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/s/ ~ Hi to all Cindy & Jenny fans, follow this link...
No. 406403 Quote report

File P8014371.jpg

Hi to all Cindy & Jenny fans, follow this link to
the best Cindy & Jenny thread on the Net bar none,

The latest request is for Sweet Cindy 16 sets,
+ CD's 7,8 & 9, so let's start the ball rolling.

Here is 1 of the SC 16 sets from a fantastic fan, JennyPic Guy.
He has been sharing some brilliant Gems from his collection & i
hope to catch up with him again soon, rapper,SCFan

Cindy set 001.rar

Please feel free to share any or all for our Cindy & Jenny fans

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Hi all, here are the next 2 sets from Modelfevergirls for
you to enjoy, rapper

MFG 007 - Outside-shirt-jeans.rar

MFG 008 - GreenCoat.rar


Hi all, some more treats for all of Cindy's fans, rapper

MFG 009 - Easter-bunny.rar

MFG 010 - Black-top-skirt.rar


Thanks, rapper. Do you have a sorted version of the Jenny set J008 PJ? Please share it.


No sooner said than done, also more of MFG, rapper


MFG 011 - White Hooded-top.rar

MFG 012 - Red-dress-bedroom.rar


Thank you so much, rapper!


Hi, you are welcome & just remember, any Fan of Cindy & Jenny is a friend of mine
Here is how i see things collection wise,
we are still missing CD 9, most of CD 8, 1 vid called Cindy's Birthday Shower from Birthday CD 7,
& 2 vids from CD 7 called Cindy's Shower & Best Side of Life
If anyone can help with any of these, it would be fantastic, in the mean time here are a few more of MFG to enjoy, rapper

MFG 013 - FarmGirl.rar

MFG 014 - Pink-SummerDress.rar


2 more ModelFeverGirls sets to enjoy, rapper

MFG 015 - Home from School.rar

MFG 016 - VideoSet-Juicy-future.rar


Hi all, here are the next 2 sets of Modelfevergirls, rapper

MFG 017 - CardSet-blacktop-whitepants.rar

MFG 018 - Disco-Diva.rar


Hi all, still looking for these,
we are still missing CD 9, most of CD 8, 1 vid called Cindy's Birthday Shower from Birthday CD 7,
& 2 vids from CD 7 called Cindy's Shower & Best Side of Life
If anyone can help with any of these, it would be fantastic, in the mean time here are a few more of MFG to enjoy, rapper

MFG 019 - Workman.rar

MFG 020 - Cheerleader.rar


Hi all, it's getting lonely here all by my self.
2 more MFG sets for those that don't have them.
Any help with our missing gems would be great, rapper

MFG 021 - Purple-dress.rar

MFG 022 - Dinosaur-Castle.rar


wow the 2 sets are great.
she's so cute in the dinosaur castle.
thank you for posting.


Hi Anon, i am glad you liked our Sweet Cindy MFG sets,
here are the next 2 for all to enjoy, rapper.

MFG 023 - White-green-summerdress.rar

MFG 024 - Black-Nightie.rar

PS, we are still looking for the missing Gems
from my earlier posts, can anyone out there help, rapper


Hi all, cant let another day go by without some more Cindy for her fans,

MFG 025 - Short-White-Dress.rar

MFG 026 - New-Rabbit cage.rar

if these are new to you, i hope you enjoy seeing them as much as i do sharing them, rapper


cindy and christina model are the ones i jerk off to more than anyone else.


Hi to all Cindy fans, another day brings another treat or maybe two,
hope you all enjoy, rapper

MFG 027 - Graydress-in-the-livingroom.rar

MFG 028 - Bar-maid.rar

PS, i agree with anon about Christinamodel & SexyPattyCake is a favorite also.



Getting all sentimental, reminds me I need to look through my meager Kirsten's Bedroom collection. I'd sure love to find all her stuff again now that storage is so much easier than it was in the 1.44MB 3 1/2" floppy days!!


Hi all, it's great to remember our favorites but time to refocus on our Quest,
we still need help with the missing Gems CD 9, CD8 & the 3 Vids from CD 7.
Please keep on searching, rapper
Now for another 2 sets of our Sweet Cindy,

MFG 029 - Cocktail-dress.rar

MFG 030 - Short-white-dress.rar


Hi to all Cindy fans, 2 more sets to enjoy, rapper

MFG 031 - Making-diner.rar

MFG 032 - Dress-and-Boots.rar


Hi to all of our Cindy fans, here are the next 2 sets from MFG to enjoy, rapper

MFG 033 - White-top-and-Jeans.rar

MFG 034 - Flowery-top-and-black-skirt.rar


Hi to our Cindy fans, here is another set in the MFG series, rapper

MFG 035 - Very-short-blackdress.rar

help is needed with our missing gems from my earlier posts.


Hi all, another day, another MFG set to enjoy, rapper

MFG 036 - Blacktop-silver-skirt.rar


Hi all, they just keep on coming, MFG sets to enjoy, rapper

MFG 037 - Halloween.rar

anyone out there that would like to share some Cindy & Jenny


Hi all, next set in the MFG collection, rapper

MFG 038 - Short-white-dress-and-bunny.rar


just found this thread, keep them coming


Hi all, not much happening any more, looks like it's just me sharing.
Here is the next MFG set to enjoy, rapper

MFG 039 - Black-bikini.rar


Hi, next set of MFG, i have had one response in 2 weeks,
are these sets wanted by anyone?, if so, let me know, rapper,

MFG 040 - Short-summer-dress.rar


Your posts are appreciated, thanks


Hi & thanks, Thanks guy, i am happy to continue if fans enjoy
my posts.
I would like to recap on the things we are still after if someone
out there has them & would like to share, all of CD 9 & CD 8
& three vids, 2 from CD 7 Birthday & 1 from CD 7, there is more
info in my earlier posts, here is the next set from MFG,
i hope you enjoy,rapper

MFG 041 - In-pink-baking.rar


Hi, next in MFG collection, rapper

MFG 042 - Studying-on-the-couch.rar


All post are welcome. Great job. Keep em coming :) thanks for your work...


Hi Anon, thanks for your support, i hope my dedication to
the joys of Cindy & Jenny will result in finding the missing
gems mentioned in my earlier posts.
I hope one day that we will be able to enjoy everything they
shared with their devoted fans, here is the next set to enjoy,

MFG 043 - Birthday-set.rar


More to enjoy from MFG, rapper

MFG 044 - Cindy-Christmas-helper.rar


Hi Cindy & Jenny fans, next set of MFG,rapper

MFG 045 - Advent-Calendar.rar


Hi, it looks like i am all on my lonesome, here is
more Cindy from MFG to enjoy,

MFG 046 - Cindys-sewing-machine.rar


Next in the MFG collection for those in need, rapper

MFG 047 - Cindy-protraits.rar

Still hoping to find CD8,CD9 & 3 CD7 vids


Thanks for all your posts - much appreciated!


Hi thanks guy, it's great to know i still have at least one Cindy fan still with me,
here is the next treat for you to enjoy & hopefully for others also, rapper

MFG 048 - Gray-black-stripes.rar


A big fan keep the coming, Thanks


Hi, seeing as we have at least 2 fans enjoying Cindy as much as i do, here is a second treat for
you both & others also, rapper

MFG 049 - White-hat-gray-dress.rar

Now if only i can find a special fan that might have the things i am missing


I wish I could help out with the missing sets, but I don't have anything of this girl. Great sets though, thanks a lot for these.


did she ever go full nude? set 35 is outstanding and seems to be the cloests to full nude


Yes. She did.
My posts


Hi Andy, thanks for helping with anon's question, i am still hoping to get more new
things from JennyPic Guy when he is able to share so keep an eye out.
He also has all of the ModelDreamGirl vids from 139 to 169 but has said it will take
a long time to share, so i am keeping my fingers crossed for all of us, here is the next
MFG set for some to enjoy, rapper

MFG 050 - Valentines.rar

& to anon, don't worry about not having things to share, just enjoy our Cindy & Jenny.
It will take something very special from one of Cindy's fans to be able to share CD8,
CD9 & the vids from both of the CD 7's & if we are able to have the MDG vids from JPG,
that will virtually be my Holy Grail fulfilled, my 2 & a half years here has been a fantatic
ride so far & i give thanks & a massive thumb's up to every fan that has shared their
collections with us,your efforts will be treasured for ever, rapper



Who is this and where can i find more??



Who is this and where can i find more?


next MFG set,

MFG 051 - White-Teddy.rar


Hi Cindy fans, next set from MFG, rapper

MFG 052 - College-girl.rar


I appreciate your posts, but is there a way to get previwes?

>> File ModelFeverGirls Pic Index .jpg

Hi Anon, here is the MFG index from the old thread
from a great Cindy fan, you can use this to see the
sets coming up, here is the next set to enjoy, rapper

MFG 053 - Plaid-and-white-pokadots.rar


Thanks again for your posts and the index. Looks like there are quite a few sets left to go!

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