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/r/ ~ Hi guys, I've been hoarding these for a while...
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File preciousdeanna.jpg

Hi guys, I've been hoarding these for a while now.... I have 4 custom never before seen preciousdeanna.com videos to share. In return I'm looking for any modelingdvds/Dayla bay videos of the twins & nevy/ellie. I will only post these if people can share these vids


when was this made?


So let me get this straight, you're hoarding custom videos you paid well over triple figures for and you're going to post them if someone posts some NN cheesecake that literally anyone can purchase for about $50?

>> File deanna.jpg


yep that's what I'm saying my friend, I have other stuff too.. maybe TS custom videos you would like as well?

>> File vlcsnap-2017-03-20-20h41m11s307.png

op is this what you are looking for.
Can we get a screen shot of the ts customs

>> File hello.jpg



TS custom vids? Any chance that includes the unposted Erica set? If yes, I will buy the twins DVD just to share :)



Please email karlypink at hushmail dot com I have a lot to trade for anything you have from preciousdeanna.


Anything unseen from Sofia Kasuli ? Please.

>> File 34138_vlcsnap_292750_123_350lo.jpg



>> File vlcsnap-2017-03-25-14h06m43s757.png

OK forget about my previous request about daylabay stuff, instead I'm after any of the preciousdeanna/sweeteva DVD's from the original sites as I'm missing this from my collection. I think Deanna had about 4-5 of them, if people have these and share I will upload some of the custom vids :)

>> File 04481_vlcsnap_38104_123_33lo.jpg


Somebody please just post some or all of this stuff.


Come on somebody, post this stuff.


Anyone got these or other rare FSM pictures and videos? Candids? Anything?

Apparently there was a small set of Stephany with Gabrielle. I havent even seen so much as a thumbnail so I don't know if this is even true or not.

I don't have any Deanna but I do have other standard collection stuff I will look at putting up if someone can recommend a good host.

>> File deanna.png

If the op is still around, would please get in touch with alexshay at protonmail dot com? We were in touch before and I've lost your contact info. Anyone else interested in trading feel free to email as well!


Please post the Deanna vids. Thanks.

>> File 16029_ddm_123_351lo.jpg

whos got this vid?


i'd love to eat out her asshole

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