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/s/ ~ Hi to all Cindy & Jenny fans, follow this link...
No. 406403 Quote report

File P8014371.jpg

Hi to all Cindy & Jenny fans, follow this link to
the best Cindy & Jenny thread on the Net bar none,

The latest request is for Sweet Cindy 16 sets,
+ CD's 7,8 & 9, so let's start the ball rolling.

Here is 1 of the SC 16 sets from a fantastic fan, JennyPic Guy.
He has been sharing some brilliant Gems from his collection & i
hope to catch up with him again soon, rapper,SCFan

Cindy set 001.rar

Please feel free to share any or all for our Cindy & Jenny fans


Thanks a lot for starting this thread!!! I┬┤m really excited to see some or maybe all sets from SC16.


Ehhhhx-cellent, my minion! More Cindy 16! MORE! You know, for all those mortals out there without ready access to our wealth of all things Cindy.

>> File P8034601.jpg

Next SC 16 set from JennyPic Guy, there could be more to this set,
feel free to add fills if you have them.

Cindy set 004.rar


Post all the sweet 16 sets and the ones when she was doing the candids back in 2002-2004.


Tks, more... much more

>> File P7273843.jpg

Hi Cindy & Jenny fans, i have found 10 more SC 16 sets but alas, if you have been following
the old thread you will have seen these but i will post for all our new fans, rapper, SCFan,

Sommers Day.rar


That┬┤s exciting, 10 sets! Can┬┤t wait to see them. Thank you so much, rapper, SCFan.


Hi all Cindy & Jenny fans, i am trying to build up this thread,
& it would help if fans posted screen caps of their collections
to compare & find new Gems.
So our Quest is, show all our fans what you have to share.

Here is another SC 16 set to enjoy if it's new to you,

A day with Cindy.rar


Most ehhhhx-cellent post! Even I lacked for most of these in my infernal files. Well done!

>> File P7273982.jpg

Hi Andy, a Big thumbs up for your re up of early Cindy, i am hoping that
we can build this thread up to even greater heights than the old thread.
I really liked the way you put your Sweet Cindy collection together with
all of the best of's & unedited pics combined.
If you have time & would like to share them again, it would be a great start
to this new Cindy thread, or anything you might like to share, thanks, rapper

Here is another SC 16 set for any new fans,

Army look.rar

>> File P9195775.jpg

MortaIs, I seek the completion of the Kiss Me set. Here is what I have: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8379cuqsxjhe8z2/AAD4f883hjaozO8W5J_GpbAja?dl=0


Theres always a lot of stuff in the background of the pics - books, postcards, paper sheets, bills - wonder if anyone tried to clear her true identity with that information.

>> File P5013328 from set 60.jpg

Hi Andy, a massive thumb's up for adding your Sweet Cindy collection to our thread.
You have given all of our Cindy & Jenny fans a perfect start to their collecting, i have
an update for your set 63 with more unedited pics & higher res for you to enjoy, i hope
you like them, + i slip for set 60 also.
Were we able to complete your ModelFeverGirls collection? if not, just let me know of
any sets you need or anything else you might need, thanks, rapper.

SC 063.rar

Here is another SC 16 set to enjoy


JennyPic Guy, if you are out there, i would really like to make contact again.

To all Cindy & Jenny fans, feel free to jump in & share your collections or add
these Gems to your's, rapper


I hope, we put the focus back on the missing Sweet Cindy 16 sets.

>> File P9195772.jpg

Hi Lu, here is a more complete set for you to enjoy,
also 2 Vids to go with it, if you don't have them, rapper.

Kiss me set.rar

Kiss me 1 Vid .rar

Kiss me 2 Vid.rar

l will continue with the SC 16 sets, but they are just but a small
part of Everything Cindy & Jenny to enjoy, rapper


Most ehhhhhx-cellent!



No-no... that's the lastest sets from MC.

>> File P6042172.jpg

Next set of SC 16,rapper,

Cindy 16.rar


Thank you, rapper, excellent work.

>> File P6172639.jpg

Such a quick reply & thank you deserves a treat,
i will call this double up Saturday, rapper.

Cindy in the Corner.rar

Alas there are only 4 to go after this treat.

>> File P8074673.jpg

3 more to go,rapper

Cindy Mix.rar



somebody needs to bad this idiot. ruining this thread.

>> File P6122318.jpg

Hi Cindy & Jenny fans, if you are all devoted fans like i am,
nothing will stray us from our goal to share & receive as
much of Cindy & Jenny that we can muster, rapper

Here is set 10 of 12 that i have,

Going for a walk with the Cat.rar


Very much in agreement. One of those sad idiots who think it is cool to ruin things for others. Must be 6 years old.


Just hit te triangle after Quote and file he complaint. When enough people do this the moderator will delete and ban this punk.


Can┬┤t wait to see set 11 + 12

>> File P7053375.jpg

Hi, i was starting to wonder if my Cindy posts had been crowded out by all that flesh
& they had been missed.
Here is set 11 for all Cindy fans, with one more to go.

I am now going to ask all of our Cindy & Jenny fans to do some Home Work for me,
this is the kind of Home Work i would have loved to do when i was younger.

There are possibly more than the 12 sets i have found & it would be great if you all
could search thru all of your folders to see if there are any more pics or sets with
the www.Sweet Cindy 16. com logo, if you find any pics, i will see if we have the sets
that match & if you find any sets or part sets, that will be massive.
Your Odds & Sods folders might turn up some Gems, so imagine Cindy & Jenny as
your teachers & go for top marks, rapper


>> File CDs115b_003.jpg

Hello, I am an another Cindy fan and I would like to trade some stuff of her or other girls like her.
I love Jenny too. so if you want to trade more photos of amateur girls contact me at
CindyFan (at) protonmail (dot) com


sounds legit


Post the earliest custom photos she done from 2003 please.

>> File P4201362.jpg

Does anybody have Cindy in Pink 1 & 2? Mine are missing most of the photos.

>> File P6162491.jpg

Hi all, here is the last of our SC 16 sets, as i asked earlier,
please look thru all your folders for more SC 16 logo pics
& we might have more sets to share.

Anon, pleas post what you have of Cindy in Pink on Zippyshare
& we will add anything new we find for you, rapper

Orange Top.rar


is her grandpa still active as photographer?


Thank you, rapper, for sharing all your sets with us. And yes, there have to be surely more sets, I think. I really hope, that someone will share them with us.


There ue to be some forum of Cindy with some dud named Tigger or Trigger and I heard some stories he had some bad situtations with Cindy and her grandpaw and or uncle going to them What is the scwep on this?


Is it true some dud on one of her forums named tigger or trigger did some bad things to her when he went to her house?



Are you talking about Tom-Tom and the whole World-Plagiates debacle or some sort of assault?


he's either trying to be a smart ass or he's refering
to cindy's tax problems with the german authorities
(which caused her site to close down). also, his
reference to "trigger" actually is a guy named "
mustang", who used to run her web site.


I believe this is the same dumb-ass who keeps posting ugly fat women. Ignore this idiot. He is too pathetic to take seriously.

>> File IMG_0589 sm.jpg

Hi, here is a repost of JennyPic Guy's CD 8 part sets.
A Massive thanks to him for sharing these with us,
& JPG,i would really like to make contact again about
sharing the great things you have in your collection.

A Huge thanks goes to all of the Brilliant Cindy & Jenny fans
that have shared their collections with me here & on Viper,
everything we have posted & will post in the future comes from
Greatest Cindy & Jenny fan base ever, thank you all, rapper

Set 1.rar



I think he maybe means (perhaps?) that someone went to the house and played sexy games with her.
>did some bad things to her



That sounds about right. I knew about her tax problems but had forgotten about Mustang.

>> File P3020413.jpg

Here are the next 2 small part sets from CD 8, if anyone
finds that they have more pics or full sets, we would be
chuffed if you can post them to expand our collections,
thanks, rapper

Set 2.rar

Set 3.rar


Anyone any sets from CD9?

>> File P3171174.jpg

Hi C&J fans, here are 2 more part sets from CD 8,
it would be great if some of our fans could reup Cindy's CD's
for the new fans that find this thread & it might inspire the
posting of new additions, a big thumb's up goes to
JennyPic Guy for these part sets, rapper

Set 4.rar

Set 5.rar


Yes, mortals. More. MORE!

>> File PC228873.jpg

HI all, here are the last 2 part sets from JennyPic Guy's CD 8
it would be great if more fans posted things of interest, take the
plunge & show us what you have, rapper

Set 6.rar

Set 7.rar


Jenny is so f...ing HOT!!!

>> File IMG_6970sm.jpg

lending a helping hand for rapper in his quest to expand
this new thread, Viperfan

Another set gone wrong from DVD 12



Hello. I search all sets off Jenny.
Can someone post a big zip with all sets of her on zippyshare?


Maaay-be. What do you have to share?



Which site is this from?

>> File IMG_001.jpg

Hi Anon, as the title notes, these sets are from DVD 12 & have
been re upped with the help of Viperfan & his help is much appreciated.
Here is another set from DVD 12 to enjoy if it's new to you, rapper,



Part B of CD XMASS. SET GONE WRONG from Viperfan,
thanks my friend, is there anyone out there that could re up
Cindy's earlier DVD's for our new fans?,rapper.



What was there with Mustang? I was a member of her forum, the name is known to me...


mustang ran the web site.


Does somebody know what she is doing today?


Everyone seems more interested in her grandfather, uncle, and horse.


she had a pretty horse.


Hi C & J fans,here is another set & 2 vids to enjoy from Viperfan,

Shower after farm work

Here is the first video Birthday & Xmas :

Here is Cindy on her farm B & X CD clip:

A call to JennyPic Guy, it would be fantastic if you are able to share your Gems with all of
the Cindy & Jenny fans out there, your collection is the most complete one that has been
shared by anyone & i would be stoked if it could be shared with all of the fans out there, rapper


Looking for Sweet Cindy Bonus 006, I can't find it anywhere.
Hoping one of you good, kind people cab help me out.

>> File P1061151.jpg

Here are sweet-cindy bonus 006

>> File 13434792233.jpg

Does anybody have this complete set?
Was it included in any CD?


Can anyone post the Jenny set J008? I would love to see it.


Thanks a lot, That's a big help

>> File P4111182.jpg

Jenny set J008

>> File 134347922398.jpg

I have only a few pics from this set. Hope somebody could post the complete set


I need MDG set 153 to finish my MDG sets, can anyone help me? much thanks.

>> File 4C090F9.jpg

2nd attempt at posting this link. It is the J008 set. Enjoy, mortals. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zacrxqzmnoeb0e8/AAAaacDwz1quNGHcPtwgMFnka?dl=0

>> File IMG_1839.jpg

>>410133 MDG 153 as you wish, mortal. Now what have you to give the devil his due?


My thinking is that this set is from CD 9, which we sorely lack.


Can you post the rest of this set that you have? It might help to locate the rest of the set.


And I need MDG sets 150 & 158 to finish my MDG sets, can anyone help me? Maybe Lucifer? Thank you so much!

>> File MDGs150_002.jpg

And what do you have for me,. mortal? MDG 150 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nnaej8k5zaf2o3q/AAAhPSFHqFDAS7k_CtQNs9w3a?dl=0

MDG 158A https://www.dropbox.com/sh/njz3cygqyxxqphy/AADvOCRF2KrS7DV-pxa2O_Mba?dl=0

If there is a 158b I would appreciate a link.


could someone please post MDG set 154. then i will have the complete collection.


i do not think the two mystery "pink outfit" pics are from CD9. she looks much older in the few misc pics i have from CD9.


I know not why, but my posts are not getting through. Third attempt. MDG 150 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nnaej8k5zaf2o3q/AAAhPSFHqFDAS7k_CtQNs9w3a?dl=0 MDG 158a https://www.dropbox.com/sh/njz3cygqyxxqphy/AADvOCRF2KrS7DV-pxa2O_Mba?dl=0


>>410172 this set was not part of a CD they were sets that were sold individually, i am trying to locate then i may have this one


set MDG-158a



MDG-150 set



Lucifer Morningstar, what do you require of me?
Thanks for the MDG 153, I am forever your servant.


Perhaps a list of your Cindy and Jenny holdings?


no easy task,perhaps a sacrificial offering instead?
oh well, off to compile a list of Cindy and Jenny...

>> File Modelfevergirls Special Store Sets.jpg

i was able to find this screenshot from her MFG site. it shows the pink outfit set in question. i don't have any of the pics from these sets but will keep looking. and could someone please post set 154 from her MDG site. thank you in advance.


I'm missing quite a few MFG sets, alas, that is one.
I do however have most of the MDG sets (that I know about)





A simple way to compile your collection into a list is to go into the Administrator Command Prompt, go to the directory containing your Cindy/Jenny and type tree /A>=list.


Can somebody post every nude she has ever done?

>> File PA026298.jpg

Here's another pic from Set 006 pink outfit. It seems we miss many of the galleries from this Store. Lucifer, SCfan, can you help us to fill this gap?


We now know that this is from the modelfevergirl sets. However, it is missing from my archives. Do any of you mortals have this set, or at least, a few more pics?

>> File Cindy 2.jpg

With the aid of Rapper and JennyPic Guy we have ferreted out a few mor pictures. Sadly, we posses but 7 and the set holds 99. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jfxlx80csp61tqp/AADVp2hW63_H6ZIvtoFvFRqpa?dl=0

>> File Cindy 1.jpg

Does anybody have this set?


Hi to all of our Cindy & Jenny fans,
here are part sets of the 12 Store sets
coming to you from one of our fantastic
fans, JennyPic Guy's collection that he
has just shared with us,there are some
gaps in his collection of these great Gems
so if any one can add to these, he & we
would be stoked, hope you enjoy, rapper, SCFan

SpecialSets 1 to 7 incomplete sets .rar

SpecialSets 8 to 12 incomplete sets .rar

It's great to see new fans join in, welcome Torguy,
& a few Anon's, Max & welcome back BigFan.
I hope we can find & share all things Cindy & Jenny


PS, big,big thanks to Anon for the Store Set index >>410386
with pic numbers for each set that goes brilliantly with
JennyPic Guy's collection & gives us a heads up on
what is missing & to look out for, well done.
Would you by chance have any more of these picture
indexes of the DVD's, like JennyPig Guy's DVD 9 one
on Cindy's old thread ?if so, that would be great,
thanks, rapper, SCFan

>> File PA026134.jpg

That's another picture that I cannot identify from which set does come. It seems of the same period of the Set006. Here Cindy appears very cute

>> File PA026219.jpg

Her's anothe from tha same set, can anybody identify it and share?


thank you very much for MDG set 154.

>> File PA227508.jpg

here are Cindy set 10 but i have
only 53 pics http://www2.zippyshare.com/v/HajKMtMY/file.html


Unfortunately the Dropbox-link to set 006 doesn┬┤t work, Lucifer Morningstar.


Try it now. If it still doesn't work I'll create a new one.

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