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Cpx24.com CPM Program

No. 318836 Quote [Report]

File 137616644861.jpg


sets 1-25


>> No. 318837 Quote [Report]
File 137616653321.jpg



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File 137616657882.jpg



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File 137616662039.jpg



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File 137617197271.jpg



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File 13761767064.jpg



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File 137620974872.jpg



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File 137623679394.jpg



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File 137625175999.jpg



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File 137626195750.jpg



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File 137629121896.jpg



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File 137630687688.jpg



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File 137632790329.jpg



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File 137633511255.jpg


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File 137634731063.jpg



>> No. 318851 Quote [Report]
File 137638455524.jpg

6 bonus sets


>> No. 318852 Quote [Report]
File 2ij8g70nyrfi.jpg

Sets 140-169a


>> No. 318853 Quote [Report]
File 137805130482.jpg


vids prevews
video folder

>> No. 318854 Quote [Report]
File MB_020.jpg

Unknown bonus


>> No. 318920 Quote [Report]

I love her
Name and address please

>> No. 319093 Quote [Report]

It isn't a bonus set, it's set number MDG-46s

>> No. 319308 Quote [Report]

i would be a happy man if i could only lick out her asshole.

>> No. 319886 Quote [Report]
File 6yz6a.jpg

early stuff
SETS 1-118


>> No. 319923 Quote [Report]
File 6qWtW.jpg


>> No. 320006 Quote [Report]

Dearest OP,
Do you have the Jenny sets that are from several years ago? Would love to have them again!


>> No. 320056 Quote [Report]

do you have sweet-cindy set? CD5

>> No. 320098 Quote [Report]

unfortunately I don't have it

>> No. 320264 Quote [Report]

i have some of her sister Jenny, can post if OP doesn't mind

>> No. 320384 Quote [Report]

Please feel free to post Jenny here or start a new thread if needed

>> No. 320385 Quote [Report]

does anyone have her earlier stuff from the ModelFeverGirls site! TY

>> No. 320483 Quote [Report]

i would die to have some of her cd stuff.

>> No. 322957 Quote [Report]
File 1122710507.jpg


>> No. 323257 Quote [Report]

can you imagine how great it would be to be in bed between those two hoties.

>> No. 323258 Quote [Report]

thanks for the set. probably the best ever.

>> No. 325890 Quote [Report]

does it exist a video or a CD with both girls?

>> No. 325971 Quote [Report]

not this particular pic set.

>> No. 325980 Quote [Report]

Cause of how hideously ugly each of them are, sounds like a horrible nightmare

>> No. 326259 Quote [Report]

i would love to kiss her asshole

>> No. 327898 Quote [Report]
File PC170790.jpg

here you can find some old pics of cindy and her sister

m o t h e r l e s s . com/m/highfarm

or search for cindy

>> No. 328421 Quote [Report]

Was it true the grandfather who made these photos got in big trouble with authorities for taking bad pictures of these girls for years?

>> No. 328423 Quote [Report]

yes that was true, he got into trouble for not including paper bags to put over their heads when taking those photos.

>> No. 328426 Quote [Report]

in early times the tezza sites has very active admins so the sets nearly found nowhere .. i think cindy is not active anymore now ?

>> No. 328501 Quote [Report]

the german authorities sized their records and computers due to tax problems. as of yet, the sites have not reopened.

>> No. 328512 Quote [Report]
File CDs106_097.jpg

I wonder what happened to her

>> No. 328617 Quote [Report]


Computers were seized for other major violations dealing with photos and videos of the sweety cindy. I heard from a German friend of mine in Stutgard it was on the news.

>> No. 328635 Quote [Report]

german News source please

>> No. 328679 Quote [Report]

The name is Stuttgart.
About 600,000 inhabitants...

>> No. 329219 Quote [Report]


info pls

>> No. 329491 Quote [Report]

she has the most fantastic aureolas and nipples.

>> No. 329595 Quote [Report]

I was a member of her site ModelFever when it suddenly was shut down without further notice (same happened to her other sites sweet-cindy, cindy dream, modeldreamgirl). At that time there were rumors that her uncle (or grandfather) was called by german police because of taking questionable pictures of her and her sister when they were underage.
Others rumours told of tax issues.
When searching for cindy+modeldreamgirl Google blocks some result because of 'German regulatory body reported illegal material'.
On another board I found a comment of a user posted on 03.April 2012:
Re: model dream girl cindy gone?
I write this as a BoardMaster of Cindy's Modeldreamgirl website:
TEZZA, her uncle or grandfather, became serously ill late last year, having surgery. From posts on Cindy's forum, he did not come out of that successfully, staying under medical care for some weeks afterward.
I lost my internet connection around January First, and so whatever Boardmasters said about the tax or health situation with Tezza, I do not know.
Therefore, my GUESS is that 2 reasons together --- Tezza and tax-business --- might have combined to make a real mess...
Whatever is the case, let us thank Cindy for her HUGE effort in sweet erotic pictures for all of us. She started at age sixteen, with peek-a-boo European nudity. Then contiinued until now. Many photosets, much dedication.
Let us hope she comes back when things are better.

>> No. 329726 Quote [Report]

licking and sucking out her asshole would make my life complete

>> No. 329751 Quote [Report]

nice to let us know, but who cares ?

>> No. 329811 Quote [Report]
File MDGs149_222.jpg


You're welcome

>> No. 329855 Quote [Report]

lunch is served.

>> No. 332067 Quote [Report]
File IMG_0757.jpg


>> No. 332069 Quote [Report]
File P5013260.jpg


>> No. 332070 Quote [Report]
File P1098588.jpg


>> No. 332071 Quote [Report]
File P9125516.jpg


>> No. 332072 Quote [Report]
File P6042288.jpg


>> No. 332086 Quote [Report]


It would be awesome if someone posted these full sets.

>> No. 332210 Quote [Report]


>> No. 332392 Quote [Report]

what makes cindy today?

Info please

>> No. 332943 Quote [Report]

i m a g e f a p.com/profile/Derekboot2/

>> No. 332944 Quote [Report]


>> No. 333197 Quote [Report]

what a gorgeous, juicy pussy she has. and the best areola's ever. even in her early 20's, her boobs stood almost straight out. unbelievable.

>> No. 333672 Quote [Report]

Hey, thanks for your post, but could you please re-upload the archives that are bigger than 1 GB in several parts?
That would be nice. Thank you.

>> No. 334741 Quote [Report]
File 39266772_0498859553.jpg

>> No. 334742 Quote [Report]
File 39267229_0544797108.jpg

>> No. 334743 Quote [Report]
File lkkgdd.jpg

>> No. 334745 Quote [Report]
File 231002525_0504280276_123_436lo.jpg

>> No. 334746 Quote [Report]
File 309899172_0491375178_123_947lo.jpg

>> No. 334747 Quote [Report]
File 309906610_0493001009_123_116lo.jpg


>> No. 335114 Quote [Report]

Can anyone upload Jennys sets?

>> No. 335119 Quote [Report]

post the whole set and others from her early cds.

>> No. 336443 Quote [Report]


set please

>> No. 336454 Quote [Report]

can someone post the sets where the grandpa and the uncle are touching her. I think it was a custom set? Does anyone know of any older weird sets?

>> No. 336625 Quote [Report]

i have one showing cindy getting rimmed by her grandpa. shall i post it?

>> No. 336626 Quote [Report]


Yeah, you should absolutely post it. If you do, I promise I'll post a pic of a unicorn I managed to snap a pic of the other day.

>> No. 336852 Quote [Report]


>> No. 337717 Quote [Report]

Is there anything new?

>> No. 339718 Quote [Report]

no news?

>> No. 339860 Quote [Report]

somebody post her cd's, please

>> No. 340448 Quote [Report]


>> No. 340548 Quote [Report]
File sharechan_org_141604569278.jpg

>> No. 340549 Quote [Report]
File P4233064.jpg

>> No. 340550 Quote [Report]
File P3251007.jpg

>> No. 340551 Quote [Report]
File P4233061.jpg

>> No. 340552 Quote [Report]
File a26452.jpg

>> No. 340553 Quote [Report]
File bu8iaig9.jpg

>> No. 340554 Quote [Report]
File is7vr3qp.jpg

>> No. 340555 Quote [Report]
File nvctuybb.jpg

>> No. 340556 Quote [Report]
File xgf39qkm.jpg

>> No. 340557 Quote [Report]
File g3cbtj8x.jpg

>> No. 340558 Quote [Report]
File 5542a819eb01d.jpg

>> No. 340559 Quote [Report]
File 5542a80eed516.jpg

>> No. 340560 Quote [Report]
File 8b79d6k5.jpg

>> No. 340610 Quote [Report]
File DSC03894a.jpg

>> No. 340611 Quote [Report]
File DSC03901.jpg

>> No. 340617 Quote [Report]

Am i missing something? Cindy is a cute girl.

I just don't get all the hype, most of us have had similar or better.

Again, no hate, she's a cute girl just not sure why the boards blow up when she's posted.

>> No. 340618 Quote [Report]


Yeah, but she does have the typical German Horseface that a percentage of German girls have.

>> No. 340629 Quote [Report]

She's kinda fugly to me. I think the hype is because a lot of people watched her grow from early teen, to adult.

It's the same thing with Evie, but Evie's got way nicer boobs.

>> No. 340635 Quote [Report]

Post the whole set>>340611
post the whole set...also the earlier ones.

>> No. 340658 Quote [Report]

part of the appeal was the way she gave you glimpses into her real life. not many internet girls do that. and she seemed to actually be a very sweet person.

>> No. 340699 Quote [Report]

She did not show her real life...OMG.that was al just a disquise and a big act. You people really believe that?

>> No. 340724 Quote [Report]


What was she disguised as and acting as?

>> No. 340750 Quote [Report]

a pig oink oink

>> No. 340826 Quote [Report]
File MDGs138_044.jpg

She was living in a kind of farm in germany and a lot of the pictures were taken at home, in the garden or in the house.
She received a lot of clothes or sex toys from her fans at each birthday and send sexy pictures with what she received.

>> No. 340838 Quote [Report]

Has anyone seen her lately? I saw her on Facebook and she weighs 140kgs now...omg....WTF??

>> No. 340840 Quote [Report]
File IMG_0549.jpg


How do you find her on FB ?

>> No. 340852 Quote [Report]

Really?  140kgs?  That's 300 lbs.!  How do you know this?  Have you a picture?

>> No. 340861 Quote [Report]


Pics or you're lying.

>> No. 341274 Quote [Report]

he was lying

>> No. 342133 Quote [Report]

Did she have any early cd sets and were they any good?

>> No. 342140 Quote [Report]

oh yes indeed

>> No. 342161 Quote [Report]

the only place i known of to find the early cd's is usenet.

>> No. 342183 Quote [Report]

What usenet is it and what do you look for?

>> No. 342259 Quote [Report]

use nzb's to find modeldreamgirl, modelfevergirls and sweet-cindy.

>> No. 342280 Quote [Report]

you find it and post it.

>> No. 343299 Quote [Report]
File 0483A2[1]_200149747.jpg

finally found the picture i've been looking for since someone mentioned it a months ago. a picture of cindy getting screwed

>> No. 343310 Quote [Report]


set or more ? please

>> No. 343318 Quote [Report]
File vlcsnap-2015-07-05-20h40m46s838.png

is this her grandpa in the mirror?

>> No. 343319 Quote [Report]

more pics or it didn't happen

>> No. 343321 Quote [Report]

maybe that's grandpa screwing her?

>> No. 343330 Quote [Report]

I bet it is one of the clan of the dirty old men who use to take trips to go visit her in Germany; They use to be on some forum of hers. Wasnt it like tezzy or tezza, mustang, trigger etc?

>> No. 343331 Quote [Report]

that isnt her

>> No. 343333 Quote [Report]


How convenient that you can't see her face. I think what you meant to say is that you finally found a pic of some chick getting fucked that you thought you might be able to pass off as her.

>> No. 343350 Quote [Report]

Please post this set.

>> No. 343351 Quote [Report]

You must be one of the "DIRTY OLD MEN" clan trying to deny this photo.

>> No. 343366 Quote [Report]


Actually I saw this exact pic on a Cindy forum many, many years ago. Sure, we can't see her face but the fellow who posted the pic did not invent this story,

>> No. 343372 Quote [Report]

who ever it is, it is the one who makes it possible to get all her expensive clothes payed.. So who uses who? 

>> No. 343386 Quote [Report]

Hate to burst anyone's bubble but that is not cindy. Saw the same pic many years ago even though it didnt look quite right,i thought "possibly but at least 3 years ago i came across a set of about 8 to 10 pics with this one in the set.
there were at least 3 front on & it wasn't Cindy & looked nothing like her. After seeing the set of this girl I deleted that pic because it was not of Cindy

>> No. 343476 Quote [Report]

17 BITCOINS if someone can find her early cds.

>> No. 343479 Quote [Report]

What set is this from--

>> No. 343629 Quote [Report]

Is Cindy and Sandra having the same birthday 1996?

>> No. 343669 Quote [Report]

Thanks...I wonder if she returns soon to new modelling sites?

>> No. 343795 Quote [Report]

What year did her sweety cindy site first come out? Also why did WAYBACKYMACHINE block it?

>> No. 343796 Quote [Report]

Have a look in the links board

>> No. 343821 Quote [Report]

Her first, Sweet-Cindy.com site had its domain registered on 28 May 2004 and opened to the public by 22 June 2004.

>> No. 344209 Quote [Report]

pics: old gallery but it is cindy

look at imagefap . com member ist rampo

>> No. 344544 Quote [Report]

WTF is ist rampo?

>> No. 344609 Quote [Report]

rampo is the username of the guy posting the set at imagefap.

>> No. 344738 Quote [Report]

So what is the password ..you need a username and password to view.

>> No. 344784 Quote [Report]
File 28756093_040.jpg

Sweet Cindy 1-7


>> No. 344952 Quote [Report]

Does anyone have MDG-154?

>> No. 344964 Quote [Report]

Post the sweet cindy sheer black shirt set

>> No. 345049 Quote [Report]
File 28781100_029.jpg

Sweet Cindy 9-10


>> No. 345180 Quote [Report]
File 28816700_042.jpg

Sweet Cindy 11-12


>> No. 345204 Quote [Report]
File 28746883_gallery064.jpg

Sweet Cindy Samples


>> No. 345486 Quote [Report]
File 28838437_036.jpg

Sweet Cindy 13-14


>> No. 345526 Quote [Report]


>> No. 345529 Quote [Report]


nice link, do you have all the sets?

>> No. 345717 Quote [Report]

just previews there

>> No. 345721 Quote [Report]


Can you download sets from here or is it just random pics

>> No. 345726 Quote [Report]

just 4 or 5 previews from each set but some rare one i have never seen

>> No. 345732 Quote [Report]

Thanks. Too bad because I have been looking for her CD and Model Fever Girl sets forever. They seem to be lost forever.

>> No. 345734 Quote [Report]

I think they are lost forever also because the ones who bought them are in prison now.

>> No. 345844 Quote [Report]

i keep telling you guys, i've seen most of her early cd's stuff on usenet recently. learn about it. a lot of the old great stuff is still there. i will not do your work for you.

>> No. 345852 Quote [Report]


Which newsgroup?

>> No. 345887 Quote [Report]
File post.jpg

If you know of such a place then add it here or STFU and GTFO.

>> No. 345976 Quote [Report]

don't be so angry, little boy. your mommy won't let you come out of the basement.

>> No. 347542 Quote [Report]
File 29034059_036.jpg

Sweet Cindy 14-16


>> No. 349351 Quote [Report]


Hi Anon, had you come across j-08 in a.b.p.satin ?

>> No. 349731 Quote [Report]

????????????? what do you mean?

>> No. 350465 Quote [Report]

Could someone post the videos that were made of Cindy playing with her photographer's scrotal?

>> No. 350480 Quote [Report]



>> No. 350481 Quote [Report]



>> No. 350513 Quote [Report]

can someone please repost the larger files from nonymous 12/11/14 Thu 03:37 am No. 319886 Quote Replies: >>319923 >>333672 [Report]
File 6yz6a.jpg

early stuff
SETS 1-118


I cant download the larger sets.

>> No. 350527 Quote [Report]

is this real?
I mean if yes ... is there pic set or vid

btw thanks for all pics and vids ... please put more

>> No. 350529 Quote [Report]

Can post this set?

>> No. 350547 Quote [Report]

For the love of the internet, can someone please post her Model Fever sets. They can't be found anywhere on the internet, not even a torrent.

>> No. 350648 Quote [Report]

Yeahhh...post this set. Who has her early cds?

>> No. 350768 Quote [Report]

Why not post more early stuff of this beauty and not the same old shit you see every minute on the first pages .

>> No. 350814 Quote [Report]

There should be no need to write it, but for those who have no eyes to see: it's a fake, that's not Cindy.

>> No. 351612 Quote [Report]


I'm trying to piece together everything, and my collection is a mess and lacking, but I've got 21 gigs of Cindy.  I'd wager 30% are dupes.  I believe I have most if not all of the sweet cindy sets.  The problem is I have no reference to go by in cleaning and organizing :/

>> No. 351627 Quote [Report]
File sweet-cindy previews.jpg

here are indexes for her 3 separate sites.

>> No. 351628 Quote [Report]
File MDG Index.jpg

sorry, can only post two of them.

>> No. 351653 Quote [Report]

I was a member of all 3 sites and have 61 gigs in my collection.
Sweet-Cindy website has 112 sets
Modelfevergirls has 110 sets 1-95 plus an assortment of bonuses and 9 videos
Modeldreamgirl has at least 199 sets 1-169a more bonus sets and at least 65 videos
Cindy-Dreams has 133 sets 1-118
She also released 14 cds which were very hot but also very expensive, at one time a few were going for over 200 USD each

I can work on an index if you would like

>> No. 351661 Quote [Report]

Add her first 5 cds she did.

>> No. 351662 Quote [Report]

Yeah her 13 cd's whould be very much loved. 

>> No. 351725 Quote [Report]
File IMG_1718.jpg


Please can you share the modelfevergirls and the CD, i never saw them.

>> No. 351755 Quote [Report]
File Clipboard.jpg

Here is the index for the regular sets modelfevergirl site. I can't post the early cds she was under 18. The only cds I could post are 11 and 12, I didn't get 13 and 14 before the website was closed

>> No. 351791 Quote [Report]

you can post any cd of her. She was over 18 in all her cds.

>> No. 351942 Quote [Report]

People talk shit all the time about what they have of her but never show it. Let's see the goods.

>> No. 351952 Quote [Report]

I have 101G of Cindy pictures and movies (many duplicates), and still I miss DVD 9 and parts of DVD 7 and 8.
Though I was a Master in her forum, I've never heard of DVDs after 12. Maybe you mean the two "Best of" DVDs?

>> No. 352011 Quote [Report]

If you have so much why dont you post cd 1-5

>> No. 352022 Quote [Report]

I'm a fan over years! I know her full name, her husbands name, her adress, facebook .... and more!
I search for an other real fan with material not standard from internet!

For those real cindfans you can write me on cindyfan (at)qip.ru

>> No. 352078 Quote [Report]


Because in those DVDs she was ubder age.

>> No. 352079 Quote [Report]

Show me something of yours, and I'll show you something mine.

>> No. 352092 Quote [Report]

She was over 18 in all her cds and dvds dumbass

>> No. 352105 Quote [Report]

She wasn't 18 until the end of modelfevergirls which is why they started modeldreamgirl

>> No. 352118 Quote [Report]

She was over 18 in all the cds as her grandfather the photographer said.

>> No. 352144 Quote [Report]

I was a member for many years set 92 of modelfevergirls was the birthday set for her 18th birthday which is why it's difficult to find sets from her sites before modeldreamgirl.
I don't know where or who you heard that she was 18 in her cds but you are misinformed cds 1-10 are all pre-modeldreamgirl and I doubt you'll ever see them.

>> No. 352183 Quote [Report]

I know also she was 18 in all her cds..they exaggerated her age quite a bit for some reason.

>> No. 352186 Quote [Report]

Please stop arguing idiotic thing about such ugly whore. please. thanks, it's soooo annoying to see this ugly bitch always on top... disgusting

>> No. 352205 Quote [Report]

some people just don't do subtlety.

>> No. 352323 Quote [Report]

Hey please stop... what an A hole you are. You don't speak for everyone else just because you don't happen to like her. Obviously a lot of people do. You don't have to read the posts. Keep your arrogant crap to yourself.

>> No. 352332 Quote [Report]

Don't be a hoarder and post cds 1-9

>> No. 352432 Quote [Report]

Yeah anyone can post all sweet-cindy site ? And if you have secret set post them too.

What other girls are like cindy ?

>> No. 352501 Quote [Report]

Who has cd 2?

>> No. 352644 Quote [Report]

Did anyone ever see the video made where Cindy is touching this old guys anal?

>> No. 353042 Quote [Report]

all i want at this point in my life, is to lick cindy's anus clean.

>> No. 353052 Quote [Report]

Is it dirty with brown goo?

>> No. 353546 Quote [Report]

I heard people making these videos and photos of cindy are facing big problems now. Any updates on this?

>> No. 353836 Quote [Report]
File 562d3a92756fb.jpg

Sweet Cindy 40-44-60


>> No. 353932 Quote [Report]
File 45399735fxm.jpg


>> No. 353952 Quote [Report]
File 1_071.jpg

Sweet Cindy 63


>> No. 354082 Quote [Report]
File 5626ff72187fd.jpg

Sweet Cindy 33-37


>> No. 354088 Quote [Report]

please, more cd material.

>> No. 354770 Quote [Report]
File 56358564d34e0.jpg

Sweet Cindy 59-65-69


>> No. 355357 Quote [Report]
File P4233032.jpg

Sweet Cindy 61

>> No. 355361 Quote [Report]

i love the pictures when she was younger and didn't shave down there. you could see the pubic hair coming from around her ass.

>> No. 357595 Quote [Report]
File 56566c0f3aa67.jpg

Sweet Cindy 35

>> No. 357611 Quote [Report]
File x3zj190uro5r.jpg

Sweet Cindy 32

>> No. 357626 Quote [Report]
File 5653d55a4c989.jpg

Sweet Cindy 24


>> No. 357662 Quote [Report]

you are not downloading correctly. eliminate the first part of the address so that you go straight to the mountfile download page. they are virus free.

>> No. 357672 Quote [Report]

Why doesn't anyone put the cds of cindy here instead of the same old posts over and over. Didnt her uncle or grandfather the photographer put out a collection of about 70 cds of her in various scenarios?

>> No. 357779 Quote [Report]
File jr29yzduc520.jpg


>> No. 357797 Quote [Report]
File boring.jpg


>> No. 357800 Quote [Report]
File 5653d01151a04.jpg

Sweet Cindy set 8

>> No. 365003 Quote [Report]
File jm.jpg

Jenny mix


>> No. 368231 Quote [Report]
File P5143929.jpg



>> No. 370355 Quote [Report]
File PA145262.jpg


>> No. 370631 Quote [Report]


>> No. 371063 Quote [Report]

Can put the set where Cindy lifts her hind leg in a cd?

>> No. 371075 Quote [Report]

So sad that you havn't learnt to use the scroll wheel on your mouse when you see a model that you dont like,maybe you were still looking in the mirror as you cocked your leg over the toilet bowl & that's the set you are thinking about.

>> No. 371076 Quote [Report]

WTF? Learn English first or use a translator!

>> No. 371168 Quote [Report]

Just checking if the poster that put up the fantastic High res & full sets of MFG0105,MFG0610,MFG1121 & MFG2536 might still be around?.SweetCindyFan

>> No. 371381 Quote [Report]
File jm.jpg


>> No. 371630 Quote [Report]

The early stuff from 2001-2003 also would be good.

>> No. 371656 Quote [Report]


Why is this picture of this fat fuck here?

>> No. 371663 Quote [Report]


its a selfie of the guy who posted it!!!

>> No. 371777 Quote [Report]

More of her and the fat guy please!!!!

>> No. 371783 Quote [Report]

Ithink i look good in this pose. Dont you like? how would you prefer me to pose

>> No. 371785 Quote [Report]

I don't understand why an admin doesn't delete that trolls post. This is the sexy girls category. I don't know why we all have to scroll past that fat fuck every time we come to this forum. Fuck the person who posted it. Theyre a giant fucking cunt.

>> No. 372196 Quote [Report]

my goal in life is to suck out her anus

>> No. 372266 Quote [Report]

What year did her grandfather/uncle first taking these sort of modelling photos of her?

>> No. 372339 Quote [Report]

i've seen pictures of her where she couldn't have been more than seven or eight.

>> No. 372437 Quote [Report]

Did she ever do any bj. bg. or proper lez.

>> No. 372446 Quote [Report]

no, but on her last site she used a dildo and vibrator on herself.

>> No. 373382 Quote [Report]

She was the darling of her father and uncle.
Become quite here , please more of it.

>> No. 373426 Quote [Report]

tezza is her grandfather, not her uncle.

>> No. 376003 Quote [Report]

Hi >>375430 do you need a repost of the missing MFG sets from my newshosting post? SweetCindyFan

>> No. 376004 Quote [Report]

Hi>>375451 how did your MFG sets 56 to 95 download go? SweetCindyFan

>> No. 376006 Quote [Report]
File P9014547.jpg


>> No. 376007 Quote [Report]
File P7053378.jpg


>> No. 376008 Quote [Report]
File P9195788.jpg


>> No. 376009 Quote [Report]
File P1210996.jpg


>> No. 377814 Quote [Report]
File a.jpg


>> No. 379159 Quote [Report]
File P4121583.jpg


>> No. 379190 Quote [Report]

Are any of The Magnificent Seven still looking in.I am on the trail of my Holy Grail & i am trying to find CD's 8 to 12 & the 2 best of CD's, this is a massive ask of a few devoted Cindy fans out there and any help to advance my quest would be fantastic.
TIA, rapper,one Hell of a SweetCindyFan

>> No. 379193 Quote [Report]

why don't you post something of hers like the cds or sets you have and then maybe somebody will post the cds or sets you need. that is how these sites work.

>> No. 379203 Quote [Report]

Hi >>379193
thanks for your reply, a quick recap - after finding Cindy here on Ichan & seeing some great posts,in early January i put up the newsgroup post ( over 30 Gigs of Cindy & Jenny with where & how to get it all from the newsgroups).

With what i said about my quest & how i said it,a group of great posters that i later called "The Magnificent Seven" came on board & their great work is shown in the post of Cindy CD1,2 &7 (No. 370355) also never seen before vids & some other great sets the mod missed.

Nearly all my posts & theirs have been deleted & all the great things posted have been taken & put on Torfile & they were never given credit for their generosity.

If anyone out there wants to share with some great Cindy fans, knowing the results of their posts will be put on Torefile i would gladly post anything i have that they may be missing in return.

I put up the first 3 sets above, Cindy making dinner,Cindy on the Mini & Cindy in the Red Dress, to let everyone know how genuine my quest is & as you can see they were grabbed also but i can live with that, but also someone then posted the next three & i dont know who to thank.

If anyone is prepared to help with CD's 8 to 12 + the best of's in any way, i will thank you in every post i make & i am hoping i have things to give you in return.

And as a thankyou to everyone for taking the time to read this,here is another treat from CD #4,



>> No. 379219 Quote [Report]

please repost - zippyshare is down

>> No. 379221 Quote [Report]

sorry SweetCindyFan its zippy is ok

>> No. 379333 Quote [Report]

SCFan, tks for Army look.

>> No. 379334 Quote [Report]

torfile is slow and does not accept parallel download. It is a trash imposition.

>> No. 379388 Quote [Report]

Hi>>379333 glad you liked the set, it feels like there could be more to this set but this is as much as i could find, i hope we can keep in contact, rapper SweetCindyFan

>> No. 379390 Quote [Report]

Hi >>379334
about Torfile & this site.

As much as i dislike the way the mod/owner of this site takes great posts & puts them on Torfile without giving thanks to the origonal poster, it is their way of paying for the site upkeep & i imagine a lot of profit as well.

For me, if thats what it takes for me to share & possibly recieve great unseen sets of my Favorite Cindy & Jenny, then thats how it will be.

This may not be acceptable for some or all of the posters i am trying to make contact with & i can only say that there a lot of true Cindy & Jenny fans ot there that would treasure anything they might be willing to share.

If any of "The Magnificent Seven" or other posters that might like to discuss the CD's elsewhere,PM rapper on Kityk or ViperG, i will check in each day & as a thankyou i will put up a few more from CD4 tomorrow,rapper SweetCindyFan

>> No. 379402 Quote [Report]

again, torfile guy is not a mod / admin of this site

>> No. 379414 Quote [Report]

Files on original hoster get deleted and appear magically on torfile ? How ?

>> No. 379429 Quote [Report]

This model is not attractive in the least and it eventually becomes annoying for her picture to show up all the time.

>> No. 379486 Quote [Report]

Hi >>379402
sorry for the confusion, i am not talking about Torfile Guy in any way shape or form, i was talking about the Torfile/ Mountfile.net link that is used when the Mod/Owner takes over posts & then links to the above.

The heading should have read,
Hi >>379334, about Torfile / Mountfile host & this site.
Now that i know there is a poster named torefile guy, i will be more clear in the future.
I hope this clears things up, rapper SweetCindyFan.

The mod / owner of this site can change,modify or delete any post on this site.
They grab anything that they want & repost with Torfile link, this is done to make a profit & for the upkeep of this site.
Not nice but the site would not exist without income. The big thing that pisses me off is when they do that they dont even thank the posters that give them that income.

As for >>379429
No, what is annoying is reading about people bitching about models that they dont like when they could just move on & let the Cindy& Jenny admirers enjoy this thread.
rapper, SweetCindyFan

>> No. 379497 Quote [Report]

The reason that the Torfile guy can delete your posts is because you are posting in HIS thread. Any thread starter can delete ANY posts in that thread. If you start your own thread, he won't be able to delete your posts. He will still put your files on Torfile, but he will not be able to delete your posts.
And he will probably send a DMCA to your filehost, but he will be unable to delete your posts. Try it.

>> No. 379500 Quote [Report]

That's not true (the part about OP being able to moderate his own thread - without help from staff)

>> No. 379505 Quote [Report]

Hi >>379497
i am now intrigued, is torfile guy the starter of this Cindy thread?, rapper

>> No. 379519 Quote [Report]

..and how do you know?

>> No. 379556 Quote [Report]

Look at the first post in this thread. The file host is torfile.

>> No. 379559 Quote [Report]

He deletes posts, puts them on torfile ->

Stealing for moneymaking. So everytime he deletes and steals: Please everyone, send him shitheads...

>> No. 379560 Quote [Report]

To SCFAN : Whats about starting your own cindy thread ?
For real fans and collectors, without this moneymaking torfile guy ;-)

>> No. 379580 Quote [Report]

Hi >>379333
Army Look guy, here is another one for you & everyone for naming & a request, in my CD4 i have "Sommers Day" with only 12 pics. Looks like there should be many more, could you by chance have them & share.
There's a good chance you have the sets i have put up but if you can give me a set name i might be able to add to your collection.

To Everyone, my last posts have created debate that has taken us away from our goal / quest so here is another set,rapper, SweetCindyFan
http://www116.zippyshare.com/v/E6phGRwJ/file.html Enjoy.

>> No. 379899 Quote [Report]

SCFan, tks for Another day

>> No. 379913 Quote [Report]

tks for the add too

>> No. 379950 Quote [Report]

Can you post the early photo of CINDY sitting butt nekkid at a kitchen table

>> No. 379953 Quote [Report]

Hi SCFan, I dont know the name "sommers day" or "summers day". Post a pic to see the set.

>> No. 380000 Quote [Report]
File P7273841.jpg

Hi everyone, thanks Anon for the set name & a big thanks to Fluxus for the additional pics for my set, much appreciated.
A big favor to ask, i am trying to get all the CD indexes with pics ( big ask ), or even just the set names in each CD so i can see what might be missing from my CD's # 1 to 7 that i have collected from several torrents & newsgroups.
There are 12 CDs & 2 BEST OF CD's, so to have the indexes of all/any would really help me with my sorting.
Here is another from CD 4, http://www68.zippyshare.com/v/Q0b89nEV/file.html ,
& here is a pic of "Sommers Day" ( not sure why it is spelled with an "o").
Thanks again for all of your great  contributions,every addition fills in another piece of our Beautiful Cindy & Jenny Puzzle,rapper,SweetCindyFan

>> No. 380065 Quote [Report]


SCFan, here is the requested information about CD1 (taken from the original site):

This CD has 11 Sets + 1 small singing vid
Cindy Angel...........214 photos in
Cindy & Jenny......153 photos in
Cindy in Black........154 photos in
Cindy in the Woods....119 photos in
Cindy in White........101 photos in
Cindy on the Sofa.....148 photos in
Cindy on the Table....214 photos in
Cindy Pigtails........143 photos in
Cindy atwork...........85 photos in
Just Cindy............124 photos in
Goodbye.................7 photos in
The CD can be downloaded.
Price $75.USD or 70 Euros

>> No. 380067 Quote [Report]


SCFan, here is the requested information about CD2 (taken from the original site):

This CD has 8 sets + a small singing vid.

Cindy after the Shower..159 photos in
Cindy after the song.....44 photos in
Cindy on the P.C........142 photos in
Cindy & Jenny.......128 photos in
Cindy in Silver.........108 photos in
Cindy in the Garden.....124 photos in
Cindy's Milk Bath.....172 photos in
Cindy Old Pigtails......169 photos in.
The CD can be downloaded.

Price $120 USD or 100Euros

>> No. 380068 Quote [Report]

SCFan, im sorry but on this period (SC16) I only have a few photos. With what you posted - Another day and Mini - you filled a gap.
Cindy in jeans - file password protected...
tks again.
Fluxus, tks you for the contribution... again too.

>> No. 380069 Quote [Report]

pass ichan

>> No. 380095 Quote [Report]

What was the name of Cindy's dvd made around 2002?

>> No. 380119 Quote [Report]

Fluxus, that is Brilliant, with the 2 indexes you have given me i can see at a glance any differences & with the number of pics in each set you have made my sorting so much easier. 
I am not sure if i can offer anything in return but if you think you might have something missing, hit me with a pic or name & i will see if i can help. 
If you have more indexes to share i hope it doesn't piss off people when it goes into the update page & as a thankyou to everyone here is another CD 4 set http://www24.zippyshare.com/v/RIo30kgC/file.html Cindy in Red 1 if any pass is needed it will be ichan. 

Hi K, glad i was able to fill some gaps for you & i am hoping some fantatic posters out there might be able to help me also. 
The Sweet Cindy 16.com site has me stumped, a poster put up pic indexes of the 3 sites i know about, Sweet Cindy, Modelfever & Modeldreamgirl with no mention of Cindy16.com. 
The pics with that logo on them that i have seem to be in the CD sets, could anyone enlighten me to my dilemma. 
Hi >>380095, to my knowledge, all of Cindys CD's only had numbers, from 1 to 12 & 2 Bonus CDs. So the 1 you might be referring to should be one of the above that Fluxus has posted indexes for. 
Thanks everyone for helping me with my quest,rapper,SweetCindyFan

>> No. 380164 Quote [Report]

Tks for indexes and Cindy in red 1

>> No. 380229 Quote [Report]


SCFan, here is the requested information about CD3 (taken from the original site):

This CD has 9 sets + 1 singing vid.
Cindy by the Fire....186 photos in
Cindy in Bikini.......91 photos in
Cindy in Black.......139 photos in
Cindy in Nighty......137 photos in
Cindy in Pink.........51 photos in
Cindy in Pink 2.......33 photos in
Cindy on the Bar.....200 photos in
Cindy Singing.........56 photos in
Cindy in the Garden...38 photos in

Somehow it seems that the sets contain one or two pics less than mentioned...

>> No. 380240 Quote [Report]

please posts some sets from cindy's cds for those of us who don't have them. thanks.

>> No. 380249 Quote [Report]


SCFan, here is the requested information about "Cindy's Special opening CD", sometimes referred to as CD3s (taken from the original site):

The CD has 6 sets.
A Day with Cindy...155 photos in
Brazil........170 photos in
Cindy 16......145 photos in
Cindy in the Corner.......182 photos in
Cindy walking the Cat...167 photos in
Cindy Orange Top...149 photos in

All together 950 photo, indoor and outdoor sets.
Price for the CD is $65 USD or 50 Euros

For CD4 and above I do not have any indexes at the moment... :(

>> No. 380274 Quote [Report]

Hi Fluxus,a big thumbs up for the indexes you have given us, they make the task of sorting out what belongs where in the CDs so much easier.
I would like to help you in some way in return for the above (& also any of the magnificent seven if they are still around),i can be contacted - ( PM rapper at vipergirls dot to )& we could discuss collections without upsetting the users of  other Ichan threads on this board, i know there are a few that do not like Cindy stuff coming up all the time.

As i said before, as a thankyou i will continue to post the sets & part sets i have of Cindy's CDs & here is another from CD 4.
http://www70.zippyshare.com/v/AgISlU9W/file.html   Our Cindy  , pass if needed  ichan.

If anyone can fill in any of the missing pics of the part sets i put up, that would be greatly appreciated, thanks SweetCindyFan 


>> No. 380309 Quote [Report]

Thanks SCFan and Fluxus for the sets, never seen these CD sets before, they're really good. If you guys have any more CD sets you could post, that would be fantastic. Thanks again!! :)

>> No. 380357 Quote [Report]

Tks SCFan, tks Fluxus...

>> No. 380360 Quote [Report]

Information about a set:
white sofa, mini skirt pink, red bracelet watch, shaving.
I have 9 photos of this set. Does anyone know which set is? more pictures?

>> No. 380377 Quote [Report]

please post the shaving pics

>> No. 380471 Quote [Report]

thank you very much. do you have sample pics from other cds you could post?

>> No. 380532 Quote [Report]

Hi Fluxus,thanks for the CD 5 sample pics.
Do you by chance have the full sets of these samples?.you have at least 3 sets i do not have.
i have 5 sets that are not in your sample index, as well as the 3 sets i am missing from your CD 5 samples.
Possibly we, maybe with the help of others could combine our sets to complete CD 5.
Your thoughts? rapper, SweetCindyFan

>> No. 380558 Quote [Report]


Beside of these samples my CD 5 folder is empty... :( I didn't even know that there are more.

So unfortunately no help...

>> No. 380575 Quote [Report]


Again I forgot to add my name to the subject line...

>> No. 380610 Quote [Report]

What year was she born? I thought 1990 or 93.

>> No. 380611 Quote [Report]

What year was she born? I thought 1990 or 93.

>> No. 380723 Quote [Report]

I think she was Born 1990

>> No. 380809 Quote [Report]

Hello to all and especially to SCFan and Fluxus.

I was a member on sweet-cindy, model fever girls, model dream girl and cindy dreams. Had almost all sets and videos. Then my hard drive broke down and everything was gone. I have a lot to accumulate again, but unfortunately missing much. Especially things by model fever girls and the special sets or cd sets that existed.

Does anyone have an index of model fever girls?

Greetings and happy collecting.


>> No. 380863 Quote [Report]

Hi Everyone, now i need some help.
Here are 3 small part sets from CD 4 ( the only parts i could find in all my searching ).
Cindy Mix - 24 pics,  Sommers Day - 12 pics &  White Dress - 23 pics.
Hope you enjoy what i have & maybe someone out there might be able to add to these sets, for all Cindy & Jenny Fans, rapper,SweetCindyFan.

>> No. 380875 Quote [Report]
File password.jpg

The CD5 preview file Fluxxus posted is asking me for a password. I didn't see a pass posted. Can anyone help? Is it password protected? Thanks!

>> No. 380896 Quote [Report]

Thank you so much, Bythegloryoftheinternetz.

Here is the summary of what can be found on CD 5 (taken from the original site, found it :-) ):

So what is on CD5?
CD5 will be ready for downloading by Saturday, 13 January 2007
You will find two big vids full screen, that is still not the best but big improvement to the other vids that we have made. (Still learning how to use the cam.)
On the vids you will see Cindy playing with a Soccer Ball in that Brazil dress on the other one she is at the lake.

The vids are from the sets in CD3 each one takes about an hour to download.

Also the vids have been cut down so you can download them in minutes to see what they are like.
On the sets you will see.
Cindy doing a workout on a training apparatus then working out on a boxing bag, would not like to get hit with those boxing gloves.
Then Cindy on a bed in a see-through that gets too hot.
Two sets of Cindy in wet T-shirt, starts off very nice but in the second set the T-shirt is so wet she must take it off.
Then Cindy and Jenny playing poker, wow how far do they go and who wins?
Cindy and Jenny on the ladder what are they up to there?
See Cindy making a candy house, the house is not to good but Cindy WOW.
Small set Black and White 26 photos Cindy doing Artwork, her body full with oil, big photos 2048 x 1536 Pixel.
What is Cindy doing in her new Orange room?
A set Jenny on the Table what is she up to?
Then the Christmas Calendar over 50 photos that have not been released
44 extra pics from set 010, 57 pics from set 011, 48 pics form set 12, photos that could not go on her website.
Also pics not seen on sets 1.2.8. 9.
And a few others.
So you are getting 2 big vids, 14 sets about 1400 photos

Price a mere $200 USD or 150 Euros

>> No. 380900 Quote [Report]

tks Bythegloryoftheinternetz

>> No. 380913 Quote [Report]

>>380875 Hi, try   ichan 
For Fluxus & SCFan  sets try this password,rapper,SweetCindyFan

Fluxus, thanks for all the CD5 info

>> No. 380923 Quote [Report]

>>380920 Hi Cindy, what a fantastic surprise & joy to see CD # 12 sets for the first time.
My belief that there are great Cindy & Jenny fans out there willing to share Special sets & CDs with other devoted fans has started to take shape & i think with all the new posters, i might have to go from "The Magnificent Seven" to a play on words of another movie title & call them "Cindy's Dozen" .
A Massive thanks again & if there is anything i can put up in return, let me know,rapper, SweetCindyFan

>> No. 380931 Quote [Report]

Thank Fluxus, SCFan and Cindy. You are fantastic!

I found the modelfever index earlier in the thread, thank SCFan.

Incidentally, I have found an index where the sets are named sequentially.
But I must first sort it because it's a mess. I will later post the index, if someone wants to designate his sets.


>> No. 380941 Quote [Report]
File mfg_index.jpg

Here the modelfevergirls index is for the photo sets.
I found this on the internet and do not know if all the names are correct.
Unfortunately, a few missing.


>> No. 380944 Quote [Report]

CD12 links gone :((

>> No. 380947 Quote [Report]

That's why I never posted here and never will again

>> No. 380952 Quote [Report]
File MFG Index.jpg

Here is my Model Fever Girls index

>> No. 380960 Quote [Report]

Holy shit. Not even three days O.o

>> No. 380961 Quote [Report]
File tiny-tove.jpg

Sorry, but this isn't Cindy. It might be Tove Jensen of Tiny Tove fame.

>> No. 380997 Quote [Report]

Is there a better place to go for Cindy than here?

>> No. 381001 Quote [Report]


It's a shame, that all links will be deleted so fast.

>> No. 381002 Quote [Report]


Thank you Cindy for your index.
Sad to read, that you will never post here again. But i can understand it. Links will be deleted too quickly.

Is there any other chance to get some more stuff from your collection? If you want to share at all?!

Your index looks great... if you know what i mean?! ;-)

>> No. 381012 Quote [Report]

>>380947 & >>380952 Hi Cindy or possibly 2 Cindys, i am sad that they have taken your post down but it will be back up shortly with Torefile links, but this is what happens to all the brilliant sets that you & other posters like your self have put up. 
I cant stop this from happening but without all your's & other's  sets & CD's being put here for all the True Cindy & Jenny fans, we may never have seen them at all.
So to everyone that has offered these Special gifts, I would like thank you All, from all the true Fans out there.Cindy, Fluxus, K, C1NDY LOV3R & Bythegloryoftheinternetz check out my post 380274 & you will see a way forward, & if you all can, please bare with my quest to share & recieve as much Cindy & Jenny as i can.
Here is possibly the last set for CD 4, Old Bubble Bath ( if i have missed any, please let me know ).
Thanks for everything,rapper fromVipergirls,SweetCindyFan

>> No. 381040 Quote [Report]

@ SCFan

I'm your new friend on vipergirls, Collectix.
But i don't know how to write or answer to a pm. Searched everything, but there's no way for me. grrrr....

>> No. 381057 Quote [Report]

>>380952 Hi Cindy,i hope i am giving a massive thanks to the correct sharer of CD 12,  i am very interested in two of your folders in your Modelfevergirls collection.
Are you able to tell me how big the Best Of folder is & also how many vids are in your Fevergirls vids folder.
& for everyone, a recent blast from the past,
C1NDY LOV3R & others, give it a day for things to take shape, rapper, Vipergirls, SweetCindtFan 
PS if there are 2 Cindys, could you please let me know

>> No. 381102 Quote [Report]

What would C1ndy say? "A big big thank for your giving! SCFan thats great." I mean the same

>> No. 381105 Quote [Report]
File cindy 0.jpg

@ SCFan and others here is most of my cindy stuff. i have her more cindy dreams and modeldreamgirl on another hard drive. if you see something you want let me knwo

>> No. 381106 Quote [Report]
File cindy 1.jpg

@ SCFan and others here is most of my cindy stuff. i have her more cindy dreams and modeldreamgirl on another hard drive. if you see something you want let me knwo

>> No. 381107 Quote [Report]
File cindy 2.jpg

@ SCFan and others here is most of my cindy stuff. i have her more cindy dreams and modeldreamgirl on another hard drive. if you see something you want let me knwo

>> No. 381109 Quote [Report]

Hi cindy folder guy,you have put up a fantastic set of indexes, there are heaps of sets i have never seen come up before & i would be stoked to be able to share with you.You can get me by PM, rapper on Vipergirls dot to , it may take a day to become a member & then would you be happy with me / us sharing back to this great bunch of Cindy & Jenny fans?.
A Big thankyou to everyone & here's the first set of CD #3,
Cindy by the Fire.rar
http://www27.zippyshare.com/v/rzT7w936/file.html pass, ichan,

>> No. 381202 Quote [Report]
File P3251892.jpg


pass ichan

>> No. 381204 Quote [Report]
File P3161859.jpg


pass ichan

>> No. 381213 Quote [Report]
File 039.jpg


pass ichan

>> No. 381217 Quote [Report]
File DSC04866.jpg


pass ichan

>> No. 381223 Quote [Report]

Hi, best of cindy guy, this is way way  more than i had ever hoped for from your "best of" series & if i can return the favor in any way, just ask,rapper,SweetCindtFan.

>> No. 381225 Quote [Report]

Thank you C1NDY LOV3R, SCFan and the best of cindy poster, amazing links and sets, please keep posting!! Thank you so much guys, really appreciated!

>> No. 381243 Quote [Report]

Welcome best of cindy, nice work.
Thank you.

>> No. 381290 Quote [Report]
File MDG-084a_VOB_thumbs_[2016_07_02_15_48_17].jpg

Here's something for you all, MDG-084a, got more if you guys want. Grtz ---> http://www72.zippyshare.com/v/Bm8hLf52/file.html ---> Pass = CindyClips

>> No. 381294 Quote [Report]
File PC170698.jpg


pass ichan

>> No. 381296 Quote [Report]
File DSC04351.jpg


pass ichan

>> No. 381311 Quote [Report]

THX so much for posting these wonderful sc best ofs

please keep on posting

>> No. 381375 Quote [Report]

A Massive Thanks, best of cindy guy, & in return, for you & all the other great posters that are helping in our quest.
Set 2 from CD 3,
 Cindy in Bikini.rar
Hope this is new for everyone,rapper,SweetCindyFan

>> No. 381376 Quote [Report]

PS if any pass is needed for any of my posts, it will always be    ichan
rapper, SweetCindyFan

>> No. 381401 Quote [Report]

5 missing pics set 056


>> No. 381402 Quote [Report]

pass ichan

>> No. 381405 Quote [Report]
File 031.jpg

Also have the Sweet-Cindy sets if folks are interested. Here's a sample --> http://www63.zippyshare.com/v/OXjztG7i/file.html
--> pass CindyClips

>> No. 381406 Quote [Report]

Thanks for the vid,Cindy Clips guy.
Thanks for the extra pics for set 56 Anon.

>> No. 381409 Quote [Report]

Happy to help you guys out ^^
Got all of the MDG (pics/vids), sweetcindy content (pics) and some extra stes/vids. If you want anything uploaded, just ask away :)

>> No. 381422 Quote [Report]

thanks cindyclips-guy for your fantastic uploads...i am deeply interested in the uncensored pics from SC 059 set (cindy with cat on table)

>> No. 381426 Quote [Report]


I've been looking for the pics you wanted, i can only found 1 so far. I'll try to look for more, give me a day or 2.
Here's 1 I found, hope it helps :)
http://www107.zippyshare.com/v/hr1iXjDN/file.html --> CindyClips

>> No. 381432 Quote [Report]
File IMG_2027.jpg


Pass ichan

>>381409 more videos would be nice if you have them. thanks

>> No. 381433 Quote [Report]
File P3150561.jpg


pass ichan

>> No. 381461 Quote [Report]

Sweet Cindy sets are hard to find. By chance do you have the unedited version of set 56? It was only up for a short time before it was replaced with a photo shopped version that hid her nipples with folds of mesh material. I've been looking for the original set for several years.

>> No. 381467 Quote [Report]

Please disregard my request for SC56 unedited. It was posted above as Best of Cindy 001a.

>> No. 381526 Quote [Report]

Desperately looking for Modelfevergirl sets do any of you kind people have sets to post

>> No. 381537 Quote [Report]

Hi cindy folder guy & CindyClips guy, a massive thanks for the new additions for us.
cindy folder guy & CD 12 guy, as a thank you for all your help, i would like to help you both out with you Cd collections, if you could contact me on V, that would be great.
Here is the 3rd set from CD 3,
Cindy in Black.rar
Thanks everyone,rapper,SweetCindyFan

>> No. 381539 Quote [Report]
File MDG-093c_VOB_thumbs_[2016_07_04_14_48_35].jpg

2nd Video
http://www45.zippyshare.com/v/HXFhfBNb/file.html --> Pass CindyClips

>> No. 381549 Quote [Report]

Hi Cindy Clips, thanks for the great downloads and your offer. Cindy did a series (one or two) on a small brown couch that I have been looking for, I believe from her sweet-cindy site. Can you post those one please. Thank you.

>> No. 381554 Quote [Report]

yes cindyclips -you got the right set - here is another uncensored sample from that set - hope you find more http://www113.zippyshare.com/v/qSbAWTOW/file.html ------pass:CindyClips

>> No. 381555 Quote [Report]

here is a small set from her old forum -enjoy ....big THX to all posters so far -keep this thread running ..............especially with her SC-uncensored set (i love her unshaved armpits ) http://www73.zippyshare.com/v/DfXPNK89/file.html pass:cindyluvr

>> No. 381573 Quote [Report]
File P1188670.jpg

Do you mean this set ?

>> No. 381575 Quote [Report]

Massive! thx for that last set you posted SweetCindyFan. First time i see this one. Well played ^^

>> No. 381576 Quote [Report]

Last 1 for today, i'll post more 2morrow.
http://www102.zippyshare.com/v/yOiumDa2/file.html --> pass CindyClips

Grtz CC

>> No. 381586 Quote [Report]


Thank you all for keep on posting, especially SCFan for posting CD stuff.

Here are some fills for the sets:
-Cindy Mix
-Summer's Day
-White Dress
from CD4 posted by SCFan.
Pass: ichan

I am looking for:
- MFG C012-Red-dress-bedroom
- MFG C013-FarmGirl
- MFG C014-Pink-SummerDress


>> No. 381587 Quote [Report]

>>381549 Hi Anon, if i can help out here, you will find 1 set in CD # 1 back in post >>370355
Have fun,SweetCindyFan

>> No. 381632 Quote [Report]

Thanks to all for your great work.
Keep these fantastic cindy thread alive.

>> No. 381637 Quote [Report]

Post her earliest stuff she did as I read a blog long ago she did many customs as early as 2003/

>> No. 381644 Quote [Report]

Hi & Thanks to Everyone for all the new additions.
Cindy Clips guy & Anon guy, big thumbs up for the Cindy in Blue pics, my first 2 unedited pics, i hope we can find the whole set.
Fluxus, those indexes were fantastic to have & your additions for my sets,brilliant work, & as a thank you, here are the sets you wanted.PS to my knowledge these are the highest Resolution around anywhere,if anyone has or see's any better  than these sets ,could you let me know.

MFG 012__31.5 MB_127_510_316 KB__Red-dress-bedroom.rar

MFG 013__58.0 MB_132_875_538 KB__FarmGirl.rar

MFG 014__51.1 MB_200_671_296 KB__Pink-SummerDress.rar

I am working on a legend for my sets,
MFG 012__31.5 MB_127_510_316 KB__Red-dress-bedroom,
Set number,size of folder,pics in set,last 3 digits of first pic after gallery pic,size of first pic & set name.
With this info you can very quickly see how your sets compare,have fun,rapper,SweetCindyFan


>> No. 381657 Quote [Report]
File MDG-126_VOB_thumbs_[2016_07_05_17_19_21].jpg

Next vid, there you go

http://www58.zippyshare.com/v/PxdSaIxZ/file.html --> CindyClips

>> No. 381663 Quote [Report]

Yes that's one of them can you please post the download. The other one (or two?) are on a smaller brown 2 seat chair like a loveseat but I believe they call it a couch. If you have those too I would be greatful thanks so much.

>> No. 381664 Quote [Report]

Found 3 fillers for the set "Cindy in jeans", don't have the correct filenames tho, found them like they are.

http://www42.zippyshare.com/v/W98OcQkI/file.html --> CindyClips

Grtz CC

>> No. 381665 Quote [Report]

I've got both sets. Here you go...

http://www42.zippyshare.com/v/jeLEokis/file.html --> CindyClips
http://www42.zippyshare.com/v/r9aqr1PH/file.html --> CindyClips

>> No. 381667 Quote [Report]
File DSC04103.jpg


pass ichan

>> No. 381670 Quote [Report]


Which newsgroup did you post all that to?

>> No. 381671 Quote [Report]
File P5254068.jpg


pass ichan

>> No. 381691 Quote [Report]
File am-teich-26-04-042.jpg


pass ichan

>> No. 381692 Quote [Report]
File Bach-055.jpg


pass ichan

>> No. 381694 Quote [Report]
File DSC02240.jpg


pass ichan

>> No. 381706 Quote [Report]

Does anyone have MFG sets 15-20; 26-29; and 32-34.
Thank you!

>> No. 381744 Quote [Report]

massive thanks to the bestofcindy-guy -you made my day -keep on posting her unedited pics- cindyluvr

>> No. 381755 Quote [Report]
File P4122416.jpg

Hi Cindy Clips guy & Fluxus,check out >>380274 if you would like to make contact.
Cindy Clips guy, i think Anon might have been looking for this set & if it is the right one he will find it in CD 1 from post >>370355

Here is another from CD 3,
Cindy in Nighty.rar
Thanks everyone & have fun,rapper,SweetCindyFan

>> No. 381766 Quote [Report]

SCFan and Cindy Clips yes that is the one and I did end up finding it above already. I have seen a few more that are not in the set. Thanks SCFan, Cindy Clips, and best of cindy for all the great sets and pics.

>> No. 381839 Quote [Report]

You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for the posts.

>> No. 381840 Quote [Report]

Could anyone post the Cindy Easter Bunny vid if they have it? Been looking for it forever.

Many thanks for all you wonderful guys are doing.

>> No. 381943 Quote [Report]

I'm missing BoC 8, 9, and 16. Did I miss the links?

>> No. 381946 Quote [Report]

Hi Anon, if you check out, cindy folder guy's screen shot>>381105,
you will see that they are not in his great collection of "best of's" that he has offered to share with us, and given his extensive list, they may not have been available at the time.
Thanks, cindy folder guy, for sharing these great "cindy best of" sets with other Cindy & Jenny fans,rapper,SweetCindyFan 

>> No. 381955 Quote [Report]

Genius Torfile seems to delete files and consequently then post them as his own. As half of the postings on ichan is torfile (mountfile) question raises if it is one merchandise

>> No. 381959 Quote [Report]

Here is the index for CD04; taken from the original site.

This CD has 11 sets + 2 singing vid.
Bubble Bath..........133 photos
"Mini"...............120 photos
Cindy in Jeans.......129 photos
Summers Day..........141 photos
Army Look.............98 photos
Cindy in Red.........270 photos
Cindy Mix............148 photos
Our Cindy............202 photos
Another Day Out......128 photos
White Dress..........100 photos
Kiss Me..............143 photos
The CD can be downloaded.
Price $150 USD or 130 Euros

>> No. 381980 Quote [Report]
File DSC02799.jpg


pass ichan

>>381943 sets 8, 9, and 16 are missing. sorry.

If somebody could upload the Sandra set from this post that would be awesome.

>> No. 381983 Quote [Report]
File white-dress-093.jpg


pass ichan

>> No. 381985 Quote [Report]

Hi "best of Cindy" guy, thanks for your latest best of sets, but alas, they are allready in your last 2  updates from tuesday. In my Best of Cindy folder you are up to set 25.
If it's ok with you, after your next post, when i do a thank you &CD set post i can also just put "boc set # " to give you a heads up of current sets shared.
If thats ok, just let me know in your next post,thanks heaps for all of these great sets, rapper,SweetCindyFan.
2 smaller sets from CD 3 for everyone, 
Cindy in Pink 2.rar

Cindy in Pink.rar

>> No. 381986 Quote [Report]
File P3230597.jpg


pass ichan

>> No. 381988 Quote [Report]
File DSC04165.jpg


pass ichan

>> No. 381989 Quote [Report]


>> No. 382003 Quote [Report]


--> Error 404 - Not Found

Can you please post the correct link, or say what exactly you are looking for?


>> No. 382007 Quote [Report]
File P7185199.jpg


pass ichan

>> No. 382016 Quote [Report]
File P4072232.jpg


pass ichan

>> No. 382028 Quote [Report]
File P6034563.jpg


pass ichan

>> No. 382034 Quote [Report]
File P5294448.jpg


pass ichan

>> No. 382040 Quote [Report]
File P2119852.jpg


pass ichan

>> No. 382052 Quote [Report]

Thx for those amazing sets, best of cindy. Keep up the good work brother!

Grtz CC

>> No. 382053 Quote [Report]

Thank you so much, best of cindy.
Amazing posts, great!


>> No. 382056 Quote [Report]
File P7144942.jpg


pass ichan

>> No. 382065 Quote [Report]

absolutely great work guys!
I have never seen so much good pics of our cute cindy. thank you - thank - you thank - you.
plse keep on posting.

>> No. 382067 Quote [Report]

well done bestofcindy-guy ....another bunch of fantastic sc sets.....please go on posting your treasures :-) ....especially the sets where little cindy shows her unshaved armpits .....can you reupp #382016 caus its the same as #382007...THX cindyluvr

>> No. 382069 Quote [Report]
File 256963479 (2).jpg

thank you so much bestofcindy ...so many wonderful posts .....do have that set unedited ??? i m looking alltimelong for that set

>> No. 382073 Quote [Report]

Why does not any post her earliest custom sets???

>> No. 382101 Quote [Report]

Why does not any post her doggy custom sets???

>> No. 382126 Quote [Report]

It is interesting to see how sisters show big differences in some of their body parts. Cindy has an "innie" pussy, with small inner lips. Jenny has an "outtie", with big protruding inner lips... wihich i find very sexy.

>> No. 382130 Quote [Report]
File P4201405.jpg


SCFan, one fill for your Cindy in Pink.

>> No. 382136 Quote [Report]

Hi best of cindy guy, you are making a dream come true. You have up to # 42 nailed down ( with a slight hiccup with 1 double post that was for # 32 & # 33 ) & these sets are fantastic & i would really like to return the favor.
Hi Fluxus, thanks for all the great fills & hope you liked the MFG sets you were after.If you would like to connect with a great group of Cindy & Jenny fans,check out>>380274 .
Here is another set from CD 3,
Cindy on the Bar.rar

>> No. 382147 Quote [Report]

Hi SCfan and BoC, thanks for all your posts.

I didn't see a double post of BoC # 32 & # 33. I saw a double post of # 25 I think. I didn't find # 32 & # 33 posted. Would you knidly point me to them please? Thanks!!!!

>> No. 382166 Quote [Report]

>>382147 Hi Anon,sorry i didn't make that comment clear in my last post.
The Zippyshare links in posts >>382007
& >>382016
are the same & that being the case, sets # 32 & # 33 are missing from best of cindy's great collection, thanks BoC guy for everything,rapper,SweetCindyFan.
PS, in BoC's collection there is no # 34,so it has not been missed.
Small set from CD 3 as a thank you to everyone,
Cindy in the Garden.rar
There should be more to this set, so if anyone can help with fills, it would be great,rapper

>> No. 382203 Quote [Report]

hey SCfan - here are the fills i have to complete the cindy in garden set ---have fun and keep this thread alive ---cindyluvr ----- http://www15.zippyshare.com/v/e5nzs4gV/file.html pass-->cindyluvr

>> No. 382331 Quote [Report]

Seconded... I'm missing 32, 33, and 34.

>> No. 382364 Quote [Report]

Hi Anon, just reminding you that the "best of cindy # 34" is not in BOC's folder, so is missing from his great sets shared so far, rapper SweetCindyFan.
Here is another smaller & last set from CD # 3, if anyone has some fills for any of the CD sets i post that they can share, that would be great.
Singing Cindy 3.rar
enjoy, rapper

>> No. 382401 Quote [Report]

Can someone say what set are these posts from:340557,340610 and 340611 and can anybody post.

>> No. 382402 Quote [Report]

Hi Anon, they are from CD # 2 & you can grab them in post>>370355
enjoy,rapper SweetCindyFan.
Hi cindyluvr, thanks for the fills for the garden set, much appreciated, & thanks to everyone for your contributions to our quest, rapper

>> No. 382435 Quote [Report]


>> No. 382451 Quote [Report]


much fun :)

>> No. 382470 Quote [Report]


Thank you for posting!
But please put your files on zippyshare, like everyone else. Thank you!


>> No. 382474 Quote [Report]

Hi C1NDY-LOV3R , i am going to take a punt here.
i think the last 2 posts are from Torefile guy, the starter of this thread & if that's the case i would like to thank him for leaving all these great new additions on Zippysahare & not just  putting them straight into  the collections post & then having posters leave never to return.
If i am correct with the above, you might miss out at the begining but you will end up with the Biggest & Best collection of Cindy & Jenny on the net for Years to come, so i hope you will work with us.
To everyone, normally all these Zippyshare posts that have been here starting from 1month ago would usually go to Torefile links within a week, so we are seeing a change & that's great.
"best of cindy guy", i hope you are able to share more of your brilliant BOC sets, they have been a great addition to our quest,rapper, SweetCindyFan.
& as a thank you to everyone, here is the first set of CD # 3 Special,
A Day with Cindy.rar
http://www86.zippyshare.com/v/xqtLhL5L/file.html     , enjoy,rapper

>> No. 382495 Quote [Report]


Sorry, i found that in another fourm ;-)

>> No. 382551 Quote [Report]
File 0504279977.jpg

>> No. 382573 Quote [Report]


No problem, please don't take it personally.
The hoster mountfile is very slow and most of us will probably have no premium account. Zippyshare is very fast without premium account.
Nevertheless, many thanks for your contributions and also to all other. You guys are doing a great job. C1NDY-L0V3R

>> No. 382580 Quote [Report]
File cindy.jpg

Did her grandpa really photo her in all the nudie pictures and videos that was on the site and sold?

>> No. 382588 Quote [Report]

JEEEEEZUS!!! I've heard of a 'ham wallet' before, but that's a ham duffelbag!

>> No. 382654 Quote [Report]
File 0504280161.jpg

>> No. 382670 Quote [Report]

Hi best of cindy guy, hoping you might be able to share some more of your  best of cindy sets, the ones you have shared allready have been fantastic.
As a thankyou, here is set 2 from CD 3 Special,
http://www23.zippyshare.com/v/Ag7JY3z1/file.html  , thanks also to everyone, rapper, SweetCindyFan

>> No. 382687 Quote [Report]

Just a small "thank you" to all contributors!

>> No. 382688 Quote [Report]

Yes, nice.

>> No. 382709 Quote [Report]

SCFan, here are two fills for "A Day with Cindy" and one for "Brazil".


>> No. 382752 Quote [Report]
File 0543954762.jpg

>> No. 382753 Quote [Report]
File 9mgogbdr.jpg

>> No. 382755 Quote [Report]
File 222306.jpg

>> No. 382756 Quote [Report]
File 222310.jpg

>> No. 382801 Quote [Report]

So good to see all that cum leaking out of her pussy in the last pics. I wonder if it was her grandpa that made the deposit?

>> No. 382855 Quote [Report]

The pictures series is called milkbath. That`s what is leakin out from her pussy.

>> No. 382856 Quote [Report]

Yes you are correct, it WAS granddaddy. Some of her biggest fans actually got to watch. Some even sneaked some pics of the event. The ones you sometimes see in posts that many call fakes are actually not fakes at all, they are the ones that were taken covertly.

>> No. 382890 Quote [Report]
File 0504280183.jpg

>> No. 382891 Quote [Report]
File 0541902348.jpg

>> No. 382929 Quote [Report]

>>382891 -

Set pls

>> No. 382953 Quote [Report]

What os the namr of this series?


>> No. 382983 Quote [Report]


This is set 075 from modeldreamgirls

>> No. 383011 Quote [Report]
File 0541900584.jpg

>> No. 383012 Quote [Report]
File 0541902678.jpg

>> No. 383045 Quote [Report]

I would put it in her butt! And then make her lick it off.

>> No. 383054 Quote [Report]

i would tongue out her asshole in a n.y. minute.

>> No. 383088 Quote [Report]
File 0543953674.jpg

>> No. 383090 Quote [Report]
File 0543953713.jpg

>> No. 383091 Quote [Report]
File 0543953112.jpg

>> No. 383092 Quote [Report]

Hi, best of cindy guy,hope you are able to delight us with more of your best of cindy collection, rapper.
Hi Fluxus, thanks for the fills for my latest CD sets,i would like to give you a big thankyou for your help,please check out post >>380274.
Hi C1NDY-LOV3R, thanks for the  set details
for anon.
Here is the next set from CD 3 Special, set 4,

 Cindy in the Corner.rar
Enjoy,rapper,vipergirls, SweetCindyFan

>> No. 383094 Quote [Report]
File 0541900695.jpg

>> No. 383095 Quote [Report]
File 0541900701.jpg

>> No. 383102 Quote [Report]
File 0541902769.jpg

>> No. 383123 Quote [Report]
File _P6172767.jpg


One pic to add. :)

>> No. 383183 Quote [Report]
File 0579630000.jpg

>> No. 383184 Quote [Report]
File 0543954241.jpg

>> No. 383332 Quote [Report]

Hi everyone, here is set 5 from CD 3 Special,
Going for a Walk with the Cat.rar

I hope best of cindy guy can share some more of his great collection,fingers crossed, rapper, SweetCindyFan

>> No. 383340 Quote [Report]
File 145722869882.jpg

>> No. 383341 Quote [Report]
File 221834.jpg

>> No. 383351 Quote [Report]

ty guys. I really enjoy your posts of that german beauty. plse keep on posting.

>> No. 383510 Quote [Report]

Hi all, i am hoping there might be some great Cindy & Jenny fans out there that might have CD's 8,9,10 & 11 & more of  the "best of cindy" sets that they could possibly share with us.
Here is the last set from CD 3 Special,
Orange Top.rar
Enjoy, rapper from Vipergirls, SweetCindyFan 

>> No. 383802 Quote [Report]
File 38kivxw8.jpg

>> No. 383803 Quote [Report]
File 0541900580.jpg

>> No. 384254 Quote [Report]

Been looking for Sweet-Cindy in the corn field complete set. Hopefully someone has it . Thanks Old Cindy Fan

>> No. 384559 Quote [Report]
File _P6122380.jpg


SCFan, again I have one picture to add... :-)

>> No. 384806 Quote [Report]

Hi Anon, your long search is over, from a fantastic group of Cindy & Jenny fans i have met from another place,
Set057 Cindy & Cat .rar
Hope you enjoy,rapper,SweetCindyFan

>> No. 384807 Quote [Report]


Hi,this is the most complete set that i have seen of 
Cindy in the Corn Field,
SC 030 Cindy in the Corn Field .rar
Hope you enjoy,rapper,SweetCindyFan

>> No. 384814 Quote [Report]

Hi Fluxus, thanks for the fill, i have since found a  complete set but with a lower res & heaps more to boot from a great group of Cindy & Jenny fans.
Here is the new set for you,
Going for a walk with the Cat .rar
Hope you enjoy & make contact,rapper,SweetCindyFan   

>> No. 384871 Quote [Report]

AMAZING !!!! tHX SCFAN for posting Cindy&the cat -set -all my dreams come true ..............cindyluvr

>> No. 384936 Quote [Report]
File 804634.jpg

>> No. 384937 Quote [Report]
File 804637.jpg

>> No. 384938 Quote [Report]
File 804636.jpg

>> No. 385023 Quote [Report]

Post some photos of Cindy suckling her photographers gonads or GTFO.

>> No. 385024 Quote [Report]

Post some photos of Cindy suckling her photographers gonads or GTFO.

>> No. 385359 Quote [Report]

hello anyone there?

>> No. 385427 Quote [Report]

Hello, I need help getting more Sweet-Cindy and MFG sets. My hard drive took a dump and lost everything. My favorite was the one of her in a black top and white shirt in the bedroom. Please help. Thanks OldCindFan

>> No. 385950 Quote [Report]

Hi everyone, let's see if Torfile guy has a problem with me & others posting in his thread.
If these sets are converted to Torfile links after a short period of time, or left as is,i will know that he is happy to make this the best Cindy & Jenny thread on the net bar none.
If they are deleted i will know that he has a problem with my posts & i will back off.
I also want to let everyone that has contributed to this thread over the past 12 months, that without their sharing of things that have never been in the public domain before, this thread would never be as complete as it is now & there are many more gems to come.
Let's see if those gems are wanted, here is the first & second sets of Old & New,
Set 031 old.rar
Set 031 new.rar
Set 032 old.rar
Set 032 new.rar
I hope everyone enjoys, rapper, SweetCindyFan

>> No. 386018 Quote [Report]
File cg2droh2.jpg

Which set is this?


>> No. 386049 Quote [Report]

Why don't u delete all post except torfile's here, ichan owner? That is what he wants, isn't it?

>> No. 386051 Quote [Report]

I for one, thank you SweetCindyFan for the no-bullshit links.

>> No. 386273 Quote [Report]

Well done SCFan, thanks you for those gems, more please!

>> No. 386274 Quote [Report]

Well done SCFan thanks you for those gems, please post more

>> No. 386885 Quote [Report]

Love this thanks all, I will have to dig in my archives to see what i have

>> No. 387020 Quote [Report]
File PA047046.jpg

>> No. 387021 Quote [Report]

Apparently she`s an alcoholic LOL

>> No. 387022 Quote [Report]
File PC318294.jpg

I rest my case !

>> No. 387053 Quote [Report]

Thank you all I will have to check my archives,hopefully have something to add

>> No. 387099 Quote [Report]
File hfxe6jzs.jpg

>> No. 387102 Quote [Report]
File 222307.jpg

>> No. 387181 Quote [Report]
File 20CD874.jpg

>> No. 387182 Quote [Report]
File 0902A95.jpg

>> No. 387334 Quote [Report]
File rj5WTL.jpg

>> No. 387335 Quote [Report]
File rjtYtC.jpg

>> No. 387568 Quote [Report]

czech casting pics

>> No. 388639 Quote [Report]

Hello friends of Cindy. Has anyone from the board SC16?

>> No. 388761 Quote [Report]

Board SC16...wich board is that?

>> No. 388789 Quote [Report]

Sweet Cindy 16

>> No. 388790 Quote [Report]

a short time after sweet cindy, called sweet cindy 16

>> No. 388794 Quote [Report]

SC16 is fine...

>> No. 388821 Quote [Report]

hopefully people can post more sets of sweet-cindy and sweet-cindy 16

>> No. 388969 Quote [Report]

Any link please to that board?
Tanx in advance :)

>> No. 388970 Quote [Report]

Any Link to that Board please?
Tanx in advance

>> No. 389486 Quote [Report]

any cindy fans out there?

>> No. 389536 Quote [Report]
File P5033498.jpg

>> No. 389583 Quote [Report]

Can you post the whole set? That would be great. Thanks old cindy fan

>> No. 389585 Quote [Report]

can you please post the whole set

>> No. 389647 Quote [Report]

one old Cindy fan helping out another old Cindy fan,

>> No. 389662 Quote [Report]

Thank you ! how nice set !!
Please keep them coming from this time !

>> No. 389674 Quote [Report]

Yes we only got to set 30 with these insane good original sets with slips and boobs in them. These uncut sets are some of the best Cindy I have ever seen.

>> No. 389675 Quote [Report]

Yes we only got to set 30 with these insane good unedited sets. Please more from set 30 and onward

>> No. 389731 Quote [Report]

cen't yooo reedf?

>> No. 390091 Quote [Report]

It's so quiet here. Are you all on holiday.

>> No. 390102 Quote [Report]

Thanks for the set 065. ur great. what are the odds of you having the complete set of her in the corn field

>> No. 390167 Quote [Report]

ownership drove them away

>> No. 390177 Quote [Report]
File gallery030.jpg

This is all i have of this set, if anyone has more please share if you can.

>> No. 390181 Quote [Report]
File P4232957.jpg

Another treat, unedited & with extra pics,

>> No. 390208 Quote [Report]
File 0493403366.gif

More nonude drap

>> No. 390209 Quote [Report]

Ooops crap

>> No. 390221 Quote [Report]

thx for another amazing unedited cindyset

>> No. 390597 Quote [Report]
File PB027408.jpg

Another one for all of the Cindy Fans out there,

>> No. 390604 Quote [Report]

I love these sets! I hate to say moar, but please, please post all you have.

>> No. 390756 Quote [Report]
File PB027622.jpg

fantastic post ..... again.....please post more .....here is another cindy halloween set ....posted in her former forum .....pass is cindyluvr .........http://www78.zippyshare.com/v/Rq31HygP/file.html ............. keep this thread alive =>cindyluvr

>> No. 390809 Quote [Report]
File P1121301.jpg

Thanks cindyluvr, i have another 30+ pics for your set but not one's with slips if you are interested.
Here is another set for you all,
some of the sets coming up will only have a few unedited pics & if anyone can add to any, it would be great, i hope Fluxus is still with us  & hopefully others also.

>> No. 390841 Quote [Report]

Thanks for all the cindy 'propers'.

>> No. 390842 Quote [Report]
File 133202848143.jpg

More Crap. Your on a Pornsite idiot

>> No. 390852 Quote [Report]
File P1239066.jpg

here is another bunch of cindypics for you...some of them from her early days ....have fun ...............pass is cindyluvr ......http://www6.zippyshare.com/v/BKOzIDZJ/file.html....=>cindyluvr

>> No. 390872 Quote [Report]
File alec-guinness-as-ben-obi-wan-kenobi-in-star11.jpg

>> No. 390915 Quote [Report]
File DSC03955.jpg

Here is another interesting set, there are a lot of pics missing from this set & they are mainly around the timing of the first 4 & i would love to complete this set.
Can anyone help?,
SC 034.rar
PS this is the other Cindy in the Cornfield set.

>> No. 390916 Quote [Report]

I'm so grateful for all of your uploads!
Sorry that i don't have anything to share here, but please go on with posting!

>> No. 390918 Quote [Report]
File P4192609.jpg

Hi Worship Cindy, no need to say sorry, just enjoy.
Hopefully by sharing here, i can encourage other dedicated Cindy & Jenny fans to share some unseen or additional gems to our sets  also, here is another treat,
PS all these sets come from a fantastic group of Cindy & Jenny fans that just want to share & hopefully receive new gems to add to their collections

>> No. 390927 Quote [Report]
File 11559S.jpg

Well Obi-Van You may think I`m a Troll, but I think that SC or what ever he calls him self should make his own thread with NN and incomplete sets so the guy`s that want her nude sets don`t have to waste there time downloading stuff the realy don`t want

>> No. 390960 Quote [Report]


= set 054>>390918
= set 064

Thanks for these sets SC. I have a question about your set numbers. Are you sure they are correct? According to the site previews, your sets correspond to SC 054 and 064. Your set 086 is correct

>> No. 390962 Quote [Report]

I know he's such jerk for inconveniencing you with free files..

>> No. 390984 Quote [Report]

never got a chance to thank you for the set of her in the corn field and now the others. thank you again. old cindy fan. please post more.

>> No. 390995 Quote [Report]
File PB127602.jpg

Hi Anon, sorry about the set numbers, these latest sets are in a seperate folder from a friend & have mostly higher res, extra pics & unedited but the set numbers on some are incorrect.
Please sort to suit your index & if in doing so, you find any improved pics, i would be chuffed to have them.
Here is another set with unedited pics ( nip slips only ) & this is the correct set number,
Hope you all enjoy & thanks old cindy fan,these are for the pleasure of all Cindy & Jenny fans out there.

>> No. 390997 Quote [Report]

Can't thank you enough for these unedited sets. What a treasure for a long-time Cindy fan. I hope you will continue your generous sharing.

>> No. 391033 Quote [Report]

a mix of her

>> No. 391094 Quote [Report]

Put the special and private sets of her. I hear 1000s were made.

>> No. 391141 Quote [Report]
File DSC04625.jpg

Hi, your request reminds me of my teens with my bikie friends when the stories of all the Harley's that got buried everywhere when the Americans left places at the end of world war 2, we would dream about the day we might find these elusive treasures & if you ever find 1 of these places, if you look closely nearby you might find a newer pit with a box containing all the thousands of special & private sets of Cindy.
If you happen to find that box, i would love to see whats inside, so please post.
Now back to reality, here is the only set that i would call special, but it could be part of 1 of the CDs i do not have yet, if you have not seen this before,enjoy,
Cindy Shave.rar
& here is another unedited set with a few glimpses that i enjoy so much,
christmas 2004.rar
Enjoy everyone, SCFan

>> No. 391243 Quote [Report]

Could someone share the unedited milk bath set, please?

>> No. 391274 Quote [Report]

thank you very much for the unedited sets. please continue.

>> No. 391306 Quote [Report]
File 133616733694.jpg

here is one of her so called private pics => cindyluvr

>> No. 391369 Quote [Report]

please cindyluvr, more of the private pics.

>> No. 391399 Quote [Report]

Thanks cindyluvr, nice addition to our collection.
Here is a great glimpse of a lot of Cindy's CD sets & also a lot of behind the set pics & a few special one's of Cindy's family & 2 show the genuine affection she has for her grandfather / photographer.
What i like most of all about Cindy,is the  way she shows with her eyes, mouth & expression that she enjoys being in front of the camera & sharing her life with us & i will allways be grateful for everything shared,
 Sorry but it is in 2 parts for 244 meg total.
You may have seen a lot of this before but i still loved checking it out before posting, SCFan

>> No. 391472 Quote [Report]

Hi have downloaded twice, cant unrar can you please check,thanks for posts

>> No. 391476 Quote [Report]

Hi Bigbopper, just downloaded & tested with unrar, had to right click select the smaller .zip file as the start file & selected both Extract Here & Extract to & both ways unrared with no probs.
Try this process & let me know how you get on, SCFan.
PS i dont know why the starting file is allways the small file first

>> No. 391543 Quote [Report]

Downloaded again, prob error my end,
filename to long,renamed unrar ok got both files.
well worth it superb content.many thanks

>> No. 391703 Quote [Report]
File 133616733620.jpg

here is another one ... unfortunately edited ....please post more of her unedited best-of-sets => cindyluvr

>> No. 391904 Quote [Report]
File IMG_2948.jpg

Thank you SCFan, cindyluvr, and all who have shared these wonderful Cindy sets! 

If any of you happen to have this MDG set, would you mind sharing? Cindy in her pink bikini outdoors, with her toy. I haven't seen it posted anywhere. Keep up the wonderful updates - great to see so many people still have an interest in her :)

>> No. 391906 Quote [Report]


This is MDG set 154


Pass: cindy

>> No. 391913 Quote [Report]

Thanks cindyluvr for the pics, & to the poster of MDG 154,
this is something you all may have not seen before,
Film to MDG Set 154.rar.zip
Film to MDG Set 154.rar.Z01
Film to MDG Set 154.rar.Z02
this happens to be the only one i have seen 
beyond vid 139, apart from the CD 12 vids.
Enjoy, SCFan

>> No. 392060 Quote [Report]

Thank you both!!

>> No. 392089 Quote [Report]
File img0904aei3.jpg

here is another best-of cindy set -sorry no nipslips this time http://www6.zippyshare.com/v/7133930Y/file.html -----pass:cindyluvr ---------please keep this thread alive and post more stuff ...is there anybody outthere who can post this set (from CD6) =>cindyluvr

>> No. 392101 Quote [Report]

Hi cindyluvr & everyone, request filled.
Cindy & Wicker Chair.rar.zip
Cindy & Wicker Chair.rar.Z01
hopefully there might be a fan out there that has CD's 8 to 11 that they might share with us, enjoy, SCFan

>> No. 392155 Quote [Report]

SCFan, thanks for your shares, but there is something odd about the way you created the .rar files. They won't extract properly. I tried renaming them several ways, but the best I can get is pics up to 913. Number 914 is corrupted, and I get nothing after that. Thanks for your help.

>> No. 392165 Quote [Report]

thx SCFan -thats exactly the set iam looking for =>cindyluvr

>> No. 392197 Quote [Report]

>>392155, Hi Anon, downloaded via Zippyshare & unrared without probs.
I am not sure why Zippyshare only allows 200 Meg max files & if you upload bigger files it ask's to split file.
Try downloading the .zip file again & select this one to start in WinRAR.
Here are the missing pics for you if you still have probs,
Cindy in Wicker Chair repair.rar
& here is another treat, more Old & New from 1 of the Best of CD's,
Set 038 old.rar
Set 038 new.rar
enjoy, rapper, SCFan

>> No. 392204 Quote [Report]

-thank you very much for these. i thought i had seen all of cindy's stuff except for the cds 8-12, but i have never seen anything marked "Bestoff cd".

>> No. 392219 Quote [Report]

Glad you liked the new additions, there were 2 Best Of CD's that i know of, 1 is the Old & New & the other is ModelDreamGirl Best Of.
If anyone has other CD's or sets to share, please do so & here is the next addition,
Set 045 old.rar
Set 045 new.rar
have fun & enjoy, SCFan

>> No. 392221 Quote [Report]

Thanks for the repair, SCFan

>> No. 392511 Quote [Report]

Hey Rapper! I have that set you posted (038 old) catalogued as best of Cindy 028. Any chance my index might be wrong?

Grtz your old friend Cindy Clips, Bragha :)

>> No. 392706 Quote [Report]

Hi Bragha, it's great to catch up.
The numbering of the sets i will be posting for a while, may not be correct & i would use the 3 indexes posted earlier as they are the official site pic indexes with set numbering.
Here is the next Old & New sets for everyone,
Set 047 old.rar
Set 047 new.rar
Enjoy. cindyluvr, are there any more sets you need,SCFan.

>> No. 392728 Quote [Report]
File P8034619.jpg

A nice SC16 Pic of Cindy

>> No. 392744 Quote [Report]

Hi Cindey SC16 Pic guy, a big thanks for another not seen before pic of Cindy.
I would love to see more single pics, small sets or full sets of sweet-cindy16 if you by chance have them, they would make my efforts to collect & share as much of Cindy & Jenny all the more exciting for all of their fans.
Here is the next Old & New addition ( smaller sets this time ),
Set 077 old.rar
Set 077 new.rar
hope you all enjoy & find new things to share, SCFan.

>> No. 392745 Quote [Report]

what set is P8034619.jpg from. i don't believe i've ever seen it.

>> No. 392746 Quote [Report]

-thank you so much for these. please keep them coming.

>> No. 392786 Quote [Report]
File P5092345_123_900loJPG.jpg

please post more sets from sweet-cindy16.com if you have them please!!!

>> No. 392789 Quote [Report]
File 1393248.jpg

thank you again SCFan for your last posts ......i have a small mix of younger cindy ...maybe some unseen pics ....http://www108.zippyshare.com/v/pING9hKw/file.html ...pass.....=> cindyluvr ...........................

>> No. 392790 Quote [Report]
File PC311140.jpg

SCFan do you have the unedited set cindy with balloons(SC048) or cindy in the shower(SC007) ??? THX in advance =>cindyluvr

>> No. 392803 Quote [Report]

thanks to all. i'm in heaven.

>> No. 392841 Quote [Report]

Hi all, big thanks to cindyluvr for your great addition, a few new pics for me to enjoy & as 
a thank you, here is SC048 for you.
SC 048.rar
Alas, i have at least 3 SC007 sets with 40 pics each collected over time & have never seen any more edited or unedited pics.
If any body has more than 40 pics or unedited ones in their collections, it would be great to see, SCFan

>> No. 392870 Quote [Report]

thx SCFan for set048 .....but there is a small leak in the numbering between PC311135 and PC311140 .....maybe some missing gems ?! ....is their somebody outthere who can fill this gap ?? keep my fingers crossed .....=>cindyluvr

>> No. 392874 Quote [Report]
File 1082098.jpg

i also have 40 pics from that shower-set ...and one unedited single pic =>cindyluvr

>> No. 392876 Quote [Report]

hate to ask but does any one have the set where she shaves herself or has a horn she rubs on herself? much appreciated

>> No. 392877 Quote [Report]

does anyone have the set where she is in the tub after shaving with an electric razor or the set on her bed with the horn? Thank you all for the sets that was shared so far

>> No. 392912 Quote [Report]

Hi cindyluvr, would love to glimpse that extra pic you have, & as a treat, here is the next update,
Set 079 old.rar
Set 079 new.rar
& not forgetting " thank you " guy, here is Horny Cindy,
Enjoy everyone, SCFan

>> No. 392930 Quote [Report]
File p4151847co4.jpg

here comes another not-so-well-known small cindy set -cindy relaxing.........................http://www5.zippyshare.com/v/T0Lp6FBJ/file.html ......................pass:cindyluvr .............have fun and keep on posting =>cindyluvr

>> No. 392939 Quote [Report]
File P8034600.jpg

Here is the cindy set 4
Pass --> cindyluvr


>> No. 392945 Quote [Report]

sorry SCFan to cause a misunderstanding - the posted pic IS my unedited pic - i have no more from that set...thank you for posting another stunning old set =>cindyluvr

>> No. 392954 Quote [Report]

I just want to thank all of you for the GREAT posts and the pics from cindy's sites over the years. Thank you.

>> No. 392964 Quote [Report]

Thank you to everyone for all this great Cindy stuff.

Is it possible any videos could be posted? Especially the Easter one as I've been looking for that one for years.

Again, thank you to everyone.

>> No. 392966 Quote [Report]

Thank you very much great posts... I love Cindy and all her modeling pictures... you guys are the best :)

>> No. 392977 Quote [Report]

Hi all, no probs cindyluvr, your 2 sets are just the things i have been hoping for, never seen before Cindy pics to add to our collections.
I would love to see any that you might have,  here is another Old & New but alas, no slips but still great to see again,
Set 080 old.rar
Set 080 new.rar
& anon, i hope this is the Easter vid you have been longing for,
Enjoy all, SCFan

>> No. 392985 Quote [Report]


That is beautiful! I cannot thank you enough for that video. I have a couple more requests if that's ok?

Any sets where she is working on her farm

A video where she is playing that singing game and sitting on her couch. Any other videos in general would be nice.

Again I cannot thank you enough.

>> No. 393054 Quote [Report]
File vlcsnap-3521-05-06-13h05m40s596.png

I hope this is what you're looking for:


>> No. 393065 Quote [Report]


That's not the one I was after unfortunately, although it is still very nice. Thank you.

The one I was after, she is wearing a simple white strap top.

>> No. 393083 Quote [Report]

Is there any chance to reupload sets on free filesharing, sets from MDG

>> No. 393131 Quote [Report]

Hi all, here is a repost of one of the Magnificent Seven, "Cindy Vid" guy & all of the great vids he shared with us.
anon, i think you will find the vid you were after in this great post.
I have split them up differently & the Cindy Easter vid has been left in,
Cindy_Vids part 1.rar
Cindy_Vids part 2.rar
Cindy_Vids part 3.rar
for everyone who has not seen these before, please enjoy.
anon,there are many sets of Cindy working around the farm but when i start posting the sets in the future, i would like to keep them in order so i don't get out of sequence.
Hope you all understand, SCFan

>> No. 393270 Quote [Report]

to SCFan and all the others guys who share their cindy-gems with us....here is an additional bunch of cindy vidz ....some are small...some have loosy quality ...but all are sweet .....http://www86.zippyshare.com/v/0JoRkPsK/file.html .........pass: cindyluvr ........have fun..................i want to complete my best-of-cindy collection ...i miss these numbers 08/09//16/32/33/34 .....if somebody will share it with us -i will be very happy ...=>cindyluvr

>> No. 393271 Quote [Report]
File 863380.jpg

thanks to SCFan and cindyluvr and the other for all your wonderful contribiutions --please go on posting more ----i looking for this set from cindy ----if someone has --please post it

>> No. 393286 Quote [Report]

thanks to all posters !
I am looking for a short video: Cindy is singing and she tries moving and she makes a sexy move and ask "not like that?" and the camera answers "yes yes". Somebody ?

>> No. 393301 Quote [Report]

Hi all, thanks for the vids cindyluvr, much appreciated.
A quick heads up,  if you check "best of cindy" guy's screen shot, you will find he did not have sets 09,16 or 34 in his collection.
If i find them in the future or someone has them & would like to share we might get them to enjoy.
Here are sets 08,32 & 33 to add to your collection & a Big thanks to 'best of cindy" guy for sharing with me,
Hi anon, here are 2 sets for you  & for all that have not seen them to enjoy,SCFan
SC 043.rar
SC 046.rar
& in my next post, i will share one "cindy working on her farm" set for anon,cheers all

>> No. 393324 Quote [Report]

Tks for all who posted

>> No. 393353 Quote [Report]

thankU SCFan for that quick delivery =>cindyluvr

>> No. 393403 Quote [Report]

Hi all, here is the second last of Old & New,
Set 080 old.rar
Set 080 new.rar
& here is our Lovely Farm Girl for Anon,
MFG 013__58.0 MB__132__875__538 KB - FarmGirl.rar
enjoy, SCFan

>> No. 393694 Quote [Report]

Hi all, here is the last of Old & New,
Set 102 old.rar
Set 102 new.rar

It would be great if fellow fans of Cindy could find new things to share, the more things found, the better this collection will become, thanks to all  posters, now & in the future,SCFan

>> No. 394157 Quote [Report]

Hi cindyluvr, would you by chance have any more of the Sweet Cindy 16 sets like the one's above, 
Cindy relaxing & Cindy set 4 ?, SCFan

>> No. 394355 Quote [Report]

Question for you SCFan 

When you say "old" and "new" in your posts, which site(s) are you referring to? Model Fever Girls? Model Dream Fever? As someone considered a collector, it's hard to organize sets without knowing the site names. 

Thanks :)

>> No. 394480 Quote [Report]

It's more as a year ago I last visited iChan cause I was nerved about all the advertising. Now I visited again and stumbeled across this thread! WOW! I was a big fan of her since she started. Give me some time but I think I could share some files too...

>> No. 394496 Quote [Report]

Welcome aboard, the more fans sharing, the better this thread will get

>> No. 394851 Quote [Report]

Hi, the old & new sets may be the "best off" CD 1, & here is one marked CD 2 Set 01.
We will need for someone to clarify if i have this correct, hopefully they might share if they have them,
CD 2 Set 01.rar
Hope to here from Thank You to all the Posters guy soon, Cindy Fan

>> No. 394852 Quote [Report]

"Old & New" means that the 18+ ModelDreamGirl made a photoset wearing the same outfit as the corresponding numbered set from the old SweetCindy period.

>> No. 394872 Quote [Report]

So "old" means the set is from sweetcindy.com? And "new" means from ModelDreamGirl.com?

>> No. 394873 Quote [Report]

Hi, the old & new sets that were shared with me came in one folder
called Old & New, the new sets are all marked Model Dream Girl Bestoff CD
& the whole folder is about 650 Meg, so this folder
could be the full Bestoff CD 01, or most of it.
Some set numbers match up & a few dont, i would call  this collection Bestoff CD 01 untill we get more info, Cindy Fan 

>> No. 394879 Quote [Report]


you are my hero!!! I thought that i saw all sets till today!!! But I never saw such a new Jenny and Cibdy Set!!! Is ther more? maybe Jenny with open Pussy ;)?!
...wanna see pic from Cindy today with her husband and with her child? contact me on cindyfan@qip.ru

>> No. 394906 Quote [Report]
File PC228847.jpg

Something like this?

>> No. 394932 Quote [Report]

OMG that is great... I too never seen them as "Exposed" Thank you!!!

>> No. 394939 Quote [Report]
File f079b8887906d806ecf804d2d1e658dc.jpg


for this u will get some private pic of cindy ;)! ... It is unbelievable that i didn't know these sets! I have so many set over all the years of them, but I such new sets from Jenny... Please more :)!

>> No. 394947 Quote [Report]

Hi Anon,thanks for this new Jenny pic, it looks like it might be from a CD set continuation of the J011-Purple Dress set.
By chance would you have more of this set & possibly share with us?, thanks in advance,Cindy Fan

>> No. 394990 Quote [Report]

thanks to all for these wonderful xmas presents. i always thought there was more to cindy than i had seen.

>> No. 395040 Quote [Report]
File PC228836.jpg


OK, I'll post what I have, one pic at a time. It's not the complete set, as far as I know. Maybe someone will be able to complete it.

>> No. 395058 Quote [Report]

Hi Anon, thanks for the jenny pic & i am happy to share any way you like.
Here is the set that precedes your pics, for you if you dont have them & any other Jenny fans out there,
A big thank you to Best of Cindy guy & to all of the fantastic Cindy & Jenny collectors
that have come together to allow me to share these & many more to come, Cindy Fan

>> No. 395069 Quote [Report]

>>395058 This looks like the same situation as in the pictures in posts 394006 and 395040. But neither of those pictures appear in this set. The pic numbers seem to be from the same series, but they're higher than the last frame number in the set.

>> No. 395072 Quote [Report]

Hi Anon, the 2 pics posted are a continuation from the set i posted & as before,
 if you check the earlier CD's they would add pics that would continue on from the site sets
that were more revealing & were not put on the Sweet Cindy or Modelfevergirls main site.
These Jenny pics could be from one of the CD's we dont have yet,Cindy Fan 

>> No. 395450 Quote [Report]
File PC228838.jpg

Another pic. I have 10 from this set. Any more private Cindy pics?

>> No. 395456 Quote [Report]

She is hotter than her sister =) Anyone has more sets of both girls together? They did a few ones i know...

>> No. 395471 Quote [Report]

I love Jenny. She looks sexier than Cindy in my opinion. And her pussy is more exciting. Look at these huge meaty bulging inner lips. Just amazing!

>> No. 395610 Quote [Report]

Thank all of you for posting pics and sets. More videos would be GREAT. But thanks again. OldCindyFan

>> No. 395644 Quote [Report]

Do you have more of her "private" pics?

>> No. 395650 Quote [Report]
File PC228840.jpg

And here is another one. I'd love to see more of the private pics.

>> No. 395651 Quote [Report]
File PC228845.jpg

And yes, these pics are from CD8.

>> No. 395703 Quote [Report]

i have more of private pics. Please contact me cindyfan(at)qip(dot)ru

! i trade for other rare stuff! Maybe CD8 ;)...

I also have many private informations about her!

>> No. 395717 Quote [Report]

pls more Info for Jenny pls
, Name,Pics, Facebook ...

>> No. 395731 Quote [Report]


Hi cindyfan, can't contact you over qip(dot)ru. Got spam message rejected.
Please contact me on cindyfan(at)mail(dot)ru

>> No. 395741 Quote [Report]
File 1c23606c71315b763c3a3d56dbef87ac.jpg

... a real cindyfan!

>> No. 395757 Quote [Report]
File PC228871.jpg

Just another pic to keep you interested.

cindyfan(at)qip(dot)ru: you have mail from me


>> No. 395765 Quote [Report]


I just have one question. Is there anything of Cindy having sex?

>> No. 395769 Quote [Report]

i didn't get post !

>> No. 395773 Quote [Report]
File PA036865.jpg

Okay i keep it on

>> No. 395774 Quote [Report]
File PA037018.jpg

And anaother one from jenny

>> No. 395776 Quote [Report]

pls more Jenny , set and info and more pls

>> No. 395820 Quote [Report]

Yepp, Jenny sets would be cool.

>> No. 395842 Quote [Report]
File P4071637.jpg

@ru guy: mail me @ cindyfan(at)you-spam(dot)com
This pic is from yet another set from CD8

>> No. 395850 Quote [Report]


Who is the girl kissing Jenny?

>> No. 395851 Quote [Report]


>> No. 395853 Quote [Report]
File Bild_287.jpg

some more... Mother or aunt?

>> No. 395904 Quote [Report]

Hi everyone, here is an early New Year's present.
This is the only vid of Jenny that i know of,
( Please let me know if there are more ),
Jenny taking a shower CD 2.rar
A big thanks to Jennypic guy for any CD 8 pics you might share, Cindy Fan

>> No. 395905 Quote [Report]

Can't thank you enough for the amazing shares, and I implore you, gentlemen, please share more of CD2 and CD8.

>> No. 395920 Quote [Report]

wish she and Cindy did a video together :)

>> No. 395929 Quote [Report]
File PA036732.jpg

Okay i some more jenny . HM

>> No. 395931 Quote [Report]
File PA037024.jpg

and this .. HM

>> No. 396022 Quote [Report]


thx and more pls

>> No. 396048 Quote [Report]
File P9125581.jpg


pls post something. Many unknown sets.

>> No. 396052 Quote [Report]
File PC228846.jpg

Another pic, from your Jennypicguy.

>> No. 396073 Quote [Report]
File PC228850.jpg

>> No. 396074 Quote [Report]
File PC228854.jpg

For the New Year I'll post all the pics of this Jenny set that I have.

>> No. 396075 Quote [Report]
File PC228861.jpg

An unexpected turn..

>> No. 396076 Quote [Report]
File PC228864.jpg

...and this is the last one. Directly from CD 8. Anyone has any fills?

>> No. 396081 Quote [Report]

thanks to all posters for the wonderful stuff. Jennypicguy, your list is very intriguing. most of it i've never seen posted before. anyway you could make 2017 start off epically and post the listed material?

>> No. 396090 Quote [Report]
File Happy-New-Year-2017-GIF-Images-for-Facebook-1.gif

Thank you guys for a great year 2016.
Hopefully 2017 will be also fantastic with all of you.



>> No. 396266 Quote [Report]

Hi, here are some New Year treats from a new Cindy fan from here & another place,
enjoy his additions, Cindy Fan

>> No. 396267 Quote [Report]

Great, thank you! I'm not a Jenny guy, but grateful for any Cindy stuff!

>> No. 396337 Quote [Report]

more Jenny pls

>> No. 396369 Quote [Report]

Thanks for the pic set post 1-6. It is great. Some more vids of Cindy would be nice. Thanks again.... OldCindyFan

>> No. 396379 Quote [Report]

Hi OldCindyFan, not sure if you have seen this vid from CD 6, but if you haven't please enjoy,

& here is the next treat from a new fan from here,
Enjoy  these folders as they were shared with me, Cindy Fan aka scfan

>> No. 396458 Quote [Report]

Haven't been here for quite a long time. SCFAN, nice to see you around!
Thanks for all additions to you, cindyluvr, Jennypicguy and others!

I am afraid I do not have anything substantial to add.

>> No. 396489 Quote [Report]

Hi Fluxus, it's great to see you back, hope you enjoy these new things & if you find others to share at any time, that would be Brill.
Another treat from a new fan's collection, & it's top stuff that he shared these for all of us to enjoy,

I have made contact with Jennypic Guy & am hoping he might allow us to enjoy his collection, Cindy Fan

>> No. 396494 Quote [Report]
File 133450545710.jpg

>> No. 396516 Quote [Report]

So am I to understand that there are no pics or vids of Cindy getting fucked?

>> No. 396536 Quote [Report]

hey fluxus, this pic is from attachement folder of modelfevergirls! Do you also found the backdoor? maybe you should contact me at cindyfan(at)qip(dot)com

>> No. 396541 Quote [Report]
File My_Dream_Car.jpg

Hi cindyfan at qip dot com & Fluxus,
Nice pic Fluxus, here is the pic before that one
in the folder that you might have, could that be?.
cindyfan, just sent you a PM, let me know if you received it, rapper, Cindy Fan

>> No. 396543 Quote [Report]

Cindy & Jenny fans, ignore this post, spam.


>> No. 396575 Quote [Report]
File img0057.jpg

Sample picture.
Maybe new for some of you.

>> No. 396576 Quote [Report]
File img0058.jpg

...next one...

>> No. 396577 Quote [Report]
File img0059.jpg

...next one...

>> No. 396578 Quote [Report]
File img0060.jpg

...last one.

>> No. 396639 Quote [Report]
File img0425.jpg

>> No. 396640 Quote [Report]
File img0432.jpg

>> No. 396641 Quote [Report]
File img0437.jpg

>> No. 396642 Quote [Report]
File img0615.jpg

>> No. 396643 Quote [Report]
File img0616.jpg

>> No. 396644 Quote [Report]
File img0655.jpg

>> No. 396646 Quote [Report]
File img0656.jpg

>> No. 396647 Quote [Report]
File img0679.jpg

>> No. 396659 Quote [Report]
File Angel-01 2.jpg

Yes, i think thats it ;)!
...some more rare attachment stuff for you all! cindyfan(at)qip

>> No. 396660 Quote [Report]
File vlcsnap-2011-11-16-10h35m55s240.png

another one with some wounded ... cindyfan(qip)

>> No. 396661 Quote [Report]
File same_day_photo_shooting_010.jpg

the last for now... Somebody knows her, too? She was a model of Cindys site c-dmodels.com! They start her own modelling website, but it gets down bevore they post stuff...

>> No. 396662 Quote [Report]
File DSC06608.jpg

Okay, one more ;)!
Cind ybought a new wardrobe from IKEA ;)! ...she put it together with her aunt!

>> No. 396665 Quote [Report]

Hi cindyfan (qip ) you sent me screen caps some days ago, do you still want to share , if so PM me 
Here is the next treat from a great fan,
 this is a smaller one, Cindy Fan

>> No. 396673 Quote [Report]
File 0006421878.jpg

Crapi shite from stupid guys that does not realize that this is a Pornsite

>> No. 396688 Quote [Report]
File DSC06586.jpg

this can be new for one too

>> No. 396695 Quote [Report]
File 7ae5ffc15a206694cad3b23a5120381b.jpg

...cindy and her boyfriend (now husband) Benjamin :)! ...cindyfan (at) qip

>> No. 396696 Quote [Report]
File bscindyinparisimg0819vz4.jpg

the only not from germany i have

>> No. 396721 Quote [Report]


You must have gotten lost, friendo. None of these are Cindy. This thread is for Cindy.
Jenny too.
You should post these in the right thread, or start a new thread.
It's ok. I'm not mad. You must be new to the internet. You'll figure it out very soon.

>> No. 396769 Quote [Report]
File img1132.jpg

>> No. 396770 Quote [Report]
File img1501.jpg

>> No. 396771 Quote [Report]
File img1502.jpg

>> No. 396772 Quote [Report]
File img1503.jpg

>> No. 396773 Quote [Report]
File img1511.jpg

>> No. 396783 Quote [Report]
File F_M_CD11_105.jpg

Hot Dildo Orgasm

>> No. 396784 Quote [Report]
File IMG_4389.jpg

Public Nudity

>> No. 396805 Quote [Report]
File CD Bonus_050 - Xmas Special For CD10.jpg

From CD 10 : http://www58.zippyshare.com/v/rtjiJUZs/file.html

>> No. 396806 Quote [Report]
File F_M_CD11_029 - French Maid CD11.jpg

From CD 11 : http://www46.zippyshare.com/v/NTxM28Zn/file.html

>> No. 396807 Quote [Report]
File IMG_7019 - 20 yrs Birthday & Xmas set Cindy in.jpg

From CD 12 Part 1 : http://www78.zippyshare.com/v/dDBt6ZFw/file.html

>> No. 396808 Quote [Report]
File IMG_7095 - 20 yrs Birthday & Xmas set Cindy in.jpg

From CD 12 Part 2 : http://www44.zippyshare.com/v/F5g4an2k/file.html

- anybody have CD 8 + 9 so please post

>> No. 396809 Quote [Report]

Hello and welcome Bigfan.
Outstanding posts.
It seems that CD 8 and 9 are very rare to get. In the past, it has often been asked for. But no one has yet posted anything from CD 8 or 9. Unfortunately!
C1ndy Lov3r

>> No. 396810 Quote [Report]
File img1519.jpg

>> No. 396812 Quote [Report]
File img1520.jpg

>> No. 396813 Quote [Report]
File img1523.jpg

>> No. 396814 Quote [Report]
File img1524.jpg

>> No. 396831 Quote [Report]
File 0CBC532.jpg

I have lots and lots of Jenny but I am looking for the ones I am missing. I'll post if anybody else posts. Lets help each other out.

>> No. 396836 Quote [Report]
File 0E1169C.jpg

>> No. 396838 Quote [Report]
File P4233097.jpg

>> No. 396843 Quote [Report]
File P4233098.jpg

>> No. 396844 Quote [Report]
File P4232705.jpg

>> No. 396845 Quote [Report]
File P4232790.jpg

>> No. 396846 Quote [Report]
File P4232789.jpg

>> No. 396849 Quote [Report]
File 7640398ce864052aca6886cd4149f53d.jpg

Some more private pic... cindyfan qip

>> No. 396853 Quote [Report]
File P1289075.jpg

>> No. 396854 Quote [Report]


Thanks cindyfan and Cindy Fan for information.

I must admit that I don't know where I got this picture from as I don't keep what seem to be compilations of collectors. I sort them and delete duplictaes etc.

I have a question: there is a compilation named "A Look Into My Life" with about 196 pictures. Do you know if this a an original compilation or also one of a collector?

Furthermore I am a bit confused meanwhile: Cindy Fan is former SCFan aka rapper at VG. Correct? (Still active at VG?) And cindyfan is another person with the qip mail addy?

>> No. 396855 Quote [Report]

Welcome Bigfan guy, thanks for the CD sets, this is a great place for sharing everything Cindy & Jenny & i would love to see more.
I have a few sets, not named from CD 8 from a new fan here that i hope to share soon,
i have been waiting for Jennypic Guy to get back to me about sharing the Gems he gave me.
Hi to Jjenny Tezza, if you can screen cap the Jenny sets you have, i am sure we can work together to expand our collections.
Thanks C1ndy Lov3r for your latest pics.
Here is the next installment of the Posts collection from a great fan here,
PS when you collect all of these posts, add them together for some new sets but maybe not complete, rapper,Cindy Fan

>> No. 396863 Quote [Report]
File P1289205.jpg

>> No. 396864 Quote [Report]


Thanks for your additions but I am afraid that this one is shopped. The brightness in her face doesn't match the surround lightning at all. :(

>> No. 396866 Quote [Report]

Hi Fluxus, i have seen 2 look into my life sets & i think one is from the main site & the other could be someone's added pics but that's a guess.
Your last question, cindyfan.qip is a new fan here & all the other aka's are me & i am still active & would like to make 
contact there & possibly share more things here, check out posts 380274,381012 & 381040,  register, it could take 2 or 3 days,
here is another Posts addition,
PS everyone, right click this page anywhere & select save as so you dont loose any posts, links & names of Cindy & Jenny fans you might meet here, rapper, Cindy Fan.

>> No. 396867 Quote [Report]
File P1299426.jpg

>> No. 396868 Quote [Report]
File P1299515.jpg

>> No. 396870 Quote [Report]
File P8124912.jpg

>> No. 396874 Quote [Report]
File P8124988.jpg

>> No. 396875 Quote [Report]
File PA036890.jpg

>> No. 396876 Quote [Report]
File P4121467.jpg

>> No. 396877 Quote [Report]
File P4121580.jpg

>> No. 396889 Quote [Report]
File DSC06398.jpg

>> No. 396894 Quote [Report]
File DSC06521.jpg

>> No. 396899 Quote [Report]
File PC228621.jpg

>> No. 396901 Quote [Report]
File PC228713.jpg

>> No. 396902 Quote [Report]
File 0F103B0.jpg

>> No. 396904 Quote [Report]
File 0F957A2.jpg

>> No. 396905 Quote [Report]
File P4111069.jpg

>> No. 396907 Quote [Report]
File P4111113.jpg

>> No. 396908 Quote [Report]
File PA036633.jpg

>> No. 396909 Quote [Report]
File PA036730.jpg

>> No. 396910 Quote [Report]
File P1210994.jpg

>> No. 396911 Quote [Report]
File P1211062.jpg

>> No. 396912 Quote [Report]
File P1299534.jpg

>> No. 396913 Quote [Report]
File P1299663.jpg

>> No. 396914 Quote [Report]
File P1211153.jpg

>> No. 396915 Quote [Report]
File P1211251.jpg

>> No. 396916 Quote [Report]
File P4121590.jpg

>> No. 396917 Quote [Report]
File P4121681.jpg

>> No. 396918 Quote [Report]
File P4111328.jpg

>> No. 396919 Quote [Report]
File P4111459.jpg

>> No. 396920 Quote [Report]
File P4121683.jpg

>> No. 396921 Quote [Report]
File P4121763.jpg

>> No. 396922 Quote [Report]
File PA036765.jpg

>> No. 396924 Quote [Report]
File PA036886.jpg

>> No. 396925 Quote [Report]
File PA036503.jpg

>> No. 396927 Quote [Report]
File PA036630.jpg

>> No. 396928 Quote [Report]
File 003.jpg

>> No. 396929 Quote [Report]
File P4232932.jpg

>> No. 396930 Quote [Report]
File P4232951.jpg

>> No. 396931 Quote [Report]

Thank you Lucifer Morningstar and Anonymous for your Cindy + Jenny pics.
C1ndy Lov3r

>> No. 396936 Quote [Report]

Great spam! Stupid guy. Get a life?

>> No. 396937 Quote [Report]
File img2047.jpg

>> No. 396938 Quote [Report]
File img3226.jpg

>> No. 396964 Quote [Report]
File CD 001_035.jpg

As here are a lot of well informed guys ;-) does anyone know about her second sister? AFAIK she appeared only in one Cindy-Dreams set.

>> No. 396980 Quote [Report]
File MDGB022.jpg

... got a lot of Cindy stuff.

>> No. 396981 Quote [Report]
File P1231306.jpg

also =)

>> No. 396982 Quote [Report]

sorry i know the set, but I have no more information about this girl "sister"! Cindy haven't this girl or Jenny on facebook at her friend list!!! That's absolute worse :(! But maybe they both haven't facebook...

>> No. 396987 Quote [Report]
File cindycarcap440731886.jpg

Best thread here. Thank you to all contributors

>> No. 397030 Quote [Report]




Pass is ichan

>> No. 397037 Quote [Report]

Hi to Bigfan, any chance of posting another set from CD 10 & 11, i have some part sets of CD 8 & am just waiting to get the OK from Jennypic Guy to post his shares.
In the mean time, here is another Posts set from a top fan from here & there,
Hope you all enjoy, Cindy Fan

>> No. 397085 Quote [Report]
File IMG_5648.jpg

Out in the cold getting hot :-)

>> No. 397086 Quote [Report]
File IMG_5649.jpg

Out in the cold getting hot :-)

>> No. 397099 Quote [Report]

>>396982  can Young Tell me, how i can find Cindy on Facebook? Cindy Tezza is Not online 

>> No. 397100 Quote [Report]
File Bar_001_053.jpg

Here are the complete CD 10 - Over 1300 pics in 7 Sets + Videos - Part 1 - http://www60.zippyshare.com/v/d4ArwYOc/file.html

Part 2 - http://www60.zippyshare.com/v/kXLQD0Tx/file.html

Part 3 - http://www60.zippyshare.com/v/vAtqvwpD/file.html

Part 4 - http://www66.zippyshare.com/v/TI7gKtpz/file.html

Part 5 - http://www66.zippyshare.com/v/E8RgBZPe/file.html

Part 6 - http://www66.zippyshare.com/v/uUsSphMy/file.html

Part 7 - http://www66.zippyshare.com/v/RREvs6HP/file.html

Part 8 - http://www66.zippyshare.com/v/qWg5PDQ0/file.html

Part 9 - http://www66.zippyshare.com/v/NTdPAwev/file.html

Part 10 - http://www66.zippyshare.com/v/nx4mowRc/file.html

Part 11 - http://www66.zippyshare.com/v/cX9UZ2W4/file.html Enjoy , Looking forward to see what you have to offer

>> No. 397115 Quote [Report]

Thank you! youre the best...

>> No. 397131 Quote [Report]

Whoah! Where do I get the set of these?

>> No. 397133 Quote [Report]

Hi Bigfan, i am gob smacked, i was hoping for 1 or 2 sets & am stunned to see you posted the full DVD 10.
You have just filled in a massive gap in our collection, i have 7 part sets from DVD 8 from Jennypic Guy but he only had 191 pics & i am embarrassed that it is so small compared to your offering.
Can you tell me of anything you might need as a further thank you, here is Part of DVD 8,
& here is another Posts zippy for all to enjoy,
Thanks also to BCF & all of the other great Cindy & Jenny fans sharing at this time & to All from the Past, rapper, Cindy Fan.
PS, Bigfan, i can only hope you might be able to share more Gems with this Fantastic group of Cindy & Jenny fans we have here & at another place

>> No. 397165 Quote [Report]
File PA036654.jpg

Trying a small experiment here. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jz11dovd6hbwk9m/AABebeObtyI4-csv26tQCWSOa?dl=0

>> No. 397171 Quote [Report]

Hi Bigfan, thank you so much for sharing CD 10 with all of us. Great work!

And also a big thank you to Cindy Fan for sharing DVD 8. Thumbs up!

To Lucifer Morningstar... I think your experiment will work well. :-)

>> No. 397172 Quote [Report]

wow, thank a lot for the whole CD10!!!
I never saw the complete one!!! Do you have other CDs of her?

>> No. 397174 Quote [Report]

If you wanna make some cloud sharing?!
The better way will be on mega.nz !!! The content is encrypted and you 50GB for free! Also there is a chat included...

>> No. 397176 Quote [Report]

May be yu can put some to this Mega.nz!!! & show how works

>> No. 397184 Quote [Report]

Dumbfounded thanks for the part of CD 8 and yes i have more CD's of Cindy, i will start upload of CD 11 in this week-end

>> No. 397201 Quote [Report]
File P4111083.jpg


50 GB is what I call a good start. I have more than 100 gb of Cindy & Jenny alone. There are gaps in the collection, however, so I am sharing in here hoping that others will do the same. CD 10 was a big step forward. Hoping to find more Jenny with and without Cindy. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h3pwb0muu9y62sc/AABD_5SqGzj_Nwmlnb7vdZ3ya?dl=0

>> No. 397202 Quote [Report]

Any chance we can get this complete set?

>> No. 397205 Quote [Report]

I think that is not from a set! This pictures was post once on the modelfevers board, alone. If i remembered right. But der is a set with cindy and jenny outdoor while jenny wears a black top. I believe this was the same day...

Another nice to know is that the house in background is Terrys farm. On google earth you can take a look on nearly exactly on this view ;)! without the two girls *lol*

>> No. 397206 Quote [Report]
File P7043234.jpg

Here is a special one for all Cindy fans out there.
Have fun and a nice day with it.

Special sample set 1.rar

Pass is ichan

>> No. 397209 Quote [Report]


Holy Grail :-) You're the man C1ndy Lov3r
Thanks man.

>> No. 397228 Quote [Report]
File DSC04943.jpg

some rare stuff for real fans!

>> No. 397229 Quote [Report]
File DSC05014.jpg

one more

>> No. 397230 Quote [Report]
File DSC05055.jpg

>> No. 397232 Quote [Report]
File IMG_0637.jpg

the most happiest guy on earth after tezza!
He called mustang9... he traveled 4 times to her farm to stay some weeks there and take photos and videos...

>> No. 397233 Quote [Report]
File IMG_1277.jpg

Mustang, cindy and her hot aunt!
I wish there was pictures of her, too...

>> No. 397234 Quote [Report]
File IMG_64282.jpg

cindy with her best girlfriend sarah. Now Cindy is married with Sarahs brother Benjamin

>> No. 397235 Quote [Report]
File P_101.jpg

Cindy with two of her models from c-dmodels.com. Sadly there wasn't time for more and hotter sets :(

>> No. 397258 Quote [Report]

i'm not trying to invade cindy's personal life with this question; just very curious. what happened to cindy's parents? why have they never been mentioned in any capacity. again, not trolling, as a big fan just curious.

>> No. 397281 Quote [Report]


Looks like they put him to work.

>> No. 397284 Quote [Report]

Hi Bigfan, thanks for your offer to share more of your DVD's, they are very special to all of the Cindy & Jenny fans, here & there.
if you would like to make contact, check post 396866 & in it , the posts mentioned & i will keep a lookout on (VG).
Here are 2 single Post sets & we are nearing the end of another great find,
Thanks to C1ndy Lov3r for that brilliant sample set that i have never seen a single pic of before.
Thanks Fluxus, for finding me & helping complete my Holy Grail.
I notice a new poster named BCF, i am glad you found us & are getting into the swing of things here.
If you feel you might have something to share, jump right in & if you are missing something, just ask, rapper, Cindy Fan

>> No. 397286 Quote [Report]
File P4232953.jpg

Just a heads up, the Jenny set that Lucifer was looking for is in DVD 1 in the earlier posts above,
& there are 2 parts, Cindy & Jenny part 1 & 2.
Jenny unzippered pics are at the end of part 2, rapper, Cindy Fan

>> No. 397301 Quote [Report]
File Taken out.jpg

Thanks to all posters so far :-)
Does anybody have the special pics from Cindy-Dreams like this pic? (It's the only one I have)

>> No. 397310 Quote [Report]

In past i wrote some times with cindy on os-community. I ask her who taken all the wonderful pics of her profile. She wrote back, that her FATHER taken them all!!! Maybe tezza is her father?! I never hear anythink about this in the Internet. But maybe it is possible! Because cindy her own told me this.... About her mothet I never hear anything :(!

>> No. 397312 Quote [Report]




>> No. 397314 Quote [Report]


>> No. 397322 Quote [Report]
File CindyMini.jpg

but the photographer

>> No. 397328 Quote [Report]

Hi, for all the fans that have trouble downloading
 CD 01, to see Cindy_Jenny parts 1 & 2, here are those sets,
 CD01 Cindy_Jenny patrs 1 & 2.rar
Hi BCF, myself & a top group of fans from here & VG have possibly 7 or 8 special sets of Cindy Dreams & sets from 118 to 125 that 
possibly most might not have.
I am hoping to offer them to Bigfan if he does 
not have them for his great DVD shares.
The interesting thing is that all we have are in the warmer months
& your's has light snow flakes, so there looks to be more out there than i thought.
I hope someone has the set to your pic, rapper, Cindy Fan 

>> No. 397336 Quote [Report]

does anyone know if there are explcit asshole pics of Jenny?

>> No. 397338 Quote [Report]
File P6135856.jpg

>>397328 - Hey Jenny Unzipped Please post the 7 or 8 special sets of Cindy Dreams & sets from 118 to 125 , i dont have them

>> No. 397341 Quote [Report]

Hello all Cindy lovers here are the complete CD 11 : 660 pics and 7 videos, 2,67 GB ---- CD 11.part01 - http://www19.zippyshare.com/v/L56DEaMj/file.html

CD 11.part02 - http://www19.zippyshare.com/v/6EBK4XkN/file.html

CD 11.part03 - http://www19.zippyshare.com/v/SyX2phSI/file.html

CD 11.part04 - http://www19.zippyshare.com/v/NnlJDA3W/file.html

CD 11.part05 - http://www19.zippyshare.com/v/a3k3QmPh/file.html

CD 11.part06 - http://www19.zippyshare.com/v/QrWkGfTS/file.html

CD 11.part07 - http://www19.zippyshare.com/v/Bcteso2p/file.html

CD 11.part08 - http://www19.zippyshare.com/v/8Z7C9Y9j/file.html

CD 11.part09 - http://www19.zippyshare.com/v/oWX8aody/file.html

CD 11.part10 - http://www19.zippyshare.com/v/gWQz61nc/file.html

CD 11.part11 - http://www19.zippyshare.com/v/VDPHB8by/file.html

CD 11.part12 - http://www19.zippyshare.com/v/JgrcCBRv/file.html

CD 11.part13 - http://www19.zippyshare.com/v/YIrghLFG/file.html

CD 11.part14 - http://www19.zippyshare.com/v/7FGnAAqn/file.html

>> No. 397366 Quote [Report]
File IMG_0001.jpg


Bigfan, contributions such as yours should be returned in kind. This will get you started. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/oovg0m8559vzuhz/AADLx8-GXhPafrkbC60hky6ca?dl=0

>> No. 397367 Quote [Report]
File IMG_0128.jpg

>>397338 Here is set 119 of Cindy Dreams

>> No. 397368 Quote [Report]
File IMG_0006.jpg

Cindy Dreams set 120 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/p0n5htp6h57pri9/AABBivVXfNH06QyMeyV9xkTda?dl=0 I am hoping others will make similar contributions to this thread.

>> No. 397377 Quote [Report]

By any chance do you have CD 9?

>> No. 397380 Quote [Report]

- No i don't have cd 9, i missing CD 8 + 9

>> No. 397383 Quote [Report]
File P1069210.jpg

Cindy CD 5

http://www33.zippyshare.com/v/RgARJgwf/file.html  PART 1

http://www33.zippyshare.com/v/CAD3KdHE/file.html PART 2

http://www33.zippyshare.com/v/w7vT1Ewg/file.html PART 3

http://www33.zippyshare.com/v/crkuiTTq/file.html PART 4

http://www33.zippyshare.com/v/eFD7xor5/file.html PART 5

http://www33.zippyshare.com/v/jMud4eJG/file.html Part 6



>> No. 397386 Quote [Report]

Hi Bigfan, here is the first Extrs's set to match up with set Cindy Dreams 118 that my great friend Lucifer has shared as a thank you for your Brill CD's 10 & 11,
CD 118 extras.rar
My way of sharing is much slower than Lucifer's way & a 
big thumb's up to him for his help.
The other treats may come from me or Lu.
In our collection, we may not have all of CD's 6 & 7 sets & vids & it would be fantastic if you could screen cap or list the contents of them if you can to compare & share if possible, thanks for everything, rapper,Cindy Fan 

>> No. 397387 Quote [Report]
File P5262197.jpg

Cindy CD 6
http://www33.zippyshare.com/v/ENjzfDGx/file.html part 1
http://www33.zippyshare.com/v/j3aRAHFy/file.html part 2
http://www33.zippyshare.com/v/IoOBpP0N/file.html part 3
http://www33.zippyshare.com/v/TLykZMwU/file.html part 4

>> No. 397407 Quote [Report]

Bigfan, a little something from me and a friend. http://www61.zippyshare.com/v/QNp7OALi/file.html

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File PA206038.jpg

Cindy CD 7 537 pic
http://www33.zippyshare.com/v/SggePHIY/file.html  part 1
http://www33.zippyshare.com/v/qQ0iHQ21/file.html part 2

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