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/s/ ~ FlONA MODEL - SITERIP complete sets collection ...
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File evie1.jpg


complete sets collection


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>> File fiona240.jpg

set 240


>> File fiona_model_vid_112.jpg

vid 112



Is she really updating, I'm seeing that she's getting late on the updates.

>> File fiona241.jpg

set 241


>> File fiona_model_vid_113.jpg

vid 113


Ah, she looed kinda prettier ... But, uhm. Not really doing much, at all.

>> File fiona242.jpg

set 242


>> File fiona243.jpg

set 243



anyone have vid 114?

>> File fiona_model_vid_114.jpg

vid 114


i remember seen a set together with another girl -
it would be great if they would do again :)


Yeah that would be a good idea - But, It might be too much for them to handle. They think that our heads would explode, but really they should double up more often to try and change things up, because really Fiona and May are pretty predictable now. Cookie-Cutter Videos with a different outfit and stage - But nothing else really different exept for totally tame or totally slutty.

>> File fiona244.jpg

set 244



I agree, we need more of that stuff


Maybe we should do a kickstarter for a custom video!

>> File Cn3Thy.jpg

Set 245


Great Idea. If we could agree to which model, environment and outfit (start off wearing) lol. But, seriously that is a great idea!

>> File fiona_model_vid_115.jpg

vid 115



speaking of customs, she must not be getting very many requests for them lately. her latest videos have been lame.


I think getting people to agree would be tricky. Wonder how hard it is to set up a kickstarter. Assuming her custom is a few hundred (my guess is she'd be like 500). Then you’d want to split the cost evenly amongst people that contribute. So you’d need maybe 50 people contributing 10 each. Jesus it would be a pain in the ass to set all that up. But if someone is up to the challenge I’ve $10 burning a hole in my pocket right now!


$200 for a non-exclusive, to be posted in the members area eventually.

$500 for exclusive.

$1000 for what we'd want. i.e. two girls or fully nude masturbation.


I should add, she seems to limit things to topless, with panty teasing and pussy flashes for the non-exclusive videos.

I was quoted $1000 for a video with a little finger masturbation, exclusive only. Once I asked if she would be fully nude and for previews before i'd pay anything, they stopped responding.


Weird. it would be a ba idea for them to start pissing off people who pay $1000 to see May and Fiona dance full nude together just to not supply the video - ever! You no, like send the hood fiend out for drugs and never see him or you money again. LOL


I liked Fiona when she was a bit chubbier, but now way I would pay anything like that.
Her recent material is like they try to lose as many customers as they can. Worst sets/vids she ever did.

>> File FIONA MODEL VID 60 .png

True the first 60+ Video were great. Now, she doesn't even look like she's into it anymore. Just supporting her baby.

>> File fiona246.jpg

set 246



They qouted me $1500 to see her ride a dildo

I’ve been trying to talk them into making a fan porno in which the fan pays 2 or 3k to bang her while they film it, first response was a no the second response was they’ll get back to me on it, never did

If they just made custom sets at 100 a pop I would actually buy it but spending 1500 just to see her ride a dildo Doesn’t seem reasonable at all


No, it doesn't. For that I would FLY her out here for a couple of days to bang her/both for $1500


now, hang on. would there be actual sound in this one and not just music?

kinda tempted if she'd be moaning n shit. if there were a crowdfunder i'd chip in 10 bucks for sure.


Set 246 'Not Found' - re-up please?


i would give her a 50 for a lap dance


I am in with additional 10,-


ill make a deal with everyone. ill setup the crowd fund. write your scenario what you wanna see her wear and do. theres a picture set or a video set. the video set is going to be more expensive but the video could be 45 min long. write what you guys want and ill come back with how much we need to fund it


ill make a deal with everyone. ill setup the crowd fund. write your scenario what you wanna see her wear and do. theres a picture set or a video set. the video set is going to be more expensive but the video could be 45 min long. write what you guys want and ill come back with how much we need to fund it


I'd chip in on a crowd funding effort


and i want to see a nice massage video with much pleasure
of two girls :)


Which 2 girls and what’s else come on guys I have everything ready just waiting to see what you guys want so I can message them


It ain't gonna work. The studio is going to know what you're all up to because I'm pretty certain they watch this thread. They'll either refuse or just steal your dosh straight up.


besides its called negotiation something people don't do.


How about Anita and Glenda?

>> File 247.jpg

set 247



MAY AND FIONA - - - ANGELA AND MAY!!!!! But, Definitely MAY in there somewhere. Fiona is okay, and probably the only one cool with it.


Anyone got vid 116?

>> File fiona_model_vidd_116.jpg

vid 116



thank you!


thank you, lots.

>> File fiona248.jpg

set 248



Been trying for days now and vid 116 keeps saying not found.


here you go anon I reupped video 116 on zippyshare for you.




Awesome, thanks so much! :)

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