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/r/ ~ There are a bunch of Garo Aida photo books on Amaz...
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File karou3.jpg

There are a bunch of Garo Aida photo books on Amazon Kindle Unlimited. You can sign up for the free trial and view them in browser. Some are available in the US, but there are even more on Amazon.jp.

I checked out the 3 Kaoru Private Collection books available in the US, and the photos are great, definitely worth an upload.

Can anyone with an Amazon.jp account help out with this project? There are 6 total Kaoru books, and dozens of other Aida books available through the free trial.

Does anyone have a good technique for ripping the images out of the ebooks?

>> File karou4.jpg

From Private Collection 2.

>> File karou5.jpg

Each one of these books is around 200 pages.

>> File karou7.jpg

I'm working on getting Kaoru Private Collection 1,2 and 3 uploaded. That's all I can get with my US account.

If someone with an Amazon.jp account could please get Kaoru Vol. 001, 002, and the other Private Collection, Ill be forever in your debt!


If there is anything about Chiaki Ito that we haven't already seen, I might consider ripping that and Kaoru too. However I couldn't find it, cna you point it out if htere is?


Not all of the names are written in English. There is also some Sweden SexTon stuff.

I wish you luck in your quest.



i don't see any SexTon stuff?

>> File swweed.jpg

I'm not sure if I see any Chiaki. You'll need to go through all 25+ pages and look for her. I do see some Reika photobooks that look nice.

There aren't English text names on the books, so you'll have to look for faces. These are full photo books of the SexTon girls.


>> File Reik.jpg

There are a few Reika books. All free with a Japanese account. Just need a hero to rip them for us.


Sorry, these URLs are useless. Ill figure out a better way to link.


oh! moore..