? Mine are missing most of the photos.

>> File P6162491.jpg

Hi all, here is the last of our SC 16 sets, as i asked earlier,
please look thru all your folders for more SC 16 logo pics
& we might have more sets to share.

Anon, pleas post what you have of Cindy in Pink on Zippyshare
& we will add anything new we find for you, rapper

Orange Top.rar


is her grandpa still active as photographer?


Thank you, rapper, for sharing all your sets with us. And yes, there have to be surely more sets, I think. I really hope, that someone will share them with us.


There ue to be some forum of Cindy with some dud named Tigger or Trigger and I heard some stories he had some bad situtations with Cindy and her grandpaw and or uncle going to them What is the scwep on this?


Is it true some dud on one of her forums named tigger or trigger did some bad things to her when he went to her house?



Are you talking about Tom-Tom and the whole World-Plagiates debacle or some sort of assault?


he's either trying to be a smart ass or he's refering
to cindy's tax problems with the german authorities
(which caused her site to close down). also, his
reference to "trigger" actually is a guy named "
mustang", who used to run her web site.


I believe this is the same dumb-ass who keeps posting ugly fat women. Ignore this idiot. He is too pathetic to take seriously.

>> File IMG_0589 sm.jpg

Hi, here is a repost of JennyPic Guy's CD 8 part sets.
A Massive thanks to him for sharing these with us,
& JPG,i would really like to make contact again about
sharing the great things you have in your collection.

A Huge thanks goes to all of the Brilliant Cindy & Jenny fans
that have shared their collections with me here & on Viper,
everything we have posted & will post in the future comes from
Greatest Cindy & Jenny fan base ever, thank you all, rapper

Set 1.rar



I think he maybe means (perhaps?) that someone went to the house and played sexy games with her.
>did some bad things to her



That sounds about right. I knew about her tax problems but had forgotten about Mustang.

>> File P3020413.jpg

Here are the next 2 small part sets from CD 8, if anyone
finds that they have more pics or full sets, we would be
chuffed if you can post them to expand our collections,
thanks, rapper

Set 2.rar

Set 3.rar


Anyone any sets from CD9?

>> File P3171174.jpg

Hi C&J fans, here are 2 more part sets from CD 8,
it would be great if some of our fans could reup Cindy's CD's
for the new fans that find this thread & it might inspire the
posting of new additions, a big thumb's up goes to
JennyPic Guy for these part sets, rapper

Set 4.rar

Set 5.rar


Yes, mortals. More. MORE!

>> File PC228873.jpg

HI all, here are the last 2 part sets from JennyPic Guy's CD 8
it would be great if more fans posted things of interest, take the
plunge & show us what you have, rapper

Set 6.rar

Set 7.rar


Jenny is so f...ing HOT!!!

>> File IMG_6970sm.jpg

lending a helping hand for rapper in his quest to expand
this new thread, Viperfan

Another set gone wrong from DVD 12



Hello. I search all sets off Jenny.
Can someone post a big zip with all sets of her on zippyshare?


Maaay-be. What do you have to share?



Which site is this from?

>> File IMG_001.jpg

Hi Anon, as the title notes, these sets are from DVD 12 & have
been re upped with the help of Viperfan & his help is much appreciated.
Here is another set from DVD 12 to enjoy if it's new to you, rapper,



Part B of CD XMASS. SET GONE WRONG from Viperfan,
thanks my friend, is there anyone out there that could re up
Cindy's earlier DVD's for our new fans?,rapper.



What was there with Mustang? I was a member of her forum, the name is known to me...


mustang ran the web site.


Does somebody know what she is doing today?


Everyone seems more interested in her grandfather, uncle, and horse.


she had a pretty horse.


Hi C & J fans,here is another set & 2 vids to enjoy from Viperfan,

Shower after farm work

Here is the first video Birthday & Xmas :

Here is Cindy on her farm B & X CD clip:

A call to JennyPic Guy, it would be fantastic if you are able to share your Gems with all of
the Cindy & Jenny fans out there, your collection is the most complete one that has been
shared by anyone & i would be stoked if it could be shared with all of the fans out there, rapper


Looking for Sweet Cindy Bonus 006, I can't find it anywhere.
Hoping one of you good, kind people cab help me out.

>> File P1061151.jpg

Here are sweet-cindy bonus 006

>> File 13434792233.jpg

Does anybody have this complete set?
Was it included in any CD?


Can anyone post the Jenny set J008? I would love to see it.


Thanks a lot, That's a big help

>> File P4111182.jpg

Jenny set J008

>> File 134347922398.jpg

I have only a few pics from this set. Hope somebody could post the complete set


I need MDG set 153 to finish my MDG sets, can anyone help me? much thanks.

>> File 4C090F9.jpg

2nd attempt at posting this link. It is the J008 set. Enjoy, mortals. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zacrxqzmnoeb0e8/AAAaacDwz1quNGHcPtwgMFnka?dl=0

>> File IMG_1839.jpg

>>410133 MDG 153 as you wish, mortal. Now what have you to give the devil his due?


My thinking is that this set is from CD 9, which we sorely lack.


Can you post the rest of this set that you have? It might help to locate the rest of the set.


And I need MDG sets 150 & 158 to finish my MDG sets, can anyone help me? Maybe Lucifer? Thank you so much!

>> File MDGs150_002.jpg

And what do you have for me,. mortal? MDG 150 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nnaej8k5zaf2o3q/AAAhPSFHqFDAS7k_CtQNs9w3a?dl=0

MDG 158A https://www.dropbox.com/sh/njz3cygqyxxqphy/AADvOCRF2KrS7DV-pxa2O_Mba?dl=0

If there is a 158b I would appreciate a link.


could someone please post MDG set 154. then i will have the complete collection.


i do not think the two mystery "pink outfit" pics are from CD9. she looks much older in the few misc pics i have from CD9.


I know not why, but my posts are not getting through. Third attempt. MDG 150 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nnaej8k5zaf2o3q/AAAhPSFHqFDAS7k_CtQNs9w3a?dl=0 MDG 158a https://www.dropbox.com/sh/njz3cygqyxxqphy/AADvOCRF2KrS7DV-pxa2O_Mba?dl=0


>>410172 this set was not part of a CD they were sets that were sold individually, i am trying to locate then i may have this one


set MDG-158a



MDG-150 set



Lucifer Morningstar, what do you require of me?
Thanks for the MDG 153, I am forever your servant.


Perhaps a list of your Cindy and Jenny holdings?


no easy task,perhaps a sacrificial offering instead?
oh well, off to compile a list of Cindy and Jenny...

>> File Modelfevergirls Special Store Sets.jpg

i was able to find this screenshot from her MFG site. it shows the pink outfit set in question. i don't have any of the pics from these sets but will keep looking. and could someone please post set 154 from her MDG site. thank you in advance.


I'm missing quite a few MFG sets, alas, that is one.
I do however have most of the MDG sets (that I know about)





A simple way to compile your collection into a list is to go into the Administrator Command Prompt, go to the directory containing your Cindy/Jenny and type tree /A>=list.


Can somebody post every nude she has ever done?

>> File PA026298.jpg

Here's another pic from Set 006 pink outfit. It seems we miss many of the galleries from this Store. Lucifer, SCfan, can you help us to fill this gap?


We now know that this is from the modelfevergirl sets. However, it is missing from my archives. Do any of you mortals have this set, or at least, a few more pics?

>> File Cindy 2.jpg

With the aid of Rapper and JennyPic Guy we have ferreted out a few mor pictures. Sadly, we posses but 7 and the set holds 99. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jfxlx80csp61tqp/AADVp2hW63_H6ZIvtoFvFRqpa?dl=0

>> File Cindy 1.jpg

Does anybody have this set?


Hi to all of our Cindy & Jenny fans,
here are part sets of the 12 Store sets
coming to you from one of our fantastic
fans, JennyPic Guy's collection that he
has just shared with us,there are some
gaps in his collection of these great Gems
so if any one can add to these, he & we
would be stoked, hope you enjoy, rapper, SCFan

SpecialSets 1 to 7 incomplete sets .rar

SpecialSets 8 to 12 incomplete sets .rar

It's great to see new fans join in, welcome Torguy,
& a few Anon's, Max & welcome back BigFan.
I hope we can find & share all things Cindy & Jenny


PS, big,big thanks to Anon for the Store Set index >>410386
with pic numbers for each set that goes brilliantly with
JennyPic Guy's collection & gives us a heads up on
what is missing & to look out for, well done.
Would you by chance have any more of these picture
indexes of the DVD's, like JennyPig Guy's DVD 9 one
on Cindy's old thread ?if so, that would be great,
thanks, rapper, SCFan

>> File PA026134.jpg

That's another picture that I cannot identify from which set does come. It seems of the same period of the Set006. Here Cindy appears very cute

>> File PA026219.jpg

Her's anothe from tha same set, can anybody identify it and share?


thank you very much for MDG set 154.

>> File PA227508.jpg

here are Cindy set 10 but i have
only 53 pics http://www2.zippyshare.com/v/HajKMtMY/file.html


Unfortunately the Dropbox-link to set 006 doesn┬┤t work, Lucifer Morningstar.


Try it now. If it still doesn't work I'll create a new one.

>> File PA026199.jpg

Here are two other pics found on the net. Unfortunately of this I'have anything else :(

>> File P8034662.jpg

From which set is this? I would love to have it.


Hi all, here is a Massive compilation of all things related
to the posts above from JennyPic Guy, if these are new
to you, give him a Big Big ThankYou, rapper SCFan







Hi, Here is the last set & 2 vids to complete DVD 12 from Viperfan,
a Big thank You for your help in re posting these for any new fans
out there, rapper SCFan









i'm the guy that provided the MFG special set index. i have put together the same for cindy's CDs. http://www91.zippyshare.com/v/tHjxoJpy/file.html

>> File PA155543.jpg

Well Grover, thanks for your effort in organising the Cinid's pics.
At this poi e.g. I assume that this photo is part of the CD7, that at the present appears incomplete. Can anybody help us to recover this set?

>> File PA155617.jpg

here are the missing set CD 7 : http://www78.zippyshare.com/v/IqunqooZ/file.html


Thanks grover, these are a big help in sorting out our DVD collections,
after checking your indexes, it looks like i am missing some from
DVD 5,6 & 7, do you by chance have these & be able to possibly share
them with us ?, if so that would be massive, thanks, from you know who

>> File MFG Members CD 7 Sample_1290873530689.jpg

Thanks for your effort Bigfan. Anyway, watching the CD7 samples sent by Grover, it seems that a large amount of pics are missing from this set (I assume all the first part). Is anybody able to add the missing gems of this set?


here is what i have of cds 5, 6 and 7. i did not check them against what has already been posted.



Hi Cindy & Jenny fans,a massive ThankYou to grover for your DVD's 5,6 & 7,
with the help of your site index's i have started working on the full DVD 5.
Starting with Fluxus's text index ( Big Thanks mate, for your index's ) & marrying
it up with grover's site index, i went to a Brilliant fan ( JennyPic Guy ) who just
happened to have the missing part sets at the bottom of the DVD 5 index.
& here they are for everyone to collect & enjoy ( if they are new to you ), rapper
PS, i have added the set 7 extra's & the 2 Big vids from our collection to complete
this DVD, if i have missed anything, please let me know.
PPS, 2 of the sets from JennyPic Guy are also in grover's DVD 5, but i have left them in.

Part sets from JennyPic Guy,
From sets

From sets 10.11.12.rar

Vids & set 7 from a massive group of Cindy & Jenny fans,






Set 7 - Fills.rar


Are there any Jenny-Videos???


Is there a set of photos of Cindy where she was suckling some old fat guys reproductive organ?


Could someone please post a collection of their outtakes/extensions/customs that show those cute pussies?



Jenny Treat 12/30/16 Fri 02:18 am No. 395904 Quote Replies: >>400647 report
Hi everyone, here is an early New Year's present.
This is the only vid of Jenny that i know of,
( Please let me know if there are more ),
Jenny taking a shower CD 2.rar
A big thanks to Jennypic guy for any CD 8 pics you might share, Cindy Fan

Repost from the old Cindy thread of the only vid i have found of Jenny,
i just downloaded so the link is good for another month, rapper


hi everyone. grover here. i need some help. i screwed up. i seem to have accidentally deleted an important set that i downloaded from this group recently. i don't know the name, but it featured cindy and jenny together. they are both nude at the end and sitting in separate chairs. it is not one of the older sets. it was one i had never seen before. i'm not talking about the one with both of them at the mirror. if someone knows the set i'm seeking, could you please post a link to it. thank you so much.

>> File P1211247.jpg

Hi grover, here is the set i think you are referring to, but they are in front of a mirror
to start with in cocktail/prom dresses & at the end they are in 2 chairs.
This is the only new set of them together after MFG that i am aware of, so let me
know if this is the one you were after or more info if there are others, rapper

CD 2 Set 01.rar

Hi Torguy, if you are still with us,i missed your comment of not having all of the MFG sets,
if you can let me know of your missing one's we will fill the gaps in your collection,rapper


rapper, I'm still here, been busy cataloging sets.
I would love getting the MFG sets I;m missing
! I should get a partial list this week.


thank you for the quick response on the cindy and jenny set. you are correct. i had a brain fart and didn't look down far enough into the set.


grover here. thought i'd pass along info on a couple of programs that help me when i'm trying to figure out where certain cindy pics and folders belong on my hard drive. the first is a thumbnail program called "thumbsplus". the other is a search program called "everything". thumbsplus is great for dragging and dropping stuff into various directories on different hard drives. everything searches just your network hard drives, not the internet. you type in the file name and it quickly finds where that file is located on your system. it's fast. it gives the location before you can finish typing the complete name. it's particularly helpful when you're trying to figure out where cindy's stuff belongs. thumbsplus is not free but everything is. i hope they can make life easier for some of you.


grover, those programs look like they will make
life (and categorizing) much easier. Thanks,
although $60 seems a little steep, well see if
it makes sense ( if I can use it with other projects)
Looking forward to using them.


Who invited the mule?
And why is it wearing a dress?


Who invited the ass-hole? And why is he talking shit? Go back to your outhouse, ass-hole.


I d a little research on our resident troll. This is some of what I found:

Some people need excessive attention and get it by behaving inappropriately. It could be due to lowered self-esteem, a lack of self-confidence, low levels of self-worth or self-love or feeling insecure. Some may seek positive attention by creating situations in which they hope to be praised, thanked or admired; Some perhaps are not bothered about the quality of attention they get, just so long as they get it, and so will elicit negative attention perhaps by making a scene in public, getting over-indignant about a trivial matter, causing heads to turn and tongues to wag. Some seek out sympathy by always having something to complain about. If you care for someone whose actions are plainly done to get others to take notice and react, it's important to consider what's motivating them. If it is a one-off, it might be a sign of tiredness or a reaction to pressures and stress. If the behaviour is persistent or goes beyond what one might normally expect, it can be a sign of an underlying mental health issue.

The profile for our resident troll is as following:

Loner, not by choice. Few, if any friends in school and at work. Possibly late 30s early 40s, likely unable to achieve any success with women other than those paid for their interest. Likely short, balding, overweight, and unattractive. Classic basement dweller. He hides his identity due to paranoia and for fear somebody will learn who he is and also discover his collection of kiddy porn, another result of his failure to achieve any success with women.

This individual lives for any attention he can get without regard for how he gets it. So our best option is to simply ignore him. Report his posts, but don't give him the responses he craves.


Holy shit Mary noone fucking cares, fuck off.


Well if you take a nickname after a sit-com and talk to other
people like it`s for real, then you really got issues


Wow, so much anger & nastiness in the world today.
Time to get things on track, more of our Lovely Cindy.
These sets come to you from one of our Great Fans,
sharing his Brilliant collection of new goodies.
Thanks Heaps to JennyPic Guy for these sets from your time
on Cindy's Forum & sharing the bonus sets you received as
Journeyman & then to Boardmaster, rapper.



Hi Torguy, have you sorted out the MFG sets you are missing?,
& to all fans, please continue posting & sharing, that's the best
way to make all of our Cindy & Jenny fans Happy, rapper


Yup. Looks like Lucifer nailed it. Okay, I'll ignore him, too. I hate pedophiles anyway.


In my many travels I have discovered that beauty is truly in the eye of >>well I guess the beholder>>. take for instance The AMS girls Trixe> Bianka Sugar Lolly and well even Peach . They are all overweight and not at all very pretty >> so it depends on what you like . The AMS girls are really dirty too if you look close at their feet >>toenails >. fingernails and such you could notice.But as I say ( the eye of the beholder)


Every person on this Planet has the choice of who they find attractive & Hot
& who they would love to see more of, i am one of those fans that find Cindy & Jenny
Hot & Lovely to look at over & over again & i don't give a toss as to your thoughts.
Now for all of our fans of Cindy & Jenny, here are the sets from JennyPic Guy's
BoardMaster time on their forum,in their day, these were special treats for the
members but may seem a little tame today but they will make any dedicated fan's
collection that much more complete,rapper






Why do you think they are dirty......dirty feet, toes, etc?


Hey rapper, I'm still (slowly) getting used to those new programs. I haven't got a full list, but I'm missing
at least (to start) sets 1,3,4,6,7,8,9,10. for a start :-)


Hi Torguy, here are the first 10 sets from a great friend & fan, Babas, his collection
has the best resolution & complete sets that greatly added to Lucifer's & my collections.
If anyone has or finds over & above these MFG sets I would love to hear from you, rapper,

01 to 10 - Model Fever Girls for Torguy.part1.rar

01 to 10 - Model Fever Girls for Torguy.part2.rar

It would be great if other fans joined in & posted things from their collection also, the
more, the merrier, rapper


gathered from usenet. these don't show much except for the fact that one has to be careful at all times.



rapper thanks! Those sets were great!
I am also missing ( well, first group) sets 15 thru 30 (inclusive).
Grover - nice set of Cindy stalking sets, any idea how recent?


rapper, my MFG sets collection ends at 075b,
I guess there are 95 sets ( in the preview I have).
If any body else can help I'm willing to share what I have.

any plans to put up a collection online?

>> File P5164064.jpg

I have a
sweet-Cindy set that I don't know the number to, can anyone help?


Hi Torguy, the set you are not sure of is set SC 070
& for some fof your MFG missing sets, use the link
in the first post & at the bottom of the old thread you
will find links to most of the MFG sets you are missing.
If you need any sets after collecting from there, just let
me know.
Thanks for sharing grover, the more fans that add parts
of their collections, the more chance we have of bringing
past & new fans on board that may have the Gems we
are looking for to complete our Quest of everything of
Cindy & Jenny, thanks everyone, rapper


Thanks for the pics. Too bad exif shows they are from 2010. Would like to know, what the farm is now up to. Is Tezza still alive and kicking?


What the fuck is up with this board lately? When you click any link here..including pages 0, 1, 2 3, etc..you get 3 popups pages all with fucking spam? You cant even view a page or preview lately with all this shit.


There're a some sets where she masturbates includes a video. She makes such a beautiful face when she does that.


Hi, What the Fuck 5 questionmark Guy, it looks like you are having 2 different probs,
the first one, with all links, right click & copy into your preferred browser & highlight
up to the Question mark & delete & you will be left with the link to the sets or rar's only.
Hitting Go should only bring up the link if it's Zippy or Dropbox, but not sure what might
happen with other links in other threads.
Prob 2, this one i am not sure what's happening, i have checked my 3 browsers, Chrome,Firefox
& older Internet Explorer & all of them go straight to any page i select, they might have
add blockers installed but i never purposely put them there
I hope i have solved at least 1 of your probs, one hell of a Cindy fan, please let me know how you
get on because only the best should come from this thread.

>> File P6034563.jpg

rapper, thanks for letting me know it's SC 070, but now I don't know where the set that I had as '070' goes. can you help?


Hell, a few years ago someone on here posted the text for a one-liner GM userscript that cleaned up all the links.

I'm sure someone can post something like that for him.


if you need to block popups, you should get a popup blocker..... it beats crying to the internet.
even IEs built in popupblocker stops them all, if you set it to high(block all)
I think they have been around since 1990....


Hi Torguy, the second pic posted is also in my 070 set, it looks to be
2 part sets put together in the one i have.
Could you Zippy your 070 for me to compare & i will post any pics i have
over & above your set, a question for you, having the name Torguy, did you
have anything to do with starting Cindy's old thread ?.

Here are some more of JennyPic Guy's collection from his time on Cindy's forum,
a massive thanks goes to him for all of the Gems he has added to our collections,



Thanks for the help with WTF 5? guy's problems, if any of our fans can give us
info to smooth our journey to everything Cindy & Jenny, that would be great, rapper


rapper, thanks. that filled most of my missing sets, i am down to about 20 now :-)
I still eed sets 16-25 (inclusive) and about 10 other scattered sets.


Hi Torguy, here are the sets you were after,rapper

MFG 16 to 20 for Torguy.rar

MFG 21 to 25 for Torguy.rar


Rapper, no, I just came here relatively recently. I have been collecting Cindy stuff for a few years
( ever since 'I' discovered her) but just happened on this treasure trove.


It might sound like a stupid question among all these experts conversations, but when were Cindy and Jenny born?


Cindy Short (born 3 December 1990)
sister Jenny Short (born 18 November 1988)


Cindy was born in 1990. Jenny might be a few years older.


Cindy was born in 1990. Jenny might by a few years older.

>> File IMG_1794.jpg

from Cyndy Dreams 041b

>> File IMG_1795.jpg

from Cyndy Dreams 041b

>> File IMG_0732.jpg

Anybody has this full set? Was this in any special CD? I never' seen it

>> File IMG_1818.jpg


>> File P8149686.jpg

from 041a

>> File P8149706.jpg

from 041a

>> File T&Wseta&b_043.jpg

from 042

>> File T&Wseta&b_119.jpg

from 042

>> File P8170303_102.jpg

from Cindy-Dreams 043

>> File P8170303_086.jpg

from Cindy-Dreams 043


That Blondie in stockings is hot...


is there anymore videos of sweet cindy or mfg? I got the other videos from the older thread. those were great. so anyone has more p[ease post. thank you .oldcindyfan

>> File 01.jpg

I have only this one from Sweet Cindy set 41


Things are a little too quiet. Doesn't anybody have anything to contribute?


Cindy has participated in a model competition at wickedweasel many years ago. Has anyone the photos.


thanks for the bump friend


Thank you for your valuable and insightful post. Your contribution has made this thread better than it was earlier. You must be well respected by your peers, and you have sex with countless unimaginably attractive women whom declare you as the best lover they've ever had. The world is a better place, thanks to you..

>> File 12.jpg


>> File 126176179963.jpg


>> File 198_e.jpg



Fuck kid, quit trying so hard. You look like more of a douche that the other guy.


Sorry I haven't posted in a while, lots of 'life stuff' right now, but I still check in ( every week or so)....
I have around 100 Gig of cindy files and around 60 Gig of Sandra files that I want to sort, guess my summer is planned out....


did anybody ever come up with something from cd09?


when you post the sandra stuff please post a ink here, thank you


If thou wouldst place thy collection on Dropbox, I shall be pleased to shift through thy collection for thee.


Lucifer Morningstar that is a really nice offer.
I think i may if it takes me to long, but I'm going to try first (besides 100 gig would be quite a lot for Dropbox).
Besides there is a lot of duplicates.


how would you have a private conversation with another member of this board?


Hi torguy, i just sent a message to the place you contacted me from
last month, check it out for more info, rapper,SCFan


I would love to see all SC16 sets. Can┬┤t believe, that all sets have been posted yet.

>> File P7233834.jpg

Can anyone help?


Hi Sweet Cindy 16 set guy, thanks for finding another pic with that logo.
I have put in a request to JennyPic Guy asking if he has
this et in his collection. I will let everyone know if anything comes up, rapper.



Drop box holds but a mere 2 Gb or the freeaccounts, but or $10.00 a month (or 100.00 for a year) you can place 1 Tb in the account. I have over 100 GB in mine already. As for the work involved, I have priograms that kill duplicates and allow me to compare folders. One other plus, I could link you in and you could access my collection as I sift through yours. Rapper and I have been doing this for some time now.


SCFan, I suffered a loss of all my bookmarks earlier this month and don't know where (or what) that site is
I restored an old backup file, but I can't find the link.



I guess you can reach me this way,

contact me at
torguy (at) protonmail (dot) com

not the prettiest way...


This one vexes me sorely. I have sought this set to no avail. Doth anybody else possess this set?


the pic posted in post 417185 was also part of a free MFGs
set "at the zoo". that set has a MFGs watermark, not a
Sweet-Cindy16 watermark.


hello I'm a fan of sandra Orlow is someone having sets where she pees or links on website where I can find them regards ?


if you want to text me about Sandra links okay, but this isn't the place for Sandra Links.

>> File P7193688.jpg

Thank you, rapper. Here┬┤s another one.

>> File P8034663.jpg

Also unknown to me ...


I have found the selection in question and strive to make it available to all. I believe it will be ready 'pon the morrow.


This one is the Aug3rd-update from the free gallery. I will make available on the morrow as well.


I seem to be batting 1000, today. I have found this set as well. More for the morrow.


As promised, I bring the sets.


Torguy, what say we set up a new thread for Sandra so as not to clutter up this thread? I'll be happy to assist.


Lucifer, that sounds good, I have a lot of her sets (don't know how many there actually are, or their naming scheme)
rapper has my info, I look forward to commencing this journey


Ehhhhhhx-cellent! It will take a few days to get my own collection sorted, but then I will start a new thread.


More sc16? please


Hi Cindy & Jenny fans, i don't want to disappoint our many fans, but there may be not
many more SC16 sets to be found.
Here is the reply from JennyPic Guy about the Sweet-Cindy16.com site i put to him
on the old thread,

The sweet-cindy16.com site was briefly open in 2006 (after the sweet-cindy.com site
was closed because the owner did not pay Cindy enough for her pics). It had very few sets (free),
but mostly it sold Cindy's CDs (1 to 3). After a couple of moths, the site modelfever-girl.com was
opened (later modelfevergirls.com), where the same content was also available, plus much more.

His comment of there being only a couple of months of SC16.com could mean not much more than
the 12 i have posted from CD 3 Special & CD 4 that match up with this time frame, i am hoping for
more & will keep on looking,rapper
PS sets of the latest 3 pics could be out there, but they were also marked as free samples in my
collection, so i am not sure & am hoping to ask JPG when i can catch up with him.


It may be that the only sett we he left to find are that on CD 9. I hope everybody is as diligent in the search as Rapper and myself.


Does anyone have a list of sets? sc16?


What sets do you have? I might help us spot what you are missing.


Hi C & J fans, here is the latest from JennyPic Guy,
these are from current sets but some have higher
resolution & check for extra pics for your collections,







Post this set please sir collector.


These sets are great, thank you! Any more?


Part 6 is a duplicate of part 5 could post part 6 please
http://www66.zippyshare.com/v/ytglGK6p/file.html part 5
http://www66.zippyshare.com/v/ytglGK6p/file.html part 6


Hi Andy, a Massive thanks for your assembly of Sweet Cindy with extra's,
i have had a quick look thru & i might be able to add to your collection & as
a thank you for your generosity, here is SC 063 for you with higher res &
mostly unedited pic's for you to enjoy.
I look forward to anything you are able to share in the future, is there anything
by chance you need to add to your collection?, rapper
SC 063.rar

Anon, i have checked & downloaded Andy's Zippy list twice to check &
downloaded his collection with no problems, you should be ok to go but
let us know if you still have probs


I don't have anything new, but I see that old thread is gone, so I will reup my posts in free time
I still hope that we will find out more pics to this (it was made on the same day as SC024)

My Sweet Cindy links on zippy already deleted. I will reup to filedropper soon


I probably messed it up while trying to copy/paste to jdownloader
Thanks Andy and all of the posters/contributors


>>421765 please reup. all links are dead. thank you in advance

>> File DSC04286.jpg

Time to reup Sweet Cindy.Sets 1-104 with unedited and extra pics. Compilation from previous thread.


>> File DSC05284.jpg

Cindy CD 1. with few extra pics.

>> File 1_080.jpg

I forgot about preview for this post. Here you go

>> File P2150185.jpg

Cindy CD 2 with few extra pics


Thank you for chosing a great filehoster for the reups!
Thank you for the grat work!


Why r they so scarce?


Hi all, here are some more shares from JennyPic Guy,
his first is the 4 missing sets from the Bestof collection,
009a, 016a, 034a & 076.
Many thanks for these JPG, another gap filled, rapper



Hi to every Cindy & Jenny fan, here is a little more from JennyPic Guy's collection,
a big, big favor to ask of some of our friends, our most important missing gems are
all of CD9, the rest of CD8 ( to add to the 6 part sets from JennyPic Guy & there could
be possibly vids missing from CD7 & maybe a few sets & pics from CD6 & CD5.
If anyone could work with us by reupping their CD's 5,6,7 for checking, that would be
fantastic, TIA to anyone that can help, rapper.
hope you enjoy these if they are new to you,




JennyPic Guy has some more interesting folders thah i hope he will share with us in the near future,
thanks again for everything shared, rapper

>> File 0493403366.gif

My God Your trying hard.


great pics! thanks a lot.

>> File 133975297596.jpg



Hi Vomitfest, you are right, seeing a girl pissing in public
in front of inocent bystanders would make me vomit also.
As for My Cindy & Jenny, i will keep posting untill i can find no more, rapper


thx rapper for those wonderful pics - keep on posting

>> File 13029280081.jpg

I was referring to that nasty bitch Cindy.
She has no business taking her clothes off.
In fact, she should even shower in her clothes.
Speaking of showering, when would you think the last time she bathed was?
I'm guessing Bush senior was still in office at that time.
For taking the pictures, her photographer should be bludgeoned to the ground with a two by four.


Well done my friend, you have just put my favorite Cindy & Jenny to the top of the update page
without me even having to post any new pics, keep it up while i get some sorted over the next
few days. I am going to call you Cindy & Jenny's Greatest Fan in future for all your help in
promoting my 2 most Favorite Gals.
For all of the thousands of Cindy & Jenny fans out there, how about posting some of the
sets/ pics you have to thank Cindy & Jenny's Greatest Fan for all his great work, rapper,
i am sure he will love them to bits

>> File 145658276939.jpg



Hi Cindy & Jenny's Greatest Fan, thanks for the latest trip to the top of the update page,
i can see in your reply pic that you would like me to post 1 set at a time by putting one
finger in the air. Thanks for telling me how you want me to proceed, so we will start with
ModelFevergirls set 1, feel free to reply when ever you like, it saves me a lot of work, rapper.

MFG 001- Brown-Dress-kitchen.rar


Does anyone have the photo of cindy where she was at a table....kitchen table I think and she is wearing nothing.

>> File 02.jpg

Isn's she sweet? Of course she is.


Hi Anon1, i am not sure of the pic in question you are after,
there are 2 sets in ModelDreamGirl 022 & 046 where she get's
naked by & on the chitchen table, but i think youmight be wanting
an earlier pic, i cant recall seeing the one in question in all my
viewing all of the collections shared with me but if i find one like that
i will post for you asap.
Hi Anon2, thanks for your pic of our Sweet Cindy, Cindy & Jenny will
allways be my favorite gals to enjoy, no matter what is said or done &
i will keep on posting & checking for new gems for as long as it takes
to complete their collection for everyone to have & enjoy.
Here is set 2 for anyone that is new here or for anyone missing sets, rapper

MFG 002 - White-summerdress.rar

>> File ricky-gervais-460_979683c.jpg

She is what she is, a dirty, hairy, child who some Pedo family member sexualised decades ago. Then these freaks turn her into some holy grail. Odd-odd-odd.


Not to get off topic, but are you still doing a Sandra thread? I have every Famegirls set and am looking for earlier stuff. You guys post really good Cindy stuff I hope you will do the same for Sandra.

>> File 146963602916.jpg

If you think that looks good, your head is planted deeper in your ass than I originally thought.


Here are 2 more sets to enjoy, rapper

MFG 003 - Red-black-nightie.rar

MFG 004 - Rose-whitedress-blacknylons.rar


Thank you guys for sharing all you have of Cindy and Jenny.


Hi Anon, your Thank You is deserving of another 2 treats &
i will continue to share for as long as our Cindy & Jenny fans
want me to, rapper

MFG 005 - Orange-tanktop.rar

MFG 006 - Showertime.rar

& as Penny said to Sheldon in The Big Bang, Love Trumps Hate

>> File P6182820.jpg

Big thanks to all posters of cindy pics in this thread


Hi all, here are the next 2 sets from Modelfevergirls for
you to enjoy, rapper

MFG 007 - Outside-shirt-jeans.rar

MFG 008 - GreenCoat.rar


Hi all, some more treats for all of Cindy's fans, rapper

MFG 009 - Easter-bunny.rar

MFG 010 - Black-top-skirt.rar


Thanks, rapper. Do you have a sorted version of the Jenny set J008 PJ? Please share it.


No sooner said than done, also more of MFG, rapper


MFG 011 - White Hooded-top.rar

MFG 012 - Red-dress-bedroom.rar


Thank you so much, rapper!


Hi, you are welcome & just remember, any Fan of Cindy & Jenny is a friend of mine
Here is how i see things collection wise,
we are still missing CD 9, most of CD 8, 1 vid called Cindy's Birthday Shower from Birthday CD 7,
& 2 vids from CD 7 called Cindy's Shower & Best Side of Life
If anyone can help with any of these, it would be fantastic, in the mean time here are a few more of MFG to enjoy, rapper

MFG 013 - FarmGirl.rar

MFG 014 - Pink-SummerDress.rar


2 more ModelFeverGirls sets to enjoy, rapper

MFG 015 - Home from School.rar

MFG 016 - VideoSet-Juicy-future.rar


Hi all, here are the next 2 sets of Modelfevergirls, rapper

MFG 017 - CardSet-blacktop-whitepants.rar

MFG 018 - Disco-Diva.rar


Hi all, still looking for these,
we are still missing CD 9, most of CD 8, 1 vid called Cindy's Birthday Shower from Birthday CD 7,
& 2 vids from CD 7 called Cindy's Shower & Best Side of Life
If anyone can help with any of these, it would be fantastic, in the mean time here are a few more of MFG to enjoy, rapper

MFG 019 - Workman.rar

MFG 020 - Cheerleader.rar


Hi all, it's getting lonely here all by my self.
2 more MFG sets for those that don't have them.
Any help with our missing gems would be great, rapper

MFG 021 - Purple-dress.rar

MFG 022 - Dinosaur-Castle.rar


wow the 2 sets are great.
she's so cute in the dinosaur castle.
thank you for posting.


Hi Anon, i am glad you liked our Sweet Cindy MFG sets,
here are the next 2 for all to enjoy, rapper.

MFG 023 - White-green-summerdress.rar

MFG 024 - Black-Nightie.rar

PS, we are still looking for the missing Gems
from my earlier posts, can anyone out there help, rapper


Hi all, cant let another day go by without some more Cindy for her fans,

MFG 025 - Short-White-Dress.rar

MFG 026 - New-Rabbit cage.rar

if these are new to you, i hope you enjoy seeing them as much as i do sharing them, rapper


cindy and christina model are the ones i jerk off to more than anyone else.


Hi to all Cindy fans, another day brings another treat or maybe two,
hope you all enjoy, rapper

MFG 027 - Graydress-in-the-livingroom.rar

MFG 028 - Bar-maid.rar

PS, i agree with anon about Christinamodel & SexyPattyCake is a favorite also.



Getting all sentimental, reminds me I need to look through my meager Kirsten's Bedroom collection. I'd sure love to find all her stuff again now that storage is so much easier than it was in the 1.44MB 3 1/2" floppy days!!


Hi all, it's great to remember our favorites but time to refocus on our Quest,
we still need help with the missing Gems CD 9, CD8 & the 3 Vids from CD 7.
Please keep on searching, rapper
Now for another 2 sets of our Sweet Cindy,

MFG 029 - Cocktail-dress.rar

MFG 030 - Short-white-dress.rar


Hi to all Cindy fans, 2 more sets to enjoy, rapper

MFG 031 - Making-diner.rar

MFG 032 - Dress-and-Boots.rar


Hi to all of our Cindy fans, here are the next 2 sets from MFG to enjoy, rapper

MFG 033 - White-top-and-Jeans.rar

MFG 034 - Flowery-top-and-black-skirt.rar


Hi to our Cindy fans, here is another set in the MFG series, rapper

MFG 035 - Very-short-blackdress.rar

help is needed with our missing gems from my earlier posts.


Hi all, another day, another MFG set to enjoy, rapper

MFG 036 - Blacktop-silver-skirt.rar


Hi all, they just keep on coming, MFG sets to enjoy, rapper

MFG 037 - Halloween.rar

anyone out there that would like to share some Cindy & Jenny


Hi all, next set in the MFG collection, rapper

MFG 038 - Short-white-dress-and-bunny.rar


just found this thread, keep them coming


Hi all, not much happening any more, looks like it's just me sharing.
Here is the next MFG set to enjoy, rapper

MFG 039 - Black-bikini.rar


Hi, next set of MFG, i have had one response in 2 weeks,
are these sets wanted by anyone?, if so, let me know, rapper,

MFG 040 - Short-summer-dress.rar


Your posts are appreciated, thanks


Hi & thanks, Thanks guy, i am happy to continue if fans enjoy
my posts.
I would like to recap on the things we are still after if someone
out there has them & would like to share, all of CD 9 & CD 8
& three vids, 2 from CD 7 Birthday & 1 from CD 7, there is more
info in my earlier posts, here is the next set from MFG,
i hope you enjoy,rapper

MFG 041 - In-pink-baking.rar


Hi, next in MFG collection, rapper

MFG 042 - Studying-on-the-couch.rar


All post are welcome. Great job. Keep em coming :) thanks for your work...


Hi Anon, thanks for your support, i hope my dedication to
the joys of Cindy & Jenny will result in finding the missing
gems mentioned in my earlier posts.
I hope one day that we will be able to enjoy everything they
shared with their devoted fans, here is the next set to enjoy,

MFG 043 - Birthday-set.rar


More to enjoy from MFG, rapper

MFG 044 - Cindy-Christmas-helper.rar


Hi Cindy & Jenny fans, next set of MFG,rapper

MFG 045 - Advent-Calendar.rar


Hi, it looks like i am all on my lonesome, here is
more Cindy from MFG to enjoy,

MFG 046 - Cindys-sewing-machine.rar


Next in the MFG collection for those in need, rapper

MFG 047 - Cindy-protraits.rar

Still hoping to find CD8,CD9 & 3 CD7 vids


Thanks for all your posts - much appreciated!


Hi thanks guy, it's great to know i still have at least one Cindy fan still with me,
here is the next treat for you to enjoy & hopefully for others also, rapper

MFG 048 - Gray-black-stripes.rar


A big fan keep the coming, Thanks


Hi, seeing as we have at least 2 fans enjoying Cindy as much as i do, here is a second treat for
you both & others also, rapper

MFG 049 - White-hat-gray-dress.rar

Now if only i can find a special fan that might have the things i am missing


I wish I could help out with the missing sets, but I don't have anything of this girl. Great sets though, thanks a lot for these.


did she ever go full nude? set 35 is outstanding and seems to be the cloests to full nude


Yes. She did.
My posts


Hi Andy, thanks for helping with anon's question, i am still hoping to get more new
things from JennyPic Guy when he is able to share so keep an eye out.
He also has all of the ModelDreamGirl vids from 139 to 169 but has said it will take
a long time to share, so i am keeping my fingers crossed for all of us, here is the next
MFG set for some to enjoy, rapper

MFG 050 - Valentines.rar

& to anon, don't worry about not having things to share, just enjoy our Cindy & Jenny.
It will take something very special from one of Cindy's fans to be able to share CD8,
CD9 & the vids from both of the CD 7's & if we are able to have the MDG vids from JPG,
that will virtually be my Holy Grail fulfilled, my 2 & a half years here has been a fantatic
ride so far & i give thanks & a massive thumb's up to every fan that has shared their
collections with us,your efforts will be treasured for ever, rapper



Who is this and where can i find more??



Who is this and where can i find more?


next MFG set,

MFG 051 - White-Teddy.rar


Hi Cindy fans, next set from MFG, rapper

MFG 052 - College-girl.rar


I appreciate your posts, but is there a way to get previwes?

>> File ModelFeverGirls Pic Index .jpg

Hi Anon, here is the MFG index from the old thread
from a great Cindy fan, you can use this to see the
sets coming up, here is the next set to enjoy, rapper

MFG 053 - Plaid-and-white-pokadots.rar


Thanks again for your posts and the index. Looks like there are quite a few sets left to go!