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/r/ ~ The story was called The New Gods. The first chap...
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The story was called The New Gods. The first chapter was Babydoll Crush. It was originally found on the Sexstories dot come website.
I had found this story years ago and I saved the link, but not the story. It was really well done and had several chapters. It was about a new batch of gods (The Greek Gods were moving on to a new planet/Galaxy) and they wanted a new batch to take over. The new batch was having a trial run and were encouraged to search out their deepest, darkest desires. It was a loli story usually taged M/f or M/g. The make guy had some sudo time powers and was a fan of Doctor Who so he made a Tardis type vehicle/home. Can anyone help me find it?


You can find the story at


Navigation is somewhat awkward. In the top left corner you can find a drop-down menu from where you can choose the chapters.
Enjoy and feel free to donate a Dollar or two to the author.